a fragment of egypt in italy

a fragment of egypt in italy
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  archaeology times 1   arcHAEOLOGY TIMES Online Magazine ISSUE  4   Dec/Feb 2013  Art: Expressing Man's Highest Ideals  2 archaeology times archaeology times 3  4 archaeology times archaeology times 5    ARCHAEOLOGY TIMES  Online Magazine is aimed at archaeolo-gists in their varied professions, including curators, conservators, excava-tors, geologists, and historians, with particular interest in enhancing the eld of archaeology with the latest archaeological news, articles, books,links, and more. This established bi-monthly online magazine publishes srcinal research papers and major review articles of wide archaeological signicance.    ARCHAEOLOGY TIMES  provides an international forum for ar-chaeologists all over the world to write interesting articles and news in dif- ferent languages. They share a common interest in developing and applyingscientic methods to inform major debates by improving the quality andreliability of scientic information derived from archaeological research.    ARCHAEOLOGY TIMES  members have conducted research andeldwork in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and North and South America.  ARCHAEOLOGY TIMES  is dedicated to the greater understanding of  archaeology, the protection and preservation of the world's archaeologicalresources, art, heritage and cultures. It also aspires to play a major role inthe encouragement and support of archaeological research and publication.  ARCHAEOLOGY TIMES  , led by a professional staff of volunteers,could not operate without the generosity and hard work of our volunteers,to whom we express our heartfelt gratitude. Through their excitement andcontributions, these unselsh and skilled individuals make it possible forus to share all the wonders of archaeology and the diverse perspectives of cultures around the world. ARCHAEOLOGY TIMEs Online Magazine On the Cover This issue features the contribution of artthrough the ages, illustrating its magnicentrole in: Archaeology, History and CulturalHeritage. Special Thanks to  Sherif Fathi For the Covers Design  ARCHAEOLOGY TIMEs Online Magazine   Founder & Managing Director Eman H.Zidan Contributors Ahmed Abd-El Rahman, Donya Azab, Crisana Barandoni, Dina El Sayed,Abd El Rahman El Serougy, Wael FathiGalal, Alain Guilleux, Rasha Mansour, YasserMongy, Tamara Paon, Francesca Pontani,Noha A. Qotb, Abd El Hamed Ramadan,Nermine Sami, Eman H. Zidan Editor in Chief  Dr. Tamara Paon   Eding Crisana Barandoni Design Director Dina El Sayed Web Site Design Armando Rosales  Distributed by  6 archaeology times archaeology times 7 Dina El Sayed, is an Archaeolo-gist from Suez, Egypt and the Cu-rator of the Suez Museum. Sheholds a BA in Classics from CairoUniversity and also serves as theGraphic Designer who completedall the layout and artwork for the  ARCHAEOLOGY TIMES maga- zine. Noha A. Qotb , is an Archaeologistfrom Cairo, Egypt, and obtained her BA in Egyptology at Cairo Univer-sity. She was granted the prize of Prof. Salah El Amir in excellenceat the Hieratic Texts, in class 2009-2010, and the prize of Prof. TuhfaHandousa in excellence at The An-cient Egyptian Minor Arts & CopticArts, in class 2011. She has recentlycome on board as an Administrator for the WWA Interaction Nermin Sami,   is an Ar-chaeologist from Alexan-dria, Egypt. with a BA inArchaeology, and a diplo-ma on Tourist Guidance.She is also a talented pho-tographer, and has estab-lished a Blog on archaeo-logical topics, in whichshe writes in Italian andEnglish. Dr. Cristiana Barandoni, serves as Lecturer at the RestauroArcheologico (Archaeological Res-toration), at the University of Flor-ence, Italy. She also lectures at theUniversità, Massa Carrara, Luccaand Livorno, and has published anumber of publications on archae-ology and heritage. cristiana. Rasha Mansoor,   Tour guide and a big fan of An-cient Egypt and Tourism ingeneral, with a major degreein Linguistics and Transla-tion.  Dr. Abd El Rahman ElSerougy, is a Director of Conservation from Egypt. Heserved as Professor at El FayoumUniversity and is now teachingarchaeology at Yarmouk University,in Jordan. He has assisted in manyconservation projects in Egypt,Japan, Jordan, and the U.S., as wellas contributed many successfulresearch projects, publications andworkshops. Dr. Francesca Pontani,  graduated from the Faculty of Archaeology in Egyptology, at theUniversity of Rome, La Sapienza.She has participated in numerousarchaeological excavations inItaly and Asia Minor. She is anarchaeological tour guide in a non-  prot association to improve the cultural and archaeological resourcesin Rome and in Southern Ahmed Abd El Rah-man, Curator, currentlyworks at the National Mu-seum for Egyptian Civili-zation. He also serves asDocumentation Special-ist for the richest -maga-zine editor, Atharna Aly-oum. Donya Azab, is a PublicRelation Specialist at theSuez Museum, and anindependent translator.She holds a BA in EnglishLanguage from SuezCanal University, and iscurrently attending theAmerican University inCairo. Abd El Hamed Rama-dan, has worked in theEgyptian Judiciary since1993, and has completedseveral studies in Egyptol-ogy.He has worked also asa researcher since 1999 andhas participated in excava-tions in Deir el-Medina, inwestern Luxor. His aims,through his research, was to nd the famous trinity of  Osiris, although after gath-ering historical evidence toensure his exit from Dr. Tamara Patton , Editor-in-Chief of   Archaeology Times Online Magazine, works as an author, teacher and illustrator. She obtained her Cum Laude B.A andM.A from the U.S, as well as Ph.D. from the University of NC at Chapel Hill,acquiring considerable experience presenting a variety of lectures at academic conferences, such as “Power of the Pyramids Redened,” and “Moroccan-His -  panic Wreaks Havoc with American Indians-1529” (1995). She now resides in Cairo, having taught English, French and Spanish literatures, business language,ESL, among others, in over 6 countries. Scholarships from the French Embassyand American universities launched a lifelong study resulting in a comprehen-sive inter-disciplinary outlook on the exciting histories and people of our worldand the importance of preserving this precious heritage for future Contributors Wael Fathi Galal ,   is a Geologist (Manager of the Sedimentology Lab) in the GeologyDepartment, Faculty of Science, at Assiut University, Egypt. He received his BSc (1991)and MSc (2005). His research interests include engineering, environmental geology and geoarchaeology. He earned his geological expertise through eld studies, gaining expertise from several countries, and learning to apply diverse techniques and methodologies. He has participated in more than 44 national and international research projects, and he is a member of the International Working Group on the Paleocene/Eocene Boundary and Thebes Interna-tional Geoarchaeology (TIGA) research project. Eman H. Zidan, has worked as an Antiquities Conservator at the Egyp-tian Museum in Cairo since 2007. She has participated in numerous ar-chaeological excavations in Egypt, as well as in many national and inter-national conferences, in which she has presented critical cases regardingthe conservation of antiquities. She is also the Founder of the organiza-tion- World Wide Archaeology Association, that has laid the groundwork for modern cultural and archaeological activities by volunteers world-wide, by orgainizing lectures, workshops and promoting internationalissues to save cultural heritage sites not only in Egypt, but worldwide.She is the Manager and Director of   Archaeology Times online magazine,which aims to promote the most current issues concerning archaeologi-cal research and information worldwide. Alain Guilleux, Founder and President of “L’Atelier de SECHAT Association,” (an orga -nization for the promotion of Egyptian heritage, which cooperates with the Supreme Councilof Antiquities to publish material on the Hieroglyphic language for blind children to assisttheir understanding of the history and insure the preservation of the national identity). Alain has been an “Egypto-phile” and photographer for 15 years now, and is also an IT manaager and owner of “Une promendate en Egypte”. Dr. Yasser Mongy, is an Assistant Lecturer in The Graphic Department, Facultyof Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt. He has participated in numerous salons and exhibitionsand has won numerous awards. He has participated in cultural activities as a member of The Council of Documentation of the Works of The Egyptian Museum of GraphicArt and served as The Chairman of The Seminar Paralleled to Egypt InternationalPrint Triennale 2006. He is the author of several editions and books.  8 archaeology times archaeology times 9 AL HAYAH is committed to working with the local population of theFarafra Oasis in Egypt’s western desert, through participatory methods,acknowledging the need for strong community and public participation.Essential to attaining any goals of economic and socio-cultural developmentis the necessity for all people, and groups to be involved in the developmentprocess. AL HAYAH seeks to implement a variety of projects aimed atassisting the disadvantaged groups of the community, while striving tomaintain the natural environment of the White Desert. Cultural Heritage: Protecting the cultural heritage of the Bedouins, while providing assistanceto raise their standard of living, through projects and events, and bypromoting the production of traditional arts and crafts, are some of themajor objectives of AL HAYAH. Income Generation: Like other Western Desert oases, Farafra is famous for its crafts, beautifullyembroidered clothes, wool products, carpets and hand thrown pottery. Gender and Development: Al Hayah is committed to building the potential of women in Farafra byorganizing a women’s association to provide opportunities for economicempowerment, public health education, and literacy improvement. Cultural Events: Al Hayah plans to organize several cultural events, such as music festivalsto showcase local Bedouin musical talent and bands from all over thecountry. Cultural seminars and competitions will also be organized. Contents MAGAZINE FEATURE:Art : Expressing Man’s Highest Ideals : The contri  buon of art through the ages, illustrang its magnifcent  role in Archaeology, History and Cultural Heritage. 14| ” “ By Yasser Mongy  23|   By    Dina   El    Sayed  31|  By Donya Azab 33| ..   By  Eman H. Zidan 38| Architectural Styles of Paris: From the Romans to the ThirdRepublic, Part 1 By Tamara Paon 44| Alexandria   reveals   the   beauty   of    Art By  Nermine Sami  50| The Arsc Concept of Hieroglyphic Script   By Noha A. Qotb 52| Kunst im alten Ägypten Grundsätze für alte Kunst By Rasha Mansoor    56| ) ( : By Wael Fathi Galal  Archaeology 64| Fragment of Egypt among the Etruscans: the BocchorisVase in the Naonal Archaeological Museum of    Tarquinia, Italy   By Francesca   Pontani  68| The Louvre Unveils New Islamic Art Department By Eman H. Zidan Heritage 74| Connaitre son patrimoine pour le préserver l’exemple de l’Atelier de SECHAT By Alain GUILLEUX  78| SOS…SYRIA! By Eman H.Zidan 80| HERITAGE IN DANGER: NOLA Ovvero la sconfa di tu noi  By Crisana Barandani  Culture 90| !! By Ahmed Abd El Rahman 94|   ) ( By Abd El Hameed Ramadan Restoraon 96| -– - 1856 By Abd El Rahman El Serougy  Children’s secon By Yehia Tamer & Malak Tamer  IN EVERY ISSUE Archaeology TimesArchaeology TodayArchaeo-GameArchaeo kids Glossary Meet the LegendNames Made HistoryVirtual TourRecommended BooksWWA Campaign
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