Consorzio di Promozione e Commercializzazione Turistica VERONA. and the. surrounding area. A guide to the city and Province of Verona

Consorzio di Promozione e Commercializzazione Turistica VERONA and the surrounding area A guide to the city and Province of Verona TRAVEL DISTANCE BY MOTORWAY FROM VERONA TO: Trento km. 103 Bolzano km.
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Consorzio di Promozione e Commercializzazione Turistica VERONA and the surrounding area A guide to the city and Province of Verona TRAVEL DISTANCE BY MOTORWAY FROM VERONA TO: Trento km. 103 Bolzano km. 157 Vicenza km. 51 Venice km. 114 Brescia km. 68 Milan km. 161 Bologna km. 142 Florence km. 230 Rome km. 460 AFFI Legend: Fair Airport Lake Garda Lessinia Veronese Plain Soave Valpolicella Verona VERONA and the surrounding area A guide to the city and Province of Verona Verona Tuttintorno is proud to present the new edition of Verona and the Surrounding Area - A Guide to the City and Province of Verona . The publication provides a general overview of the area's riches, and describes 30 fascinating itineraries to explore. The guide represents a collaborative effort between the Consortium and its members: travel agencies, hoteliers, restaurant owners, wineries, the Wine Road association, local government, transportation agencies, and tourist-sector service providers of every kind. The included itineraries offer a myriad of possibilities for enjoying the area's cultural riches, its nearby mountains, lake, and plain, and its world-famous enogastronomic traditions. Verona Tuttintorno, a consortium of businesses dedicated to promoting local tourism and the cultural, environmental, and enogastronomic patrimony of the City and Province of Verona, also offers up-to-date information and itinerary planning assistance for those wishing to make Verona and the surrounding area their next vacation destination. Consorzio di Promozione e Commercializzazione Turistica Enjoy Verona and the surrounding area!!! Largo Caldera, Verona - Tel Fax Lessinia p. 10 Valpolicella p. 18 Lake Garda p. 26 getting to Verona BY CAR The A4 Motorway crosses the province of Verona from east to west. There are two city exits, Verona South and Verona North, in addition to exits located throughout the province at Soave, Sommacampagna and Peschiera (Lake Garda). The A4 Motorway is also intersected north to south by the A22 Modena-Brennero Motorway, with exits at Verona Nord for the city and Valpolicella district; at Nogarole Rocca for the Veronese plain; and at Affi for Lake Garda and Mount Baldo. The exit for the Fair is Verona Sud. Other main roads are the SS11 (a state highway)from Brescia or Vicenza, the SS62 from Mantova, and the SS12 from Trento or Modena. The Lessinia district can be reached from Verona along a secondary road for Grezzana-Bosco Chiesanuova. BY TRAIN Verona is served by the main train line for northern Italy, the Milan-Venice line. The line offers frequent connections to other cities in the Veneto (Venice, Padua, Vicenza) and Lombardy (Brescia, Milan) regions. The city is also intersected by another important train line which connects Rome to Trento, the Brenner Pass and northern Europe. The central station is Verona Porta Nuova. For information: tel BY PLANE The Valerio Catullo Airport, situated in Villafranca, just 12 kilometres from Verona, is easily reached by Motorway and from the city. The airport offers connections to various locations in central and southern Italy (Rome, Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Palermo) and to principal European countries, including Germany (Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt), France, England, The Netherlands, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Belgium and Austria. Charter flights also connect Italy to Spain, Greece, Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Russia, France, Mexico and Morocco. Verona p. 5 Soave p.14 Plain p Car park with Car park without attendant Roman walls Medieval Scaligera walls Renaissance walls Limited Traffic Zone getting around the City Roman Amphitheater Juliet s House Castelvecchio museum Lamberti Tower and Scaliger Tombs International Photography Center Palazzo Forti Modern Art Gallery Church of S. Anastasia Duomo complex Roman bridge Archaeological museum at the Roman theatre Natural history museum Church of S. Fermo Maffeiano lapidary museum Juliet s tomb and Museum of frecoes Civic library Basilica of S. Zeno Church of S. Lorenzo BY CAR BY BUS BY TAXI Access to the historical center (a limited traffic zone) is permitted Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.; from 4-6 p.m.; and from 8-10 p.m. Access is allowed on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 10 a.m-1 p.m. Parking is permitted using Verona Park pre-paid parking cards, available at tobacconists and authorized cafés (cost vaires from euro, depending on zone). Tourists staying in the Green Zone will receive permits for unlimited transit and parking in appointed areas from their hotel or other lodging facility. Free parking is located at the Stadium (Stadio), Piazzale Guardini, via Frà Giocondo, and Viale Colonnello Galiano. For other parking areas please consult: rsi.htm Tickets must be obtained before boarding, and can be purchased at tobacconists and newsagents. A bus ticket costs 1.00 Euro and is valid on all routes for 60 minutes. A daily ticket is also available for 3.50 Euro, and is valid on the entire metropolitan network. For information: Azienda Municipalizzata Trasporti (Municipal Transport Authority) Tel: or The Veronese province can be reached on the blue suburban buses. The bus station is located in the main square of the central train station. Tickets for these buses must also be purchased before boarding. For information: Azienda Provinciale Trasporti. Tel: or Enjoy a convenient and comfortable city tour aboard Romeo, a bus offering 90 minute audio tours (with headphones) in English, German, French, and Italian. The service operates from June to September. For information, please telephone from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Radio taxis operate 24 hours a day. Tel: hour service is also provided by taxis at the train station (Tel: ) and Piazza Brà (Tel: ). Other taxi stands can be found in Piazza Erbe (tel ), Piazzetta S. Giorgio (tel ), Piazza S. Zeno (tel ), Borgo Trento Hospital (tel ), Borgo Roma Hospital, Verona South and East exits, in Corso Milano, and at the Catullo Airport. 4 Verona a world heritage city itineraries in Verona Roman Amphitheater/Arena Jiuliet s balcony Verona, a World Heritage City Verona is a city of many layers, where ancient Romans, medieval nobles, Venetian signori, Napoleon, and Austrian Hapsburgs, have woven a rich tapestry of art, architecture, and history throughout its urban fabric. The city's great appeal lies in the fact that, from its historic center to the banks of the Adige River, it is both a bustling, modern northern Italian city and a living testament to Verona's glorious past. Begin your exploration of Verona in the centrally located Piazza Brà, where the enormous Arena, a Roman amphitheatre from the first century A.D., is located. To this day, the Arena still hosts the 22,000 spectators attending the prestigious, annual opera season held there each summer. Located nearby are the Palazzo Barbieri and Palazzo della Gran Guardia. Along the Liston, an elegant pink marble sidewalk that borders one side of Piazza Brà, and along the Via Mazzini, Verona's most elegant shopping avenue, the Veronese enjoy a daily, ritual stroll called the passeggiata. At the end of Via Mazzini sits one of the city's most famous monuments, Casa di Giulietta, the home of Juliet, Shakespeare's tragic heroine. A short distance away, on the site of the ancient Roman forum, you will find Piazza delle Erbe, now home to a local market and surrounded by buildings and towers dating from the 12th-17th centuries. The Madonna Verona, a fountain found in its center, is a symbol of the city. Passing underneath an unusual archway (a large rib hangs down from its main arch) you enter Piazza dei Signori, the former seat of the medieval Scaligier reign (the della Scala family palace is found at one end of the piazza). Adjacent, you will see the beautiful Arche Scaligere, sepulchral monuments of Cangrande della Scala and his family. The characteristic Via Sottoriva takes you to the banks of the Adige and the church of Sant' Anastasia, a repository of medieval and Renaissance works of art. On the other side of the river, just across the Roman bridge Ponte Pietra, rises the Teatro Romano, the Roman theater. Continuing further along the river embankment, you will come upon Verona's cathedral, the Duomo, whose harmonious Gothic interior complements the priceless altarpiece by Titian located inside. Basilica of San Zeno The wide loop of the river that encloses the historical city center ends at a remarkably well-preserved medieval castle, the Castelvecchio, a 14th century work of the Scaligeri, and home to an important local art museum. Further down the river, the itinerary concludes at the Basilica di San Zeno, one of the most beautiful and important Romanesque churches in northern Italy. Masterpieces such as the bronze panels of the main portal and Andrea Mantegna's triptych found at the high altar are indicative of an important period of artistic flourishing in the city. Pisanello s Fresco St. George & the Princess Church of S. Anastasia itineraries in Verona Verona GENERAL TOUR OF THE HISTORICAL CENTER A general tour of the historical city center begins at the Arena and continues down quaint cobblestone streets towards Juliet's famous balcony at the Casa di Giulietta. From there, continue on to Piazza delle Erbe, site of the ancient Roman forum, Piazza dei Signori, the old market courtyard of the Cortile del Mercato Vecchio, the so-called Stairs of Reason, or Scala della Ragione, and the Scaliger Tombs at the Arche Scaligere. Return to Piazza Brà along the Corso Portoni Borsari, admiring the still visible Roman gate and city walls. Rafting the Adige Discovering Verona from the back of a paddle This tour, offered from June to September, is for those who wish to discover Verona in an original and fun way, travelling by raft along a particularly picturesque part of the river. - Meet the guides (a rafting guide and a tour guide) at the Castelvecchio Bridge Opera in the Arena HIDDEN VERONA Enjoy a half day, off the beaten track. Begin at the 17th century Giardino Giusti, magnificent green gardens, then visit the nearby church of Santa Maria in Organo, which contains marvellous intarsia work found in the sacristry. Cross the ancient Roman bridge of Ponte Pietra, and stop at the medieval church of Sant' Anastasia, admiring the famous fresco by Pisanello inside. 1 hour and a half program (from June to September) (Arsenale side) or along the Lungadige Catena in front of the Trattoria all'adige; prepare rafting equipment. - Put in at the Castelvecchio bridge and begin a guided tour of the city, paddling past the Ponte delle Navi, Ponte della Vittoria, Ponte Garibaldi, Ponte Pietra and Ponte Nuovo. Enjoy Verona's half-day tours ARCHEOLOGICAL VERONA Verona is steeped in archeological history, and there are many Roman monuments to admire throughout the city. Among these are the Arena (Roman amphitheater) and the Roman city wallsespecially evocative at Porta Leone, one of the entrances into the ancient Roman city. The ancient Roman forum is today found at Piazza delle Erbe. Cross the Adige River at the Roman bridge known as Ponte Pietra, and visit the Teatro Romano, an ancient Roman theater and Archeological Museum, on the other side. bridges, monuments, churches, and palaces in absolute tranquility. (Note: It is possible to stop at certain points along the route.) - The raft trip ends in the Filippini neighborhood, where your personal belongings will be waiting for you. 6 7 Mantegna s Triptych - Basilica of san Zeno Piazza dei Signori Verona a world heritage city itinerari a Verona Lamberti Tower Roman Stone Bridge Mazzanti Houses Via Sottoriva itineraries in Verona The Grand Tour - Spend the morning visiting the Basilica of San Zeno, one of the most beautiful romanesque churches in Northern Italy. Admire its 12th century frescoed annex, famous bronze door panels, and a triptych by the Renaissance painter Andrea Mantegna - Follow the Regaste, a boardwalk promenade found along the banks of the Adige River, to the Castello Scaligero, a 14th century Scaliger castle and local art museum. Don't miss a walk across the castle's fairy-tale bridge - Exit the castle/museum and follow the Corso Cavour until reaching the Church of San Lorenzo, a 12th century jewel. Continue on until reaching the Porta Borsari, one of the entrances into the ancient Roman city of Verona. Enjoy a walk down the cobblestone streets of the historical centre, enjoying lunch of one of the city's many osterie, charming wine bars serving typical, local fare. - In the afternoon, explore the city's many colorful piazzas, including Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, as well as Pre- Opera Evening Opera, History, and Veronese Cuisine - Meeting point: a historical Veronese palazzo, a few steps from the Arena, at 5:30 p.m. - Enjoy Opera: A Guide to the Works of Giuseppe Verdi , given by a piano maestro and vocal solists at 6 p.m (in collaboration with the Opera Foundation the Mercato Vecchio courtyard with its marble staircase, the Scala delle Ragione, and the funerary monuments of Verona's ruling nobles, the Arche Scaligere. Pass through the courtyard of the Palazzo del Comune on your way to the Casa di Giuletta, Juliet's house, complete with balcony. - Enjoy a late afternoon stroll down the Via Mazzini, Verona's most elegant shopping throughfare, ending in Piazza Brà, where you can admire the Arena and 17th century Palazzo della Gran Guardia. a one evening program of Verona). - At 7 p.m., enjoy a superb dinner and excellent local wines in the Palazzo's dining room. - At 8:30 p.m., depart on foot for the Opera (performances begin at 9 p.m.) Verona by Night A memorable tour This three-hour private bus excursion includes a visit to the romantic, illuminated Castelvecchio bridge. From there you will be taken to the surrounding hills to enjoy a nocturnal view of Verona and the Adige River. Escape for two in the city of love Traditional and Secret Itineraries in 2 Days and 1 night First day: Verona - Arrive in Verona and check-in at your centrally located hotel. - Enjoy a leisurely visit to Piazza delle Erbe or Piazza Dante, and stop for an aperitif. - Enjoy a typical Veronese dinner at a romantic enoteca. - Take an evening stroll in Piazza Brà and along Via Mazzini before retiring for the night. Roman Theater one evening program Finally, enjoy a pleasant walk through the historical center along some of Verona's most picturesque streets. The evening ends with a glass of wine at one of the city's many wine bars, called osterie. Second day: Verona - Breakfast, followed by a walk through medieval Verona, its charming neighborhoods, beautiful churches, art galleries, wine bars and of course Juliet's famous balcony. - Lunch on your own in the historical center. - An afternoon visit to Castel San Pietro, where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the city and river from the top of this picturesque hill. - Unwind in the hotel, then enjoy a special dinner and evening stroll, hand-in-hand, over some of Verona's most romantic bridges, the Ponte Pietra and Ponte Castelvecchio. 8 9 Lessinia, the nearby mountains The Lessinia district is situated in the northern reaches of the Verona province. The plateau extends as far east as Vicenza, as far west as the Val d'adige, and as far north as the Valle di Ronchi. In 1990 the area was proclaimed a Regional Natural Park, due to the many natural wonders found there. The Veronese mountain range, with its southerly-exposed Valpantena valley, is a temperate zone located between the Padana Plain and the Alps. The gradual slope of its ridges ( meters above sea level), the abundant autumn and spring rainfall of the upper Lessinia, its deep torrential streams, the arid karst of its limestone, and thousands of years of human habitation have created an environment of great diversity. The olive groves and Mediterranean vines of the lower hills give rise to the cherry and chestnut orchards of the mid-lessinia, which then lead to the plateau's alpine pastures. The sedimentary and volcanic rock (formed in the last 200 million years) are the oldest parts of this rare, environmental mosaic of which the fish fossils of Bolca are the most famous. The story of Lessinia, however, doesn't end with its geological, pre-historic or ethnographic heritage. Several traditional activities, such as alpeggio (specialized dairy and cheese production) and stone masonry continue as economic and cultural pursuits. Some quarries are still operational today, and extract Pietra della Lessinia (the traditional stone of the Lessinia region).the principal centres of the district are: Grezzana, where the prestigious Villa Arvedi is situated; Bosco Chiesanuova and its Museo Etnografico, Erbezzo with the flora and fauna area of Malga Derocon, S. Anna d'alfaedo, where the Museo Paleontologico is located, and Ponte di Veja, a unique example of a natural bridge formed by a geological phenomenon. Markings left on the Grotta dell'orso and other caves formed under this bridge indicate a use by hunters (one of whom may have been Otzi , found on the Similuan glacier) in pre-historic times. The Parco delle Cascate di Molina, a natural water oasis, full of rare botanical species, boasts gorgeous canyons, lakes and panoramic lookouts found throughout the park. Refreshingly cool in the summer months, the park is also fascinating during the winter, when its many waterfalls freeze over. The Lessinia easily reached by public transportation and served by a variety of accommodation including hotels, camp sites, and apartments offers numerous possibilities for both winter and summer tourism. Skiing (on the new lifts of San Giorgio), hiking, and much more are yours for the taking. No wonder the Veronese consider this their premier mountain . 11 Lessinia, the nearby mountains itineraries in Lessinia Enjoying the Outdoors at San Giorgio Fossil Museum of Bolca 12 Antigue Rifles itineraries in Lessinia The Flavors, Nature, and History of the Lessinia A one day excursion to the Lessinia Park, an area rich in local traditions and flavors, including Monte Veronese DOP cheese and olive oil. This program also includes a stop in the Valpolicella. - Depart Verona in the morning for Bosco Chiesanuova. Pause for a tasting session at a local olive oil mill in Grezzana, then Mountain Biking in the Lessinia From Verona to the Lessinia - First day: Afternoon arrival in Verona, hotel check-in, meet the guide, and enjoy a welcome drink followed by a brief overview of the program and equipment check. Dinner and overnight in hotel. - Second day: Verona to Roverè. Breakfast, followed by departure for the most difficult leg of the journey, heading towards the hills and Lessinia mountains. Following a sack lunch (extra for a trattoria meal), the ride continues towards Roverè Veronese (800 meters). Hotel check-in, dinner, overnight in hotel. - Third day: Roverè to Bosco Chiesanuova. Breakfast, followed by departure for Camposilvano, site of the Fossil Museum, the great abyss of Covolo, and the enchanting Valley of the Sphinxes. Continuing through Alpine pastures towards San Giorgio (1500 meters) you enter the Regional Natural Park of the Lessinia at Bosco. Sack lunch (extra for a trattoria meal). Hotel checkin, dinner, overnight in hotel. - Fourth day: Bosco Chiesanuova to Verona. Following breakfast, a visit to Località Spiassoi - Roverè A one day program enjoy a glass of wine at a Valpantena winery; transfer to Bosco Chiesanuova to visit the Ethnographic Museum and 18th century Baito del Latte and Coletta. - Lunch in a typical restaurant serving traditional mountain cuisine. - In the afternoon, visit a cheeseproducing facility (caseficio), proceeding on to S. Anna d'alfaedo and Ponte di Veja, a famous natural bridge. Visit the Paleontological Museum. - Arrive in the Valpolicella district and stop to taste the local wine, known by the same name. - Return to Verona in the late afternoon. in 5 days and 4 nights the Ethn
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