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portfoliora sita a rtem jevariba part I july 2017 londonarc hitecture architecture g raphics graphics a selection of work 2014-2017 interior design b.arch…
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portfoliora sita a rtem jevariba part I july 2017 londonarc hitecture architecture g raphics graphics a selection of work 2014-2017 interior design b.arch architecture ba (hons) intererior architecture & designillustrat ion illustrationportfolioav e j m et r a at i s arriba part I july 2017 london7102-4102 krow fo noitceles a erutcetihcra hcra.b ngised & erutcetihcra roireretni )snoh( abarc hitecture architecture g raphics graphics interior design illustrat ion illustrationedu catio n Apartment 15 Rubicon Court 21 - 23 North St Ro mford London RM1 1BJ addresscontactI’m RIBA part I graduate2014 | 2017jan 2013 | feb 2014Bachelor B a cheloof r oArts f Arin ts Architecture in A rchitectu reCAD Technician & Spatial Designe r at JSC Elrija, Kaunas LithuaniaUniversity of Dundee Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning 2010 | 2013 Bachelor Honours of Arts in Interior Architecture and Designrasita artemje vaapr | sept 2011 Intern at Deparment of Urbani sm, Architecture and Regional Planning of Kaunas City County Government , Kaunas Lithuaniarecognition I participation I experience B eing extreme ly curious and understanding that a rchitectural discipline involves a wide spectrum of professionals, I have always been passionate to be involved in variety of tasks. Constantly challenging my mind helped me to grow intellectually, as I want to see myself as a pro fessional who is able to bring diverse skills and innovative ideas to life. I am ambitious young professional with a number of publications as well as work on display in e vents & exhibitions. Competition entries and life projects I have participated in helped me to improve my collaboration and verbal skills. Also, I had an opportunity to gain professional experience & to learn work and communication ethics during my internships. Having diverse experiences I consider myself communicative, creative, responsible, and able to work in a team or super vise a group of people. I am curious and possess a novelty- receptive mind.fluent \englishphysical model - making lasercutting photographynative\russian\lithuanian\assisting in scheme, and document inspection \helping to monitor construction process registration to the general registry system of the countryreco gnitio n & a ctiv itiesPublication in Le vel6 Portfolio | Architecture Department Publication showcases bes t wor ks of the y ear under taken within t he Architecture and Ur ban Planning Depar tment .Assembl y of 500 architecture stu dents from al l ov er E urope: wo r kshops, l ectures, d iscussio ns aiming to define th e ‘not yet decid ed’ arc hitecture. T he ev ent featured in ArchDaily.Space for Practice exhibition organizer & attendant , Dundee An ev ent displ ayed proposed schemes for community members , lead client , the Broug hty Fer r y Traders Association as wel l as potential inv estors .Participant of live project Space for Practice Space for Practice was created to r un as a fr inge project alo ngside the 2016 Festiv al of Arc hitecture, which was itself par t of Scotl and’s Year of Innov atio n and Desig n 2016.Publication in Le vel6 Portfolio | Architectu re Department Publication s howcases bes t work s of t he y ea r under taken within the Architecture a n d Urb a n P lanning Depar tment .Display on Free Range Show, LondonEuropean Architecture Student Assembly | a member of Scotland Teamlanguage between built form and humanhire me, because I would like to stress that I am determined to perform all tasks assigned to me. I am ver y ambitious, responsible and I can quickly adapt in a ne w environment and situations. I look for references and concepts that are challenging and completely unique, with the ultimate goal to translate them into buildings and environments that work , inspire people, transform & educate communities.fluentjun 2014interest in architecture My studies, participation in e vents and professional journe y helped me to ponder on my priorities and interest topics in architecture discipline. I am interested in actual issues of architecture in the context of contemporar y social problems, needs of communities and architecture that responds to people who essence of experience it . habitation and common\participation in analytical processes of projects submitted for construction approval \assisting in presentationsju l 2013Throughout my journe y of completing both degrees I have de veloped skills that allowed me to attach my attitude of idiosyncratic thinking resulting in alternative, analytical and sensitive approach to architecture.architecture interior design product design graphic design typography illustrationjun 2017degree Having completed a degree in B.Arch with Merit and BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design I strive to give pro fessional experience my whole hearted commitment .langu a gesaug 2016illustra tor photoshop indesign autoca d 3ds max revit sketchu p vrayi nterested inmay 2 016skill sfe b | ju n 201 mArts University Bournemouth\assistance in preparation of scheme and planning application drawings \assisting in conducting property surveys \assisting senior designer in the design process \preparing physical models \assisting in meetings with clients \preparing presentation materialThe Free Range exhibition is the larges t Art , Design and Fashion grad uate s how in Europ e, and includes more th an 60 exhi b i ti ons . Free Rang e has become a cr ucial p a rt of Lond on’s cul tural calendar, attracting ov er 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 v isitors .Display on Drop Project | Silent Auction | Interior Architecture & Design Department , Bournemouthju l 2 013about+44 (0) 7511456414exper ienceA selection of s tudent wor ks from Arts Uni v ers i ty Bour nemo uth . A sil ent auction d i s p la y ed div ers e wor ks, a rang e o f photog rap hy, conceptual s ketches, paintings , a rc hi tectu ra l presentation pl ans and more.reference student dob matricRasita Artemjeva BArch merit 01.01.1991 140017994I am pleased to provide a personal reference for Rasita Artemjeva and I confirm in May 2017 that Rasita successfully completed Year 3 BArch with Merit. Rasita has been an amazing student to teach, she is excep�onally crea�ve, clearly focussed, has an incredible work ethic and is simply unique. I have tutored and reviewed Rasita at all stages throughout her three years of full �me study and over that �me I have witnessed her growth and maturation in intellectual performance, crea�ve applica�on and architectural understanding. Rasita always researches her topic of study in great depth in order to gain reasoned understanding and vision prior to applying task specific methodologies to conclusion. Important within the academic world is working with others and throughout her studies at this university Rasita demonstrated an excellent ability to work with others. Her natural adop�on of strategic thinking ensures that all of her ac�vi�es are focused on the common task, she is not easily diverted by unimportant issues. In addi�on to her intellectual a�ributes Rasita is an extremely sensi�ve human being who always takes cognisance of others and I can imagine her contribu�ng so well to the outputs of any architectural team. Rasita has discussed with me her desire is to gain a meaningful year in prac�ce where her understanding of and commitment to architecture can really benefit. Accordingly I can give my highest recommenda�on on behalf of Rasita concerning considera�on for poten�al employment within architecture.refe rence Brian W AdamsLecturer in Architecture University of Dundee 19 Perth Road Dundee DD14HT +44 (0)1382 385268bwa. 17.07.17table of contents academic projects:01 02demarco archive alpine pavilion00 | 10201711 | 15201616 | 27201628 | 31201632 | 37201541 | 432014 I 2015 I 201638 | 402014 I 2015 I 201644 |201345 |2013live projects:03 04broughty ferry easa I dream dune competition entry:05tiny house architectural communication:06 07digital hand participation:- The architecture he [ Walter Segal ] devoted his life for, <...> promoted human e architec ture, wellbeing and a link between people a nd built form that could reach beyond mere u tility. Rasita Artemjeva | Y3 Dissertation on Walter Segal08 09free rangeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;13 drop projectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;13polyfunctional building01. concept modelfocus: design proposal seeks for ways how to preserve as well as enhace the character of the area placemaking, the project encourages society to take action and shape the space study of architecture that supports local artists by giving them the opportunity to exhibit their artwork study of architecture is rich in spatial variety and connections the concept aims to connect people with spaces & art consideration of green spaces so the hard landscaping tectonic & stereotomic construction types study of displacement ventilation and radiant cooling & heating brief interpretation and site & area problem solvinga.b.> volume [c] houses singular functions - mainly demarco archive, (except ground level that includes admin space & these into solid stereotomic type of structure. the space should celebrate raw and true nature of material.programme: the brief for the demarco archive required to focus on the building that will therefore be galleries to put archive materials on public display in addition to visiting exhibitions. moreover, artists, richard demarco, wanted contemporary art to be easily accessible in order to allow people to learn about the international as well as national art.2017 Y3 location:Edinburgh, Scotland> volume [a] houses a number of spaces , such as performance space, gallery , sculptural gallery as well as workshops resulting in stereotomic nature type of architecture & lightweight steel structure. > volume [b] houses a pop up commmercial/ entertainment functions resulting in vibrant atmosphere: commercial function, permeability and visibility for passers by is translated into see-through type of structure > curtain wall is attached to primary lightweight steel 00 | 01\academic project: demarco archivedemarco archivethe area needs to be provided for a mix of uses that add vitality and viability to the local areabrief the brief encouraged to consider innovative ways of how spaces can function in- p o p up se r v e r y/ retail - i n fo r m al space (re fe r r i ng to c i ne m a) - sunke n gard e n > land scap i ng i s a par t o f t he b ui ld i ngfo r m al an d i nfo r mal o pen s pa ce s and sq u are s c reate var i ety and i nte re s t a n d he lp to b reak up th e hard ur ban feeli ng o f t he area .impact on neighbouring area- public space > festival > informal layout > internal social spaces - linkage > response to site geometry > treshole > surrounding > context via green space - hierarchy > skyline > response to buildingsthe edge between existing building and proposed building is landscaping - sunken garden. the space in between becomes alive. it is important to consider green spaces so the hard landscaping of the urban setting isspatial layout resulted level 0 (ground floor) a > servant block/ informal performance & cinema space b > plant room/ servery/ informal spill out area c > admin > sunken garden level 1 (first floor) a > servant block/ gallery space b > servery c > archive level 2 (second floor) a > sculpture gallery b>c > archive gallerycabcabcab cvie w looking towards pop up retail/ cafe space on the ground floor\academic project: demarco archives o l u t i o nresponse to site/ area &design principlesspaces b eco m e ac t iv e bac kgro u nd fo r ac t iv ities it acco mmo d ate. follo wing the spat ial freed o m p o sitiv e o u tcomes fo llowalevel 3 (third floor) a > workshop space c > small balcony spacepage 03 | 04\academic project: demarco archivesitea c h i t e t u r a lgeneral arrangement plan. level 2general arrangement plan level 1general arrangement plan level 0general arrangement plan. level 3voidAA8B AC6B ACD7F2E56H J342LJJ F G KH LJK LLadmin/ reception plant room electrical room servery/ cafe internal spill -out space sunken garden service core informal space for cinema/ performance riser1 2 3 4 5 6 7archive external spill - out area pop-up retail/ servery servery/ cafe internal spill -out space gallery space service core riser1 2 3 4archive gallery internal spill - out area service core sculpture gallery riserFRINGE FESTIVALFRINGE FESTIVALFRINGE FESTIVALFRINGE FESTIVALea s t - we st se cti o n @ 1 : 2 00 A1 secti o n i s take n thro ugh tec tonic volum e that seeks co n ne cti o n wi th e x te rnal spaces. drawing above demo strate s annual e ve n t â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;fr inge festivalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; as well as h o w co mme rci al vo l ume of proposal infor m ally co n tri b utes to vi b rant atmophere of local 05 |L JK LKH LJKLHH43F G EK3E3F GF G HK1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8EEHF GKJE21 D7F G4D2JF G H1 DECCD5DE4AB CD11C BCDBB AC BBAA1 2 3 4viewing point internal spill - out area service core workshop riser\academic project: demarco archivevie w to sunken garden looking from ground floor internal spill out spacepage 06 |FGHJLKsunken garden acts a small connection between existing structure and demarcoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s porposal. the micro-climaticvol u m e B e x p l od e d axon om et ri c d raw i n g metal cap60 cells pv panel 1640 x 990 mmoutdoor space to relax & meet.polyurethane foam insulated guttersecondary fire escape zinc cladding steel columnaerogel granules & twinwalled polycarbonateservery/ cafepin joinservices cavityplant roomso u th - no r t h se c t i on @ 1 :5 0 A 1FGHJKLpage 16 07 || 17 08 pageflexible pop/ up space is cheaper to rent for potential businesses. also, it is easy to change according needs of those who intenting to temporary occupy the space.environmental strategy: structural material: insitu concrete 50% ggbs for stereotomic volumes, structural steel for tectonic volume ventilation: dispaclacement heating/ cooling: radiant thermal store: boiler with multi fuel system passive moves: pvc panels and ground source heat pumpvolume b tectonicnatural ventilationheating/ cooling summerheating/ cooling wintervolume 02 stereotomicradiant coolingradiant heatingvolume 03 stereotomic19 degrees celcius is maintained for air recycle elements are of appropriate scale and are not competing with historic character of the building structures are flexible in order to meet needs of user(s) rotation of businesses is encouraged following opportunity of being funded architectural solution provides a chance to displacement re-establish a sense of place. ventilationradiant heatingradiant coolingpage 18 09 || 19 10 pageeco-friendly architectural solutionfocus: passive solar systems and solar gain passive ventilation systems and comfort cooling study on material properties, structural members and modification of an internal environement ventilation, thermal mass form study02.external night renderrequirements: propose an innovative solution for alpine plants to be covered and protected in direct expose to sunlight & naturally ventilated. lightweight structure had demonstrate knowledge on structural economy incorporating a minimum structural span of 7.0 metres.2016 Y2 location: Dundee, ScotlandCONCEPT1 223 4radiant cooling through cooled conrete slab gutters are installed as part of structural column. drainage pipes continue into substructure & divert rainwater away from concrete foundation135summer season > solar penetration is prevented by south facing facade of the secondary object that warm air of internal space is naturally cross & stack ventilated. odd angle of the secondary structure increases chances for winds blow from south-west4winter season > polycarbonated panels sun's direct radiation. then, gravel that covers concrete slab reflects5 page page 20 11 || 12\academic project: alpine pavilionalpine pavilionINITIAL STAGE OF SHAPE FINDINGFURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF FORMDEVELOPMENT OF SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGIESsite plan I @ 1:50 A 3eas t we st s e c ti on I @ 1 :5 0 A 3page page 13 21 || 141polycarbonate sheet connection to horizontal structural member2pin joint connecting structural members3 page page 22 15 ||steel column connections to foundationscommunity-based project03.internal spatial characterSpace for Practice was created to run as a fringe project alongside the 2016 Festival of Architecture, & Scotlandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Year of Innovation and Design 2016.focus: project responded to a real, specific, design problem needing to be solved the architect, asking to use analytical skills to question the existing situation and interpret clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; requirements proposal required working with limited budget project involved working together with local community members in order to maximise the potential of design proposals.respond: spaces are socially driven & environmentally responsible\live project: broughty ferryspace for practice programme: selected students were asked to address the problem of vacant station buildings at Broughty Ferryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s railway station. The primary aim of the project was to propose an appropriate, sustainable use for the buildings which sit at the heart of the town.all its forms & acts as sensitive addition to historic building architectural solution encourages users to organize their spaces according to their needs, in such a way it allows for business & spatial character rotation to happen.2016 Y2 location: Broughty Ferry, Scotlandclient: LeadClient, Jan McTaggart, representing the Broughty Ferry Traders Associationrecognitionevents/ publishing\ \ \ \ & explanation page 23 16 || 17 page(in)visible intervention is the relationship between history and new forms and ways of space arrangement. the scenario of the design solution could allow explicitly transform elements into an oportunity to insert a free culturaland business programs in building. it brings identity, rotation, generates interest and temporal ownership. \variable\repetative\mobile\flexibleOPTIONSDEVELOPMENT\live project: broughty ferrylocation: in the heart of townmain access: eastnorth-eastsunpath/ cast shadowsexisting condition: client requirement: intention: building is a grade listed low budget for the proposal there is opportunity for funding for small businesses solution should be environmentally friendly building is vacant, yet it is a central point in town. design should enhance an importance of a railway station, respect fabric of historic building & bring sustainable community together. the benefits of shared space not only generate generate architecture that is rich in character and distinct in identity, creating spaces that are socially driven and environmentally responsible.OPTIONSsolution: parti elements are of appropriate scale and are not competing with historic character of the building structures are flexible in order to meet needs of user(s) rotation of businesses is encouraged following opportunity of being funded architectural solution provides a chance to re-establish a sense of place.shape transparency positioningpage 18 | 19\live project: broughty ferry axonometric drawing: yellow colour illustrates contemporary addition to the building. unfortunately, it brought adverse consequences on historical site. what is more, conclusion of buildingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s negative impact to urbanscape has been drawn foll
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