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  Dancing in Adversity Like any other person, I have my own way to enjoy my spare time and that is to dance. I am proud when I dance because dancing is a historical art that has been passed down from generation to generation. For me, each piece of choreography can portray a simple expression or illustrate a rampage of emotion. Every time I dance, I am able to channel my emotions and be able to express creativity through every motion and movement. Dancing is not only a craft that I enjoy expressing, it is also a craft that I try to master and also something that I take the most  pride in. Throughout this journey of mastering my craft, I have invested many hours, discipline, and commitment to be the best dancer that I can be. I dance not only because I am good at it, but  because I find the utmost satisfaction in expressing my emotions that I never feel tired even when I have been practicing consistently every single day. While many are wondering what kind of social or even moral sacrifices dancers have to make, it all comes down to a big question, “Why do you dance?” For me, I dance because dancing is my escape and teacher. Dance has always been there for me when I am sad and when I am happy. Dance has also been my teacher, not only in advancing my dancing skills and flexibility, but it has also taught me discipline and shaped me to become the person I am today. My dance team and I stand on our little feet looking proud because our dance performance on the Chinese Indonesian Organization successfully generate money for charity   I have been dancing since I was two years old and I have never felt as contributing as when I am dancing for a cause. I felt like I contribute the most when I dance for a cause. Being an active child, I joined many courses and student activities at an early age, but I always feel really great when I dance. It is as if I don't have to explain to my parents why I rather miss my favorite TV show rather than skipping my dance course. So when I got the opportunity to dance for a cause in the Chinese Indonesian organization, I took the chance gladly. At a very young age, this was the first opportunity where I was able to dance for a cause. This early memory of doing good while doing something I’m good at opened my eyes on the different purposes and goodwill that could be done through dancing. On the performance day, there were many dancers, singers, and musicians that helped  perform to generate money (USD $5000) for charity. It took around 2 months of preparation  before the big event. Just 2 weeks before the event, I was dancing and landed on my ankle. This was the first time where I have experienced an injury from dancing. Even though it was a minor injury, this incident made me question whether I still wanted to dance because every move and step reminded me of the injury and hindered me from being able to move freely and perform at my best. As the weeks went by, I began to heal and so I started practicing again. Every step I took I was cautious, but as time flew by, I became comfortable again in being able to freely move and dance again. Throughout this process, I realized as a young child that failure is just part of the process and what’s important is how I am able to bounce back and act resiliently in the process of learning from these failures. In the remaining 1 week before the show, I promised my coach to  practice every single day, give my best, and when the time comes, I would dance the best that I’ve ever had . In this 1 week of preparation, I spent up to 3 hours in the dance studio with my coach dancing, sweating and most importantly having fun. On the day of the big event, I  performed my first performance ever with sheer joy, excitement, and gratitude. This event taught me that hard work pays off. Additionally, I was also dancing for a cause and this made me think about how dance could be used as a platform to influence and exert good in the community.    The crowd cheered after my dance team and I finished the performance that got us to win second place on the Provincial Dance Competition Dancing has seen me grow up. Along the way, dancing has shown me how my dance team and me could have such a meaningful bond that we become family. When I decided to join St Louis 1 Catholic High School’s cheerleader team, my dance team and I learned to work really hard to win the Provincial Dance Competition (we dance alongside the basketball team too). Who would have thought that dancers have to work as hard as the basketball players? My dance team and I had to practice day and night (till 1 am) for 6 months and on weekends, we have to do our own cardio to strengthen our metabolism. All of us have to sacrifice something in order to keep practicing. For some of us, the sacrifices might be bad grades and unable to join any other clubs (such as the student council). For some, it might be fewer times to spend with friends and family. For me, it cost me my relationship with my mother. My mother has always wanted me to go to the US to study. In order for international students to directly attend university from high school, we need to take the SAT test. My mother told me to join the SAT prep courses, but I ended up skipping most of the lessons. When my mother knew that I skipped the SAT lessons because I was dancing, she was furious. We got into a huge argument and our relationship was really bad. However, I did not want to lose focus. I still practiced day and night so that I can prove to my mother that my dance team and I are  working hard. So, when we won second place in the competition, we felt really disappointed since we expected the best result. Though later, we learned to accept that even if we did not win first place, we still get to perform and performing makes us happy. My mother was proud that my dance team and I got to unite in hard situations and were still able to do our job as student dancers. In addition, our friendship is stronger than ever because we managed to get through the good and hard times together. My best friends and I proudly performing our best in front of the ministers of Indonesia in St. Louis 1 Catholic High School 64th B’day. I also love dancing because it gives me the courage to express myself even more. For St Louis 1 Catholic High School 6 4th B’day, the school made a big event where they invited all the alumni and current students. Once again, I got the chance to perform with my dance team in front of thousands of people, including some of the most famous Indonesian singers and the Indonesian government (they were invited as alumni). It was one thing to perform for thousands of people, but it was another to perform for the Indonesian government. I was really nervous, and I did not want to mess up the dance we had been practicing. I was extra nervous because our  performance could contribute to the money collected (USD $15000) for poor schools in Kalimantan (rural parts of Indonesia). While waiting backstage, I could feel my sweat dripping down and my feet turning cold. I was very nervous to the point where I started to have tummy ache. I told my team how nervous
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