WILHELM  REICH  The  Bion  Experiments  On  tIle  Origin  of Life  TRANSLATED  FROM  THE  GERMAN  BY  DEREK  AND  INGE  JORDAN  Edited by Mary  Higgins  and  Chester  M.  Raphael,  M.D.  FARRAR  STRA us  GIROUX  NEW  YORK  Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Copyright  ®  1979  by  Mary  Boyd  as  Trustee  of  the  Wilhelm  Reich  Infant  Fund  The original Germall  text,  Die BiOlW,  ('1l1'l1J' IlII'lt  Sexpol-Verlag,  relic/red 1
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  WILHELM REICH The Bion Experiments On tIle Origin of Life TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY DEREK AND INGE JORDAN dited by Mary Higgins and Chester M Raphael, M.D. FARRAR STRA us GIROUX NEW YORK Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust  Copyright ® 1979 by Mary Boyd as Trustee of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Fund The srcinal Germall text, Die BiOlW, ('1l1'l1J' IlII'lt Sexpol-Verlag, relic/red 1[)66 y AImy as Trustce of the <Wilhelm Reich Ill/ant All rights reserved Published simultaneously in Canada y McGraw-Hill Ryel'son Ltd., TOl'Onto Printed in the United States of America Designed y Irving Perkins First Octagon printing, 1979 First Farrar, Straus and Giroux paperback printing, 1979 Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Reich, \Vilhelm, 1897-1957. The hion experiments on the srcin of life. Translation of Die Bione zm Entstehung des tativen Lebens. Bibliography: p. 1. Spontaneous generation. 2. :3. Orgonomy. I Higgins, l\.larv. Cbester M. III. Title. QH:325.R441:3 577 78-27043 Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust   ontents Preface 3 PART ONE The xperiment 1. The Tension-Charge Formula 9 2. Bions as the Preliminary Stages of Life 25 VESICLE FOH~I TION IN SWELLING BLADES OF GRASS 26 THE THANSFOlt\IATION OF GHASS AND MOSS TISSrE INTO FOR~rs OF ANnrAL LIFE 3 CONFm~r TION OF THE VESICULAR CHAHACTEH OF THE FLOWING ~IOEB E 3 3 ~IOTILE VESICULAR EARTH CHYSTALS AND EAHTH BIONS 39 EGG-WHITE PHEPAHATIONS (PHEPAHATION 6 .54 3. Tlw CllltllralJility of the Bions Preparation 6 64 ELEGmICAL EXPEHIMENTS 74 4. The Beginning of Control Experiments y Professor Roger du Tefl at Centre Universitaire 'Af(>diterrancen de Nice 84 5. CulturalJility Experiments Using Earth, Coal, and Soot 99 ELI~nX TION OF TIIE OBJECTION THAT PREEXISTENT SPOHES ABE J>HESENT 99 TIIE INCANDESCENT COAL EXPEHI IENT 107 CULTlffiES OF SOOT HEATED TO INCAl'{DESCENCE. THE HIOLOGICAL INTEHPRETATION OF BHO\VNIAN :\IOVE IE: JT 110 6. Control Tests and Instructions for Verifyillg tlIe Bion Experiments Summary) 115 POSSIBLE FUTUHE STUDIES 118 vii Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust  viii ONTENTS P RT T\VO The Dialectical-AJaterialistic nt erpretation 7 The Problem of the J\lcclwr/o-electrical Leap 125 CHE]\[lCAL I nECOXDlTIO~S OF TIlE TENSIO;.J-CHAHGE PROCESS 125 ELECTlUCAL CIIAHCE AS A CHAHACTERISTIC OF COLLOIDS 127 ELECTHICAL CIIAHCE AS A PHEHEQUISITE FOB VESICULAH ]\ OVEME;.JT ] 29 INDlvmUAL FUNCTIONS AND INTEGRAL FLTNCTION 13.5 8 ll Error in t71e Discllssion of Spontaneous Generation 140 SU .\fMARY 145 9. 1 71( Dialectica/-}[aterialistic ?lIethod of Thinking and nvcstiga ti on 146 TilE BASIC ]\IETHODOLOGICAL APPHOACH TO OUR EXPEIU]\IENTAL WORK 146 TLIE DIALECrICAL-]\IATEHlALISTIC LAW OF DEVELOP]\1ENT 1 53 SO]\[} ; HE]\IAHKS ON BIOGENESIS 171 ppendix 178 I'HOJ)UCTION OF BIONS FRO]\I STERILIZED BLOOD CHAHCOAL 178 THHEE SEIUES OF EXPERDIENTS BASED O;.J THE TENSION-CIlAHGE PHINCIPLE, BY HOGER DU TELL 179 Bibliography 193 Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust
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