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  Before the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal IN THE COURT OF THE DITRICT !UD E##ON O$EM%&%O%'% No% ()*+, Between:- 1. Sayyad Banu W/o.Late Mabasha @ Mahabasha, aged about 28 years, 2. Sayyad Mohamad S/o.Kalesha, aged about 58 years, 3. Sayyad Basheer W/o.Mohamad, aged about 53 years, ll are Musl!ms, and res!dents o #.$o.%&2'1,Kanumalla (aod, S!ngaraya)onda *+ - *M,ra)asam #!str!t.0.. Petitioners  he!r address or ser!e !s that o the!r ounsel, Sri. B.Adi Babu, Advocate, Ongole . AND 1. athan r! Khan S/o.$a4eer Khan, ged about 2% years, Musl!m, (es!dent o #.$o.5&21', Byrag!manyam, S!ngaraya)onda *+ - *M, ra)asam #!st .  Owner   of Lorry bearing No.AP 27  2! #. 2. he r!ental 6nsurane o., Ltd., ( !ts #!!s!onal Manager, Santha7et, near (a4amma os7!tal, ngole. *ol!y $o. $ 2#!!% &%2!!'% '$ , al!d u7 to 2!-!2-2!&!  (..)es*ondents  he!r addresses or ser!e are the same as aboe. C$AIM A''$ICATION FI$ED ON BEHA$F OF THE'ETITIONER U(ec%+-. OF MOTOR &EHIC$E ACT/ +011 1. Name and father’s name of the : Sayyad Mabasha @ Mahabasha , person/dead : S/o Mohamad. 2. Full address of deceased : Sayyad Mabasha @ Mahabasha , S/o Mohamad, R/o.Singarayaonda ! # $ !M#, %raasam &ist. '. (ge of the deceased : '2 years ). *ccupation of the deceased : 2 nd  &ri+er of orry -.No.(% 2  '02 1  . Name and address of the :1 st  respondent sho3n in 4ause 5itle employer, if any of the deceased.6. Monthly 7ncome of the person deceased : Rs.10,000/8 p.m.. 9hether the person in respect of 3hom compensation is claimed pays income : 88No88 ta ! to -e supported -y documentary e+idence# ;. %lace, date, time of the accident : *n 108118200 at a-out 0)8) a.m., on  N<8, Ne3 %enna =ridge, Nellore Nellore &istrict.. Name and address of the %.S. in 3hose >urisdiction the accident : 4r.No.'22/200 of Nellore Rural %.S. too place or 3as registered. ?/s.'' $ '0)8( 7%4. 10. 9as the person in respect of :5he deceased 3as tra+eling as a dri+er 3hom compensation is claimed of orry -.No.(% 2  '02 and the tra+eling -y the +ehicle in+ol+ed crime +ehicle dashed the stationed lorry in the accident. 7f so state the name and the accident 3as occurred due to that of place or starting of >ourney and the deceased succum-ed to the in>uries. destination.11. Nature of the in>uries, sustained : &eath *ccurred. and the continuing effect, if any, of the in>uries. 12. Name and address of the Medical : &.S.R.@o+t. &istrict <ospital, Nellore *fficer/%ractitioner if any 3ho attended on the in>ured. 1'. Nature of and period of treatment and ependiture, if any in>ured : &eath *ccurred thereon ! to -e supported -y documentary e+idence# 1). &isa-ility for 3or if any caused : &eath *ccurred1. Registration num-er and type of :orry -.No. AP 27  !2#  the +ehicle in+ol+ed in the accident. 16. Name and address of the :Sho3n as R81 in the cause title *3ner of the +ehicle. 1. Name and address of the insurer :Sho3n as R82 in cause title of the +ehicle. 1;. <as any claim -een lodged 3ith 2   the *3ner/insurer of the +ehicle :88No88 and if so 3ith 3hat resultA1. 9hether the person in>ured 3as in+ol+ed in any road accident :88No88 earlier !in case he 3as details of  the accident should -e set out#20. 9hether the person in>ured had  preferred claim for damages in :88No88 any case earlier and if so 3ith that resultA21. 9hether he is related to for has no3 to the defendant and if :88No88 so ho3A22. Name and address of applicants : Sho3n as petitioners in cause title.2'. Relationship 3ith the deceased :9ife, $ %arents of the deceased2). 5itle to the property in>ured : .R’s of deceased.2. (mount of compensation claimed 1. %ecuniary damages. Rs. :Rs.;,00,000/8 !Rupees Bight lahs only# 2. Non8%ecuniary damages Rs.26. (NC *5<BR 7NF*RM(57*N 5<(5 M(C =B NB4BSS(RC *R <B%F? F*R 5<B &7S%*S( *F 5<B 4(7M.  he 7et!t!oners beg to subm!t that the 1 st  7et!t!oner !s theW! e, and the 7et!t!oners 2 - 3 are the 7arents o the deeasedSayyad Mabasha and they are res!dents o S!ngaraya)onda *+ -*M, ra)asam #!str!t .  he #eeased had been 9or)!ng as 2 nd  dr!er o the lorrybear!ng $o. 2: ; 2<3% under the 1 st  res7ondent and used to get !nome o  (s.1<,<<</& 7er month and ma!nta!n!ng h!s am!ly !.e., 7et!t!oners. he deeased 9as hale and healthy 7r!or to the a!dent. hedeeased 9as aged about 32 years by the t!me o a!dent. '  Wh!le so, on <%&11&2<<% at about '&'< a.m., the deeasedand one Syed bdul (asheed 9ent as dr!ers to the lorry bear!ng$o. 2: ; 2<3% and loaded the red gram to go to r!ssa Stateand on the 9ay, 9hen the sa!d lorry reahed near ennar Br!dgeand at that t!me, a lorry bear!ng $o. <2 W 52=% 9as stat!onedon the road 9!thout 7ar)!ng l!ghts and the deeased 9ho 9asdr!!ng the r!me eh!le as a 2 nd  dr!er and at that t!me the 1 st dr!er 9as ta)!ng rest and at that t!me, the deeased h!t thestat!oned lorry bear!ng $o. <2 W 52=% on !ts ba). #ue to thath!t, the deeased 9as stru) !n h!s lorry ab!n and susta!nedmult!7le !n4ur!es all oer h!s body and the 7ersons, 9ho gatheredthere, alled 1<8 mbulane and sh! ted the deeased to ead>uarters os7!tal, $ellore and the deeased suumbed to the!n4ur!es 9h!le ta)!ng treatment. he deeased 9as d!ed out o  dur!ng the ourse o h!s em7loyment under the 1 st  res7ondent asa 2 nd  dr!er and the lorry 9as !nsured 9!th the 2 nd  res7ondent. he lorry bear!ng $o. 2: ; 2<3% 9as 9ent to long tr!7, so boththe dr!ers are 7ossess!ng al!d and e?et!e dr!!ng l!ene todr!e the r!me lorry.  he am!ly members are the de7endants on the !nome o  the deeased. he 1 st  7et!t!oner !s the W! e o the deeased andshe has been su?er!ng 9!th loss o onsort!um, and the7et!t!oners 2 - 3 are the 7arents o the deeased and they aresu?er!ng 9!th loss o loe and a?et!on due to !mmature death o  the deeased and they are su?er!ng 9!th starat!on a ter thedeath o the deeased at ther old age. he 7et!t!oners hae lostthe!r loe and a?et!on and they lost the!r br!ght uture due to!mmature death o the deeased. he 7et!t!oners are lost the!rbread 9!nner and also susta!ned loss o future earnings of t+edeceased . (&1 !s the o9ner o the Lorry bear!ng $o.  2: ; 2<3% , (&2 !sthe !nsurer o the Lorry bear!ng $o.  2: ; 2<3% and hene boththe res7ondents are 4o!ntly and seerally l!able to 7ay theom7ensat!on la!med by the 7et!t!oners. )
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