Beep 5 Teacher’s Resource Book Contents Page Introduction 2 Language worksheets 9 Newcomers worksheets 35 Phonics worksheets 45 Communicative activities 55 Reader worksheets 81 Reading and writing worksheets Tests 97 DVD worksheets 121 Answer key 135 87 Introduction Beep 4 Teacher’s Resource Book offers information and tips to help you get the mos t out of the complete selection of teacher’s materials. It also contains additiona l photocopiable resources to help encourage a
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  Beep 5 Teacher's Resource BookContentsPageIntroduction 2Language worksheets 9Newcomers worksheets 35Phonics worksheets 45Communicative activities 55Reader worksheets 81 Reading and writing worksheets 87Tests 97DVD worksheets 121Answer key 135  IntroductionBeep 4 Teacher's Resource Book offers information and tips to help you get the most out of the complete selection of teacher's materials. It also contains additional photocopiable resources to help encourage and support the children's learning. There are eight different sections, with graded areas to ensure that all levels of the class advance. Weaker students will gain from the extra support and stronger students will have further resources to stimulate their learning. Using the sections Beep optional worksheets can be photocopied according to the needs of individual children or the class as a whole. There are suggestions on when each activity should be done in the Teacher's Book to assure that the content and vocabulary have been covered in the lesson. There are eight sections. · · · · · · · · Language worksheets, at three levels Newcomers worksheets Phonics worksheets Communicative activities Reader worksheets Reading and Writing worksheets Tests DVD worksheets Language The Language section includes three worksheets for each unit: Reinforcement, for children below the level of the class, Consolidation, for children at the level of the class, and Extension, for children above the level of the class. The worksheets are similar, but the level of difficulty varies. Answer keys for all the worksheets are provided at the end of the book. Newcomers The Newcomers section provides topic based worksheets that are designed to be used by children joining the class at different times of the year. They provide basic vocabulary activities that will help the integration of children who are new to the class. Answer keys for all the worksheets are provided at the end of the book. Phonics The Phonics section provides one worksheet per unit. These are designed to be used after lesson 7, alongside the Tongue Twister and Beep poster. As they work through the Phonics worksheets, the phonemes and graphemes are repeated throughout, allowing the children to become familiar with them. Phonics is a very useful tool to focus on pronunciation and spelling difficulties. An early exposure to the sounds of English should prevent greater difficulties with understanding and pronunciation at a later stage. Answer keys for all the worksheets are provided at the end of the book. Communicative activities This section encourages the participation of all the students. The fun activities and games give plenty of opportunities for speaking and interaction among the children, including those who are more reluctant to speak.Tips · Get enough photocopies of the worksheets in advance with a couple of spare copies just in case. · Keep a copy for yourself to mark on any comments about how the children found the activity. · Reinforcement worksheets are useful for children struggling with the level of the Student's Book. They can be given as a homework activity. · Extension worksheets can be used for fast finishers, for a more advanced study of the level, or given as a homework activity.2  Reader The Reader worksheets are designed to be used with Beep 5 Reader. The Reader worksheets fully exploit the section, making the most out of the children's enjoyment of the story. Answers are provided at the end of the book. Reading and writing The Reading and writing section consists of worksheets based on the activity types found in the Young Learner Exams, but using the vocabulary found in every unit of the Student's Book. Answer keys for all the worksheets are provided at the end of the book. Tests The Test section includes a Diagnostic test to be carried out at the beginning of the year, a two page test per unit and a four page, End of year test. The tests include a variety of activities so that all children, whatever their particular strength or weakness, have an equal opportunity to do well in the tests. Lesson plans for testing are provided in the Evaluation lesson at the end of each unit in the Teacher's Book. There is one listening activity included in each test, this is recorded on the Class audio and the script is provided in the Teacher's Book. Answer keys for all the tests are provided at the end of the book. DVD Beep 5 DVD is an entertaining teaching resource with two main sections. Pedro's project is an animated short story containing the key vocabulary and structures from Beep 5. Throughout the Beep series, stories have been a main focus. The appealing characters and plot in Pedro's project, which make use of humour and dramatic tension, reinforce the positive experience of learning English. The story acts as a vehicle for revisiting core unit language and provides an opportunity to encounter thelanguage in a meaningful context. The story also helps students to develop their understanding of narrative elements; such as sequencing, visual literacy, and plot and character development. The worksheets which you can find in a photocopiable format in this Teacher's Resource Book are also available onscreen in the DVD. The Real Kids section consists of three video extracts thematically linked to the material covered in each term in the Student's book. The extracts are taken from authentic situations and feature native English speakers. They can be watched with or without subtitles. This type of communication, in which other cultural and social elements come into play, is an effective way to stimulate interest in learning. Both worksheets and transcripts for this area are provided. Note: Both the Animated story and the Real Kids section can be played with subtitles for reading practice. Depending on the level and confidence of your class you may like to play short excerpts from the DVDs, once witho ut the subtitles (this is especially challenging for the stronger students), then with subtitles for better understanding and finally again without the subtitles. The last time can be particularly satisfying for children as they become familiar with the sounds of English, helped by the visual references of the DVD. Other resources Flashcards Flashcards are an excellent classroom tool to help introduce, reinforce and review vocabulary. Beep comes with a pack of 63 full colour flashcards illustrating key vocabulary. Instructions for using the flashcards are given in the teaching notes for each lesson. Each picture flashcard has a corresponding word card which can be used to help develop children's reading skills, to assist in writing activities and to use in matching activities.3  The Beep flashcards can also be used in a variety of games which are explained in the Teacher's Book. Children learn best when they enjoy what they are doing and games provide a way to engage children's interest and enthusiasm. Games offer valuable opportunities to use the language for real purposes and provide enjoyable occasions for repeating and reinforcing the language, supporting retention and recall. Games which incorporate active methodology, using physical response are ideal for assimilating language. Posters There are a total of eight double-sided posters for permanent use in the classroom. The double-sided posters include the key vocabulary of each unit in large, colourful illustrations and a tongue twister which allows you and the children to focus on pronunciation and phonics. There are more general reviews and activities on eight of the poster faces, which complete the set. The Teacher's Book gives full instructions of when and how to use the posters. Tips · Put two nails or drawing pins on the wall or in the wood of the blackboard and hang up the poster using two bulldog clips to avoid damage and the mess of Blu-Tack or adhesive tape. The poster is easily displayed and reversed. · Hang the posters at the height of the children so that they can easily see them and participate in the activities. Story cards Storytelling is very much part of the primary curriculum and Beep provides an entertaining story in each unit. Beep resources include a pack of 64 full colour story cards ± 8 per story. On one side, the story cards have an enlarged version of the illustrations for each story in the Student's Book and the text for that part of the story on the reverse.Use the cards to: · Tell the story before, during or after listening. · Ask children to predict what might happen in the story. · Practise questions and answers. · Introduce and practise vocabulary. · Practise temporal sequencing of a story. · Describe a scene. · Develop reading and literacy skills. i-solutions pack All the Beep digital components include a complete User's guide, accessible from the main menu screen. They run on Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems and are compatible with all interactive whiteboard (IWB) software. Open the readme.txt file in each CD for minimum requirements and instructions. The Beep i-solutions pack includes two CD-ROMs: · Beep i-book · Activity Generator How to use the i-solutions pack 1) Beep i-book The Beep Teacher's i-book is the digital version of the Beep course, which integrates all the teaching materials into one single format. This fully interactive resource provides teachers with alternative and innovative ways to approach the Beep course content. It can be used in two different ways: as an interactive guide to prepare lessons, and in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB). The Beep Teacher's i-book contains the Student's Book, the Activity Book, the Teacher's Book, the Teacher's Resource Book, the Grammar Booklet and the Beep Reader as well as i-flashcards, i-posters, i-story cards plus extra interactive activities which provide thorough practice of the course content. Audio material and teacher's notes for all the teaching materials are also included. How to use the Beep Teacher's i-book on an interactive whiteboard (IWB) The Beep Teacher's i-book is very user-friendly. Using the i-book in class is a wonderful way to4
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