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  Seminar ReportBlue BrainCONTENTS: 1. Introduction 2. What is blue brain !. What is irtual brain # . Wh$ %e need irtual brain &. 'unction o( brain ). Brain Simulation *. +ard%are and so(t%are re,uirement -. Current research %or  /. 0d antae and disad antae 1. Conclusion INTRODUCTION +uman brain3 the most aluable creation o( 4od. The man is called intellient because o( the brain.Toda$ %e are de eloped because %e can thin3 that other animals can not do .But %e loss theno%lede o( a brain %hen the bod$ is destro$ed a(ter the death o( man. That no%lede miht ha e been used (or the de elopment o( the human societ$. What happen i( %e create a brain and up load thecontents o( natural brain into it.5Blue brain6 7The name o( the %orld8s (irst irtual brain. That means a machine that can (unction ashuman brain. Toda$ scientists are in research to create an arti(icial brain that can thin3 response3 taedecision3 and eep an$thin in memor$. The main aim is to upload human brain into machine. So thatman can thin3 tae decision %ithout an$ e((ort. 0(ter the death o( the bod$3 the irtual brain %ill act asthe man .So3 e en a(ter the death o( a person %e %ill not loose the no%lede3 intellience3 personalities3 (eelins and memories o( that man that can be used (or the de elopment o( the humansociet$. No one has e er understood the comple9it$ o( human brain. It is comple9 than an$ circuitr$in the %orld. So3 ,uestion ma$ arise 5Is it reall$ possible to create a human brain6 The ans%er is5es6. Because %hat e er man has created toda$ al%a$s he has (ollo%ed the nature. When man doesnot ha e a de ice called computer3 it %as a bi ,uestion (or all .But toda$ it is possible due to thetechnolo$. Technolo$ is ro%in (aster than e er$ thin. IB; is no% in research to create a irtual brain. It is called 5Blue brain 5.I( possible3 this %ould be the (irst irtual brain o( the %orld. What is Blue brain?  The IB; is no% de elopin a irtual brain no%n as the Blue brain. It %ould be the %orld8s (irst irtual brain. With in ! $ears3 %e %ill be able to scan oursel es into the computers. Is this the beinnin o( eternal li(e What is Virtual Brain?  We can sa$ <irtual brain is an arti(icial brain3 %hich does not actuall$ the natural brain3 but can act as the brain .It can thin lie brain3 tae decisions based on the past e9perience3 andresponse as the natural brain can. It is possible b$ usin a super computer3 %ith a hue amount o( storae capacit$3 processin po%er and an inter(ace bet%een the human brain and this arti(icialone .Throuh this inter(ace the data stored in the natural brain can be up loaded into the%%.seminarsonl$.com1  Seminar ReportBlue Braincomputer .So the brain and the no%lede3 intellience o( an$one can be ept and used (or e er3e en a(ter the death o( the person. Why we need virtual brain?  Toda$ %e are de eloped because o( our intellience. Intellience is the inborn ,ualit$ thatcan not be created .Some people ha e this ,ualit$ 3so that the$ can thin up to such an e9tent %here other can not reach .+uman societ$ is al%a$s need o( such intellience and such an intellient brain to ha e %ith. But the intellience is lost alon %ith the bod$ a(ter the death. The irtual brain is a solution to it. The brain and intellience %ill ali e e en a(ter the death. We o(ten (ace di((iculties in rememberin thins such as people=s names3 their birthda$s3 and the spellins o( %ords3 proper rammar3 important dates3 histor$ (acts3 and etcetera. In the  bus$ li(e e er$ one %ant to be rela9ed .Can not %e use an$ machine to assist (or all these <irtual brain ma$ be the solution to it. What i( %e upload oursel es into computer3 %e %ere simpl$ a%are o( a computer3 or ma$be3 %hat i( %e li ed in a computer as a proram How it is possible?  'irst3 it is help(ul to describe the basic manners in %hich a person ma$ be uploaded into acomputer. Ra$mond >ur?%eil recentl$ pro ided an interestin paper on this topic. In it3 he describes both in asi e and nonin asi e techni,ues. The most promisin is the use o( er$ small robots3 or nanobots. These robots %ill be small enouh to tra el throuhout our circulator$ s$stems. Tra elin into the spine and brain3 the$ %ill be able to monitor the acti it$ and structureo( our central ner ous s$stem. The$ %ill be able to pro ide an inter(ace %ith computers that is as close as our mind can be %hile %e still reside in our bioloical (orm. Nanobots could also care(ull$ scan the structure o( our brain3 pro idin a complete readout o( the connections  bet%een each neuron. The$ %ould also record the current state o( the brain. This in(ormation3 %hen entered into a computer3 could then continue to (unction as us. 0ll that is re,uired is a computer %ith lare enouh storae space and processin po%er. Is the pattern and state o( neuron connections in our brain trul$ all that maes up our conscious sel es ;an$ people  belie e (irml$ those %e posses a soul3 %hile some er$ technical people belie e that ,uantum (orces contribute to our a%areness. But %e ha e to no% thin technicall$. Note3 ho%e er3 that %eneed not no% ho% the brain actuall$ (unctions3 to trans(er it to a computer. We need onl$ no% the media and contents. The actual m$ster$ o( ho% %e achie ed consciousness in the (irst place3 or ho% %e maintain it3 is a separate discussion. Reall$ this concept appears to be er$ di((icult and comple9 to us. 'or this %e ha eto (irst no% ho% the human brain actuall$ %ors.%%.seminarsonl$.com2  Seminar ReportBlue Brain How the natural brain wors? The human abilit$ to (eel3 interpret and e en see is controlled3 in computer lie calculations3 b$ the maical ner ous s$stem. es3 the ner ous s$stem is ,uite lie maic because %e can=t see it3  but its %orin throuh electric impulses throuh $our bod$. One o( the %orlds most @intricatel$ orani?ed@ electron mechanisms is the ner ous s$stem. Not e en enineers ha e come close to main circuit boards and computers as delicate and precise as the ner ous s$stem. To understand this s$stem3 one has to no% the three simple (unctions that it puts into action: sensor$ input3 interation3 motor output. !ensory input When our e$es see somethin or our hands touch a %arm sur(ace3 the sensor$ cells3 also no%n as Neurons3 send a messae straiht to $our brain. This action o( ettin in(ormation (rom $our surroundin en ironment is called sensor$ input because %e are puttin thins in $our brain b$ %a$ o( $our senses. Inte#ration Interation is best no%n as the interpretation o( thins %e ha e (elt3 tasted3 and touched %ith our sensor$ cells3 also no%n as neurons3 into responses that the bod$ reconi?es. This process isall accomplished in the brain %here man$3 man$ neurons %or toether to understand the en ironment. $otor Output Once our brain has interpreted all that %e ha e learned3 either b$ touchin3 tastin3 or usin an$ other sense3 then our brain sends a messae throuh neurons to e((ecter cells3 muscle or land cells3 %hich actuall$ %or to per(orm our re,uests and act upon our en ironment. The %ord motor output is easil$ remembered i( one should thin that our puttin somethin out into the en ironment throuh the use o( a motor3 lie a muscle %hich does the %or (or our bod$.+o% %e see3 hear3 (eel3 smell3 and tae decision: Nose Once the smell o( (ood has reached $our nose3 %hich is lined %ith hairs3 it tra els to an ol(actor$  bulb3 a set o( sensor$ ner es. The ner e impulses tra el throuh the ol(actor$ tract3 around3 in a circular %a$3 the thalamus3 and (inall$ to the smell sensor$ corte9 o( our brain3 located bet%een our e$e and ear3 %here it is interpreted to be understood and memori?ed b$ the bod$. %ye %%.seminarsonl$.com!  Seminar ReportBlue BrainSeein is one o( the most pleasin senses o( the ner ous s$stem. This cherished action primaril$ conducted b$ the lens3 %hich mani(ies a seen imae3 itreous disc3 %hich bends and rotates an imae aainst the retina3 %hich translates the imae and liht b$ a set o( cells. The retina is at the bac o( the e$e ball %here rods and cones structure alon %ith other cells and tissues co ert the imae into ner e impulses %hich are transmitted alon the optic ner e to the brain %here it is ept (or memor$. Ton#ue 0 set o( microscopic buds on the tonue di ide e er$thin %e eat and drin into (our inds o( taste: bitter3 sour3 salt$3 and s%eet. These buds ha e taste pores3 %hich con ert the taste into a ner e impulse and send the impulse to the brain b$ a sensor$ ner e (iber. Apon recei in the messae3 our brain classi(ies the di((erent inds o( taste. This is ho% %e can re(er the taste o( oneind o( (ood to another. %ar  Once the sound or sound %a e has entered the drum3 it oes to a lare structure called the cochlea. In this snail lie structure3 the sound %a es are di ided into pitches. The ibrations o( the pitches in the cochlea are measured b$ the Corti. This oran transmits the ibration in(ormation to a ner e3 %hich sends it to the brain (or interpretation and memor$. : BR0IN SI;A0TION: No% the ,uestion is ho% to implement this entire natural thin b$ usin arti(icial thins.+ere is acomparati e discussion.%%.seminarsonl$.com#
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