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BOLD Association for Children with Special Needs, Penang ANNUAL REVIEW

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BOLD Association for Children with Special Needs, Penang ANNUAL REVIEW 2018 Page 2 Help Us Help Children with Special Needs Our Mission is to support the rights of Children with Special Needs to: Early
BOLD Association for Children with Special Needs, Penang ANNUAL REVIEW 2018 Page 2 Help Us Help Children with Special Needs Our Mission is to support the rights of Children with Special Needs to: Early Diagnosis, Early Intervention Family Centred Services Inclusion in Mainstream Education Learn the necessary skills to lead a full life in the community Distinctive Features of our programmes: Involving and empowering families Using research based, best practice intervention strategies Identifying and addressing the specific needs of individual children Constant upgrading of knowledge and skills Off-site outreach Emphasizing inclusive education to build an inclusive society for persons with different needs and abilities Message from the President Page has been a very good year indeed for BOLD. Our regular programmes continued to be supported by allocations from the Penang State Government and the Penang Skills Development Corporation, the Lim Lean Teng Foundation, Budimas Charitable Foundation, Tan Sri Saw Seng Kew Memorial Fund, and, donations from many generous individuals. Support for our outreach programmes in 2018 came from the Kuok Foundation, the Edge Education Foundation and Shell Malaysia Raya Charity Campaign. But, as not all funding is renewable, we organized a major fundraising event in August this year, together with our partner Asia Community Service (ACS), to provide some financial stability for both organizations. A big Thank You to the many generous donors and sponsors who made our 60 tables fundraising dinner a success. And, a special Thank You to Dato Gillian Teh, Chairman of ACS, who led the organizing committee and was the main driving force behind the successful event. In 2018, an Intel Foundation Seed Grant provided the funds for the final stage in improvements to physical facilities at Pusat BOLD-PSDC. Adjoining the main hall there is a well equipped Pretend Play area and a mini Children s Library, stocked with 900 books. Pusat BOLD-PSDC is now more conducive not only for the children who come here for intervention programmes but also for staff and team members who can work more efficiently. Throughout the year, we ran 8 intervention programmes, 4 of which were shared with ACS, our partner organization on-site in our 4 Activity Centres, these intervention programmes benefitted a total of about 260 children and their families. More importantly, our outreach off site programmes reached another 340 children who are in greater need as their families cannot bring them to our Centres. I would like to highlight, in particular, Storytelling Outreach - an extension of our on-site programme which has been found to be very beneficial to children with language delay, social communication difficulties, and/or reading difficulties. From March to August 2018, 11 teams conducted 110 Storytelling sessions for 176 children in 13 different locations. Dato Dr. Sharom Ahmat Secondly, there is Focus on Literacy Outreach, through which BOLD has been sharing its Best- Practice Teaching Methods for teaching early literacy with non-profit pre-schools. In 2018, we conducted 4 workshops for 120 teachers. With this addition, we have reached 446 teachers from more than 80 pre-schools in Penang since this series began in Thirdly, this year we reached out in a new direction to siblings of Children with Special Needs as well as their parents through a series of special workshops and talks conducted by Professor Hsiu-Shuo Hu from Department of Child Care and Family Studies, Shu-Te University, Taiwan. All these programmes call for dedication and hard work from our staff, team members and volunteers, some of whom have been with BOLD since we began in 1998! My heartfelt appreciation for your passionate commitment to helping Children with Special Needs. With your dedication and the continuing assistance of our supporters and donors, we will continue to help even more Children with Special Needs in the years to come. Page 4 Highlights for the Year Book Launching We Are Friends Peer Support for Inclusion is a project BOLD has been working on with funding from ECM Libra as well as the Penang Education Council. In 2018, we completed production of a set of 5 books in the We Are Friends book series, in children s book size as well as board book size, to promote peer understanding and acceptance of children with special needs in mainstream settings in Malay, Chinese and English. We are very grateful to YB Professor Dr. Ramasamy A/L Palanisamy for a special allocation which enabled us to produce the series in Tamil, to make it a truly Malaysian series in 4 languages. BOLD-ACS Fundraising Dinner BOLD, together with ACS, held a highly successful fundraising dinner on 23 August at Wembley St. Giles. Generous donors and supporters filled 60 tables and enjoyed a most entertaining programme based on the theme Dazzle and Dance. Siblings Camp In July 2018, BOLD and ACS jointly hosted a week- long series of activities by Professor Hsiu- Shuo Hu and her team from Department of Child Care and Family Studies, Shu-Te University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The highlight of the week was a talk for 100+ parents of children with special needs followed by a twoday Siblings Camp for 70 children. The camp focussed on the emotional and psychological needs of siblings, of Children with Special Needs, who are often side-lined. Storytelling Outreach Project Storytelling Outreach, supported by an award from Shell s 2017 Raya Charity Campaign, brings small teams of storytellers to pre-schools, children s homes and PDKs to help children improve in their development of language and communication skills. From March to August 2018, 11 teams of storytellers ran weekly storytelling sessions for 176 children in 13 different venues. YB Prof. Dr. Ramasamy officiating the book launching. Guests at the Fundraising Dinner. Siblings of children with special needs at camp. Children enjoying Xin Yi s story on Ulat yang Lapar. Shared Programmes with ACS Page 5 First Step Early Intervention First Step Early Intervention targets children with developmental delays/disorders from birth to 4 years. Staff members work one-on-one with younger children and their care-givers to empower the family with the necessary skills to meet the child s specific needs. Older children meet in small groups to prepare them for inclusion into preschool. In 2018, 35 children benefitted from this programme at First Step Early Intervention Centre in Gelugor while another 65 benefitted at Pusat BOLD-ACS in Seberang Jaya. Interventionist Yoge and a child doing puzzles, an important learning tool for young children. Blowing bubbles helps improve coordination of hand muscles. Jom Mobile Toy Library & Respite Care JOM Mobile Toy Library brings the joys and pleasures of play to children living in rural communities. In 2018, JOM made regular visits to PDK Paya Keladi, PDK Pinang Tunggal, PDK Sungai Batu, PDK Kuala Juru and Yee Ran Jing Sheh, a home for persons with severe disabilities, benefitting a total of 119 persons. Respite Care offers temporary/short-term care for children with disabilities to give their parents/ caregivers a break. On December 2018, 6 children with mobility challenges participated in a 2-day Holiday Respite programme which offered a range of stimulating activities as well as one-on-one therapeutic activities by a physiotherapist and occupational therapist. Kami sangat terhibur apabila Cindy datang. Kami tak sabar bermain buih sabun. Dari seorang kanak-kanak di PDK. Support for Inclusive Education Support for Inclusive Education continued in 2018 where our staff provided consultancy and screening support to 3 primary schools and 8 preschools. Support was provided through 25 on-site visits and regular phone consultation with teachers. In August, BOLD officially launched the We Are Friends series, a set of children's books for fostering peer support and understanding of children with special needs in inclusive educational settings. Supportive peers facilitate inclusion. Page 6 Programmes & Activities Educator Evelyn with a student enjoying a lively reading session together. Storyteller Esther helping a child role-play the character of a serigala. Fun time during the camp-bouncing a balloon in a parachute. Focus On Literacy Focus On Literacy (FOL) is an early intervention programme for 5-8 year olds facing difficulties in learning the basic skills of reading and writing. BOLD began this programme in 2005 and has, through the years, developed specialized teaching materials in Malay and Chinese. Team members are trained in Best-Practice Teaching Methods to help children who have reading difficulties to achieve functional literacy in at least one language. FOL is carried out in our centres as well as off-site as outreach. At Pusat BOLD-PSDC in Minden Heights, 3 staff members assisted by 3 team members taught 60 children, in small groups, to read in either Malay or Chinese. At BOLD-ACS Centre in Seberang Jaya, 1 staff member assisted by 2 team members taught 19 children, four afternoons a week from January to October. FOL Outreach at SJKT Sungai Ara benefitted 10 children who were taught reading in Malay by 4 dedicated team members four mornings a week from January to November. Monthly Storytelling Sessions Monthly Storytelling Sessions, alternating between Malay and Mandarin, are conducted at Pusat BOLD-PSDC to stimulate language development, social and communication skills, creative/ imaginative thinking as well as general cognitive development. A total of 6 two-hour sessions, incorporating various activities related to the stories were conducted on Saturday mornings, between February to October, by different volunteer storytellers, and were attended by 21 to 24 children. Shorter storytelling sessions are incorporated into FOL sessions to enrich vocabulary and develop oral language fluency as an essential foundation for reading. After joining the camp, my child can slowly write her name now. From a mother. Holiday Literacy Camp The highlight of FOL, every year, is the intensive Holiday Literacy Camp during which children attend daily sessions. This year s camp, from 26 November to 14 December, was conducted in both centres. At Pusat BOLD-PSDC, 15 children attended daily sessions in Mandarin in the mornings and another 15 attended Malay sessions in the afternoons. At a similar camp at Pusat BOLD-ACS, 10 children attended daily sessions in Malay in the afternoons. Parents Support Group Parents Support Group brings families with Children with Special Needs together to share experiences and give each other support in the challenges of raising their special child. A total of 40 parents attended Parents Support Group meetings in Programmes & Activities Page 7 Play & Social Group Play Group, an intervention programme for 3-5 year olds with developmental delays/disorders in the areas of social, communication and language skills, is conducted weekly on Saturday afternoons. 32 fun-filled sessions of interactive play with action songs, games and creative arts work were conducted in 2018 for 23 children. Social Group targets older children, from 6 to 8 years. Activities are designed to improve social as well as learning skills such as focussing and staying on task, following rules of indoor and outdoor games and developing good social behaviour towards peers. 40 sessions were conducted on Wednesday afternoons for 10 children in Shirley facilitating a discussion on the success & challenges while raising a child. I was stressed out until I was invited to attend the support group. I sought help & got answers to my questions. From a father. Workshops, Trainings, Talks & Upgrading of Human Resources Training for Pre-school Teachers is a special series of workshops on Best Practice Methods of Teaching Early Literacy for non-profit pre-schools in rural or high density urban low-income areas. Funded by Kuok Foundation, the objective is to equip pre-school teachers with teaching strategies to make the first stages of learning to read more enjoyable and effective. In 2018, we conducted 4 workshops in this series, 2 in Malay and the other 2 in Mandarin for 120 pre-school teachers. With this addition, the outreach series will have reached 446 teachers from more than 80 preschools in Penang from To run better programmes, BOLD and ACS join forces in organizing training to constantly upskill our staff. In 2018, our staff attended 5 in-house talks on different aspects of working with Children with Special Needs; 5 talks organized by other Penang groups; took part in the Inaugural Community Connections Day of the Penang Chapter of Special Education Network in Malaysia; and benefitted tremendously from the three day Bi-annual National Early Childhood Intervention Conference (NECIC) in Batu Pahat. Children working in pairs at a Social Group session. At SMK Phor Tay, Jess sold books to interested teens. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR WORK As a non-profit NGO, our charges for services are nominal and, in some cases, totally free. We depend entirely on sponsorship, donations and various sources of funding to sustain our programmes and improve our services. Donations can be made in Cash/Direct bank-in to CIMB or Cheques (payable to BOLD for Special Needs Penang). ALL DONATIONS ABOVE RM100 TO BOLD ARE TAX EXEMPT UNDER SECTION 44(6) OF THE INCOME TAX ACT Receipts will be issued upon request. Website: Facebook: BOLD for Special Needs Children, Penang BOLD Focus on Literacy ACTIVITY CENTRES & CONTACT NUMBERS Pusat BOLD-PSDC: 81 Cangkat Minden Jalan 5, Gelugor, P. Pinang ( ) Pusat BOLD-ACS: 1 Lorong Sutera Prima 4, Taman Sutera Prima, Seberang Jaya, P. Pinang ( ) First Step Early Intervention Centre: 227 Jalan Pemancar, P. Pinang ( ) Rumah Pemancar: 227-A Jalan Pemancar, P. Pinang Jom Mobile Toy Library: ( ) COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2018 President: Dato Dr. Sharom Ahmat Vice President: Dr. Hamima Dona Mustafa Honorary Secretary: Ms Lim Kah Cheng Assistant Secretary: Ms Ivy Loo Honorary Treasurer: Ms Yep Beng Hong Honorary Executive Director: Dr. Tan Liok Ee Members: Ms Chia Kien Eng Ms Irene Teoh Ms Khor Ai-Na Ms Poh Heem Heem Ms Shirley Koay
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