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Curriculum Vitae Rdger Cary Scggin Directr f Sftware Develpment Fidelity Natinal Infrmatin Services, Inc. (FIS) Franklin, TN USA Phne: (407) Directr f Sftware Develpment
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Curriculum Vitae Rdger Cary Scggin Directr f Sftware Develpment Fidelity Natinal Infrmatin Services, Inc. (FIS) Franklin, TN USA Phne: (407) Directr f Sftware Develpment and an Enterprise Architect with a wide range f technical and management experience. Excellent interpersnal/grup cmmunicatin and teamwrk skills. Highly selfmtivated with carrier class analytical, design and prblem-slving skills. Particular passin fr design, building and applicatin f autmatin tls and methdlgies which rapidly accelerate prcesses while maintaining strict quality standards. Currently with a Frtune 500 cmpany, I have held VP psitins in the smaller private (later public) cmpanies merged r acquired int the current cmpany with which I am emplyed. I als perfrmed as CTO/CIO f tw cmpanies I funded. EDUCATION Flrida Institute f Technlgy and University f Central Flrida 70 hurs graduate curse wrk twards Masters in Cmputer Science University f Central Flrida, Orland, FL Graduated Cum Laude with 3.4 verall GPA in 1989 earning BSCS Dean s List, Fall 1988 and Spring 1989 University f Flrida Assciates f Science, 1987 The Mntgmery Academy A Cllege Preparatry High Schl, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE FIS / Fidelity (FNIS) / efunds Inc. (EFD) / WildCard Systems, Inc. 1/00 present Brentwd, TN presently - Maitland, FL until 2013 Directr f Sftware Develpment, FIS Enterprise Architect III, FIS VP, Enterprise Architecture, efunds VP, Sftware Develpment, Wildcard Systems, Inc. Prvider f Stred Value slutins servicing many medium t large dmestic and internatinal banks and their clients with their five internatinal datacenters. Examples f flagship prducts are American Express gift cards, American Red Crss Disaster cards, UHG, Visa Buxx and H&R Blck Refund Card. Clients include Citibank, VISA, Bank f America, US Bank, Travelex, AAA, Simn Malls, General Grwth Prperties, Capital One and AOL. Crdinatin with Prduct, Prject Delivery Office, Datacenter, CEO, CTO, CIO and CISO as well as ther divisins and departments t deliver large and small scale prjects related t bank clients as well as internal infrastructure initiatives. Managerial versight ver multiple develpment grups in the U.S. and in India. Respnsible fr technical, HR and budgetary matters in regards t running a large develpment staff. Crdinatin with CTO, CIO and ther develpment grups as VP f Enterprise Architecture. Over time have participated in r lead hundreds f prepaid industry prduct creatins and enhancements as well as system replacement initiatives fr the cmpany. Crdinatin and participatin with Enterprise Architecture grup n subjects such as Respnsive Web Design, AngularJS/Btstrap, REST webservices fr SPA (Single Page Applicatin) cnsumptin and ther web and applicatin develpment standards and best practices. Spec driven design f APIs fr cnsumptin by varius clients mbile, tablet and desktp, web and applicatin based. API implementatin, MuleSft API Gateway and ESB, Cldfusin 8 and 11 using SQL Server 2014 fr persistence as well as lightweight installments in NdeJS with MngDB. Lead develpment and maintenance f sites/applicatins fr Frtune 500 banking clients Technical leadership as VP f Sftware Develpment fr ver 4 years Technical leadership f ver a 50 persn staff as VP f Internet Applicatins Develpment fr 2 years Lead teams and wrked n mbile web and native applicatins fr use in Prepaid Sunrise. Lead team t add Remte Depsit Capturing t the current mbile web applicatin ffering f the MyAccunt prduct. Deplyment/ITOps experience with AWS, Azure and Armr/Firehst infrastructures. DevOps and CI/CD experience with TFS/.NET (Micrsft envirnments) and Maven/GitHub/BitBucket/Bamb/Travis in nn-micrsft ffline and clud envirnments. Design and lead creatin f a web applicatin framewrk fr a secure Transactin Prcessing System (TPS) integratin. Extensive security facilities meeting PCI and Open Web Applicatin Security Prject (OWASP) requirements as well as many third-party bank audits. Installed n ver 100 web servers fr ver 15 years withut a serius security breach. Wrking experience with Nessus, Metasplit, Burpsuite, SQLMap, HP Frtify and many ther dynamic and static cde/applicatin scanning tls in a develpment and incident frensics situatins. Cnfigured and deplyed Aqtrnix Web Applicatin Firewall prduct in a prductin envirnment t prtect Web and API.NET applicatin endpints 13 in ttal. Wrking experience with reverse prxies such as md_prxy_html n Red Hat Linux. Wrking experience with server endpint cntrls fr incident frensics, applicatin whitelisting, system event/applicatin/hardware mnitring, asset inventry and ther enterprise class datacenter peratins. Wrking experience with up-shifting platfrms int clud/vmware datacenters frm legacy centers. Architect, manage and assist in perfrming LIFT and SHIFT f entire transactin and web platfrms t enterprise datacenters, virtual envirnments and clud services. Wrked with executive management in Prepaid Sunrise and Micrsft cnsultants t implement a Micrsft Agile Framewrk using Team Fundatin Services int the current sftware develpment and implementatin prcesses. Executed a POC prject t implement push ntificatin thrugh AWS int the current mbile MyAccunt using PhneGap and an in-huse develped native t brwser JavaScipt bridge. Open Surce and Cmmercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) prjects t prttype financial platfrms fr OLTP: Design and develpment f a message-based service/brker Online Transactin Prcessing (OLTP) framewrk using Berkeley DB (BDB) and C++ running n Enterprise RedHat. System prcessed annymus giftcards frm lading t settlement using simulated prductin data. System perfrmance was magnitudes better than current system Setup f Oracle Fusin Applicatin SOA envirnment n Enterprise RedHat running Oracle DB 10g. System was used t deply a replacement f a mainframe system used in ATM card prcessing. Utilized technlgies such as SOA, BPEL, BAM, JSF, Ajax, and ESB1 Investigatin int and setup f a JBss platfrm using Oracle DB 10g t develp an SOA-based Java slutin fr OLTP giftcard prcessing. Licenses were purchased but prject was mved ut int ther areas f cmpany after initial architecture and investigatin were cmpleted Cmpleted successful migratins f ver ½ terabyte multi-lcatin, replicated and clustered Micrsft SQL 2000 databases running n EMC data strage prducts t SQL Currently wrking twards 2008 migratin. Cmpleted migrati f ver 1 millin lines f surce cde cmprising a custm web applicatin framewrk frm CldFusin 4.5 t CldFusin 8 re-writing custm C++ DLLs int Java-based custm tags Currently wrking n an enterprise Federated Identity (Single Sign-On/Off) slutin using SAML and the pen surce Shibleth package. Als wrking n varius encryptin standards fr ur financial data as well sme C# XML Digital Signature slutins with a Pre-paid Pht Card vendr. Implementatins f enterprise slutins (dcument repsitries, surce cntrl systems, etc.) such as Sharepint, Jira, Cnfluence, Primavera, Ratinal prducts (ClearQuest, etc.), etc. Wrte several crprate psitin papers n varius prcess imprvement initiatives including a large detailed white paper n Applicatin Life Cycle Management (ALCM) with detailed analysis f prduct, prject, issue, requirements, electrnic asset and release management Cnducted several Six Sigma investigatins with direct financial impact in the millins f dllars. Acted and tk classes as a Six Sigma Champin Wrked n new Rich Internet Applicatin (RIA) interfaces t current framewrk using Micrsft Silverlight and Adbe Flash t cnnect t FIS APIs. Transferred datacenter built as AMGI (see belw) t a new secured facility and managed turnver t crprate data center staff Advanced Media Grup Internatinal, Inc. (AMGII) 1/98 1/00, client supprt cntinued with WildCard int 2003 Winter Park, FL Chief Technlgy Officer (CTO) and c-funder Cmpany created by merging tw internet cnsulting firms creating ne firm capable f supplying creative, prgramming, multi-media and hsting slutins. All clients hsted in-huse in a secure, stand-alne datacenter which I persnally cnstructed and utfitted (steel dr, electrnic lcks, steel mesh fishbwl windw, secured walls, prtected generatr, redundant interfaces, etc.). Datacenter stayed up and nline during hurricane and trpical frce strms frm Irene and Flyd. Generatr ran fr 36 hurs cntinuus t maintain systems after Irene flded the Winter Park area. Benihana Develped the crprate site fr the famus Japanese restaurant chain started by Rcky Aki. Several applicatins such as the stre lcatr and web-based Benihana animated greeting card/marketing tl. RJR fabrics A premier internatinal designer and prducer f quality fabrics and designs, AMGII built the crprate website including nline e-cmmerce slutin that allwed fr the visualizatin f persnal clr selectins impsed upn the custm designs frm RJR. EquiSearch initially develped by myself fr ne f my first clients and later expanded as I merged with my partner, EquiSearch was the premier hrse fr-sale website n the internet fr many years. I created mck pages f the search engine in actin used in the Walt Disney mvie Hrse Whisperer. The firm and site as well as dmain name was sld t CMG Infrmatin Services (CMGI) in 1999 prir t bust fr 3.7 millin dllars. AutbyInternet anther site develped primarily by myself prir t the fusin that frmed AMGI, AutByInternet was the third largest car fax system n the internet next t AutByTel and CarPint during the height f explsin. This custm site and infrmatin system was develped in C and ran n several MySQL database/applicatin servers. Cars were imprted frm Yah, NetScape and ther majr used car databases ttaling mre than 12 millin used cars frm ver 21 manufacturers at any given time. Time and manufacturer partitined data tables (a custm MySQL slutin I develped) was used t prvide sub-secnd search capabilities f the system t handle millins f hits daily. The site and system as well as dmain name was sld t Republic Industries in 1999 fr mre than 4 millin dllars. Anther majr develpment prject during this website cmpanies life was the creatin f tuchscreen-based kisk system that cnnected directly t an aut dealerships mainframe frm the shwrm flr allwing the custmer t shp the inventry withut wandering the lt. This was deplyed successfully at several high vlume dealerships including Aut Natin in New Jersey. MustangOps crprate website fr a civilian cmbat flight schl and thrill ride in Flrida. Participated in the live web bradcast f their hsted event f 71 f the wrld s nly flying P-51 Mustangs. Live bradcast included Frank Brman and Chuck Yeager. FOCUS Hub custm site and applicatin t prvide fr the searching and acquisitin f entertainment industry related resurces, peple and equipment. CUC develped crprate website fr the Cayman s Island Utility Crpratin. Owner was impressed enugh t invest in ur cmpany and alng with ther investrs prvide almst a millin dllars in capital. Scaled peratins increasing staff 500% and revenue 400% with a prjected year 2000 revenue f 1.2 millin and net prfit f $400,000. Attained financing fr grwth and achieved prfitability in the first year f peratin. Sld cmpany t current emplyer. NASA, Kennedy Space Center 1/90 1/99 Cape Canaveral, FL Sftware and Avinics Engineer/Specialist (GS-14) Primary experiment engineer fr the Tethered Satellite System (TSS-1) n STS-46/46R (US Space Shuttle Transprtatin System) and X-SAR (X-Ray Synthetic Aperture RADAR) n STS-59/68. Respnsible fr integratin, testing, trubleshting and flight peratins f the spacecraft/paylads. Participated as cnsle engineer at JSC (Jhnsn Space Center) at Missin Cntrl fr the flights f the TSS-1 and X-SAR fr multiple shifts during flight. Respnsible fr inflight peratins per flight paylad plan as well as trubleshting with astrnauts when prblems ccurred Lead team t launch and perate the Partial Paylad Checkut Unit (PPCU) prcessing ver 12 Space Shuttle paylads during its 8 yr life-span. Participated in the riginal develpment f the system with McDnnell Duglas Space Systems. PPCU was a 27 Unix OS server infrmatin system used t prvide a high fidelity space shuttle paylads interface as well as facilitate data cllectin, data prcessing and recrding, cmmand and telemetry issuance/mnitring and highend graphics display f the data and cmmanding. System used parallel prcessing transputers running in VERSA VME chassis fr data acquisitin and the simulatin f varius cmmand signals such as PCM, lw-pwer digital lines, serial/parallel data lines, etc. Infrmix database was used t keep all cnfiguratin and versin cntrl f all applicatins and system sftware. High capacity ptical drives were used t recrd all telemetry and cmmanding. SGI/Irix and DataVues was used t prvide high quality graphics prcessrs and screens fr 2D and 3D mnitring and cmmanding interfaces primarily written in C with X-Windws Lead sftware team t redesign the High Rate Data Equipment Cntrl Center. This was a full prt frm an aging prprietary mainframe system t a redundant pair f Unix servers with specialized high rate data acquisitin hardware Initiated and develped several f sme f NASA s first database-driven Internet applicatins n DEC Ultrix servers in C. Interfaced with the Launch Prcessing System PC-GOAL sftware t acquire live shuttle launch data fr re-bradcast ver the WWW fr sme f the first web bradcasted launches. Als wrked with the KSC Internet Lab in perating the full scale web systems as well wrked with WinVN, the WWW s first extremely ppular new reader develped at KSC by varius members f the lab Gained deep and well-applied technical expertise in FrTran, C, Infrmix, DB2, DSP, VME peratins, OCCAM, OpenGL/IRIS-GL and many Unix OS variatins Prted the GNC (Guidance and Navigatin Cntrl) and TSS Cmmand Editr applicatin written in C and X Intrinsics t SGI Irix platfrm and integrated it int the telemetry and cmmanding interfaces f the PPCU. Applicatins were then used in prcessing the TSS-1 and ther related paylads Develped many screens fr telemetry mnitring and paylad cmmanding in DataVUEs fr the dzens f missins prcessed by the PPCU and the PPCU team Wrte the Space Statin Prcessing Systems s (SSPS) Versin Cntrl and Cnfiguratin Management (VCCM) applicatin in ADA fr handling sftware deplyments and test cnfiguratins n the CORE infrmatin system used fr prcessing paylads fr Space Statin Freedm (SSF) in the Space Statin Prcessing Facility (SSPF) Wrked with ne f the first Ethernet sniffer prducts which was a laptp re-purpsed by Data General fr running its Netwrk Prtcl Analyzer. Wrte special prtcl analyzer decders fr the PPCU and ther NASA netwrks Experimented with Mtrla DSPs t try prviding a single PC card fr simulating all shuttle interfaces using sftware cntrlled transfrmatins. Prttype was successful and the intent was t mve paylad prcessing t the science cmmunity befre cming t KSC t reduce verall gvernment csts. Shuttle Level IV paylad prcessing (the area which perfrmed these tasks) was gradually shutdwn as the space statin became a prime bjective and the final full scale prject was dismissed HRDS/HITS/PCM perated and maintained aging Perkin/Elmer systems t prcess and recrd data frm Spacelab systems under test Wrked with McDnnell Duglas Space Systems n the develpment f the RadRunner framewrk. A real-time high speed data acquisitin and spacecraft cmmand and telemetry prcessing unit. Written primarily in C n SGI Irix platfrm using Mtrla DSP frnt-end fr signal prcessing Afrementined RadRunner framewrk was emplyed t prcess telemetry frm and cntrl the Cntrlled Envirnment Life Supprt System (CELLS), a grund-based prttype f an agricultural mdule fr the Space Statin Freedm. Wrked n the further refinement f this framewrk in its adaptin t SUN wrkstatins fr use n this prject SIMMS Industries 1/89-12/89 Develped cmputer based training simulatins fr the US NAVY. Specifically the gas management system trainer fr Trident class nuclear submarines Curseware ran n Wicat Systems hardware and was authred using WISE AuthrWare. System cnsisted f vide laser disk, dual tuch screens and test setup cnfiguratin management/versin cntrlled repsitries Develped the CM and versin cntrl system t stre and deply the sftware and media in the apprpriate cnfiguratins ut t the netwrked devices Technlgies LLC 7/92-7/98 Cmputer systems cnsulting and repair Web applicatin and site develpment and marketing with c-lcated hsting Other EXPERIENCE RCS Investment Grup, Inc. 1/2005-6/2013 Owned three Planet Smthie franchises with wife Tw were natinal tp 5 stres in sales Brught many new cncepts and practices int the brand winning numerus awards and acclades Built tw f the stres frm grund up and the third was purchased in financial distress and taken frm an underperfrming stre t #2 in the natin in ne year AWARDS 1992 NASA s Silver Snpy Highest award given in the Manned Flight Prgram, presented by the astrnaut team f STS-46 fr prfessinalism, dedicatin and utstanding supprt that greatly enhanced flight safety and missin success 1994 CA (Certificate f Appreciatin) with shuttle flwn US flag and missin patch fr my wrk as Principal Engineer (PE) n the X-SAR paylad f STS-68, Endeavur 1995 NASA and ASI (Italian Space Agency) CA with shuttle flwn flags, missin patches and spacecraft parts fr my wrk as PE f the Tethered Satellite (TSS-1) n STS-46/46r 1996 CA with shuttle flwn flag and missin patch fr my wrk n STS VISA Buxx/US Bank Launch VIP Multiple management incentive prgram bnuses fr target gal achievement SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE & TECHNIQUE Enterprise Management: technical budget assessment f IT infrastructure, sftware develpment prcess autmatin and techniques, Technical Prject Management, Sftware and Asset Cnfiguratin Management Mbile Platfrms: Phnegap/Crdva crss-platfrm develpment, native app develpment n iphne using Unity, Java develpment n Andrid. Mbile web applicatin develpment cmpatible with mst majr platfrms nt limited t Apple, Micrsft, Symbian, RIM, Palm and Ggle. Experience with itanium and Xamarin. Web Develpment: Primarily applicatin develpment and cde behind in, php, c#, c/c++, cldfusin and perl with sme pythn experience. Extensive experience with HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, Javascript, AngularJS, Btstrap as well Adbe Flash/Actinscript. Extremely familiar with debugging using many methdlgies including but nt limited sniffers, inline debuggers and varius perfrmance prfiling tls and autmated testing suites nt t mentin just gd ld F12. Very familiar with Single Page Applicatins (SPAs) and Respnsive Web Design (RWD) fr a mbile and desktp audience. Extensive experience in develpment f stateless and stateful APIs f bth REST, custm and SOAP architectures. Well versed in web applicatin security, OWASP best practices, security tls fr web develpment as well as standards and regulatins arund PCI, NPI, etc. data in a financial applicatin setting. Architecture: direct and hands-n experience designing and building real-time schedulers and applicatins, UNIX/Linux/RTOS applicatins, Web 2.0/Semantic interfaces and systems, SOA and ESB messaging platfrms. Emplyment f OSS Licensing cnsideratins, Cnsumer Electrnics Technlgies (fast bt, pwer management, ftprint ptimizatin), high thrughput nline transactin prcessing as well as deep DSS system design (OLAP, ROLAP, etc.). Practical enterprise architecture experience dealing with business sils, standardizing technlgy, ptimizing cre data systems using an enterprise view as well as achieving business mdularity Micrsft: since 1987; high level f develpment n desktps and enterprise systems using VB, C++/#, ASP,.NET, ASP.NET, MS-SQL, Sharepint, IIS. Linux: since 1994; strng expertise at system-, user-, and kernel-level. Strng RedHat prductline experience UNIX: since 1988; strng understanding f UNIX and varius flavrs, POSIX systems, SysV, BSD, PyramidOS, Ultrix, IRIX, AIX, LynxOS, etc. Other Operating Systems: VMS, MS/PC-DOS, MacOS, VxWrks, VERSAds, ther kernels/schedulers C/C++ prgramming: C prgramming since late 80 s. *NIX, Windws, VAX/VMS, PDP-11/70, MACRO-11 as well as ther small hme based systems. CldFusin: since 1999; wrked with Figleaf, Spectre, FuseActin a
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