A New Model of Success for Women In Advertising: Achieving Gender Equality and Work Life Balance

4.6% of Fortune 1000 CEOs are women. 3% of advertising creative directors are women. Women account for 85% of consumer spending yet 91% say advertisers don't understand them. This staggering imbalance is holding our progress as a society back and impacting the bottom line of business. So why are we stuck here? Thanks to Sheryl Sandberg and a host of others, women are "leaning in" more than ever. But what are we asking them to lean in to? I believe there is something innately wrong with the system. I believe it's time for a more sustainable and equalized model of doing business. Within this presentation I attempt to detail the issues as I see them, empower women looking to advance their careers, and present an audacious plan for achieving gender equality and work life balance in an industry notorious for it's long hours and burn out rate. This keynote was delivered at the Mpls MadWomen inaugural event. In the audience were women and men in leadership roles along with "rising stars" from their organizations. In order to prepare, I interviewed a dozen women currently holding senior positions. In total, we (myself included) have worked at 34 agencies - 7 out of the top 10 in Minneapolis. We cover the gamut of marital/family situations: single, married no kids, married both working with kids, working mom with stay at home spouse, single mom, and one mom who recently switched to part time. Three of us are business owners. Through open conversation I began to see the patterns in our shared experience and came to understand how the business model most ad agencies run on is outdated and biased and burning women (and men) out. / PRH
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    Nov 3, 2017


    Nov 3, 2017
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