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1. #2 Circle Group (Brain Injury) web email media twitter blog voice CG news 2nd Edition, 1st August 2012 Cover 1 Contents 1 Elected Admin Panel 2 BangonaBeanie 2…
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  • 1. #2 Circle Group (Brain Injury) web email media twitter blog voice CG news 2nd Edition, 1st August 2012 Cover 1 Contents 1 Elected Admin Panel 2 BangonaBeanie 2 Trialing of Online Files 3 Google Translate 3 Stat’s of Members & CG Sites 4 How do you feel …your TBI? 4 Meaningful Quotes 4 Future Editing 4 page i  
  • 2. #2 Circle Group (Brain Injury) web email media twitter blog voice Tony Harewood is Circle Group’s Founder (from 2005). Overseeing & Coordinating CG’s earlier activities, Admin now takes most of their time. Introduced CG’s Plan, Election & Newsletter – which the Admin. Team may now manage. In discussions from strangers to fellow-Admin, he is able to include a natural tendency to ‘help others unable to help themselves’. Goal is to Register CG as a Charity > Inc. Assoc. Leela Alvarez - Writer/Creator at Heartbase Network, Community Redevelopment Specialist at Reach Out, Reverend at End of the Rainbow Ministries, Dr. Metaphysics at Reach Out & Votary Lyceum at Eclectic Rose (California Church). Wonderfully expressive Poetry, offering relaxation. John Hatten – Having been involved with earlier phases of CG, had become involved with CG(BI) on LinkedIn. Advisor at Center for People with Disabilities, Inc., ToastMaster at IMPACT ToastMasters, Trainer at Experience Unlimited San Francisco, Traumatic Brain Injury LifeSkills Trainer/Counselor at HOPE Beyond Trauma, Product Consultant at Attention Control Systems & Psychological Counselor at Haight Ashbury Free Clinic Rock Medicine. Michael Idell – Crisis Intervention Specialist at A Simple Brain Injury Support Group, Kaplan University studies (Psychology, Care & Social Work), Volunteer and Fundraiser - Assisting individuals in crisis with support, guidance, and an understanding including empathy and concern to regain a positive perception of life. Annie Ricketts - TBI survivor and “now that I have some of my brain back I am doing what I can to advocate for brain injury awareness through a group” at 'The Inside of Brain Injury' and also through my website, & BI Global Picnic Kelly Sanders – 1997 TBI (traumatic brain injury) Survivor I am a lifelong (single) Licensed Massage therapist, 1997 Survivor of traumatic Brain Injury. I graduated MTSU 8/11/2007 with my second BS in recreational therapy. Received a Gubernatorial appointment for 2 years on 12/31/2008 to serve on the TN TBI Advisory Council. Am now developing a program for a Statewide Holistic Health Wellness program. Circle Group’s Aim is ”We give a voice to the 'Invisible Disability' of Brain Injury”. ‘BangonaBeanie’ (13-19 August 12) The  BANGONABEANIE  Campaign  encourages  people  to  buy  a   beanie  to  show  their  support  for  Brain  Injury  Awareness  Week   (ABI).  The  profits  from  this  campaign  will  go  toward  improving   essential  services  for  people  living  with  ABI,  including  support   during  the  most  crucial  stage  of  recovery,  the  post-­‐injury   period.  BANGONABEANIE  is  a  fun  and,  more  importantly,   informative  way  to  get  our  message  out  there.   page ii  
  • 3. #2 Circle Group (Brain Injury) web email media twitter blog voice Trialing of Online Files Storage           -­‐  Box   -­‐   -­‐   -­‐  Google  Drive  -­‐   -­‐  Cloud  -­‐   -­‐   -­‐  Dropbox   -­‐     -­‐   -­‐   -­‐   -­‐     -­‐       -­‐            -­‐   -­‐   -­‐   -­‐           -­‐   -­‐     Brain Injuries affect everyone, everywhere! With increases in the amount of new Members, we can now use Translations to help others in places that don’t speak our Language. As CG began in an Englishspeaking country, there have been conversations between Members from different Countries on some CG sites:   As an example, “CG’s Aim & Purpose” reads as the following: Circle Group Brain Injury Support Group: Aim - We give a voice to the 'Invisible Disability' of Brain Injury. Purpose - A global Support Group for Brain Injury (ABI/TBI). We hope you know someone who needs this. ENGLISH Grupo Círculo de Daño Cerebral del Grupo de Apoyo: SPANISH Objetivo - Damos voz a la 'discapacidad invisible' de la lesión cerebral. Propósito - Un grupo de apoyo mundial para la Lesión Cerebral (ABI / TBI). Esperamos que usted conoce a alguien que lo necesita. Kruh Skupina Poškození mozku Support Group: CZECH Cíl - jsme dát hlas na "neviditelný zdravotní postižení" na poranění mozku. Účel - Globální podpora skupina pro poranění mozku (ABI / TBI). Doufáme, že znáte někoho, kdo potřebuje to. Circle Group-Hirn-Trauma Support Group: GERMAN Aim - Wir geben eine Stimme zu der "unsichtbaren Behinderung 'von Hirnverletzungen. Zweck - ein globales Support-Gruppe für Hirn-Trauma (ABI / TBI). Wir hoffen, Sie kennen jemanden, der diese benötigt. Círculo Grupo Cérebro Grupo de Apoio de lesão: PORTUGUESE Objetivo - Damos voz a "deficiência invisível" da lesão cerebral. Finalidade - Um Grupo de Apoio global para Lesão Cerebral (ABI / TBI). Esperamos que você conhece alguém que precisa disso. Bulatan Kecederaan Otak Kumpulan Kumpulan Sokongan: MALAY Tujuan - Kami memberikan suara 'Orang Kurang Upaya ghaib' Kecederaan Otak. Tujuan - Kumpulan Sokongan global untuk Kecederaan Otak (ABI / TBI). Kami berharap anda tahu seseorang yang memerlukan. Lingkaran Grup Cedera Otak Group Support: INDONESIAN Tujuan - Kami memberikan suara bagi para 'Cacat Tak Terlihat' dari Cedera Otak. Tujuan - Kelompok Dukungan global untuk Cedera Otak (ABI / TBI). Kami harap Anda tahu seseorang yang perlu ini. page iii    
  • 4. #2 Circle Group (Brain Injury) web email media twitter blog voice Statatistics of Members & CG Sites Facebook CG(BI) Facebook CG Google + Media 342 172 23 6 (Pinterest) Blog Voice Twitter Wordpress 9 90 2 How do you feel Today about your TBI? (LI, Leela Alvaraz) … Kelly made the comment about profanity; my whole life I never used it: then after my 7th TBI I was cursing like a sailor and had such uncontrollable emotional outbursts. I was not myself and worse no one noticed because I didn't leave my house; every time I did I was stalked. It took me years to control my triggers and co-occurring triggers … I really appreciate everyone’s contributions. I know it isn't easy to share personal matters I also know there comes a time when the matter of sharing becomes your way of letting go of the impact imprinted all over your days and nights of experiences that cloud your view of today… Meaningful Quotes “Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.” - Daryl Bryant “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” ~ Hippocrates from Wendy Renzulla Heitkamp “Those who are happy don't seek the best of everything. They make the best of everything they have.” – Todd Gebow Future Editing Now that our “” 2nd Ed. Is complete, CG Admin. & CG Editors are extremely interested in helping existing or building smaller groups (or “sub-groups”) to work on details, with other CG Members. Some of our Members have “bridged-the-gap” between their 1st CG (e.g. FB) & another of these (LI & G+). With the growing amount of harmonious Poetry, there will also be examples of these.   page iv  
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