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23. I.T. SECTIONS (HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE) 23.1 Main functions: The I.T. Sections (H&S) look after the following works: Providing Secretarial assistance and support to the following Committees: (a) Committee
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23. I.T. SECTIONS (HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE) 23.1 Main functions: The I.T. Sections (H&S) look after the following works: Providing Secretarial assistance and support to the following Committees: (a) Committee on Provision of Computer Equipment to Members of Rajya Sabha; (b) Computerization Coordination Committee (CCC); (c) Standing Technical Advisory Committee (STAC); (d) Committee of Officers for Procurement of Computer Equipment for Rajya Sabha Secretariat (COOPCE); (e) Obsolescence Declaration Committee (ODC). to : Besides these Committees, the I.T. Sections are also handling the following work relating i) Secretarial assistance to Group of Officers set up by the Secretary-General to examine the need and number of Acrobat Professional Software Version XI for use in the Rajya Sabha Secretariat. ii) Implementation of the Scheme of Financial Entitlement of Members of Rajya Sabha for Computer Equipment and processing of bills/invoices received from Members towards procurement of computer equipment under the Scheme. iii) Ensuring coordinated implementation of IT Plan for computerization of the iv) Secretariat. Coordination with NIC and various Sections of the Secretariat for identification of customized software needs and databases for use in Rajya Sabha Secretariat and by Members of Rajya Sabha. v) Purchase of computer hardware, software, LAN items and other accessories as per requirement of the Secretariat. vi) Coordination with NIC for developing/providing LAN and assigning/creating E- mail accounts for the Officers/Sections of the Secretariat and Members and looking into any issues that may arise for resolution. vii) viii) ix) Devising procedures using information technology to increase and facilitate availability of Parliamentary Information and ensuring increasing use of electronic mode of information dissemination amongst Members and the Secretariat; Maintaining the English and Hindi Rajya Sabha Internet Websites and the Rajya Sabha Secretariat Intranet site, ensuring their timely updation and selecting suitable material to be put on Internet/Intranet for use of Members, Secretariat, media and Public. Upgradation of Parliament House LAN and deployment of secured Wi-Fi infrastructure and IP Phones in Rajya Sabha Secretariat. x) Review of performance of AMC vendor with regard to maintenance of computer hardware and inclusion in the AMC of equipment that were gone out of warranty and exclusion of obsolete equipment from AMC. xi) xii) xiii) xiv) xv) Assessment of hardware computer equipment for their obsolescence as per provision contained under Obsolescence Declaration Policy and their disposal to the employees of Secretariat through a computerised draw of lots. Classification of old files for purpose of weeding out of old records. Processing of Bills/Invoices of NICSI, C-DAC, Kendriya Bhandar, AMC vendors and other agencies towards procurement of hardware/software/manpower and services/support taken from them. Processing of nomination of a Nodal Officer for managing and monitoring datasets on the Data Portal. Amendment to Procedure to regulate the purchase of computer equipment under the Provision of Computer Equipment (Members of Rajya Sabha & Officers) Rules, xvi) xvii) Digitization of permanent old records of the Section. Processing the indexing of section wise files Activities during 2013: During the year 2013, I.T. Sections undertook numerous tasks relating to implementation of IT plan, computerization of Rajya Sabha Secretariat, provision of IT services for Members of Rajya Sabha and making available information regarding Rajya Sabha and its proceedings amongst Members and the general public. They are as follows: (A) IT Plan for Rajya Sabha: IT Plan for Rajya Sabha Secretariat for the period from was prepared and was got approved from Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha. In pursuance of the IT Plan ( ) in the Secretariat, the following software applications have been developed/modified for Members/concerned Sections of the Secretariat and have been implemented/are at various stages of implementation as was envisaged in the IT Plan of Rajya Sabha or otherwise required: i) e-msa Application containing the modules namely: TA/DA, Members and PA salary, NDMC, MTNL, MP Pension, Various Bills and Medical Reimbursement and implemented the TA/DA, Member s & PA Salary, NDMC, MTNL and MP Pension modules; ii) Pensioner s Information System for maintaining database of pensioner s of Rajya Sabha Secretariat; iii) application for maintaining the tour related information of Parliamentary delegates visiting abroad and showing the details on the Rajya Sabha website for Conference & Protocol Section; iv) application for keeping record of member attendance in various committee meetings; v) Developed search page of committee Report for English and Hindi websites of Rajya Sabha; vi) Application is being developed for online submission of requisition for passes; vii) Covered all modules of old RTI application and added new modules of RTI for RTI Management System; viii) Module for uploading RTI applications, Appeals, and their replies in PDF format. Search RTI entries, publish and unpublish entries, publish and unpublish entries in DMIS s/w, Block/unblock CIC judgment entries to publish in status of RTI Applications on Rajya Sabha site page. ix) application for draw of obsolete computer items in Rajya Sabha Secretariat; x) new version of application for RTI Cell; xi) new page for the Section wise file created by Rajya Sabha in website; xii) Uploaded various datasets on related to: Questions, Member Attendance, Special Mention CGA, Member details, RSS feeds English and Hindi for I-pad; xiii) Created RSS feeds for I-pad application in English; xiv) Created RSS feeds for I-pad application in Hindi; xv) Installed the SAN and configure all the servers accordingly; xvi) Got the STQC certifications for the Rajya Sabha web site; xvii) Resolving issues submitted by Cyber security cell and sent back for audit; Besides the above, the following computerization initiatives /modification work were also undertaken/made operational during the year: S.No Name of Application Description 1 Synopsis Index Modifications in existing software Preparations System 2 Synopsis Publishing Modifications in existing software System 3 Picture gallery Modifications in existing software 4 LTC Modifications in existing software 5 Question Processing Ballot Modification In the Ballot module (diary entry form) 171 6 Web Com Modification work as per required by Committee Coordination Section( Change in layout of committee web page, changed membership presentation and redirection of all the DRSCLS to loksabha web committee page) 7 Web sms Implemented new features as per requirement. Facility of creating draft, sms in Hindi and sending is also available in websms. 8 RMIS Modifications done as per requirement 9 Bulletin part 2 a) Updated the process of uploading bulletins. b) Uploaded single word file, and program extracts bulletins from the file and created a pdf for every bulletin 10 DMIS Modification in software as per requirement 11 Recruitment Cell Added 4 new pages in existing software under Category. (New Section, results, Old question papers, examination note etc.) 12 BIOS Changes made in layout of display pages and addition of a new page of Advance Search in bills (B) Other Computerization Activities i) Procured 82 Desktop Computers, 01 Laptop Computers, 26 DeskJet/Office jet Printers, 29 Laserjet Printers, 01 Multifunction Printer, 02 scanners, 12 UPS, 4 Servers and 20 Pen Drives for various Sections/Officers of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat. Besides the above mentioned equipment, LAN items like switches, cables, I/Os, Patch cords and other items like UPS batteries, etc. were also procured for use in Rajya Sabha Secretariat. ii) During the year, 60 complaints from Members of Rajya Sabha and 4364 complaints from various Sections of Rajya Sabha Secretariat regarding software, hardware, , Internet, Virus etc. were received and attended to, with the assistance of AMC/Warranty vendors and NIC/NICSI engineers. iii) Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for various computer equipment with Members of Rajya Sabha and in the Secretariat was awarded to M/s M-intergraph Systems Pvt. Limited (AMC vendor) for a period of one year i.e. from to iv) Took necessary actions to actively pursue the various Projects like making arrangements for getting Level I STQC certificate for Rajya Sabha Website and implementation of IT Plan for Rajya Sabha ( ). v) Updating and maintenance of records of the Sections(H&S) like Inventory, Stock Register, Expenditure register, Sanction Order Register etc. on regular basis. vi) Files for the year were reviewed and action was taken as per Weeding out Policy of the Sections in order to weed out the old records. vii) The Obsolescence Declaration Committee (ODC) declared obsolete Desktop Computers Model HPDX 7200MT and 2280, Printers Model HPDJ K550 and Laptop Model viii) Attended to all work (issuing of notices, preparation of memoranda and minutes, taking action on the directions/decisions) relating to the following Committees serviced by the Sections: a. Committee on Provision of Computer Equipment to Members of Rajya Sabha. This Committee (i) decides on the parameters with regard to application of Information Technology in the functioning of the Rajya Sabha (ii) decides on the norms for provision of computer hardware and software to be made available to Members from time to time along with suitable measures, including training, to encourage Members to be proficient in the use of IT tools; and (iii) takes steps to ensure increasing use of electronic mode of information dissemination in the Rajya Sabha. During this year, this committee held two meetings. b. Computerization Coordination Committee: This Committee, under the chairmanship of Secretary-General, carries out detailed planning and scheduling of computerization of various aspects of working of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat. During the year, the Committee held one meeting. 172 c. Committee of Officers for Procurement of Computer equipment for Rajya Sabha Secretariat: This Committee considers the requests from officers/sections for supply of computer equipment and LAN nodes. During the year, no meeting of the Committee was held. d. Obsolescence Declaration Committee: This Committee formulates Obsolescence Declaration Policy (ODP) and declares computer equipment held by the Secretariat obsolete within the framework of the ODP. During the year, the Committee held one meeting. e. Standing Technical Advisory Committee: This Committee gives technical advice to the Committee on Provision of Computer Equipment to Members of Rajya Sabha and the Secretariat regarding the specifications/models/makes of various computer items which are to be procured, and also on various technical issues encountered in the process of computerization. During the year, the Committee held one meeting. Besides the formal meetings of these Committees, various meetings took place under the guidance and supervision of the Joint Secretary (L) and the Director in charge of computerization in connection with the implementation of the decisions taken by the aforementioned Committees and monitoring of various IT Projects undertaken by the Secretariat Committee on Provisions of Computer Equipment to Members of Rajya Sabha : Two meetings of the Committee on Provisions of Computer Equipment to Members of Rajya Sabha were held during the year Some of the important decisions taken in the Seventieth Meeting held on 5 th February, 2013 are as under : The Committee decided (i) that at present there was no need to provide Wi-Fi facility in the chamber; (ii) proposal regarding enhancement of speed of broadband/wi-fi facility be sent to Joint Committee on Salary & Allowances through MA/MS&A Section; (iii) approved the proposal for providing an e-reader device to Secretary to Leader of Opposition (LOP); (iv) considered the matter for reconstitution of Standing Technical Advisory Committee (STAC); (v) decided that the administrative charges being paid to NICSI be enhanced from 5% to 7% and the enhanced administrative charges would become operational from the next financial year i.e ; (vi) decided that there is no need to enhance the amount of financial entitlement of Members to purchase computer equipment. The important decisions taken in the Seventy First Meeting held on 30 th October, 2013 are as under: The Committee (i) approved the customized application for Apple ipad devices to make available Parliamentary Information on these devices; (ii) appreciated the steps to create greater awareness amongst Members towards ICT initiatives and directed that online courses for 9-hour digital literacy course and 20-hour basic computers concepts for Members which allow them to learn the computer on their own at their leisure time would be beneficial Budget allocation and expenditure: The Budgetary Grant for the financial year Under the head other Administrative expenses and Office expenses (Member s Head) was Rs.50,00,000/- and budget estimates under the Head Rajya Sabha Secretariat (Minor Head) 01 Secretariat Office expenses (Secretariat s Head) was Rs.2,50,00,000/-. The major items for which funds were used during the year (January to December, 2013) are as follow:- HEAD: Member Office Expenses: Item Reimbursement towards bills/invoices received from Members of Rajya Sabha for computer equipment under the Scheme of Financial Entitlement Total HEAD: Rajya Sabha Secretariat Office Expenses Item Expenditure(Approx.) Rs.51,50,944/- Rs.51,50,944/- Expenditure (Approx.) 173 Procurement of 82 desktop computers Procurement of 01 laptop computers Procurement of 26 DeskJet Printers Procurement of 30 Laserjet/Multifunction printers Procurement of 02 Scanners Handheld computer/accessories Rs. 31,94,638/- Rs. 77,618/- Rs. 1,86,290 /- Rs. 10,22,739/- Rs. 72,000 /- Rs. 1,50,000/- Procurement of 12 UPS Rs. 96,048/- UPS Batteries (148) Rs. 96,336/- Procurement of 20 Pen drives Rs. 20,580/- e-reader/accessories/warranty extension Comprehensive AMC towards computer equipment/servers LAN Man Power (NICSI) Miscellaneous Rs 2,06,100/- Rs.16,85,792/- Rs. 3,10,575/- Rs.21,57,444/- Rs.1,35,802/- Total Rs. 94,11,962/ Inspection of the Sections and training of staff Inspection of I.T. Sections was done by Shri S.Rangarajan, Joint Director, on 15 th February, Matter with regard to developing an Index for the Guard files, especially where decisions are culled out from various files was pointed out and accordingly, action was taken Training to the Staff: During the year, the following Officer and staff of I.T.Sections (H&S) underwent trainings/workshop on the following subjects: S.No. Name of Officer/Staff Details of Training attended 1. Shri Mohd. Salamuddin, AD Benchmarking against U.K.Parliament, RIPA Training at London, U.K. from 4 th to 15 th Nov, Shri Har Prateek Arya (i) Benchmarking against U.K.Parliament, RIPA Training at London, U.K. from 4 th to 15 th Nov,2013 (ii) Refresher in house training Programme in Office Procedure from 7 th to 11th January, Sh. Sarfaraz Ali, Exe. Assistant In house Training Programme on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure from 27 th to 31 st May, Sh. Girish Singh, Jr. Clerk (i) In house Training Programme on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure from 27 th to 31 st May, 2013 (ii) Refresher in house training Programme in Office Procedure from 7 th to 11th January, Goals and Analysis: Since the re-organization of the erstwhile Computer Cell into two IT Sections namely, IT Section (Hardware) and IT Section (Software), both the Sections have been working in close coordination to meet their outlined goals in the fields of hardware procurement and upgradation, software development, Networking and Website maintenance, etc. Both the Sections synchronize their efforts to achieve the desired result in implementation of IT Plan, various projects, and in advancing the reach of computerization throughout the Secretariat. At present, one of the main thrusts in IT initiatives is pushing for new technologies to reduce paper documents and move 174 towards electronic dissemination of information. For this purpose, initiatives for Members through the Committee on Provision of Computer Equipment to Members of Rajya Sabha and for the Secretariat through Secretary-General are underway. Besides, IT training initiatives for Members as well as employees of the Secretariat is also being envisaged keeping in view of the fast technological advancement in the globe. Also new initiatives to augment infrastructural requirements of the Secretariat with an eye on the future needs by upgrading the LAN in the Parliament House Complex and by other possible means are being followed and are likely to get implemented during the next year. 175
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