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CFC Songs With Chords
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  269. TAPAT ANG DIYOS (Strong and Faithful)   C G F G C G F G  1. Huwag kang mag-alala tapat ang Diyos sa wika Niya  C G F C C G F G   Mahalaga ang bawat isa sa Diyos na di nag-iiba   C F G F C  oro! upa man ay yumanig# laksa may pumanaw  F C G  Di rin maliligalig   C F G F C  Malalakas mang bisig# di rin siya padadaig  F C G  $angkinin ng langit   C F G F G C  %apat ang &anginoon ko# lakas ang &anginoon ko   C G F G C G F G  '. adiliman may tumakip kahit unos pay umihip   C G F G C G F G   Humimlay ka sa puso Niya iingatan sa palad Niya  F C G   nd! akas ang &anginoon ko* 270. BANAL AT MALUWALHATI  (+od th, l,ss,d and nly So/,r,ign) C F G Am C F G C G C  Diyos banal at maluwalhati Hari kat &anginoon C F G Am C F G C G C  angit na walang hangganan ikaw ay nananahan0 $m F Dm Dm +Di nakikita at masilayan   C Am F C  Sa iyoy papuri at walang hanggang paghari  F C G  2alang hanggang papuri sa hari*  C Am F C  Sa iyoy papuri at walang hanggang paghari  F G F Dm G C F C  2alang hanggang papuri sa hari. $m,n. 271. PAGPUPUGAY  (3ours 4s th, +r,atn,ss and th, &ow,r) F G C G Am F G C  Sa iyo  Diyos ang lahat ng pagpupugay   F C F C F C F G Am &agkilala# pagdakila# paghahari at tagumpay F G C G Am F G C G Am Sa manlilikha# may bigay ng buhay  F G Am F C C C  4kaw ay dakilain  Diyos ng lahat* 164  272. ANG DIYOS AY SANDIGAN  (+od is My 5,fug,)  G D Em C Am7 G Am D Diyos koy sandigan pag-asa kot kaligtasan  G D Em C Am7 D Mapagpalang kamay sakiy gumagabay  Am7 D G Bm Em &uso ko sa iyo ay itataas  C Am7 D Sa 6yong luklukang bukal ng lingap    Am7 D G Bm Em ailanman dalangin moy pakikinggan   G C Am7 D C G  Diyos ay sandigan at kaligtasang walang hanggan 273. AKO’Y PUSPOS  (4 Shall , Satisfi,d)    D A D Maluwalhati  Diyos  G A D G  %ahanan mo H,sus   Bm G A G D D-A igaya na ang masilayan ka  G A D G  %amis ng 6yong ngalan  Em A D G  $ming hinahayag  Bm G A G Em Am7-A Sa 6yong pusong banal at busilak   D G A Fm G A D G  $koy puspos# ksaloob moy lubos  Bm A D Bm G Em A igaya na mukha moy mamasdan pa  G Em A G D Asus uwalhati moy makita#  &anginoon7  G A D G D ast!  &anginoon ko* 274. WORSHIP THE LORD   G D Em C-D 2orship th, ord in spirit and truth   G D C Am7-D 2orship th, ord in lo/, + ('ND)  CD ,t us fi8 our ,y,s on Him  G Em 2ith pur, h,arts ris, to Him  C G D %h, ing of +lory in our midst 165  275. LIT YOUR BANNERS HIGH  F Dm 2hat 9an stand against th, ord  Bb Gm C  $nd against th, prais,s of His saints ('8)  Dm Am ift your bann,rs high# +od our right,ousn,ss  Bb C F  H,s 9oming to His p,opl,   Dm Am ift your bann,rs high# +od our right,ousn,ss  Bb Gm C  H,s 9oming to His t,mpl, 276. I! MY EYES ON ESUS   G C D C  4ntro! Fi8 my ,y,s on :,sus 0hrist (;8)  G C D 1. %h, ama<ing ord of all th, on, and tru, di/in,  GC D  2ho 9am, and di,d and for m, so 4 9an b, as fr,,  Em Bm C Am 5F! ik, th, birds in th, sky r,ady to spr,ad your wings  D D (Intro)  N,/,r will 4 forg,t7 (to fi8 my ,y,s on :,sus)  G C D '. $m 4 li/ing for th, ord r,ady to b, s,nt  G C D  So ,/,ry tim, 4 sp,ak His word 4 9an boldly sing  Em C Em C  5! 2h,n 4 f,ll down h,s th,r, for m,  Em C D  2h,n 4 f,ll 9hain,d h, s,ts m, fr,,   Em C D  %h,r, is on, +od who s,ts m, fr,,7 and lifts m, up - (5,p,at 4ntro# =,rs, '# 5,frain >8# 5,p,at 4ntro '8) 277. WE WILL IGHT   (Patrick Urgino/ SFC – Virginia USA) 4ntro : C G Bb F    C(D) G(A) Bb(C) F(G) 1. 2, ar, an army of th, ord and w, will stand along C(D) G(A) Bb(C) F(G)  sid, Him# and w, will fight for hi --- m.  C(D) G(A) Bb(C) F(G) C(D)  2, ar, s,r/ants of our +od and w, will prais, his nam,#  G(A) Bb(C) F(G)  6till th, ,nd of our da --- ys.  Am (Bm) F(G) C(D) G(A) 5! 2ho --- ,/,r go,s against our +od    Am (Bm) F(G) C(D) G(A) %h,y will ha/, to fa9, His p,opl, ('8)   166   C(D) G(A) Am(Bm) 5F! 2, will fight for our +od for H, is right,ous  F(G) C(D) 2, will stand b,sid, Him  G(A) F(G)-C-Em-A For H, is faithful and tru, (5,p,at) (5,p,at in ?D@) 27#. YOUR OY IS MY STRENGTH  (Danny Gillesania)  Intro C- F (Piano)  C Csus Bb/C F G/F Em Am 4. , ,8alt,d $lmighty Fath,r# %hy tr,asur, stands b,for, 3ou    Dm Dm/C Dm/B E7/B-Am7 Dsus D Gsus-G   4n worship and in prais,# with lift,d h,arts w, ador,  C Csus Bb/C F G/F 44. , glorifi,d oh ris,n :,sus# ,/,ry tongu, on ,arth  Em Dm Dm/C Dm/B E7/B Am  pro9laims you ing of kings and ord of lords#   Dsus D Gsus G   with /oi9,s rais,d in ,/,rlasting prais,  Am Em Fmaj7 Em Am 5F! , ,8alt,d# b, glorifi,d# b, honor $lmighty +od  Dm Em Am Dsus D , pl,as,d with our prais,s# in our w,akn,ss,s  Gsus G C F  ,t your Aoy b, our str,ngth   Gsus G C F(Intro) ND! ,t your Aoy77 b, our str,ngth   C Csus Bb/C  444. , honor,d oh Holy Spirit#  F G/F Em Am  all nations ass,mbl, in your pr,s,n9,  Dm Dm/C Dm/B E7/B Am  =i9torious and for,/,r gr,at - ful to you#    Dsus D Gsus G   with lift,d h,arts w, ador, you. 279. $I%TORY TO OUR KING  (!a y Urgino) 4ntro  D - G - D – G  D G A D G A 5,frain! $ll glory unto you. %his battl, 9ry w, sing   G A D G A D  %hat /i9tory b,longs to Him. =i9tory to our ing  G D A D G D A 1. $s w, mar9h out into this land# as th, ords p,opl, w, stand  G D A D  $lthough our fo, awaits us w, shall not f,ar G D A  for /i9tory is sur,ly at hand 167

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