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23/07/2014 01:12 Christopher Calder, The man Who lies about Osho Page 1 sur 11 Christopher Calder,Krishna Christ, and his Lying or Misinformed “Lost Truth”. CHRISTOPHER CALDER, KRISHNA CHRIST AND HIS LYING OR MISINFORMED LOST TRUTH . A response to Mr. Calder´s “Osho, Bhagwan Rajneesh and the Lost Truth” By Anthony Thompson Ph. D. *English is not my first language, so forgive my misspellings and grammatical mistakes. Mr .Calder, according to his own informa
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  23/07/2014 01:12Christopher Calder, The man Who lies about OshoPage 1 sur 11 Christopher Calder,Krishna Christ, and his Lying or Misinformed “Lost Truth”. CHRISTOPHER CALDER, KRISHNA CHRIST AND HIS LYING OR MISINFORMED LOST TRUTH .  A response to Mr. Calder´s “ Osho, Bhagwan Rajneesh and the Lost Truth” By Anthony Thompson Ph. D. *English is not my first language, so forgive my misspellings and grammatical mistakes. Mr .Calder, according to his own information, became a disciple of Osho back in 1970`s during the time that Osho resided in Woodlands apartments inMumbai, then Bombay. He came to India in November 19 1970. Osho gave him the name of Sw. Krishna Christ “I was Rajneesh's second Westernsannyasin just behind Ma Yoga Prem. Check out a first addition copy of The Silent Explosion. I came up with the title and wrote the introduction. My sannyasin name was Swami Krishna Christ.”( Calder 2006). He did not particularly appreciate the name and he complained to Osho about it. Here heis an excerpt from a letter from Osho to Sw Krishna Christ, in answer to his complaint about the name, reproduced from “A Cup of Tea” (letter 327): The ego is the seriousness, the disease,and the tao, the egoless existence,is the bliss, the ecstasy.That is why I have given you a name so absurd!But I have given it to you knowingly.I have given it to you so that you maynever be identified with it.The name is so absurdthat you will have toremainnameless and nobody behind it,and the name is such thatnot only others but you yourselfwill be able to laugh at it.Swami Krishna Christ!  His name then was Walter Pfuetze. In 1971 his adopted father took a group of students to Woodlands Building in Bombay and met Achayra Rajneeshface to face. That is why his name was listed in early books as Swami Krishna Christ, aka Walter Pfuetze. He changed his name in 1976 to ChristopherCalder because he did not like German names. Besides he was British and was interested in the artist Alexander Calder.Somewhere along the way hegot disillusioned and disappointed with Osho and wrote a fiery article against him. Mr. Calder is entitled to have and state his own personal opinions or beliefs regarding Osho, his teachings and vision. As far as I know, Mr. Calder is a“simple student of meditation”, as he likes to call himself, and has no formal training in neuropsychology or neurophysiology. Therefore, his knowledgeon the neurological functions of meditation, weather it’s biologically or spiritually based, he got from books, magazines, or in the worst case, internet. I do not have information of his being part not any neurological research team or his having taken part of any field study about this subject. Personally Ido not have more scientific knowledge of his affirmations than any normal “student of meditation”, however, some ideas fit with my personalexperience. And I consider some ideas expressed by Mr. Calder to be brilliant. As I am not a neurologist either, I will not discuss such matters. And I will not discuss this because disagreeing or not on these points is not the matter of this article, but the misinformation and lies that he states in hisarticle “Osho, Bhagwan Rajneesh, and the Lost Truth”, which are indeed matter of further consideration on my part. Mr. Calder gives the idea of his being an intimate disciple. However, No inner circle disciple from 1975 on had heard his name or remembers him from that time. This gives me theidea that he might have seen Osho personally during the time in the woodlands apartments, as many people did, but not after that, which is when theissues he discuss in his article supposedly happened. Therefore he is not an eyewitness to such events. I do not agree or like everything that Osho said or did in his life. I am aware that the man did not compromise in any point and he did what heconsidered appropriate for him to do, and did not care about what people thought of him. I also know that most of the time it was “his way or thehighway” with the people around him and his ideas of how things had to be done. However, as a researcher of his work, I feel compelled to clarify andrefute the points and arguments used in Mr. Calder’s article that I think are simply not true or highly misinformed. I am not a disciple and I do not consider Osho my master, but I can not hide my admiration for the old man. I think his contribution to expandinghuman awareness has no parallel in human history. There have been other masters, but no one has been so effective in reaching so many people duringhis lifetime as Osho did. Also, his insistence on laughter, enjoying life and humor as religious qualities makes him stand alone in the world of mystics.Finally, he helped to liberate, sexually and from social conditioning vast quantities of spiritual seekers that would have, otherwise, ended up ranking with some ascetic, repressive guru, and thus contributing with more repression and self-torture to this world. I have researched on this subject for over 22 years now and I have interviewed a lot of current and former disciples, visitors and friends on this subject.I have been 8 times in his commune in India, now called Osho meditation resort. So, I consider myself an expert on this theme: Osho´s life and work. Osho´s sayings Mr. Calder quotes Osho on several occasions. The way he does this is malicious and clearly his intention is not that of an expert detached observer, butthat of a resentful lover. His intention is to create an image of Osho that becomes a pass way for his own feelings of anger and hurt.To be hurt or angry is Mr. Calder´s prerogative. However, to twist facts, quotes and ideas to spread the understanding that we are facing an evil character is just a  23/07/2014 01:12Christopher Calder, The man Who lies about OshoPage 2 sur 11 manipulative and indirect way of giving an outlet to his own personal vendetta. In my understanding it is utterly nonsense to pick up a few statements from Osho's more than 8500 hours of talks and evaluate him based on that. Ican’t believe that a person like him, who claims to know him since ages, can do it. And a funny thing is, Osho himself never denied being contradictory,on a contrary he glorified it. So, to this day to take a quote from osho means nothing in itself. You can get the man to advice you on gardening, wallpapers or sex. Out of a whole chapter reference a quote means nothing. He quotes (without a direct book or chapter reference) that Osho loved Hitler. I have searched the entire library of his talks and that quote is nowhereto be found. Supposedly he took this quote from the discourses “I am the gate”. And certainly Mr. Calder appears as one of the editors of the firstedition. No where he said “I loved Hitler”. What he says is something that is of public domain, and that is that Hitler had an alliance with Tibetanesoteric groups. In fact the Tibetans supported the third Reich. Where do we think the swastika came from? It is an old esoteric symbol used both by Jains and Tibetans. The Nazis just turned it around. The only thing that I have found is an interview in Der Spiegel. I have seen the video (The last testament, july 19, 1985), and Osho says to both journalists, Erick Widdeman and Reiner Weber, when he is asked about Hitler “I love the Man. He was Crazy”, jokingly to see their reactions. To what both German journalist look shocked. Later he adds that “he considers the man to be completely immoral and a murderer”, and he compares him withmahatma Gandhi. Not to speak positive about Hitler, but to show how immoral mahatma Gandhi was, in his view, for being against technology in apoor country like India and preaching celibacy and self-torture. Now, the article in Der Spiegel, edited of course, show Osho comparing Hitler andGandhi as saying both were great men. Hitler was like Gandhi can be read as the article heading. This is the way how things are distorted by the yellow press. I have found some other quotes about Hitler and Gandhi and his arguments about it. Just think: if Adolph Hitler had been a cripple or had amoebas or was continuously getting hepatitis, the world would have been saved. In fact, Adolph Hitler was against smoking, against alcohol. He was a pure vegetarian like Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, both men have many things incommon. Both believed in going early to bed and both believed in getting up early in the morning. Both believed that vegetarian food is great. Bothbelieved that smoking is bad, alcohol is bad. Both were great saints! Both were equally dangerous and psychopathic. The only difference was that  Mahatma Gandhi had the Jaina characteristic very much developed in him -- he was only ten percent Hindu, ninety percent Jaina -- so he tortured himself. Adolph Hitler had the Mohammedan characteristic developed in him: he tortured others, he didn't torture himself. But both tortured. Whomthey  tortured is not of that much significance. They both were enjoying torture. ... (1980, Zen: Zest, Zip, Zap and Zing) To torture oneself or to torture others, both are diseases -- the very idea to torture. Somebody is an Adolph Hitler, he tortures others; somebody is a Mahatma Gandhi, he tortures himself. Both are in the same boat -- maybe standing back to back, but standing in the same boat. Adolph Hitler's joyis in torturing others, Mahatma Gandhi's joy is in torturing himself, but both are violent. The logic is the same -- their joy depends on torture. Theirdirection is different, but the direction is not the question, their mind has the same attitude: torture. You respect a person who tortures himself because you don't understand the logic of it. Adolph Hitler is condemned all over the world and Gandhi is worshipped all over the world, and I amsimply puzzled. How is it possible? -- because the logic is the same. (1977, Tao: The Pathless Path)  In addition, there are of course innumerable times where Osho describes Hitler as a pygmy, as occupying the lowest rank a human being can sink to,etc.Misquoting Osho, or quoting him out of context, is one of the favorite and most despicable pastimes of Mr. Calder.  A quote of two lines means nothing out of a context nowadays. As an example: Osho said “esoteric means bullshit” from the talks “From Bondage tofreedom” in 1985. And “everything that is valuable is esoteric” from the talks “Beyond psychology” in 1986.Osho himself once said “You need not agree with what I say; you can only agree with me directly. There is no need to come through what I say. I say a thousand and one things and I contradictmyself everyday. If you start agreeing with me you will go mad! You can’t agree; nobody can’t agree with a what I say . You can only agree with a few points but those will not be all that I say. Contradiction is my method. I go on shattering. I go on shocking, offending people; that is may method, toshatter people’s beliefs” (Osho, 1980, The Open Secret). Therefore, I think Osho´s words need to be taken not as a comprehensive philosophy, but rather as a seductive invitation to self-explore andunderstand the nature of mind, body, emotions, and the role of meditation in this search.Besides, the discourses were given many times as responses toindividuals, and in several occasions he was answering not only the question but the questioner himself/herself. I can remember his speaking againstthe women’s lib movement to a radical feminist and then saying the exact opposite to male chauvinist south American. Or talking about god to anatheist and then saying it was a lie to a catholic priest. ( The ultimate risk , 1980 by Satya Bharti)  23/07/2014 01:12Christopher Calder, The man Who lies about OshoPage 3 sur 11 The “Cult” Story   Mr. Calder speaks of the sannyas movement referring to it as a “cult”. I strongly disagree with his statements of Osho´s movement being a cult. Why?:Simply because some of the pre-requisites to have any sort of cult, is to have systematic body or set of beliefs. A complete belief system that explainseverything in terms of itself. As Mr. Calder’s knows, and has consistently argued so, Osho contradicted himself a lot. It is practically impossible tocreate a cult out of his words. The only consistent idea in his talks is that of awareness and meditation. The rest is simply not systematic enough to doanything with it. If you are going to join a sect, you need to have something to believe...some promise of paradise or future enlightenment. You don’t join a sect that tells you that “you are already a Buddha, enlightened” (from “The heart sutra”) and that you just “need to come back home. However you are, you are beautiful the way your are” (from “The Goose is Out”). My understanding is that Osho´s work was mainly deprogramming people against their self constructed ideas about love, spirituality, growth,relationships, etc. In fact if you want you can find statements where he speaks of karma and reincarnation and then another statement where he saysthere is no soul, no reincarnation (see “Reincarnation a Misconception” discourse given in 1989) , and that karma is just a way of social control. Hespeaks of god and then says there is no such a thing and it is just a” teddy bear” for fearful people. Second, you need rituals that people, old and new, can join to. And nowadays there is nothing like that. Even the celebration of his death and birthday,and his pictures, or the “sannyas giving” have been removed as official celebrations in the Osho resort in India. Anyone can go there and verify and seeif there is any “blind cult” happening. Third, a cult does not admit dissent, and Mr. Calder and I have been writing and discussing in a sannyas owned website and the quotes he took fromParmartha´s article are also discussions criticizing Osho in sannyas websites.Sannyasins tend to be free, open minded, closed, fanatics, or careless... asany human being can be. But there is no official enforced dogma on believing or agreeing on anything.The proof of this is that sannyasins are the singlegroup of spiritual seekers that you can find practically at the feet of any master, or new therapy or mind expanding method. You can see them inshamanism, ayurveda, Kalindi´s, Diamond logos, work, etc, etc, in addition to their ranking with different therapeutic schools. Fourth, you need someone to believe in, some savior, and Osho himself advised his disciples not to believe in him unless it was their direct experience(Golden nuggets). And repeatedly he told his disciples he was “no savior or prophet or only begotten son of god, just an ordinary human being, like you”(Osho 1985, Interviews with the Press). Or a master is not someone who has archive anything. a master is someone who has discovered that there isnothing to Achieve (Dying for enlightenment, 1979, By Bernard Gunther) My research shows that Osho was no Deepak Chopra . The man was a rebellious iconoclast who did and said what he thought was his truth. Hedemolished the catholic church, The Islam and any form of organized religion; he spoke against mother Theresa, Gandhi (precisely for being againsttechnology, which Osho strongly advocated, not as Mr. Calder’s affirmation in his article). Osho, was a man who saw no use for rituals, discipline and all the self-torture that is going on in the name of renunciation or spirituality. Thedevelopment of self-awareness was his flag. More over, he spoke against Indian traditions. Reason enough for the attempted murder against him inearly eighties in Poona, by a fanatic Hindu during a public talk. He thought of the meeting of east and west, of materialism and spirituality. Zorba the Buddha , he called his new man . And certainly he did not livethe life of an ascetic. But beyond all, he helped his disciples and friends to be independent and rebellious individuals. Calder’s suppositions  Calder states “Rajneesh's poor health and strange symptoms were a product of real neurological and immune system dysfunction, not some esotericsuper sensitivity caused by his enlightenment. Rajneesh also had Type II diabetes, asthma, and severe back pain.” According to him and his conclusionsOsho had “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)”. Now this is simply his own idea, not based in any medical diagnosis made by any certified doctor.He alsostates: “Rajneesh used prescription drugs, mainly Valium (diazepam), as an analgesic for his aches and pains and to counter the symptoms of dysautonomia (dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system). He took the maximum recommended dose of 60 milligrams per day. Rajneesh alsoinhaled nitrous oxide (N2O) mixed with pure oxygen, which he claimed increased his creativity. The nitrous oxide probably did relieve the sensation of severe exhaustion and suffocation patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often feel, but it did nothing for the quality of his judgment. Naive about thepower of drugs, and overconfident of his ability to fight off their negative effects, Rajneesh succumbed to addiction.” Now this information that is stated as a “fact” comes, in fact, from second hand sources which are Hugh Milne´s book “The god that failed” and anInterview that Sheela, former Osho secretary, denounced by the master, gave to Stern magazine in Germany and 60 minutes in CBS in USA. Sheela wasangry at Osho. She was actually enraged with the man, after all it was his accusations that threw her into jail. And also it was a way to undermine  23/07/2014 01:12Christopher Calder, The man Who lies about OshoPage 4 sur 11  Amrito´s (Osho´s doctor) work. We should not forget that she tried to kill him at the ranch. And this has been documented. Now, a simple reflection would be to try to drive a car each day in the awful ranch roads with 60 milligrams of  valium in the body and not to crash into the hundreds of sannyasins standing by the side of the road to greet him. Consulted eye witnesses to these two accusations refuted Milne´s and Sheela´s accusations, and of course, Calder´s statements: Devageet, Osho personal dentist from Poona one, to the end of Osho´s life stated: “Osho never used nitrous oxide, I used it, as his dentist, during hisdental treatment sessions. Osho, as other masters have demonstrated (see Baba Neem karolie taking a massive dose of LSD on his first meeting withGuru Ram Dass, and showing no effects whatsoever), showed that the effects of Nitrous Oxide during his dental treatment had no effects of diminishinghis clarity and awareness. He repeatedly showed that he could easily use the physiological effects of relaxation for a creative purpose, hence the three books dictated while in the dental chair: “Notes of a Madman”, “Books I have loved”, and “Glimpses of a Golden Childhood”. Having said that I canspeak about aspects which do not betray that trust. Nitrous Oxide is a valid and valued analgesic and anesthetic agent, as you know, and it still providesthe basis of anesthetic techniques because of its proven track record of safety and efficacy. It is a fact too that people have used it for leisure purposes.Osho was given nitrous oxide in a purely dental context.  Also, Sw. Jalal the dental equipment technician stated the following: “during the Ranch and in Poona 2 I was the dental room technician, responsiblefor looking after the equipment. Unless Osho was having surreptitious sessions without my knowledge, he wasn't using gas on a daily, or even weekly  basis.” This is to the claim that Mr. Calder made to me that Devageet had told that Osho used N02 for months on end . Which is just a lie or amisinformation.In his article he claims to know that Osho took LSD and was drugged with N02 and Valium all the time, in his ranch house in USA. Hehad no access to any eyewitness of such accounts. The only people who had personal access to Osho in those days were Devaraj, Devageet, ashu,Nityamo, Vivek, Sheela, Hasya, Shunyo, nirupa and later anando, neelam and jayesh. None of these people have ever stated anything remotly like this...and in fact have refuted Mr. Calder’s accusations as fictions and fabrications on his part. To my reply that the N02 was used in dental sessions only he replied “No one dictates books while having dental surgery, and no dental surgery lasts formonths.” First, the books were dictated in “the context” of dental sessions. It does not mean that he was speaking with the drill in his mouth...which isquite difficult indeed. We do not know how long the team of Devaraj, Devageet and their assistant Ashu stayed together listening to Osho. Second, twoof the so called Books “Notes of a mad man” and “Books I have loved” are actually small pamphlets. Consisting of 13 sessions the first and 16 sessionsthe second. Both are small books, although they have been printed to look like glossy hard bounds in recent editions, the srcinal ones were paperbacks with colorful pictures in them with a size not exceeding a pocked book. If you read out loud what is said in each session it would not take you more than8 minutes and in some cases no more than 2. The other book “Glimpses of a golden childhood” is actually a thick lengthy book that was spoken at the beginning of Osho´s residence inRajneeshpuram , Oregon. Although it is considerable bigger than the other two books. If you read any chapter out loud it will not take you more than 15minutes. Those are the lengths he spoke for each session. So we can guess and speculate that in the first years of the ranch, lets say, 1982, 1983, and the beginning of 1984 ( the books were published in late ´84, early ´85) theses books were taken from the “context” of dental sessions were the anestheticused by Osho´s dentist was N02. None of this is a proof “of dental sessions lasting for months” or “Osho, N02 addiction.”  And a final point I would like to make, why should the master, with his own commune, go to all the trouble of setting up dental sessions and having histeeth removed just because he enjoys having laughing gas? I certainly wouldn't go to all that trouble, I'd just set up a bottle next to my armchair and get blasted in peace and quiet. So, why did he call any dental sesions? He could not open the faucet? Mr. Calder uses in his article a text From Jim Weaver where this congressman states that he saw nitrous oxide spigots by the side of the bed of Rajneesh´s room in Rajneeshpuram in USA. This Weaver text that Christopher keeps referring to and which is available at is obviously not reliable. Just one paragraph above the famous spigots, Weaver writes, with seemingly remarkable clarity of memory:“Two days later, the Bhagwan and Ma Anand Sheela absconded from the Big Muddy, attempting to flee the country, and leaving their acolyteshigh and dry. On the same day, the two Prineville BLM chiefs announced their resignations.” There is just a little problem … nothing like this happened. Sheela left on her own for Germany, Osho stayed in Oregon and denounced her to the press.Now I am supposed to believe this kind of witness?That’s before we come to telling apart, say, an oxygen spigot for a known asthma sufferer from anitrous oxide spigot … if indeed there were any spigots at all. I exchanged some posts in a website with Mr. Calder and when I produced the evidence and arguments of true eyewitnesses to the events he wasreporting in relation to Osho´s drug addiction he wrote to me: “When I visited the Oregon ranch in the 1980s I could tell he was on drugs just by looking at him. No one even had to tell me.” (Calder, 2007). This was his final eyewitness proof. He saw him with 15.000 thousand people, perhaps noless than 40 meters away, I do not think he got front seat at the ranch. And he “could tell” he was on drugs. Wow! Even I can not tell all the time whenmy friends are on drugs in parties at my own house. But, again, perhaps I am just not so perceptive.When I discussed this point with Mr. Calder he
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