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  32 1.1 Introduction Spices are the imperative ingredient to make food tasty and delicious. It is the most common andimportant ingredient for food items of our daily consumption. A Bangladeshi cannot think of ameal without using spices, it is our food habit and tradition.he history of spice is almost as old as human civili!ation. It is a history of lands discovered,empires built and brought down, wars won and lost, treaties signed and flouted, flavors soughtand offered, and the rise and fall of different religious practices and beliefs. Spices were amongthe most valuable items of trade in ancient and medieval times.As long ago as 3 ## B$ the ancient %gyptians were using various spices for flavoring food, incosmetics, and for embalming their dead. he use of spices spread through the &iddle %ast to theeastern &editerranean and %urope. Spices from $hina, Indonesia, India, and $eylon 'now Sri(anka) were srcinally transported overland by donkey or camel caravans. *or almost ###years, Arab intermediaries controlled the spice trade, until %uropean e+plorers discovered a searoute to India and other spice producing countries in the %ast. 1.2 Background of the Study he report has done to complete the partial fulfillment of %ffective Business $ommunication for &anagers '%&BA #-) course. he entire report is done under close supervision andinstruction of our honorable course instructor %ngr. amrul /assan.0e have completed our report based on a comparative study between 1pen owder Spice andBranded Spice taking Spice as generic product in our consideration. 0e focus on theconsumption pattern of spices, health benefit of spices, spice consumption level in our country,advantage and disadvantage of open and branded spice. 0e also focus on consumer trend of using spices. Spice as powder form found in open market and in packed condition. hese two the availableoption for a consumer to purchase powdered spice. 0e have conducted a consumer survey onstructured uestionnaire on brand perception of spice. *inally draw our conclusion on market  32share analysis and marketing strategy of 4A5/67I 105%4 SI$% 8 a pioneer and leadingspice brand of our countryIn 2##9, Suare $onsumer roducts (imited introduced :4A5/67I 105%4%5 SI$%; witha vision to provide uality :ready8to8cook; food ingredients for the homemakers. 0ithin a veryshort span of time, 4A5/67I 105%4%5 SI$% drew attention of modern homemakersthose who had a strong demand for uality, convenience and timesaving cooking. 5edication to purity, consistent uality, and authentic taste has given :4A5/67I; uniue position in themarket. 0ithin a year 4adhuni Spice achieved the crown of brand leader. 1.3   Objective of the Study 1.3.1 Primary objectives: he primary ob<ective of this report is to analy!e a comparative study between open spices and branded spices and to identify the consumer prection of branded spices. 1.3.2 Secondary objectives:   ã o e+plore new segments of market and to cater it. ã o analy!e the marketing practices of Basic Spices. ã o analy!e the consumer=s opinion and e+pectation regarding Basic Spice. ã o identify the gaps between the customers= e+pectations and e+isting market scenario of Basic Spice . ã o &otivate and convert open spice users to branded spice especially to 4adhuni.  32 1. !ethodo ogy 1..1 #esearch $esign: 1nce the problem is identified, the ne+t step is the research design. 4esearch design is the basicframework of rest of the study. A research design specifies the methods and procedures for conducting particular study. In this %roject& 'e are fo o'ing descri%tive research design. 1..2 Source of $ata (here are t'o ty%es of data:1.Primary data2.Secondary dataPrimary $ata: he primary data is fresh information collected for a specified study. he primary data have gathered by observational, e+perimentation and survey method. /ere theentire scheme of plan started with the definition of various terms used, units to be employed, andtype of enuiry to be conducted, e+tent of accuracy aimed etc.  (he methods common y used for the co ection of %rimary data are: 9. 5irect personal investigation, where the data is collected by the investigator from the sourcesconcerned.2. Indirect oral interviews, where the interview is conducted directly or indirectly concerned withsub<ect matter of the enuiry.3. Information received through local agencies, which are appointed by the investigator.  32-. &ailed uestionnaire method, here the method consists in preparing a uestionnaire 'a list of uestions relating to the field of enuiry and providing space for the answers to be filled by therespondents.), which is mailed to the respondents with a reuest for uick response within thespecified time. Secondary $ata: he secondary data refers to data, which already e+ists. he secondary data collect from internalrecords, business maga!ines, company websites and 7ewspapers. 1..3 #esearch instruments *or the collection of primary data, a structured uestionnaire was prepared covering variousaspects of the study. he uestionnaire contains closed8ended and dichotomous uestions. Sam% ing Procedure: It is a procedure reuired from defining a population to the actual selection of the sample. Sam% e: A part of a population, which is provided by some process on other, usually by deliberatedselection with the ob<ect of investigating the properties of the parent population set. 7on probability sampling method is in deterministic method where the sample si!e in numerous andcan=t be determined. So for our convenience we take convenience8sampling method where all the population in sample is given eual opportunity. Sam% ing !ethod: ) *onvenience sam% ing method.
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