Big Hit Festival. Choose your own- multi strike madness

Choose your own- multi strike madness Resources- range of hitting implements: o short handled badminton rackets o Hitting hands o Two handled bat Range of balls etc o Shuttles o Paper balls (straws) o
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Choose your own- multi strike madness Resources- range of hitting implements: o short handled badminton rackets o Hitting hands o Two handled bat Range of balls etc o Shuttles o Paper balls (straws) o Fluff balls o Bean bags Activity 1. Give the kids 5 mins to try out different equipment and to see which they are most successful with, which is the most challengingask them to try out what they choose for a short while i.e. Give it a chance, but make sure they try a few options. (Show them how to use straw for paper all) remind them to find a safe space to work i.e. Not too close to others. Go round and ask them how they are getting on and which easiest, hardest. 2. Get them to choose what they want to use for tricks. o Keeping- uppie : how many in a row o Try trick E.g. o Low small hits o Higher hits o Between legs o sitting down and standing up while keeping it going o Changing one hand to another o Find own exciting ways remember to keep safe Relay Races/ Noughts and Crosses 4 teams positioned on the baseline To start off the relay races will consist of, sprinting, side steps, hopping, crossovers etc. Balance beanbag on head Moving on you will add a racket and beanbag. First one will be balancing the beanbag on the racket Progress onto balancing the shuttle on the racket Balancing the shuttle on the racket and adding in going round the cone at the top then back down Hitting the shuttle to the top and back Resources 6 shuttles, 6 beanbags, 18 quoits There will be 2 teams competing against each other on both sides Each team will have 3 markers different to each other s groups Aim of the game will be to match 3 in a row on the grid of nots and crosses Team that matches 3 in a row first wins 2 Caterpillar Race & Shuttle Pass Relay Resources- o Shuttles and short handles rackets (15) Activity 3. Caterpillar race Four teams of 4 or 5. Team starts behind singles baseline side by side making a long line each with racket and last person also with a shuttle sitting on their racket. On signal to go the back person passes shuttle to next person s racket and shuttle moves up the line. After passing the shuttle on each player must run round back of team to join front of line ready to receive the shuttle. Keep the caterpillar moving until you reach the net and then reverse to move back down court till whole team back over base line. If shuttle drops pick it up and start from where it dropped. 4. Shuttle pass relay divide group into two smaller groups approx Resources - One team in a circle (team A) and one team standing in a line between tramlines at side of court (Team B). First person in Team B runs round the Team A circle and back to end of line. When this team B member starts running, Team A start passing the shuttle round on rackets (can be facing into centre of circle or to make it more challenging they can be facing out- remind the runners to be careful of rackets when running round.) count how many passes team A manage before team B member gets to end of line- this becomes the score to beat. Swap round teams. Keep this going with each team trying to get the highest number of passes. 3 Clear The Court Using a full court, split the group in half, one team on each side of the net along with an equal amount of shuttles. On the word GO from the coach, the children attempt to keep their side of the court clear of shuttles by continually throwing the shuttles over to the opposite side. All shuttles MUST land on the court before they can be thrown over the net. Emphasise that only one shuttle can be thrown at one time. Game can last for a limited time 1/2mins. The team with the least amount of shuttles on their side of the court wins. Adaptions to the game as the children progress. 1. Overhead throwing (Usain bolt position) 2. Exact same but must throw behind the service line. 3. Underarm throwing. 4. After the overhead throw they player must side step to the back line and touch it with their hand before they can then go and throw another shuttle. 4 Shuttle Blow/ Badminton Golf Resources 4 shuttles The objective of the game is to blow the shuttle from one baseline of the court to the next. There will be 4 teams on the baseline which is the back of the court 1 person will go at a time then high five the next person Each person only has 1 blow at the shuttle then runs back for the next person to go After you blow the shuttle, stand the shuttle back up for the next person to go Resources 4 shuttles, 4 Rackets The objective of badminton golf is to hit the shuttle from one baseline to the other. There will be 4 teams lined up on the baseline each person steps up will hit the shuttle as far as they can Each person only gets one shot then passes to the next person to go Everyone needs to work as a team to make the shuttle get to the end 5 Chaos First split the group into pairs and get them to stand facing their partner, one on a spot along the centre line and their partner on a strip which will be in the tramlines. They have one shuttle between two and they are throwing the shuttle underarm only to begin with. The aim of the game is to get to a target number first i.e. 10 throws between them. Once they get to 10 throws between them they shout chaos and put both hands in the air to signal they are finished. After chaos is shouted everyone stops and returns back to zero but this time the pair who finished first now have to get to 11 throws before they can shout chaos. If a different pair get to the second chaos first the next time, then everyone stops and starts again and this time there will be two pairs aiming to get to 11 throws first. This keeps going until a pair can get to 15 throws first. After this depending on how long the game has gone on for you can change the throwing style to overhead. 6 Shuttle Tig/ Small Sided Games (4 shuttles, 15 markers) Up to 4 chasers with a shuttle each All players taking part must chasse with in the outside badminton court lines Chasers are aiming to throw shuttle at rest of class (must hit knee or below) If tug with the shuttle, pupil stands with legs open waiting to be freed Once everyone is caught, swap chasers and vary type of tig (e.g. Toilet tig, banana tig, etc.) (12 markers, 6 shuttles, 3 sets of target goals) Split the group into 4 teams of 4 Setup 2 courts with targets as goals (use chipper nets/racquets/ ) Aim of game is try and get shuttle into or hitting targets to score point for your team Basic rules include, can only hold on to shuttle for maximum of 5 seconds Players cannot run with shuttles 7 Jailbreak (25 racquets, box of feathers, 2 markers) Split group into two groups Have 2 lines facing net on each half court Start with pupils attempting to hit shuttle over underarm Feed shuttle over to each line alternatively If pupils miss shuttle or fail to return it over the net, the put racquet at side and come over to side of feeder and they are now in jail To escape from the jail, pupils must catch a shuttle that comes over the net if they do they get their racquet and rejoin the game If the shuttle is caught, person who hit that shuttle is now in jail The winner is the last person who is out with the jail and manages to hit a shuttle over without anyone in jail catching it. If the last person in, misses or fails to hit shuttle over the net it is a jailbreak and all pupils in the jail are freed and there is no winner 8 Cooperation Resources- quoits, shuttles x10, fluff balls x6-10, paper balls x6-10 Teams- children pairs Setup- 1. Children in pairs take 1 quoits and choose either 1 shuttle, 1 fluff ball or 1 paper ball between 2 2. Each child holds onto the quoits with their NON-racket or writing hand 3. With the other hand they are to hit the shuttle or ball over their linked arms. 4. Give the children time to get used to it and see how many they can get approx. 2-3 mins 5. Set a target for how many shots in a row they can hit (depending on level start between 6 and 10) 6. once a pair reach that target they have to shout bingo and hold their quoits in the air 7. everyone stops 8. the pair that reached 10 (for example) will then be told to try and reach everyone else has to still reach 10 with the same bingo rules. Progression- if the children are good at this use the net. 1. The children have to try and use their hands to hit a certain amount of shots over the net. 2. We can get 8 on the court at a time 2 on each half court facing their partner 3. Split the group into 2 sections- 1 group hitting over the net, the others continuing with the game above 4. After a few minutes swap Problems- 1. Left handed playersi) if there are 2 left handed children ask them to be in a pair ii) if there is only 1 left handed playeriii) to make the game fair for everyone ask all the children to try reach their target with their right hand as the hitting hand iv) if they drop what they are hitting to then try with their left hand as the hitting hand 2. Odd Numbersi) Put some children in groups of 3 (there may only be 1 group of 3) ii) 2 children play game above with hoops and hitting object iii) 3 rd child in the group will have another hitting object and will be trying to reach the target on their own doing keepie uppies iv) Once bingo has been called the children swap round 9 Steal the Shuttle Resources- 5 hoops, lots of shuttles 25+ Teams- 4 equal teams (as equal as you can) 4 teams of 5 etc. Rules- 1. one at a time team members run from their corner to the middle hoop and pick up 1 shuttle to take back and place in their own hoop 2. once the middle hoop is empty players can then run to other hoops and steal 1 shuttle from other teams. 3. Give teams roughly 2 minutes to steal from other teams. 4. Give players a 30 second warning 5. Count down from Once STOP has been called players must return to their teams 7. Any shuttle picked up after STOP has been called must be put back 8. Any shuttle that has been picked up before STOP has been called but hasn t been put in the team hoop is still counted. 9. The team with the most shuttles in their hoop at the end of the time wins Setup up- 10 11
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