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a whole season of SEASON AT A GLANCE Download the Order Form A N A D A P Y T M Black Violin Grades 3-12 January 7-16, PDF

JBBER on e! r u t n e v d a c i a fantast PETER PN Y W PINOCCHIO E M CO BLCK VIOLIN O RS FOR C T SPOT E NEW CNDIN KID DU CELEBRTING OUR 33rd SESON KPUT m t yp at the for ks. ph one :
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JBBER on e! r u t n e v d a c i a fantast PETER PN Y W PINOCCHIO E M CO BLCK VIOLIN O RS FOR C T SPOT E NEW CNDIN KID DU CELEBRTING OUR 33rd SESON KPUT m t yp at the for ks. ph one : season www. a whole season of dventure waits! P Y T M C N D Join Manitoba Theatre for Young People this school year to experience some of the greatest stories ever brought to life on stage! From the high-flying Peter Pan to timeless Pinocchio, the inspirational Black Violin to the powerful Jabber, MTYP s season offers educators a wide range of curriculumappropriate options to choose from. Filled with adventure and discovery, there is something here for students of all grade levels! SESON T GLNCE Jabber Grades 7-12 Mainstage: Oct.15-23, 2014 On Tour: Oct Dec. 19, 2014 When anti-muslim graffiti sees hijabwearing Fatima transferred to a new high school, she meets Jorah, a boy with anger issues. They confront stereotypes, boundaries and limits in this great show to bring any teenager to. - Charlebois Post Review Pinocchio Grades 1-6 Nov. 6-14, 2014 Embark on a thrilling and spectacular voyage as Pinocchio faces a thousand trials in his quest to become a real boy. Thrilling and entertaining. - La Presse Peter Pan Grades K-7 Nov Dec. 18, 2014 Come away to Neverland this holiday season for one of the most magical stories ever told! This wondrous adventure is sprinkled with spectacular flying sequences, razor sharp sword fights, a pinch of fairy dust, and features Fred Penner as Captain Hook. Bowens adaptation is magnificent. - Regina Free Press Black Violin Grades 3-12 January 7-16, 2015 Hot on the heels of celebrity collaborations and dropping their second album, Black Violin returns to MTYP for a knock-out performance with an inspiring message. Black Violin is a living advertisement for creative self-determination. - Winnipeg Free Press New Canadian Kid Grades 1-6 Mainstage: Feb. 4-13, 2015 On Tour: Feb May 15, 2015 One of Canada s most produced plays, New Canadian Kid shares Nick s experience as a newcomer: making friends, learning a new language and adapting to change. Looks at a serious subject in a witty and sympathetic light. - Winnipeg Sun Spot Grades N - 2 Mar , 2015 Join us for show stopping tunes and incredible puppetry in an adventure featuring the most beloved little dog in children s literature. You can count on msterdam s Theater Terra to bring local youngsters a stage full of Dutch treats when it visits MTYP. - Winnipeg Free Press Kaput Grades K-12 pr , 2015 Hilarious, acrobatic, and dangerously clever, Kaput is the story of a clumsy Mr. Fixit who cannot help but fuel the catastrophe around him. Physical comedy at its best. - Entertainment Hive Download the Order Form P JBBERJBBER BY MRCUS YOUSSEF N MTYP PRODUCTION Originally commissioned by Geordie Productions ON THE MINSTGE October 15 23, 2014 TOURING MNITOB October 27 December 19, 2014 FOR GRDES: 7 12 RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes When anti-muslim graffiti targets hijab-wearing Fatima, her strict parents have her transferred to a new high school. Socially disconnected, she finds an unlikely friend in Jorah, a boy with a reputation for anger issues. s friendship blossoms into romance, they are forced to confront stereotypes, boundaries, and the consequences of their actions. Thought-provoking, comedic and sometimes dark, Jabber invites students to examine their own assumptions and expectations. The show was very good and up-to-date. Kids could identify to the characters and story easily. Great topics, great tools, great show! High School Teacher Y T C M N D (Jabber) is not afraid to deal with difficult subject matter such as discrimination, domestic abuse, sexuality and the danger of online sharing on social media. Jabber is a great show to bring any teenager to. Charlebois Post Review Manitoba s 1st nnual Islamic History Month (Oct 2014) Opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights English & Social Studies Gr.7-12 Diversity Education ction Plan GR.7-12 Multi-Cultural Education Health PINOCCHIO TOUT À TRC DPTED BY HUGO BÉLNGER RENSEIGNEMENTS EN FRNÇIS ON THE MINSTGE November 6 14, 2014 FOR GRDES: 1 6 pinocchio sera présenté en anglais et en français REPRÉSENTTIONS EN FRNÇIS le 13 novembre à 13h le 14 novembre à 10h Dense and fabulously directed ( ) Pinocchio remains first and foremost a thrilling and entertaining voyage into an imaginary world. La Presse, Montreal Don t miss this amazing journey into the heart of childhood and imagination. CN D K-6 English & Social Studies Drama and rts French-English: K-6 Early Start French Communications & Culture French Intensive 5-8 Once upon a time there was a small piece of wood with a life all its own. rrogant and rebellious, Pinocchio learns the meaning of growing up through the test of a thousand trials. From the terrible Puppet Master to the scheming Mr. Fox and the Cat, Carlo Collodi s beloved children s classic comes to life with spectacular puppetry, brilliant stage effects, and laughs to spare. BEC RUNNING TIME 70 minutes QUÉ PINOCCHIO CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TRILER PETER PN DPTED BY GIL BOWEN FROM J. M. BRRIE S CLSSIC STORY N MTYP PRODUCTION ON THE MINSTGE Nov. 27 Dec. 18, 2014 FOR GRDES: K-7 ER N N E P D FRE lainous il as thetv ook cap ain h Come away to Neverland for one of the most magical stories ever told! Witness Peter s arrival into the lives of Wendy and John as they leave everything behind in pursuit of adventure. This swashbuckling classic features spectacular flying sequences and razor sharp sword fights. *Performances begin promptly at 9:50 M & 12:30 PM - please book your buses accordingly! Bowen s adaptation is magnificent. Her understanding and love of the source material is profound. Regina Free Press English & Social Studies K-7 Drama and rts PETER PN starring RUNNING TIME 90 minutes* . BLCK VIOLIN BLCK VIOLIN (MIMI, FLORID, US) CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR FLT ON THE MINSTGE January 7-16, 2015 FOR GRDES: 3 12 RUNNING TIME 60 minutes BLCK VIOLIN wesome, engaging, best field trip ever, two thumbs up! This was a fantastic show and the motivational speech at the end was simple and great for these students. Chief Peguis Junior High School They were amazed at the kind of music (their music) that came from these strings. This was indeed a cool show live and immediate, it changed their minds. Windsor School Social Studies Gr.3-12 EL Diversity Education ction Plan Music, Drama and rts Multicultural Education: Black History Month (Feb) Community Diversity Hot on the heels of collaborating with Kanye West, playing President Obama s inaugural ball and dropping their second album, Black Violin returns to MTYP with an intoxicating blend of classical, hip-hop, rock, R&B and pop. ccompanied by ace turntable whiz DJTK (Dwayne Dayal) and drummer Beatdown (Jermaine McQueen), they are young men who mix the brashness and beats of urban hip-hop with the soaring lines and fleet finger work of orchestral virtuosos. (New York Times). Black Violin s performance will inspire students to follow their dreams. I D L O R F U. S. P New Canadian Kid Y T C M N D BY DENNIS FOON N MTYP PRODUCTION ON THE MINSTGE February 4 13, 2015 TOURING MNITOB Feb May 15, 2015 FOR GRDES: 1-6 RUNNING TIME 60 minutes What is it like when your whole world is turned upside down and everything is strange? Exuberant and touching, the play uses a clever language twist that allows us to truly share Nick s experiences as he makes friends, learns a new language, and adjusts to change. ddressing the subjects of acceptance, bullying, immigration, racism, tolerance, conflict, resolution, and relocation, this is one of Canada s most widely produced plays and its universal message of inter-cultural harmony has been lauded by critics and audiences everywhere. Our class really enjoyed the play, and learned a lot about how it feels to be bullied, and how we can put a stop to racism and discrimination. George McDowell School Dennis Foon s awardwinning play looks at a serious subject, prejudice, in a bright, witty and genuinely warm and sympathetic light. - Winnipeg Sun English & Social Studies Gr.1-6 Drama and rts Diversity Education ction Plan Multicultural Education: Racism, Conflict resolution, Human Rights Social Justice & Peace Education K-6 Community Diversity Opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights NEW CNDIN KID SPOT THETER TERR (MSTERDM, NETHERLNDS) DPTED FROM ERIC HILL S BESTSELLING BOOK SERIES CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TRILER ON THE MINSTGE March 23 27, 2015 FOR GRDES: Preschool Grade 2 RUNNING TIME 50 minutes You can count on msterdam s Theatre Terra to bring local youngsters a stage full of Dutch treats when it visits the Manitoba Theatre for Young People Winnipeg Free Press Spot, the most famous and beloved little dog in children s literature comes to MTYP the week before SPRING BREK! Join us for show-stopping tunes and incredible puppetry all while helping Spot and his friend Helen find the lost animals to bring them back to the farm! n excellent introduction to theatre while learning about problem-solving. SPOT English & Social Studies K-2 Drama and rts EL K-2 Math: creative thinking, daily life, learning about the world, basic counting S D N N E T H L E R KPUT STRUT & FRET ND TOM FLNGN (MELBOURNE, USTRLI) CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TRILER ON THE MINSTGE pril 15-24, 2015 FOR GRDES: K - 12 RUNNING TIME 60 minutes Described as physical comedy at its best (Entertainment Hive), Kaput tells the story of a clumsy Mr. Fixit who, despite his best efforts to perform the simplest of tasks, manages only to fuel the catastrophe around him. Starring the larger-than-life Tom Flanagan (of the world-renowned Circus Oz and Tom Tom Crew), Kaput is hilarious, acrobatic, and dangerously clever (Rip it Up). Wrap up the theatre season with this chaotic comedy for students of all ages. OU Three Weeks (UK) Drama and rts Social Studies K-6 EL Physical Education/ Health KPUT RNE RLI MELB Tom Flanagan s silent movie-esque slapstick with a bucket and stepladder, is elegant buffoonery at its finest, climaxing with a surprisingly heart-stopping piece of acrobatics. U S T 's Drama Resource Program MT YP DRM RESOURCE PROGRM Creativity, Confidence, wareness. Workshops at MTYP foster creativity, confidence and social awareness. With the help of our skilled and experienced instructors, we offer a range of programming that is unparalleled in Manitoba. Choose from one of the following workshops, or let us customize one to suit your classroom. The following workshops can be tailored to suit all ages: Play-Related Workshop Series: Theatre for Living Theatre for Living gives workshop participants the opportunity to experience theatre as a language to express feelings, ideas, and relationships. n invaluable resource to explore tough issues such as bullying and body image. Guaranteed to incite dialogue and empower your students. We are offering a Theatre for Living workshop to complement each of the 7 plays in our Mainstage season. Each workshop is designed to enhance your students comprehension and enjoyment of the production while exploring the key issues and themes presented in the play. Minimum time required: 1 hour Curriculum Connections Through Dramatic Play Drama can easily enhance the fun of learning in language arts, social studies, and even science and math! This workshop equips you with strategies to infuse your teaching practice of all subjects with drama through role playing, improvisation, storytelling, and creative dramatics. Minimum time required: 1 hour Puppet Masters Stimulate your students imaginations through the invention of stories and characters. Participants discover the art of puppetry while creating a classic rod puppet or sock puppet. This workshop is a hit with all ages! Minimum time required: 90 minutes Mask Making & Movement Enjoy mask making and creative drama all in one. Transform yourself into a character by creating a mask all your own! Realize your character s story while inventing its voice and movement style. Bring your mask character to life in an end-ofworkshop performance. Minimum time required: 90 minutes Drama Workshop Price List Workshops for Students age 4-18 (groups of up to 25) Regular Price: $93.45*/ hour 3 or more Workshops: $75.60* / hour Workshops for Professionals (groups of up to 25) Price: $126* / hour * Prices include GST and applicable fees For more information, contact: Loc Lu, Drama Outreach Coordinator at (204) ext. 227 or Join us for our 33rd season! Booking Made Easy First Come First Served. Book now to get first pick; some shows sell out quickly don t miss out! Flexibility on Group Size. Unsure of your class sizes for now? Don t worry. Book more tickets now while they are available and reduce your order if necessary up to one month before the performance date. Two Ways to see MTYP: On the Mainstage: You Come to Us! Come to MTYP at The Forks: Manitoba s only professional theatre devoted solely to producing and presenting plays for young audiences. See you in the theatre! For mainstage bookings contact Casey at or (204) Download the Order Form Touring Manitoba: We Come to You! Book one of our touring productions to perform in your school. FLL TOUR: JBBER October 27 December 19, 2014 Recommended for Grades 7-12 SPRING TOUR: NEW CNDIN KID February 17 May 15, 2015 Recommended for Grades 1-6 For tour bookings contact Cathy at or (204) ext. 224 2 FORKS MRKET ROD, WINNIPEG, MNITOB R3C 4X1 BOX OFFICE SCHOOL SLES TOURING TOLL-FREE IN MNITOB MTYP (6897) FX EMIL
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