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    August ___, 2014 LESSON PLAN in TLE GRADE 9 COMMERCIAL COOKING I.   OBJECTIVE At the end of the lesson the students are expected to: 1.   Identify the materials of kitchen utensils and tools commonly found in the kitchen. 2.   Value the uses and importance of the kitchen utensils. 3.   Demonstrate the proper use of kitchen utensils. II.   SUBJECT MATTER Title : MATERIALS OF KITCHEN UTENSILS COMMONLY FOUND IN THE KITCHEN Reference : K to 12 TLE LEARNING MODULE GRADE 9 COMMERCIAL COOKING INTERNET Materials : LCD Projector  Net book Pictures Marking Pen Manila Paper White Board Integration : ICT III.   PROCEDURES TEACHER’S ACTIVITY  A.   Classroom Routine    Opening Prayer    Greetings    Checking of attendance B.   Review/ Recall    Let us have a recall about the  previous topic:    What are the palatability factors or eating qualities of a food as judged by the human senses?    Ok very good I’m glad that you’ve still remember   our previous lesson. So now let’s proceed . C.   Motivation    Are you familiar with the different materials of kitchen utensils commonly found in the kitchen? (The teacher will show pictures to the students) STUDENTS’ ACTIVITY   - The palatability factors are: a. visual perception  b. odor detection c. Taste stimuli d. Tactile sensation e. Flavor -   “Yes Ma’am”         What can you say about the  pictures?    Very good! Any other answer. O k very good! I’m going to show you again some pictures and identify it.    (The teacher will show again a  pictures to the students)    Identify the pictures of the different kitchen utensils. -   “Ma’am the pictures are tools and utensils that you can see in the kitchen.”   -   “Those tools are utensils that are made up of different kitchen materials.” Can Opener Chopping Board Spatula    Kitchen Knives Kitchen Shears Measuring Cups/Spoons Serving Tongs Rotary Egg Beater Soup Ladle    D. Activity    On your notebook list down all the utensils you can find in your kitchen. Identify the materials of your kitchen tools. Follow format below. KITCHEN UTENSIL MATERIAL 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. E. Analysis    Can you identify the different materials of kitchen utensils?    What are those?    Can you give me the definitions of those materials?       Next, what is Stainless Steel? What are the characteristic of it?    How about the glass?      Good! Another tool      Ok next tool    How about the Teflon and the  plastic and hand rubber?   KITCHEN UTENSIL MATERIAL 1 .  Spoon Stainless Steel 2. Can Opener Stainless Steel 3. Knife Stainless Steel 4. Dredgers Stainless Steel, Plastic 5. Peeler Stainless Steel -   “Yes Ma’am   -   “The materials of kitchen utensil are: aluminum, Stainless steel, Glass, Cast Iron, Ceramic and heat-proof glass, Teflon and Plastic and Hard Rubber.”  -   “Aluminum is the best for all - around use. It is the most popular, lightweight, attractive, and less expensive. It gives even heat distribution no matter what heat temperature you have. -   “Stainless Steel is the most popular material used for tools and equipment,  but it is more expensive. It is easier to clean and shine and will not wear out as soon as aluminum. -   “Glass is good for baking but not  practical on top or surface cooking. -   “Cast Iron is sturdy but most kept seasoned to avoid rust. -   “Ceramic and heat -proof glass is used specially for baking dishes, casseroles and measuring cups. They conduct the heat slowly and evenly. -   “Teflon is a special coating applied to the inside of some aluminum or steel  pots and pans. It helps food from not sticking to the pan”. While the plastic and hard rubber are used for cutting and chopping boards, table tops, bowls, trays, garbage pails and canisters.”          Now we are done in identifying the different materials of kitchen utensils lets now proceed to the different kinds of kitchen utensils commonly found in the kitchen.    So, what are the different kinds of kitchen utensils commonly found in your kitchen? What are their uses?    What else?    Good! Other answer    Other hand, what else? Yes?    Yes, another utensil class    How about the measuring cups and the measuring spoons? What do you think are the uses of these tools?    How about the serving tongs? Are you familiar to that tool?    Do you still have tools that you know?    Any other idea?    Last tool class -   “A baster is handy for returning some of the meat or poultry juices from pan,  back to the food. -   “Cans, bottles, cartoons is use to open a food tin, preferably with a smooth operation, and comfortable grip and turning knob.”  -   “Colanders also called a vegetable strainer are essential for various tasks from cleaning vegetables to straining  pasta or tin contents. -   “Chopping boards a wooden or plastic  board when meats and vegetables can  be cut. -   “Kitchen knives it is a must for all types of kitchen tasks, from peeling, slicing to carving. -   “Ma’am, measuring cups and spoons are the most important items found in any kitchen, since consistently good cooking depends upon accurate measurements. -   “Serving tongs enables you to more easily grab and transfer larger food items, poultry or meat portions to a serving platter, to a deep fryer, or to a  plate. -   “Yes Ma’am, the soup ladle it is used for serving soup or stews, gravy, dessert sauces or other foods. It is also work well to remove or skim off fat from soups and stews. -   “Spoons is a solid, or perforated. made of stainless steel or plastic, the solid ones are used to spoon liquids over foods and to lift foods. -   “Ma’am,  peeler is used to scrape
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