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  The SETAH Initiative Randi Green © 2016   1 All is Energy Change Your Perspective of Reality We touched the understanding that reality has to be seen as a spectrum of energies and that the physical body, in spite of its manifest appearance in fact is composed of energy fields. These artificial fields are connected to the planetary morphogenetic field: -   As long as we are connected to the hijacked program, our chakra system is entangled into these planes of energy. -   The more cleansed the aura and mind-field is, the easier it is to begin to work with the energies outside the hijacked program and adapt to changes. -   The more energy patterns and mind-patterns we have, the more difficult it is to adapt to the spectrum of energies and shift between them. -   The more rigid our mind-field is, due to prevailing thought forms, the more difficult it is to shift between the different states of awareness. -   The more polluted our aura is, due to emotional energy patterns of this life, the more difficult it is to sense energy and learn to work directly with energy. -   Cleansed and detached we only have to work with the genetics, planetary morphogenetic field and the energies we generate by the use of the non-hijacked program. The bio-level of energy is for now not taken into consideration in this understanding. Astral Spectrum Electrochemical (bio-energy) Molecular (bio-elements) Emotional Astral field Astral plane (sustains the astral energies in all forms) LPRF2 Network Planetary morphogenetic field Mental Spectrum Electric DNA (is also composed of electrochemical energy but gets its coding from the mental level) Mind Mind-field Mental Plane (sustains the mental energies in all forms) LPRF3 Network Planetary Morphogenetic field  The SETAH Initiative Randi Green © 2016   2 The Organs We now understand that all is energy. And it is a matter of what type of energy we run that determines our perception of reality. Running on the normal polluted astral and mental energies, including only using the beta brainwaves, equals a typical rational, see-touch-and-understand-only-what-is type of personality. Change the energy units you are composed of, and you will open up to a whole inner perception of new reality. The Chakras 1   The Mind-Field Alpha State Beta State The Aura The Astral Barrier Separation Line  prevents the chakras from working correctly; it is linked up to our brain and it only gives us access to what is accepted to perceive, energetically speaking. It also blocks the back funnels of the chakras from flowing to the  front and from activating the alpha awareness in the daily awakened state. 1  The illustration of the body is from Gray´s Anatomy (no copy rights). Known and Accepted Ego Perception Known and Accepted Desires & Needs Known and Accepted Emotions Known and Accepted Beliefs & Thoughts Suppressed/Unaccepted Beliefs & Thoughts Suppressed/Unaccepted Emotions Suppressed/Unaccepted Ego Perceptions Suppressed/Unaccepted Desires & Needs Energy Units In-Flow from the Gridwork Consciousness Units In-Flow from the Soul  The SETAH Initiative Randi Green © 2016   3 The Construction of a Chakra The perimeter and the core is founded into the human morphogenetic field The inside-the-program-hologram is run by the chakra system. The entire hologram is composed of three fields of energy; the morphogenetic field, the astral field and the mental field, all linked up to the spectrum of energies, we saw above. Chakra Perimeter  Astral Energies Chakra Core Mental Energies The core holds at least 7 levels that have to be worked with, all depending on the chakra blueprint: 1.   Low mental level; bugs and residuals from the dark arts. 2.   Human thought forms. 3.   Lower LPRF2; working area for the LWBs. 4.   Higher LPRF2; working area for those serving the LPRF3s. 5.   Field of LPRF3 fragments. 6.   Lesser infected LPRF3s existing as clusters in the higher frequency bands of the mental plane. 7.   LPRF3 network; 5 th  dimension (home of the LPRF3s here). The perimeter holds at least 10 levels that have to be worked with, all depending on the chakra blueprint: 1.   Low astral level; the residual plane of the dark arts. 2.   Ghost level; haunted souls that are not willing to leave. 3.   Dream level; subconscious material  –  fantasies  –  dreams. 4.   Collective consciousness field; archetypes  –  entities. 5.   Astral entities and elementals (LPRF2 fragments). 6.   Nature spirits and nature devas (LPRF3 fragments). 7.   Mountain, lake and sea devas (LPRF3 minor clusters). 8.   The four world corners; huge entities with LPRF4 traits. 9.   The reincarnation areas under the LPRF2s. 10.   LPRF2 network; 4 th  dimension (home of the LPRF2s here).  The SETAH Initiative Randi Green © 2016   4 Human morphogenetic field Mental field Astral field -   Remove the genetic fragments in the human morphogenetic field and the astral field with the perimeters begins to dissolve, then the mental field and core and in the end the morphogenetic field itself, affecting the molecular level; decomposing the entire body. -   When there are changes in the genetics fragments this affects the core of the chakras and then the coding of the DNA, i.e. the true coding behind the ATCG. Hence the coding of the DNA comes from the genetic fragments added with mental energy. The perimeter of the chakras is then added and this determines the electrochemical level of the DNA and molecules (the physical level that science works with). -   The genetic fragments in the morphogenetic field stops working correctly when the LOES attached to the three fields, via the genetic fragments, is running out of vital genetics. Or if the owners of the LOES retracts it by detaching it from the three fields, or if the individual stellar personality  –  mostly part of the active factions here  –  decides to move on. Then the three fields go into a slow evaporation leading to death. The evaporation process (the death process) of the three fields, including the molecular level, can take quite some time all depending on the level of energy patterns in the aura and the mind-patterns in the mind-field, keeping the perimeters fueled with energy from the surroundings (by vampiring on others, nature, animals etc). Sometimes the abandoned fields can be taken over by nature spirits, minor devas etc from the astral plane, keeping the body alive for quite some time as it is the case with my mother  –  or a detached human soul from the ghost plane can come in and take over the body. -   The organs have the same threefold structure. -   All organs can be viewed as small entities made of minor fields of morphogenetic, mental and astral energy being affected by what we feel and think, since they are in direct contact, and unfold from, the three main fields. -   The brain is an organ. The CNS and PNS are organs and composed of the same three types of energy. The heart is an organ. All these organs respond energetically to the state you are in as the Genetic fragments Core of chakras Perimeter of chakras
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