Blue Brain

Human brain, the most valuable creation of God.The man is called intelligent because of the Brain.But we loss the knowledge of a brain when the body is destroyed after the death .“BLUE BRAIN”- The name of the world’s first virtual brain. That means a machine that can function as human brain.The human brain has unlocked many of nature's secrets, but the secrets of the brain itself have remained elusive to scientists. Decades of probing into the brain's functioning hasn't yet given scientists a full grasp of the way the brain functions or its circuitry.
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  BLUE BRAINMCA 2011 1.INTRODUCTION Human brain, the most valuable creation o !o #$he man is calle intelli%ent because o the Brain#But &e loss the 'no&le %e o a brain &hen the bo ( is estro(e ater the eath #)BLUE BRAIN*+ $he name o the &orl s irst virtual brain# $hat means a machine that can unction as human brain#$he human brain has unloc'e man( o nature-s secrets, but the secrets o the brain itsel have remaine elusive to scientists# .eca es o /robin% into the  brain-s unctionin% hasn-t (et %iven scientists a ull %ras/ o the &a( the brain unctions or its circuitr(# $he Blue Brain /roect ma( be the ans&er &e are loo'in% or# A ne& initiative b( scientists at the Brain Min Institute at &iterlan -s Ecole 3ol(techni4ue 5e erale e Lausanne 6E35L7 an IBM en%ineers aims to unloc' the secrets o the brain, not b( lab e8/eriments, but b( usin% the brute /o&er o a su/ercom/uter# $he Blue Brain 3roect &ill run simulations o the brain-s neurons to tease out their secrets# $he /roect uses IBM-s latest installation o Blue!ene9L su/ercom/uter runnin% on Linu8 to run simulations o neurons# $he Blue Brain com/uter &ill occu/( the loor s/ace o about our reri%erators an can reach a /ea' s/ee o some 22#: teralo/s ++ 22#: trillion calculations ever( secon ++ /uttin% it amon% the the &orl -s to/ 1; su/ercom/uters# $he astest su/ercom/uter in the &orl is at the La&rence Livermore National Laborator( ++ the Blue!ene s(stem, &hen inishe later this (ear, &ill have a /ea' s/ee o <=> teralo/s#3art o the reason &h( the brain an its unctions remain a m(ster( is that most o the research till ate have been -&et+lab- ones, one on lab animals li'e rat an mice# $hese e8/eriments are ver( com/le8 an /ainull( slo& to con uct, oten ta'in% t&o to three (ears to com/lete# $his is &here the blain% s/ee o IBM-s Blue Brain com/uters &ill hel/# Its amain% number crunchin% abilit( &ill hel/ s/ee u/ the simulations o these -&et+lab- e8/eriments, cuttin% o&n on the time involve to a e& a(s, sometimes secon s#MCA?NCERC CALICU$ UNI@ERI$1  BLUE BRAINMCA 2011 2.WORKING OF BLUE BRAIN $he Blue Brain com/uter &ill &a'e u/ on ul( 1, 200;# ver the ne8t t&o (ears, scientists an en%ineers rom both the E35L an IBM, alon% &ith an online net&or' o brain an com/uter scientits, &ill create a etaile mo el o the circuitr( in the brain-s neocorte8# $he neocorte8 is the lar%est an most com/le8 /art o the human brain, an constitutes about :;  /er cent o the brain-s total mass# $he neocorte8 is thou%ht to be res/onsible or the co%nitive unctions o lan%ua%e, learnin%, memor( an com/le8 thou%ht# $he neocortical columns are the buil in% bloc's o the corte8, the /art o the brain that ierentiates mammals rom other animals# D$he neocortical column is the be%innin% o intelli%ence an a a/tabilit(,D Mar'ram tol Business&ee' ma%aine#Ho& &ill the simulations be run $he Blue Brain com/uter &ill use the 'no&le %e scientists have %athere till no& about ho& neurons in the brain tal' to each other to run the accelerate simulations# $he Blue Brain has some :,000 /rocessors an the scientists &ill ma/ one or t&o simulate brain neurons to each /rocessor, ma'in% the com/uter a re/lica o 10,000 neurons# $he simulate neurons &ill be interconnecte &ith rules the team has &or'e out about ho& the brain unctions# $his result &oul be a simulate mo el that is 1,000 times lar%er than an( such mo el till late ++ an electronic brain &ith 10,000 neurons chatterin% a&a( an in the /rocess e8/osin% the secrets o their unctionin% to the &atchul scientists# DMo elin% the brain at the cellular level is a massive un erta'in% because o the hun re s o thousan s o /arameters that nee to be ta'en into account,D sai Henr( Mar'ram, the E35L /roessor hea in% the /roect an oun er o E35L-s Brain an Min Institute# $he ma//in% o the neocorte8 is itsel e8/ecte to ta'e t&o to three (ears# Mar'ram &ill start b( simulatin% a sin%le rat neurocortical column, ri%orousl( chec'in% the mo el in e8/eriments a%ainst neurocortical columns ta'en rom rats#Eventuall(, the /roect &ill be e8/an e to mo el other areas o the brain to buil an accurate, com/uter+base mo el o the entire brain# $his &ill nee a bi%%er Blue Brain an coul ta'e a eca e to com/lete ++ even &ith Blue!ene93, IBM-s ne8t+%eneration su/ercom/uter#MCA?NCERC CALICU$ UNI@ERI$2  BLUE BRAINMCA 2011 3.AIM OF BLUE BRAIN $he aim o the Blue Brain 3roect is to buil a re/lica o a neocortical column, the  basic unctional unit that ma'es u/ the cerebral neocorte8 &hile encom/assin% most o the neocorte8-s cellular iversit(# DI (ou are an e8/erimental biolo%ist, in (our e8/eriments (ou see an amain% variet( o cell t(/es# F $he t(/ical mo ellin% a//roach ### oesnt %ive the ans&er to the e8/erimentalist &ho &ants to un erstan this iversit(,D chGrmann e8/lains# $his iversit( can onl( be achieve , he sa(s, b( incor/oratin% e8/erimental neuroscience ata into ver( etaile com/uter simulations that Dbehave in istin%uishabl( rom the e8/eriment#D $he 3roect buil s on the eorts o the Brain Min Institute, &hich has been accumulatin% em/irical ata on the microarchitecture o the neocorte8 or a eca e#MCA?NCERC CALICU$ UNI@ERI$<  BLUE BRAINMCA 2011 4.VIRTUAL BRAIN 5i%#1 Model of Vir! l Br i# @irtual brain is an artiicial brain, &hich oes not actuall( the natural brain, but can act as the brain# It can thin' li'e brain, ta'e ecisions base on the /ast e8/erience, an res/onse as the natural brain can# It is /ossible b( usin% a su/er com/uter, &ith a hu%e amount o stora%e ca/acit(, /rocessin% /o&er an an interace bet&een the human brain an this artiicial one# $hrou%h this interace the ata store in the natural brain can be u/ loa e into the com/uter# o the brain an the 'no&le %e, intelli%ence o an(one can be 'e/t an use or ever, even ater the eath o the /erson# 4.1 NEED OF VIRTUAL BRAIN $o a( &e are evelo/e because o our intelli%ence# Intelli%ence is the inborn 4ualit( that can not be create # ome /eo/le have this 4ualit(, so that the( can thin' u/ to such an e8tent &here other can not reach# Human societ( is al&a(s nee o such intelli%ence an such an intelli%ent brain to have &ith# But the intelli%ence is lost alon% &ith the bo ( ater the eath# $he virtual brain is a solution to it# $he brain an intelli%ence &ill alive even ater the eath# e oten ace iiculties in rememberin% thin%s such as /eo/les names, their  birth a(s, an the s/ellin%s o &or s, /ro/er %rammar, im/ortant ates, histor(, acts etc### In the bus( lie ever( one &ant to be rela8e # Cant &e use an( machine to assist or all these @irtual brain ma( be the solution to it# hat i &e u/loa ourselves into com/uter, &e &ere sim/l( a&are o a com/uter, or ma(be, &hat i &e live in a com/uter as a /ro%ramMCA?NCERC CALICU$ UNI@ERI$J
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