SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON “RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION IN” NETMAX TECHNOLOGIES BATHINDA. Submitted by Sa!u Ba a B ATCH#$%&%#&$ ROLL NO. Gu'u Naa( C) e*e )+ Maa*emet ,Te-.) )*y DOOM/ALI PRE0ACE As MBA degree require equal attention practical as well as theoretical aspect of the busi
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  SUMMER TRAINING REPORTON“RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION IN” NETMAX TECHNOLOGIES BATHINDA. Submitted by Sa!u Ba a BATCH#$%&%#&$   ROLL NO.Gu'u Naa( C) e*e )+ Maa*emet ,Te-) )*y DOOM/ALI PRE0ACE As MBA degree require equal attention practical as well as theoretical aspect of the business, various problems are to be dealt with in these courses, that is why research programs are there to give deep as well as thorough knowledge of the subjects.I have attempted to live up these requisites while preparing this report. Industrial raining is a part of professional courses. !ith the help of Industrial  raining we can able to understand the work undertaken in a company.In today s competitive world, employee s performance plays a very important role in the growth of a particular concern. he employee must have the theoretical and practical knowledge of the work, they are required to perform. he theoretical knowledge can be gained in educational institution but for the practical knowledge training is required, so training acquaints the employees with the real situation of the work and helps him in the faultless accomplishment of the work. #o this project includes all the detailed aspect of training required for employees.#uccess of an organi$ation depends largely on successful handling of its human resources. %mployee raining and motivation are vital tools for  individual & organi$ational development training not only motivates the employees, but also prepares them for future needs of the company. his project report has been prepared keeping in mind the organi$ational needs pertaining to the training & development of employees. It describes the principles of training programmes and guidelines adopted in '%MA(  %)*'++-I%# Bathinda/ which was developed, conducted & evaluated for imparting training to its employees and developing them for making more effective whilst in job & their life.  AC1NO/LEDGMENT If words are considered as a symbol of approval and token of appreciation then let the words play the heralding role e0pressing my gratitude.1irst of all I thank to that -racie -od who blessed me with all kinds of facilities that had been provided to me for completion of my report.I acknowledge my deepest sense of gratitude and sincere feeling of indebted divine my advisor Mr. #unil hakur under whose guidance and through their sustained efforts and encouraging attitude I was able to complete my project. It would have been difficult to achieve the results in such a short span of time.I want to e0press my sincere gratitude to all the staff members of 'etma0  echnologies limited for spending their precious time and sharing the valuable information with me and in helping my project to be a success.#pecially hanks to Mr. Ashok 2umar )halana 3rincipal of -uru 'anak )ollege of Management & technology 4oomwali/ and faculty Miss 3arvachandeep 2aur for encouragement to me.!ords are not sufficient to register my sincere regards to my loving family & my friends for their cooperation & unabated inspiration that really keep me going.   #anju Bala DECLARATION I  Sa!u Ba a , a student of MBA II semester, -uru 'anak )ollege of Management & echnology, 4oomwali, do hereby declare that this project report on 56%)67IM%' A'4 #%%)I+' ”  has been prepared by me as a part of the requirement of the MBA program of 3unjab echnical 7niversity batch of 89:9; 89:8/, under the guidance of M'. Sui Ta(u'.  I further declare that this report has not been submitted earlier to any other university or institute for the award of any degree.4ate< 'ame<  Sa!u Ba a 

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Jul 23, 2017
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