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  Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics IV I.   Objectives: At the end of the discussion, the pupils/ learners are expected to; A. Identify the different kinds of plane figures B. Differentiate the different kinds of plane figures C. Draw pictures with plane figures. Value: Appreciate the different kinds of plane figures II.   Subject Matter: A. Topic: Kinds of Plane Figures B. Reference: Grade School Mathematics by Gloria L. Cruz et al., p. 186- 192 C. Materials: Book Plane Figures III.  P rocedure   A. Teacher’s Activity   Good Morning Class! Before we start, please clean your sorroundings and please fix and arrange your chairs properly. Okay, enough, please all settle and sit down, Can we start? (The teacher will introduce new jingle as a motivation) (The teacher will post a lyrics and allow the students to read it first.) Can you please read it? Student’s Activity   Good Morning Sir! (The pupils will do it carefully) Yes sir.   Okay, Very good! Can you all sing it with the tune of Jingle bell? Okay, Very good! Yesterday, you’ve learned about the different kinds of lines. What are those three (3) kinds of lines? Lorenz? Christopher? Dorothy? Very good! B. Discussion: So, our new lesson is about the different kinds of plane figures Who can tell me the shape of a notebook? Mario? Very good! Another? What is a shape of a cap of a mineral bottle? Raiza Mae? Very good! How about this vase? (Vase located on the table.) (all pupils will read it slowly.) Yes sir. The pupils tried and do it correctly at the third time.) (The pupils will answer it correctly with definitions.) Perpendicular lines -   Form a square corners. Parallel lines -   Line that never meet even when extended on and on. Intersecting lines -   Lines that cross or meet each other at a  jingle point. Rectangle. Circle.  Kim? Okay, very good! All of those can also be called as Plane Figures. What is a plane figure? Alexander? Very good! There are different kinds of plane figures, the triangles, quadrilateral and circle. The first is the triangle, tri means three, so triangle is a plane figure with three angles and three other sides as well. Triangles can be classified according to angles and sides. According to angles, there are three(3). What is Right triangle? Rico Jay? What is Acute triangle? Moraine? What is Obtuse triangle? Sandara? Okay, Very good! Another is Triangles according to sides, the first is Isosceles triangle, What is the property of Isosceles triangle? Azilrei? The other one is Scalene triangle, What is it? Benedict? Square. A plane figure is a closed figure whose points lie on the same flat surface. A right triangle with a right angle measuring 90  . Acute triangle is a triangle with three(3) acute angles measuring less than 90  . Obtuse triangle is a triangle with abtuse angle measuring more than 90   but less than 180  . A triangle with two(2) equal sides. Scalene triangle is a triangle with no equal sides.  What is Equilateral triangle? Cheska? Very good! The other kind of plane figure is Quadrilaterals, What is it? Elena? There are five (5) kinds of quadrilateral? What are those? Give me one with its property? Dennise? Ivhannagin? Rodessa? Kelvin? The last kind of quadrilateral is parallelogram, What is the property of a parallelogram? Jovelyn? Okay, very good! The last kind of plane figure is circle, What is a circle? Kim? Very good! Circle also is a perfectly round shape. There are four (4) parts of a circle. What is it? Benedict? (The teacher will show a picture including a Equilateral triangle is a triangle with three congruent sides. Quadrilateral is a plane figure with four (4) sides. Square, a quadrilateral with four (4) equal sides and four (4) right angles. Rectangle, a quadrilateral with two (2) opposite sides are equals and four (4) right angles. Trapezoid, a quadrilateral with a pair of parallel sides. Rhombus, a quadrilateral with four (4) equal sides. Parallelogram is a quadrilateral with two (2) pairs of parallel sides and opposite sides are equal. Circle is a set of points equidistant from a given point called the center. The four (4) parts of a circle are the diameter, the radius, the chord, and the center.
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