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  Cheeseburgers with a spic y kick easycook  APRIL 2016  from Chocolate teacakes « Bourbon biscuits « Hot crosspudding « Billionaireʼs shortbread Plus   Oodles of noodles « Fast wraps « Homemade pub grub Busy mumsʼ rescue recipes    AN N  ABE L K  ARM E L G r eat Easter  baking! 30-minute family suppers  ideas  for  t he  O N L Y  £ 1.9 9  T       h     e      U    K    ’        s      B   E   S   T   -   V   A  L U  E    f  o  o  d     m    a   g  3 w a y s w i t h f r esh sal mon James  Mar t i n’ s  W hi t e c hoc olat ec ak e Cr eamy  sausage linguine f or  lunc h starring   95 SC HOO L  HO L ID A YS  easycook 3 What’s so good about our recipes is that they’ve all been tested in the Test Kitchen of our sister title, BBC Good Food magazine. So they’re easy, super-tasty and quick to make – and you can also be sure that they’ll work perfectly every time. FromHow to get in touch with usFollow us... @easycookmag @EasyCookMag BBC Easy CookGeneral enquiries 020 7150 5120 BBC Easy Cook, Immediate Media Company London Ltd, Vineyard House, 44 Brook Green, London W6 7BT Subscriptions & back issues 0844 848 1604 Easy Cook, Building 800, Guillat Avenue, Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 8GU If you’re anything like us, you’re ready for a well-earned rest, so the long Easter  break is very welcome. It’s the perfect time to get together with family and friends and cook your oven gloves off  – and, boy, do we have some Bank Holiday showstoppers in store for you! Our bumper Easter bonanza starts on p42, with a Big Fat Greek feast – melt-in-the-mouth, tender slow-cooked lamb with olives & bay, accompanied by a Greek salad and Tahini & lemon sauce. Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate, so we’re dedicating seven tasty pages to rich, decadent delights, including some old-school favourites; Chocolate teacakes, Bourbon biscuits and Jaffa cakes (p48). And if you’ve got some leftover hot cross buns (who hasn’t?), why not turn them into a crowd-pleasing  bread & butter-style pudding (p55)? Enjoy the break – you deserve it. Hot cross bread & lemon pudding, p55 S u b s c r i b e t o  E a s y  C o o k t o d a y  &  g e t  a b o n u s  g i  f  t  !  s e e  p 5 6  BBC Easy Cook  EVERYDAY  8 30-MINUTE SUPPERS  Easy and speedy weeknight meals for those busier days 20 USE YOUR NOODLE  Noodle dishes from around the world 24 HOW EGGS-ITING  6 fantastic ideas for a quick brunch 27  .'6ʼ5  WRAP IT UP  Flavour combinations for lunchtime wraps 28 SUPER SALMON See how versatile one poached fish can be  WEEKEND 30 SPRING SALADS  Perfect for the lunchbox and for sharing 32 ENERGISING LUNCHES  Feeling tired throughout the day? Then try our energy-boosting meal plan 37 WAYS WITH AVOCADO 10 ideas for using this superhealthy fruit 38 PUB LUNCH Can’t get a table at your favourite gastro pub? It's simpler than you think to make those classic dishes at home EASTER FEASTING 42 EASTER MENU  Try our best-ever Greek lamb with lemons and four flavoursome sides 46 COOKING WITH CHOCOLATE  Learn how to give your chocolate a professional finish with our simple guide 48 TAKE THE BISCUIT  Love a biscuit with your cuppa? Try these homemade Bourbons and Jaffa cakes 54 HOT CROSS BUNS  Make this Easter-time favourite and try our clever way to transform the leftovers EDITORIALEditor   Keith Kendrick  Assistant Editor   Sarah Sysum    Art Director   Gareth Glynne Jones Sub-Editor   Marianne Voyle PUBLISHINGGroup Publishing Director Ƃ󰁬wi iÜ󰁩à Publishing Director Simon Carrington  ADVERTISING Advertising Director Jason Elson (020 7150 5030) *URXS +HDG 'LVSOD\  &ODVVLƓHG Catherine Nicolson Sales Executive Abigail Snelling   &ODVVLƓHG 6DOHV ([HFXWLYH 󰁬󰁯Þ` ii󰁫à Inserts >ÀÀÞ ,󰁯Ü󰁬>󰁮`  Group Head, Partnerships  Nicola Shubrook  Senior Partnerships Executive 󰁭󰁭> iÜ󰁭>󰁮 MARKETING & READER OFFERSSenior Marketing Executive Chris Pearce Reader Offer Manager 󰁩â> Û>󰁮à  Subscriptions Marketing Manager Þ󰁮󰁮 -Ü>ÀLÀ󰁩V󰁫 PRODUCTION & AD SERVICESHead of Production Koli Pickersgill Production Manager >Ìi À󰁩ÃÌÜ󰁯󰁯` Senior Production Coordinator i>󰁮`> 󰁯󰁬󰁬󰁯Ü>Þ Senior Reprographic Technicians Robert James, Darren McCubbin Reprographic Technician 󰁯󰁮>Ì󰁨>󰁮 -󰁨>Ü Head of Ad Services Sharon Thompson Senior Ad Services Coordinator Sarah Barker  SYNDICATIONDirector of International Licensing & Syndication Tim Hudson MANAGEMENTChairman Stephen Alexander  Deputy   Chairman Peter Phippen CEO Tom Bureau BBC WORLDWIDE, UK PUBLISHING   Director of Editorial Governance  Nicholas Brett Head of UK Publishing  󰁨À󰁩à iÀÜ󰁩󰁮 UK Publishing Coordinator  Û> ƂLÀ>󰁭󰁩󰁫 LLVÜ󰁯À󰁬`Ü󰁩`i°V󰁯󰁭ÉÕ󰁫󰀭󰀭>󰁮âÉÕ󰁫«ÕL󰁬󰁩Ã󰁨󰁩󰁮}°>Ã«Ý   7i 󰁭>󰁫i iÛiÀÞ ivv󰁯ÀÌ Ì󰁯 i󰁮ÃÕÀi Ì󰁨i >VVÕÀ>VÞ 󰁯v Ì󰁨i «À󰁩Vià `󰁩ë󰁬>Þi` 󰁩󰁮  >ÃÞ 󰁯󰁯󰁫 󰁭>}>â󰁩󰁮i° 󰁯ÜiÛiÀ] Ì󰁨iÞ V>󰁮 Û>ÀÞ 󰁯󰁮Vi Üi }󰁯 Ì󰁯 «À󰁩󰁮Ì° *󰁬i>Ãi V󰁨iV󰁫 Ü󰁩Ì󰁨 Ì󰁨i >««À󰁯«À󰁩>Ìi ÀiÌ>󰁩󰁬iÀà v󰁯À vÕ󰁬󰁬 `iÌ>󰁩󰁬ð ÕÌÀ󰁩Ì󰁩󰁯󰁮>󰁬 >󰁮>󰁬ÞÃ󰁩à includes listed ingredients only and excludes optional ingredients such as salt. It is measured per portion. BBC Easy Cook magazine is owned by BBC Worldwide and produced on its behalf by Immediate Media Company .KOKVGF $$% 9QTNFYKFGoU RTQƂVU CTG TGVWTPGF VQ VJG BBC and help fund new BBC programmes.© Immediate Media Company London Limited, 2016 Q   We keep the ingredients lists as short as possible, and preparation times to a minimum. Q   Ƃ󰁬󰁬 󰁯ÕÀ ÀiV󰁩«ià >Ài V󰁯ÃÌi` 󰀭 ÕÃ󰁩󰁮} «À󰁩Vià vÀ󰁯󰁭 > 󰁭󰁩`󰀭À>󰁮}i ÃÕ«iÀ󰁭>À󰁫iÌ 󰀭 Ì󰁯 󰁨i󰁬« Þ󰁯Õ 󰁭>󰁮>}i Þ󰁯ÕÀ v>󰁭󰁩󰁬Þ LÕ`}iÌ° Q   /󰁯 Ã>Ûi Þ󰁯Õ Ì󰁩󰁭i `ÕÀ󰁩󰁮} Ì󰁨i Üii󰁫] 󰁭>󰁮Þ 󰁯v our recipes use ingredients you might already 󰁨>Ûi 󰁩󰁮 Þ󰁯ÕÀ ÃÌ󰁯ÀiVÕ«L󰁯>À` 󰁯À vÀ󰁩`}i° Q   Ƃà Þ󰁯Õ 󰁨>Ûi 󰁭󰁯Ài Ì󰁩󰁭i >Ì Ì󰁨i Üii󰁫i󰁮`] Üi 󰁨i󰁬« Þ󰁯Õ Ì󰁯 ÃÌÀiÌV󰁨 Þ󰁯ÕÀ Ã󰁫󰁩󰁬󰁬Ã] >󰁮` ÌÀÞ 󰁮iÜ ÌiV󰁨󰁮󰁩µÕià Ü󰁩Ì󰁨 ÃÌi«󰀭LÞ󰀭ÃÌi« V󰁯󰁯󰁫iÀÞ V󰁬>ÃÃið Q   Ƃ󰁬󰁬 󰁯ÕÀ ÀiV󰁩«ià >Ài >󰁮>󰁬ÞÃi` v󰁯À Ì󰁨i󰁩À V>󰁬󰁯À󰁩i] v>Ì >󰁮` Ã>ÌÕÀ>Ìi` v>Ì V󰁯󰁮Ìi󰁮Ì LÞ > µÕ>󰁬󰁩wi` 󰁮ÕÌÀ󰁩Ì󰁩󰁯󰁮>󰁬 Ì󰁨iÀ>«󰁩ÃÌ Ì󰁯 󰁨i󰁬« Þ󰁯Õ >󰁮` Þ󰁯ÕÀ v>󰁭󰁩󰁬Þ to maintain a balanced diet. Q   /󰁯 󰁨i󰁬« Þ󰁯Õ VÕÌ `󰁯Ü󰁮 󰁯󰁮 Ü>ÃÌi Üi 󰁩󰁮V󰁬Õ`i ÃÕ}}iÃÌ󰁩󰁯󰁮à v󰁯À 󰁬ivÌ󰁯ÛiÀà Ü󰁨iÀi «󰁯ÃÃ󰁩L󰁬i° Our promise to you We know how busy you are, so the recipes in Easy Cook are designed to make life easier Fishcake ƂPIGTU 66 One-pot chicken  with spring vegDelicious Easter chocolate bark 6247 Contents   APRIL 2016Prawn stir-fry 17 BBC Easy Cook 4
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