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  Q1: a statistical report is the result of a more complete and exhaustive study. Its focus is on complex issues that could affect the long-term future and direction of the organization. It is used when decisions such as plant locations, major capital projects, and changes in the product line are made. A statistical abstract, on the other hand, is used when the problem is of less complexity and consequences. Each of these is examined in detail. To complete a statistical report you must isolate the problem and collect the necessary data. The population must be clearly identified and a sample carefully chosen. The researcher then conducts the study and prepares to report the results. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY „ The intent of the executive summary is to immediately provide the time-constrained reader with the important facts and findings derived from the study. It summarizes these findings and conclusions, along with and ‟ recommendations, and places them at the beginning of the study. The executive summary should he written in a non-technical manner although the executive summary precedes the main report when it is submitted in final form, the summary is written only after the study has been conducted and the rest of the report has been completed INTRODUCTION The second step is a brief introduction describing the nature and scope of the problem. Any relevant history or background of the problem that is essential to a thorough understanding and provides clarification for the rest of the study should also the included. A statement is made explaining why the resolution of this issue is important and the critical need to formulate a course of action. Methodology „The third section of a statistical report is more technical than the rest of the study, as it explains the exact nature of the statistical tests that you indeed to conduct. It describes in detail the precise quantitative tools and techniques to be used, and reveals the manner in which they will lead to the desired results. The methodology that you use will depend largely on what you want to accomplished FINDINGS it is here that the true statistical analysis is performed. The findings consist of the actual statistical computations that provide the information required to make decisions and recommendations. These calculations may vary from simple descriptive techniques to the more advanced inferential analysis. the results of the computations are merely cited or quoted) DISCUSSION AND INTERPRETATION Based on the findings from the he previous section, the researcher now woofers a discussion and iriteroperation of the r eport‟s major implications. The researcher should provide an interpretation of the findings in a eaningful and yet non-techincal sense.This section has a considerable impact  on the formulation of the solution to the problem described in the introduction, which motivated the report./ , CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS allows the researcher to explain in greater detail how and why the conclusions were reached. A more complete discussion of the recommendations may also be included APPENDICES (An appendix is the additional information you refer to in the report and wish to conclude as evidence or demonstration of the full findings. Graphs, tables etc,) Q2 Writing of Business Proposals There are two types of business propal that can help you gain more business to grow you?‟company. __Ç: Solicited business proposa!: A corporation or \ government body is seeking a business to fulfill a project or complete a task and thereby, allows companies to bid for the project. An open bid is placed on the market with other companies competing for an interview spot. The winning candidate is offered the project  —  ( Unsolicited business proposal: At sorne point, your small business may want to do business with a larger company or forge a joint venture.) Business proposals are developed for one of two possible reasons. -. Writing of Business Proposals  —“I. Solutions: After you have written a lead   paragraph on the company‟s needs and  problems, follow up with a solid presentation of how your business can provide solutions. The key here is to promise solutions you can deliver. 2. Benefits: All winning business proposals, clearly outline for the company the benefits to be gained from doing business with you. If your small business can offer complete confidentiality and meet tight deadlines state it in your benefits section.  3. Credibility: This is often the overlooked portion of a business proposal but all winning proposals glow with credibility. If you have worked with clients in the same field or have an award- winning business, then third-party endorse ments will build credibility. 4. Samples: A business proposal with samples and evidence of your ability to deliver is vital to gaining the winning bid. A small sample of your work can show your ability to do the job. 5. Targeted: A winning business proposal is all about communication. Speak in a language spoken by your intended audience. If the proposal evaluators are from an engineering background or financi1al department use the appropriate jargon./) Q3 GUIDELINES FOR WRITING A BUSINESS PROPOSAL ) „The following eleven tips are guidelines that we  keep in mind when we develop a business proposal for a client of my writing service: b (i. Clarity. Before you begin to write the proposal, summarize the concept in 2-3 sentences, then sitow it to a lay person and check for understanding . 2. Strive to Communicate, Not to impress. If you have a good idea and you communicate that  idea clearly and effectively, the recipients will be impressed. 1f you try to baffle them with your brilliance, you‟ll lose ground.)  (3. Error Free you can be fastidious about checking for typing, spefling and grammatical errors).if you have worked on a document intensely, you will “learn” to interpret  errors as being correct Print and Bind „Print your document on good quality, heavy - bond paper, using either a laser printer or a good-quality bubble jet . / 5. Layout / When laying out your document, format it so the body of the text appears in the right two-thirds of the page. The one-third of the page to the left contains titles and white space. The white space to the left allows the reader to make notes /6. Visual Elements Include visual elements sporadically throughout your document. Logos1 clip art, graphs, charts, tables and other elements greatly enhance the visual appeal of your documentand .„ 7. Title l‟age  Begin with a Title Page that includes images (graphics, pictures, etc.), the name of the proposal

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