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Coming Events General Membership Meeting Tues, May 10th, 7:30 pm Speaker: Richard Holm

321 Railroad Ave, Bartlett, IL May 2016 Copyright 2016 by Salmon Unlimited, Inc. Coming Events General Membership Meeting Tues, May 10th, 7:30 pm Speaker: Richard Holm Richard is the owner and operator
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321 Railroad Ave, Bartlett, IL May 2016 Copyright 2016 by Salmon Unlimited, Inc. Coming Events General Membership Meeting Tues, May 10th, 7:30 pm Speaker: Richard Holm Richard is the owner and operator of Sea Quest Lure Inc. and has been fishing the Lake for over 25 yrs. He'll be our speaker for the May 10th general meeting talking about perch fishing on the Lake. Specifically, he'll be giving a PowerPoint presentation on various perch fishing techniques employed mainly by anglers on the south end of the Lake. Upcoming Club Meetings: June 14 General Membership July 12 General Membership August 9 General Membership Club Tournaments May 7 Club Tournament May 21 Club Tournament June 11 Club Tournament June 25&26 SU IL Pass the Passion Capt. Dave Engel of Best Chance Too Charters was our guest speaker for the April General membership meeting (aka The Pizza Party!). Dave brought with him a large amount of tackle that was donated to the club table and raffled off. He also brought a vast knowledge of current going's on from around the lake and possible direction of the fishery. Thanks again for speaking Dave! Hook n Line is the official newsletter of Salmon Unlimited, Inc., a non-profit organization, and is published monthly for members. Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of Salmon Unlimited, Inc. Officers: Jim Nelligan, President; Jim Stepp, Vice President; Bill Meier, Treasurer; Mike Mayworm, Secretary. Chairman of the Board: Lou Champa Board Members: Forest Whetstone, Jim & Chris Maechtle, Jerry Taylor, Jack Edens, John Messina, Nick Pataki, Ron Taylor, Joe Huss, Ron Vallas, Doug McCallister, Tom Smith, Chris Wojtowilz, Herb Vogt, Mark Sandahl Webmaster: Mike Graziano Newsletter Editor: Mark Sandahl Newsletter We apologize in advance for any typographical errors. We make every effort to ensure correctness. Feel free to let us know if we over-looked something. Please direct any/all correspondence to: Salmon Unlimited Office General Membership Meetings at 321 Railroad Ave, Bartlett, IL VFW HALL - 7:30 to 10:00 PM (773) E Devon Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL President s Report All great achievements have one thing in common people with a passion to succeed. - Pat Cash All boats that register must check in with the tournament boat on Channel 68 as you return to the harbor. If you register you must pay the fee at the weigh in, regardless is you weigh in any fish. May, and the beginning of Salmon Unlimited s Club Tournament season is May 7th. This is always an exciting time of the year and we are all set to start throwing some fishing parties. I usually get plenty of questions from new tournament anglers before the first tournament, so let me answer some of the more frequent ones. You can fill out the insurance waver forms for all of your team fishing crew ahead of time and turn them in at the weigh in at the SU Pavilion at the first tournament. All fishing crew members must be a member of Salmon Unlimited for the club events. It s only $40 per year, and a major bargain. Disclaimer form: cf3ead924054f76.pdf All the best, Jim Nelligan President Membership Benefits of Membership: To join or renew: Both tournaments in May have fishing times like this: 5:00 A.M. the tournament boat will begin checking in boats on VHF channel 68. May 7th tournament boat is Time Off. The tournament boat will tell everyone participating what the target fish is for this tournament. Cost is $30 per team, plus almost every boat enters the side bet for big fish, which is $10. You pay this money at the weigh in. Membership card entitling bearer to all association benefits. Embroidered Salmon Unlimited membership patch. Salmon Unlimited automobile decal. Voting privileges. Salmon Unlimited Hook 'n Line newsletter, published 12 times a year, and sent only to Active Members. Fishing seminars covering all aspects of salmon and trout angling. Participation in all club competitions and activities. Family Membership (Spouse and dependent children of Active Members are eligible to participate in competitions and other activities). Membership Roster - Active Members receive a roster of Active Members. Set of distinctive Salmon Unlimited boat decals (A set comes with membership, any additional sets are $5.00.). At 5:30 A.M. each boat is free to leave the area in front of the harbor and head to the area they want to fish. 6:00 A.M. is when you are allowed to place your lines in the water, and not before, you are on your honor. All Join or renew memberships on our website. boats must be back inside the harbor mouth by 1:00 P.M. and then head over to the Salmon Unlimited page3/cee5 Pavilion to weigh in your fish and take part in the barbeque. You must be in line to weigh in your fish by A note from the Membership Committee: 1:45 P.M. at the latest. Our pizza night was a great success, once again, it is a Tournament rules: great way to kick off the fishing season. A special thanks goes out to those that were kind 9da2ab8ff835f7fb.pdf enough to bring desserts, Mark Gilsdorf, Schedule: Bill DeYoung, Ralph Martino, James Miersch, Patti Zollers, Shari Schaumburg, Ron Sever and portion of it's planted fish other than Chinook and Lake Trout. Since 2014 all Chinook and Lake Trout planted in the Great Lakes have adipose fin clips and Charlie Dennison. They were enjoyed by all. micro tags applied by machine. The lakers are Renewals continue to come in, if you have not yet sent processed in the federal hatcheries and mobile units in trailers are sent to all the state hatcheries to do yours in, please send it in as soon as possible. Chinook. That leaves the Coho, browns, and steelhead We appreciate your continued support of Salmon to be done the old fashioned way by hand. This year Unlimited. we clipped 100,000 Coho that will be planted in Waukegan harbor in May. A total of 300,000 Coho will Jim & Chris Maechtle be planted in Illinois waters along with Fin Clip 2016 April The 2015 annual fin clip took place on Monday April 4th. As usual most of the 37 volunteers from Salmon Unlimited came down to Peoria on Sunday the previous day so they could be at the Jake Wolf Fish Hatchery before the 8 AM start. The hatchery is about 30 minutes drive south of Peoria near Mantino. 230,000 Chinook, 100,000 Brown trout, 100,000 Lake trout, 50,000 Skamania steelhead and 60,000 Arlee strain steelhead. Once the salmon and trout are planted the hatchery processes Musky, Northerns and, Walleye followed by bass and other warm water species. The hatchery maintains 100 percent capacity every month of the year with the various species. The fin clip usually takes place in mid March around St. Patrick's Day but late returns of Chinook and Coho in lower numbers last fall put the whole process back over a month. Michigan was unable to provide any Chinook eggs to Illinois and Indiana as in past years so both states had to get all their Chinook and some Coho eggs from Wisconsin which had a decent return. The late spawn pushed back the delivery of fertilized salmon eggs to the Jake Wolf Hatchery until December. The last delivery was December 30th. The lost time in the hatchery was made up by more aggressive feeding and the fact that salmon grow the faster in the Illinois hatchery due the constant 54 degree spring water that feeds the system year round. Hopefully the problems with fish returns in Michigan will not be a trend but it will be another item for close monitoring. The SU volunteers are a critical part of the Lake Michigan fishery since they provide the bulk of the manpower to clip a portion of the Illinois share of fish going into Lake Michigan. Every state clips some This year will be the last year for Tom Hays who has kept the hatchery going for the last 29 years. Tom and his wife Brenda will be retiring this year along with 2 other staff at the hatchery. Our sincere thanks to Tom, Brenda, and all the staff at the Jake Wolf Hatchery for all their years of dedicated service. Site manager Steve Krueger will still be there but the status of the hatchery will remain a concern until replacements are announced and the state can get it's financial house in order. New director of fisheries Dan Stephens was at the hatchery during the clip and gave a short address to the S/U members. Nothing new to report other than keeping the program running. One improvement for 2016 is the introduction of a flow tube on the trucks that plant the fish. This tube or hose will allow the fish to exit the trucks and travel through the tube to the bottom of the water rather than being dumped on the surface. The fish tend to stay on the bottom when they enter the water rather than flop around on the surface and become expensive bird food. This is far cry from holding pens for smolts but it is an improvement that was requested at a Salmon Unlimited meeting last year. Saving the best for last, thanks to everyone who donated their time and effort to this year's fin clip. You are the people who make it happen. Thanks and good luck fishing. Remembering the Past We were reached out to recently by the family of one of the original members of Salmon Unlimited back when the club was originally founded back in 1971 to try and help them sell some of the gear that their father, Frank Moore left in this life to take on sportfishing in the next. Frank was an avid Lake Michigan Fisherman and charter captain pictured with our own, Don Dubin below Fin Clip Volunteers Bob Andolfi Cark Andrus Dave Bentham Sr. Dave Bentham Jr. Ron Burnitz Bob Caron Dominic Cianciarulo Mark Corcoran John Corcoran Chuck Dennison Axel Denk Don Dubin Ed Fitzgerald Evan Fitzgerald Dave Flora Frank Guerra Dayard Jones Ed Makauskas Mike Mayworm Gail McClellan Jim McClellan Sierra McClellan John Ohl Rich Olenoski Nick Pataki Curtis Pulkrabek Charlie Ranta Jim Schaap Shari Schaumburg John Scigala Tony Seyller Jean Sliwa Mike Stenger Donna Stepp Jim Stepp Don Ward John Ohl Slight Misprint in the April Hook-N-Line It was brought to our attention recently that in the write up thanking all volunteers and vendors for coming out to this year's SU Swap Meet, that one of the big donors to the SU table was Mr. Frank Root! And his name was missed in the article at that time, so we're saying it now, A BIG THANK YOU!! I wanted to take the chance to give our members a chance to take a look at a website that Frank's family put together to list the fishing gear that they have left from when their father passed on 2 yrs ago. Take a look at the link below: Because Frank's daughters live in Colorado, that is currently where the gear is located. But I spoke with one of Frank's daughters the other night and was told that larger items like downriggers might be able to be driven back into the area if purchased, since they still have family in the Chicago area. If there is something you see in the broader pictures that you might like to have a better shot at, shoot them an (address on the site, under contact us tab) and put a request in. We're hoping to give them a chance to clear out a bit of their dad's gear, while giving our members a chance to pick up some trolling items that may serve very well for today's fishing! April Kick-Off Meeting We had a great turn out for the opening meeting for the season. Along with a great speaker (Dave Engel, Best Chance Too Charters), we had a great turn out from our members! A rough head count showed that about 140 people were able to make it to the meeting!! We also had a number of vendors that came out to show us some of the gear they're selling for the season. For anyone that wasn't able to make it to the meeting, there were approximately 10 vendor tables set up around the perimeter of the larger meeting room upstairs. In addition to the vendors coming out, we also had a presentation of awards for the 2015 tournament season winners!! Congrats to all who took home plaques for last season! Thanks to all who came out! And the Winner Is... For the last few months, we have been trying to help one of our own Salmon Unlimited members, John Kapustinec, raise the money he needs to pay for an artificial leg. He recently had to have one of his legs amputated and his insurance would not cover the cost of a prosthetic limb. A GoFundMe page for him raised a little more than half of what he needed. Congrats to Rod Miller, who is now the recipient of the charter trip with Capt. Ralph Steiger based on his bid of $450. Best of all, this means a total of $1150 was raised towards John's new prosthesis. And, as if this story couldn't get any better! Shortly after all this occurred, another Salmon Unlimited member, who wishes to remain After our monthly meeting in February, where anonymous, contacted me on John's behalf to he was the guest speaker, Captain Ralph inquire about how close John was to reaching Steiger graciously donated a full-day charter the targeted cost of his new artificial leg. This trip on Lake Michigan for up to three people to member then donated the remaining $900 to help John's fund-raising efforts. We decided to meet John's goal. hold a silent auction and award the trip to the highest bidder. Bids were accepted online, through Chitown-Angler, and in-person at Once again, a huge THANK YOU to Salmon Unlimited meetings & events. The Capt. Ralph Steiger, Jim Stepp, Rod bidding ended after the April meeting/pizza Miller, everyone who placed a bid or party. And the winner, with a high bid of $700, was Jim Stepp. Now this should have been the happy ending to this story; John gets $700 closer to his goal and Jim enjoys a fun day on the water. But this just keeps getting better! In an overwhelmingly generous act, Jim Stepp offered the trip he'd just won to John Kapustinec! Unfortunately, John is not back on 2 legs quite yet and learning to use a prosthetic leg (once he gets it) will take some time, so he felt he should decline the offer. So, not to be deterred, Jim came up with another plan to help John raise even more funds for the cause. He decided to donate the trip back and allow the 2nd highest bidder to win the trip, while still honoring the $700 bid he had made. So... donated on the GoFundMe page and, finally, to the anonymous member who donated the remaining balance. We are looking forward to seeing John walk down the pier on two legs again soon!!!! Tech Corner Electronics Upgrades All Around!! The 2015 season s end was rapidly approaching, and I had made the decision to upgrade the electronics on TIME OFF. I had previously spoken to Goran Majdandzic, owner of Quality Marine Electronics, to quote Furuno 15 touch screen, ultra high Def radar, chirp transducer, auto pilot, true echo chirp fish finder etc. Prices were good; let s rock and roll. Although Goran had told me that he would make the installation here in Illinois, I chose to trailer the boat to Zeeland Michigan, to his shop (which is spotless, and spacious). Five days later, I received a phone call, sir your install is complete, and ready for sea trials. I trailered the boat to Holland Michigan, 3 miles down the road, plunk it in the water, sea trials completed on calm lake, and I was on my way back to Illinois 3 hours later. What an experience!! Quality craftsmanship and superb service. You guys rock!! Doctor's Orders finally got an electronics upgrade over the off season. It sure will be nice to fish tournaments with working sonar. I got a great install of Furuno components from Quality Marine Electronics. They came from Michigan right to my storage barn to perform the install. As of this writing, I was able to try out on launch day, very impressed with all of what Furuno has put in this touch screen system. Hopefully we will be fine tuning things before first tourney. If you are looking for an expert electronics company, I highly recommend Quality Marine Electronics!! Jim Maechtle Doctor s Orders Doug McCallister Time Off Quality Marine Zeeland MI 2016 Tournaments $250 Big 3 For 2016 the $250 Big 3 contest will be awarded to the team with the 3 largest fish at each tournament regardless of species. Example, 2 Kings and 1 Lake Trout. This contest is part of every club tournament. Bonus Fish The largest bonus fish caught will receive $4.00 per boat. In the event no bonus fish is caught, the money will carry over to the next tournament Boat of the Year 2016 Club Tournaments May 7 (Northpoint) Time Off May 21 (Northpoint) Doin Fine June 11 (Northpoint) Doctor's Orders July 23 (Northpoint) Lor E Lou August 13 (Northpoint) Follow Me August 27 (Northpoint) Grey Lion Sept 3 Make-up Date (Northpoint) Big Tournaments June 4 SU WI Open (Racine) June 18 Kenosha Classic (Kenosha) June SU IL Pass the Passion (Northpoint) July 9 Super Sweepstakes (Racine) July 10 Two in the Boat (Racine) August 6 Brew City (Milwaukee) August 20 - SU IL Open (Northpoint) September 10 SU Kid s Fishing Derby (Waukegan) Club Tournament Awards Top 3 Boats The first place boat will be awarded a prize of $5.00 per boat entered (ie. With 20 boats entered, the first place boat would receive 20 X $5.00 = $100.00). The second place boat will receive $3.00 per boat. The third place boat will receive $2.00 per boat. Side Bet There will be a voluntary $10.00 Side Bet for each tournament. The Side Bet criteria will be determined by the tournament boat prior to each contest. Largest Fish of the Season A monetary reward for the largest fish caught for the season will also be awarded ($1.00 per boat per tournament). *All monetary rewards are based on the number of boats participating. Rookie Boat of the Year There will be a special end of the year award for the Rookie Boat with the most tournament points at seasons end. Rookie boats are those that are fishing their first season of S.U. Tournaments. We hope to see everyone participating in our fun club tournaments in We will be having our awesome bbqs again so come out for a fun day with fellow members. Captain Jim Nelligan, Tournament Chairman $250 Big 3 - Sponsored by: Thermalcraft, James P. Maechtle Decorating, Advanced Automotive and Duck Bill Charters. 6- Hour On-Water Fishing Seminar Join Captain Mike Fuys on Manipulator, a 31 Tiara charter and tournament boat, for a hands-on learning experience. Sun May PM Sun June PM $100 per angler You will see how we rig our boat, equipment choices, knots we use, tactics, and actually get to set lines and net fish (if you desire) Support the VFW Elk Grove Village Post No East Devon Avenue Elk Grove Village, IL (847) Thank you Elk Grove VFW for your continued generosity and for supporting our club by supplying such a great meeting place! Call for May Special and to Make reservations (847) Classified Ads By Salmon Unlimited Members 2001 Pursuit 3400 (Express Fisherman) original owner Twin Crusader 7.4 MPI/320 HP Engines 1500 hours. Charter Boat Ready. Excellent boat for Lake Michigan salmon fishing and pleasure cruising. Full cabin sleeps 4. Air-conditioning, microwave, stove, refrigerator, shower, head, life jackets and safety equipment. Full electronics, Radar, 2 GPS, 2 Fish Finders, Auto-pilot, Walker Down Riggers. Contact: Perl Farrington , cell Silverton 41C (convertible) beam cockpit Excellent Condition Only 697 hrs Twin 502 fuel injected Crusader Engines; New Electric Power Cords 30 amp 125V w/ splitters/cable covers Garmin GPS; Furuno Radar; Electric compass Bridge Stereo; Bridge to Salon intercom; Twin halogen rear deck spread lights Extremely clean custom interior w/ 6 Bose speakers; Salon TV ; Dual entry washroom/shower; Sani-Flush Vacuum toilet; New Hot Water Heater, A/C water pump and refrigerator. Large master bedroom w/ cedar closets; additional berth with upper and lower bunks; Living room pull-out couch Rear deck (cockpit) hot and cold water sink plus shower spray-head, Dock steps, with railing 4 Electric Vector Downriggers each w/ 3 rod holders; 2 sets of 4 gunwale rod holders. 2 railing rod holders; All secured mentioned fishing equi
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