2017 Notice of Regatta. Version 1, issued on 13th March PDF

2017 Notice of Regatta Version 1, issued on 13th March Date and Venue 1.1. The 2017 British Rowing Junior Championships will be held on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July 2017 at the
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2017 Notice of Regatta Version 1, issued on 13th March 2017 1. Date and Venue 1.1. The 2017 British Rowing Junior Championships will be held on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July 2017 at the National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham NG12 2LU All side-by-side races take place over 2000m, with the exception of Junior 14 Quadruple Sculls which will be raced over 1000m. Junior 14 Single Sculls and Junior 14 Double Sculls are omnium events. Time trials will be raced over 1500m All Junior 14 events will take place on the Friday. No other events will be raced on the Friday. 2. Events, Fees and Prizes Events Offered and Entry Fees 2.1. The following Open (O) and Women s (W) events are offered at the Championships for the entry fees indicated: Event Junior 14 Junior 15 Junior 16 Junior 18 O W O W O W O W Single Sculls 31* 31* Coxless Pairs Double Sculls 51* 51* Coxless Fours Coxed Fours Coxless Quad Sculls Coxed Quad Sculls 111* 111* Eights * A package entry fee of 182 applies for entering four athletes in a J14 4x+ together with one of the following combinations with the same four athletes in the J14 Omnium: four 1x; two 2x; or two 1x and one 2x. However, it is not currently possible to offer this price on BROE2. Instead, crews should claim a refund by completing Form RF2 (available at and ing it to the Entries Secretary by 23:59 on Sunday, 16th July Refunds will be made after the Regatta to the credit/debit card used to pay the entry fee provided that the athletes competed in each of the events. Prizes 2.2. Individual gold, silver or bronze medals will be awarded to the overall fastest three crews in the final or final A of each event. Individual gold, silver or bronze medals will be awarded to the highest placed three crews in the omnium events. 1 2.3. The principal coach of each medal-winning crew will also receive a gold, silver or bronze medal The names of the winning crew for each event will be recorded in the British Rowing Championships Book of Winners British Rowing points will be awarded to the winner of each of the events according to the Rules of Racing (3-2), with the exception of Junior 14 Single Sculls and Junior 14 Double Sculls The highest-placed non-composite crew in each event (including the omnium events) will receive the club champion plaque for that event. Victor Ludorum 2.7. The most successful club, based on the results of all three days racing taken together, will be declared the Victor Ludorum and will be presented with a commemorative plaque. 3. Conditions of Entry 3.1. The British Rowing Junior Championships is open to any individual member of a club affiliated to any Great Britain Rowing Body. Individual competitors, including substitutes, must have been registered members of their declared club(s) since 1st June The British Rowing Championships is a national event; entries from Northern Ireland are welcomed. Please note that British Rowing membership insurance is only valid for individuals who are UK residents for more than six months in a year Competitors must provide their own equipment All crews must have a named coach or responsible adult. The coach, who must be over the age of 18, must be named on the entry form and a current mobile telephone number for that person must be provided No provision will be made for multiple entries. The Order of Finals, which will help competitors in deciding what events to enter, is provided at Section The Committee strongly encourages single club entries to enter the above events to gain an Event Ranking for their club; however composites are permitted for those that genuinely do not have suitable partners from within their club In order for a J14 athlete (with the exception of the cox) to be eligible to enter Open and Women s J14 Coxed Quadruple Sculls or any of the Open and Women s J15 events, he/she must have competed in either the J14 Single Sculls or Double Sculls events on Friday J13 athletes competing in J14 events must meet the entry criterion at paragraph 4. Making Entries 4.1 Entries must be made through BROE2. Entries will open at 12:00 on Thursday, 1st June 2017 and must be submitted by 12:00 (noon) on Monday, 3rd July 2017 when the system will close. The Championships does not accept late entries. 4.2 If you have any queries regarding entries or the entries process, or if you are having difficulties with the BROE2 system, please in good time. is the preferred method of contact, but if this is not possible then telephone Please note when submitting entries through BROE2: a. Payment must be made by credit or debit card through BROE2 before close of entries. b. All possible contact details should be completed. We may need to contact you before or during the Regatta, so it is in your interests to ensure that your contact details are accurate and up to date. c. A copy of the Entries List, Provisional Timetable and other information will be ed to each crew s submitting BROE2 administrator by Thursday, 6th July. You should ensure that this address is monitored and up-to-date. d. You should check that you can comply with the Conditions of Entry (see Section 3). 4.4 Please note: a. Neither late entries nor late payment will be accepted. b. Errors made by the Organising Committee will be rectified in the published information. c. On request, errors made by competitors may be rectified at the Organising Committee s discretion. Any such requests must be sent by to by 12:00 on Monday, 10th July. Responses to such requests will only be available after this time. d. If a crew scratches before the Regatta and this makes a major change to race timings, this information will be posted on the website as soon as possible. It is a competitor s duty to check for updates. 5. The Draw Process 5.1 The draw will be co-ordinated from British Rowing, 6 Lower Mall, London W6 9DJ on Tuesday, 4th July from 12:00 noon onwards. No details will be disclosed before 22:00 on Thursday, 6th July when the Provisional Timetable will be published on the website: A link to an information pack containing the Entries List, Provisional Timetable and Event Information Leaflet (giving general and safety instructions) will be ed to all submitting administrators who have entered crews. These documents will also be posted on the website. 3 5.2 Enquiries regarding the draw should be made by to is the preferred method of contact, but if this is not possible then leave a message on telephone number Please remember to include your full contact details. 6. Making Changes to Entries 6.1 If, after entries have closed, an athlete is selected to represent Great Britain and will therefore be unable to attend the Championships, that athlete may either be substituted without affecting the crew s overall substitution numbers, or the crew may be withdrawn from the event and a refund of the entry fee given. A form will be available on the website to notify the Entries Secretary in such cases (see Section 11). 6.2 Crew changes must be notified to the Entries Secretary before the crew goes afloat, in accordance with the Rules of Racing. Crews must use BROE2 to notify substitutions prior to the Regatta; the system will be open from 09:00 on Friday, 7th July until 09:00 on Friday, 14th July. After this time, changes must be notified in person at the Registration Office, with details of the substitute s registered club, name, date of birth and Racing Licence number as recorded by the relevant Great Britain Rowing Body. 6.3 Crews that scratch before the Regatta should scratch on BROE2 or inform the Entries Secretary directly by . Crews scratching from an event at the Regatta must inform the Entries Secretary at the Registration Office. Crews that have scratched cannot be reinstated. 6.4 A representative of every crew must confirm its intention to race to the Entries Secretary at the Regatta, at least 90 minutes before the time of the first race, or time trial if held, in the event for which it has been entered. 6.5 Withdrawal after a crew s first race will be allowed if notice is given to the Entries Secretary and there are acceptable reasons. 7. Racing Format Events with Side-by-Side Races 7.1 The Championships draw system aims to identify the fastest three crews in each event. 7.2 All events (even for straight finals) will be subject to a time trial over 1500m to determine progression to later rounds, except J14 Quadruple Sculls for which the time trial will be over 1000m. The precise structure of later rounds cannot be determined until the number of crews registering for an event at the Regatta is known (see Section 7). 7.3 The time trial for events with 6 or fewer crews at the draw will be held on Sunday morning. 7.4 Information on redraws will be posted on the Registration noticeboard at least one hour before the first race in an event. The lane draw for finals will be seeded on the results of previous rounds. 4 7.5 For events in which there are 4 to 6 entries: a. There will be a time trial over 1500m (1000m for J14 Quadruple Sculls). b. All crews in the time trial progress to final A. 7.6 For events in which there are 7 or more entries the following will apply: a. There will be a time trial over 1500m (1000m for J14 Quadruple Sculls). b. The fastest crews (maximum of 12) in the time trial progress to two semifinals, each sending the first 3 crews to final A and the remainder to final B. The remaining crews from the time trial progress to minor finals (C, D, E, etc) so that each crew receives a ranking. 7.7 Please note that for events with 7 or more entries: a. If 6 or fewer crews actually register and complete the time trial, there will be one final. b. If 7 enter, register and complete the time trial, the first 3 crews proceed straight to the final; crews placed 4th to 7th will proceed to a semi-final with the first 3 crews proceeding to the final and the 4th eliminated. c. If 7 to 12 crews enter, but only 7 crews register and complete the time trial, the crew that finishes 7th in the time trial will not be required to race again d. If 13 crews enter, register and complete the time trial, all 13 crews progress to three semi-finals. In each semi-final, the first 2 crews proceed to final A and the last placed crew is eliminated; the remaining 4 crews proceed to final B. e. If 14 or more crews enter, but only 13 crews register and complete the time trial, the crew that finishes 13th in the time trial will not be required to race again. f. If 19 or more crews enter, the Committee reserves the right to offer minor final C only to crews placed 13th to 18th in the time trial: minor finals (D, E, F etc.) for the remaining crews will only be offered if the timetable permits. Competition Format for J14 Single Sculls & J14 Double Sculls 7.8 J14 Single Sculls and J14 Double Sculls will consist of an omnium of events (races, skills tests and manoeuvrability exercises) on the Friday with points from individual races, tests and exercises contributing to the overall ranking of each sculler or crew. This ranking will be used to determine the winners of the gold, silver and bronze medals. 7.9 Competitors may enter both the Single Sculls and Double Sculls events There will be no scratch J14 Coxed Quadruple Sculls race Each sculler and crew will be assigned to a group. They will boat in these groups and will proceed around the course in these groups carrying out the various races, skills tests and manoeuvrability exercises Each sculler and crew will undertake a number of races, tests and exercises from the following menu: a. Hands off at the catch b. Stand up and turn around 5 c. Standing rigger dips d. 360 degree boat spinning e. Sequencing from front f. Attaching to a stakeboat g. Roll ups h. Backing down i. Slalom j. Emergency stopping k. 500m race l. Baton exchange Detailed instructions (with videos where available) of the skills are available on the website The tests to be undertaken will be selected by the Organising Committee based on the course conditions on the day and will be published no later than two hours before the start of the omnium on Friday, 14th July Each test will be timed and/or scored or awarded a pass, intermediate or fail, all being awarded points dependent upon finish position Overall Points Scoring scullers and crews will be allocated overall points based on their rankings/scores in individual exercises and those with least points will be crowned champions Full details of the event format and scoring will be published at on Thursday, 1st June The Regatta offers Open and Women s J14 Coxed Quadruple Sculls on Friday. The eligibility criterion for this and for J14s who wish to enter any of the J15 events is listed at paragraph Indicative Timetable Friday, 14th July :00 Time trials for J14 Quads 12:00 Omnium event for J14 Singles and Doubles 16:00 Minor finals and finals for J14 Quads 18:00 End of racing Saturday, 15th July :00 Time trials 12:30 Minor finals, semi-finals A/B 18:30 End of racing 6 Sunday, 16th July :00 Semi-finals A/B 12:30 Finals, finals A/B 18:00 End of racing General notes about the indicative timetable 8.1 All J14 events will be raced on Friday 8.2 All J15, J16 and J18 events will be raced over Saturday and Sunday. 8.3 The final race timetable is subject to change until all crews intending to race have registered at the Regatta. The above plan is indicative only, and all times are approximate. Order of finals 8.4 Finals will be raced in the following order. Read across the page from left to right, line by line. Group 1 O J18 2- O J16 4+ W J18 4- W J16 4x W J15 2x O J15 1x Group 2 O J18 1x O J16 2x W J18 4x W J16 2- Group 3 O J18 4- O J16 2- W J18 8+ W J16 1x O J15 4x+ W J15 1x Group 4 O J18 2x O J16 1x W J18 1x W J16 4+ Group 5 W J15 4x+ W J18 2- O J18 4x O J16 4x O J15 2x W J16 2x Group 6 W J18 2x O J For each event, final A will follow immediately after final B (if required) on Sunday. The time interval between these finals will not be known until entries close. 8.6 Any multiple entries are made at the competitor s own risk and race timings will not be changed. 8.7 The start of each group of finals will be at least 40 minutes apart. 8.8 Time Trials, minor finals and semi-finals are likely to follow this pattern 9. Regulations for Racing 9.1 The Regatta is run in accordance with the Rules of British Rowing, the British Rowing Rules of Racing and Row Safe guidance together with its associated documents. Competitors and coaches are reminded that they should be familiar with these documents. If a substitute coach attends the Regatta he/she must contact Registration and register his/her mobile telephone number. 9.2 Entry fees will not be refunded if it should become necessary, for any reason, to abandon the Regatta or any event. 9.3 When it is not possible, for whatever reason, to complete the Championships or an event, the draw pattern may be changed or times from time trials, or semi-finals may be used to determine which crews will progress to later rounds, or to determine the medal positions or the plaque winners. 7 9.4 Crews that fail to confirm their entry to the Entries Secretary at least 90 minutes before the time of the time trial in the event for which they have been entered will not be permitted to start. Those that have confirmed but then fail to appear at the Start for any of their races in the event may be disbarred from other events in the Championships. 9.5 The Organising Committee reserves the right to exclude any crew or sculler from further competition in an event if it does not show sufficient competence in either attaching to the Start pontoons or progressing down the course during a race. This is applied in the interests of safety and fairness to other competitors. 9.6 To win a medal a crew must beat another crew, except for gold in an event from which all other crews have withdrawn. Events with fewer than three entries at the close of entries may be withdrawn. 9.7 Any winning crew that does not present a complete set of membership cards may not be presented with any medals or a plaque until the missing membership cards are provided. All winners identification shall be confirmed. Winners who cannot confirm their identity may not receive any crew or individual prize until their eligibility has been confirmed. 9.8 It is the competitor s responsibility to keep him/herself informed of any changes to the event programme. 9.9 Competitors are reminded that they must bring their membership card with them. Membership cards must include an up-to-date photograph where required by their Great Britain Rowing Body. A competitor whose card does not have a space for a photograph must bring a photographic identity document with them to the Regatta. 10. Photography 10.1 There are official photographers and videographers at the Championships. Official photographs are available for sale at the Regatta and subsequently from the photographer s website. These photographs and videos may be used on the website and social media sites of the Championships or by British Rowing. By entering the Regatta, competitors and those responsible for them consent to this Competitors and those responsible for them should be aware that other, nonofficial photographers might operate at national sporting events and the subsequent photographs or videos may be freely used in print, digital media or elsewhere, over which the Organising Committee has no control Coaches and competitors agree that by entering crews they have made the crew members and their parents/guardians (where in loco parentis) aware of the above two paragraphs. 8 11. Selection for the GB Rowing Team in The Organising Committee of the British Rowing Junior Championships understands that crews trialling for the Great Britain Rowing Team (GBRT) may also wish to enter the British Rowing Junior Championships. Currently they have to enter the Championships before they know whether they are in the GBRT as Championships entries are closed before the GBRT selection process is concluded To make sure clubs are not deterred from entering the Junior Championships for financial reasons, any crew which includes an athlete who is selected as a competitor or spare for the current GBRT may have its entry fee for the Championships refunded in full if, as a result of that selection, it then has to scratch from the Championships All requests for refunds must be received by the Entries Secretary on the appropriate form available in the files section of the Notice of Regatta page on the website by 23:59 on Wednesday, 12th July Home International Regatta Crews 12.1 Entries from Home International Regatta (HIR) teams are required to comply with the instructions for and conditions of entry in all respects. The crew composition may be changed in its entirety after the closing date, provided that those name changes are supplied in writing to the Entries Secretary within 24 hours of the completion of the trials process or by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, 12th July 2017, whichever is the earliest. Should the revised crew composition alter the composite crew name then this will be allowed in this specific instance. After this time no further changes may be made unless for certified medical reasons. Each entry made under this rule must be authorised and confirmed by the relevant HIR Team Manager. 13. Clean Sport Statement 13.1 The British Rowing Junior Championships is committed to Clean Sport. All athletes, athlete support personnel and clubs are bound and must abide by the World Anti-Doping Agency Code. Athletes competing at the British Rowing Junior Championships could be tested at any time, and by entering this event it will be deemed that consent to be tested has been given To understand more about anti-doping, the rules and your responsibilities, go to or 9 14. Table of Key Dates 12:00 Thursday, 1st June 2017 Entries open on BROE2 12:00 Monday, 3rd July 2017 Entries close 22:00 Thursday, 6th July 2017 Provisional Timetabl
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