AUDI CQ-LA1923L AM/FM/RDS RADIO with Stereo Cassette Tape Player / CD Changer Control

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ORDER AED AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS AUDI CQ-LA1923L AM/FM/RDS RADIO with Stereo Cassette Tape Player / CD Changer Control AUDI PART : 8L A VEHICLE : AUDI A3 DESTINATION : Europe PRODUCED AFTER : Dec., 1999 Specifications* General Power Supply DC 12V DC Negative ground Tape Player Test Voltage 13.2V Reproduction System 4-Track,2-Program Stereo Current Consumption Less than 3.0A (at 0.5W) Tape Speed 4.76cm/sec Maximaum Power Output 12W 12W Dimensions** (W H D) mm AM Radio Frequency Range Usable Sensitivity Seek Sensitivity FM Stereo Radio Frequency Range Usable Sensitivity Seek Sensitivity 531-1,602kHz 23dB/µV (S/N 20dB) 40dB/µV MHz 8dB/µV (S/N 30dB) 25dB/µV Weight** 1.6kg * Specifications and the design are subject to possible modification without notice due to improvements. ** Dimensions and Weight shown are approximate. Dolby noise reduction manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Dolby and the double-d symbol are trade marks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying and distribution is a violation of law. CONTENTS Page Page 1 FEATURES 2 2 REAR VIEW AND CONNECTORS 2 3 FRONT VIEW AND FUNCTIONS 3 4 WIRING CONNECTION 3 5 BLOCK DIAGRAM 4 6 TERMINALS DESCRIPTION 6 7 PACKAGE AND IC BLOCK DIAGRAM 8 8 ALIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS 11 9 ALIGNMENT POINTS REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST EXPLODED VIEW (Unit) WIRING DIAGRAM SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM FEATURES Negative Displayed LCD (8-figures, 5 7 dots) Traffic Information Memory SEEK Up/Down, SCAN Up function CD Changer Contorol function Dolby B Noise Reduction 2 REAR VIEW AND CONNECTORS Steering Remoto Control Untitheft System GALA System (Auto Volume Control for a car noise) Untitheft System (Code Number Memory) 3-Illumination Control Systems (Photo-sensor, Illumination Control-1, Illumination Control-2) Illumination Color: Audi Red 2 3 FRONT VIEW AND FUNCTIONS AUDI / CQ-LA1923L 4 WIRING CONNECTION 3 5 BLOCK DIAGRAM 5.1. Main Block 4 5.2. AMP/Display Block AUDI / CQ-LA1923L 5 6 TERMINALS DESCRIPTION 6.1. MAIN BLOCK IC601 C2BBGG Pin Name Descripotion I/O VolT (V) FM AM Tap e 1 RES Reset Input I XTAL X-tal I EXTAL X-tal I MD1 Connect to Vdd MD0 Connect to Vdd NMI Connect to Vdd STBY Connect to Vdd VDD Power Supply (+5V) CD-CLK Clock Input (from CD I Changer) 10 CD-DATA Data Input (from CD Changer) I CD-REMO Data Output (to CD Changer) O GND Connect to Ground ANT-CONT F. Antenna Votage Contorol O TIM MON TIM Memory status Input IN 15 S CONT ON/OFF S. CONT status monitor I T MUTE T. MUTE status monitor I ON/OFF 17 N CONT NAVI. MUTE status monitor I ON/OFF 18 BATT DET Low Votage detect I CONT S.Cont T.Mute N.Cont Signals Detect I P-ON POWER Switch ON/OFF I detect 21 LED CLK Clock Output (to LED) O LED DATA/LCD SID Data Output (to LED TIM LCD) I VOL UP Volume Up Signal Input I VOL DOWN Volume Down Signal Input I LCD Clock Output (to LCD E2 TIM) O SCLK/E2 CLK 26 LCD CS LCD Chip Select O R CLK R. Clock Output O RDS CLK Clock Input (for RDS) I VDD Power Supply (+5V) V CONT Signal Strength level Input I MP Multi-path Signal Input I NOISE Noise level Signal Input I P SENSOR IN Photo Sensor Signal Input I B +B Voltage Monitor I MONITOR 35 SP-OUT R SP Output Input (for Self I Check function) 36 F-ANT ANT+ Shor detect (for Self I Check function) 37 SP-OUT L SP Output Input (for Self Check function) I GND Connect to Ground RDS DATA Data Input (for RDS) I LCD SOD Data Input (from LCD) I LCD RESET Reset Output (to LCD) O STANDBY Power Control Output (for O Audio Circuit) 43 RADIO ON RADIO ANT VAR ON Signal Output O TIM ST Strobe Signal for TIM O Pin Name Descripotion I/O VolT (V) FM AM Tap e 45 P-ON H LCD INDICATOR Illumination O ON Signal 46 WARNING TONE(NC) 47 VDD Power Supply (+5V) E2 DI Data Output (to EEPROM) O E2 CE Chip Enable Output (to O EEPROM) 50 GALA GALA Signal Input I AF MUTE Audio Mute Signal Output O MUTE Mute Signal Output (for Audio O Power Amp.) 53 E2 DO Data Input (from EEPROM) I E-VOL Data Output (to Main Volume O DATA Control) 55 E-VOL CLK Clock Output (to Main Volume O Control) 56 GND Connect to Ground PLL DI Data Output (to PLL) O PLL DO Data Input (from PLL) I PLL CLK Clock Output (to PLL) O PLL CE Chip Enable Output (to PLL) O MON Tape Deck Powr ON control O Output 62 TMS Tape Music Sensor Signal I Input 63 A/B OUT Tape Play Side (A/B) Select O Signal Output 64 DOLBY Doby ON/OFF Signal Output O PLAY SW Play SW Signal Input (from I Tape Deck) 66 DATA OUT Data Output (to Tape Deck) O T MONITOR Thermal Sensor Input (from Tape Deck) I DATA IN Data Input (from Tape Deck) I T ENA Tape Deck Enable O SV ST Strobe Output (to Sub Volume O Conttol) 71 SV CLK Clock Output (to Sub Volume O Conttol) 72 SV DATA Data Output (to Sub Volume O Conttol) 73 GND Connect to Ground S-uCOM Clock Output (to Sub CPU) O CLK 75 S-uCOM data Output (to Sub CPU) O DATA OUT 76 S-uCOM Data Input (form Sub CPU) I DATA IN 77 ESET OUT Reset Output (to Sub CPU) O K-LINE OUT Serial Data Output (to Car System) O K-LINE IN Serial Data Input (from Car I System) 80 CLK I/O Clock In/Out (for Tape Deck) I/O IC604 C2ABDD Pin Name Description I/O Vol. (V) 1 (NC) 2 (NC) 3 P. Photo Sensor ILL Output O 4.9 SENSOR OUT 4 2ND DISP Enable Input (from 2nd Display) I 0 ENA IN 5 2ND DISP Enable Output (to 2nd Display) O 4.9 ENA OUT 6 2ND DISP Clock Output (to 2nd Display) O 0 CLK 7 2ND DISP Data Output (to 2nd Display) O 0 DATA 8-16 (NC) 17 VSS Ground 0 18 XT1 Connect to Ground 0 19 (NC) 20 RESET Reset Input I XTAL (X1) Connect to X-tal I XTAL (X2) Connect to X-tal I S- Steering Remoto Control Input I 0 REMCON 24 ILL 1 ILL1 (Button) Self Check Input I ILL 2 ILL2 (LCD Indicator) Input I 0 26 AMP+ Self Check (AMP+) O SP-OUT SP Self Check Control Output O 0 CONT 28 (NC) 29 S-uCOM Data Input (from Main CPU) I 2.7 DATA OUT 30 S-uCOM Data Output (to Main CPU) O 2.0 DATA IN 31 S-uCOM Clock Input (from Main CPU) I 4.9 CLK 32 INT4 Connect to Ground 0 33 TI0 Connect to Ground 0 34 (NC) 35 INT2 Connect to Ground 0 36 INT1 Ground 0 37 Ign. Ign. Signal Input I 0 38 (NC) 39 VDD Power Supply C NAVI/TEL Mix Control (C) O 0 41 B NAVI/TEL Mix Control (B) O A NAVI/TEL Mix Control (A) O BOSE/NOR BOSE/NORMAL Select Output O 4.9 MAL 44 (NC) 6.2. DISPLAY BLOCK IC601 YEAMH66720F2 Pin Name Descripotion I/O Vol. (V) 1-24 SEG 24-S47 Segment Signal output O SEG48 (NC) 26 SEG49 (NC) 27 SEG50 (NC) COM1-7 Common Signal output O COM8 (NC) 36 COMS Common Signal output O 1.0 (for Icon Segment) 37 V1 Connect to Power Supply 2.9 (for LCD Drive) 38 V2 Connect to Power Supply 1.0 (for LCD Drive) 39 V3 Connect to Power Supply 1.0 (for LCD Drive) 40 V4 Connect to Power Supply 0 (for LCD Drive) 41 V5 Connect to Power Supply 0 (for LCD Drive) 42 V5OUT3 (NC) 43 V5OUT2 Stepup Voltage output O 0 (Vci 2) 44 GND Connect to ground 0 45 C1 Connect to Capacitor (for 0 Voltage Stepup) 46 C2 Connect to Capacitor (for 0.8 Voltage Stepup) 47 Vci Input Voltage for Voltage I 3.1 Stepup Circuit 48 VCC Connect to Power Supply OSC1 Oscillator output I OSC2 Oscillator Input O CL1 (NC) 52 CL2 (NC) 53 D (NC) 54 M (NC) 55 CS Chip Select Input I SCLK Serial Clock Input I SID Serial Data Input I 0 58 SOD Serial Data Output O NL Display Line Select Input 0 60 RESET Reset Signal Input I TEST2 Test Terminal TEST1 Test Terminal GND Connect to ground 0 64 LED0 (NC) 65 LED1 (NC) 66 IRQ (NC) KST0-4 Key Matrix Output O KST5 (NC) KIN0-2 Key Matrix Input I KIN3-4 Key Matrix Input I SEG1-23 Segment Signal output11 O 1.0 AUDI / CQ-LA1923L 7 7 PACKAGE AND IC BLOCK DIAGRAM PA101 : YEP0PTA513B0 IC501 : YEAMS6789A 8 IC1 : YEAMCX1980QK IC302 : YEAMM62419T1 IC281 : AN7190NKLC IC603 : AN8065SE1 IC353 : C1BA IC502 : YEAMS6684B IC701 : YEAMLC72146T IC602 : YEAMS2922ADF IC703 : YEAMDA7330BD IC503 : YEAM74HC595T 10 8 ALIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS AUDI / CQ-LA1923L 8.1. Alignment Conditions Power Supply Voltage : DC13.2V Output Impedance : 4Ω Output Power : 0.5W Balance, Fader Control : center Bass, Treble Control : Center Dolby NR: OFF Note : Do not align the FM/AM package block. When the package block is necessary, it will be supplied already aligned at the factory Dolby NR Alignment Step Alignment Item Test Tape VTVM Connection Adjust Remarks (1) DOLBY NR Rch RFKZ0038 TP7 VR201 Adjust for 388mV ±0.5dB (2) DOLBY NR Lch RFKZ0038 TP6 VR301 Adjust for 388mV ±0.5dB 9 ALIGNMENT POINTS 11 10 REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST Notes : 1. Be sure to make your orders of replacement parts according to this list. 2. Important safety notice: Components, identified by mark have special characteristics important for safety. When replacing any of these components, use only manufacturer s specified parts. 3. Location keys in the remarks column indicates the general location of the parts shown in the exploded drawing, as in a road map. 4. The marking (RTL) indicates that Retention Time is limited for this item. After the discontinuation of assembly in production, the item will continue to be available for a specific period of time. The retention period of availability is dependent on the type of assembly, and in accordance with the laws governing part and product retention. After the end of this period, the assembly will no longer be available. 5. MCC marks in remarks column are indicated supply parts of Matsushita Communication Industrial Corp. of America (MCC). Ref. Part Part Name & Description Remarks [E6619F] Main Block IC s and TRANSISTORs IC1 YEAMCX1980QK IC IC51 YEAMPC78L05T IC IC52 YEAMPC78M08A IC IC101 AN6564NST1 IC IC151 C0ABCB IC IC203 YEAMM5218AFE IC IC204 YEAMTC4W53FT IC IC205 C0ABCB IC IC251 YEAMPD4053E2 IC IC281 AN7190NKLC IC IC302 YEAMM62419T1 IC IC335 C0ABCB IC IC351 YEAMPD4053E2 IC IC352 YEAMM5218AFE IC IC353 C1BA IC IC354 C0ABCB IC IC501 YEAMS6789A IC IC502 YEAMS6684B IC IC503 YEAM74HC595T IC IC601 C2BBGG IC IC602 YEAMS2922ADF IC IC603 AN8065SE1 IC IC604 C2ABDD IC IC605 C0JBAA IC IC606 YEAMC14584BE IC IC607 YEAMPC78M08A IC IC608 YEAMPC78N05H IC IC701 YEAMLC72146T IC IC703 YEAMDA7330BD IC IC781 YEAMM5218AFE IC PA101 YEP0PTA513B0 Electronic Tuner Q51 B1ADJC Transistor Q52 YEANC114YKX Transistor Q53 2SB1073TX Transistor Q54 YEANC2412KTX Transistor Q55 B1BBAC Transistor Q101 B1GBCFNN0004 Transistor Q201 YEANC3661TA Transistor Q202 YEANC3661TA Transistor Q253 YEANC3661TA Transistor Q254 YEANC3661TA Transistor Ref. Part Part Name & Description Remarks Q301 YEANC3661TA Transistor Q302 YEANC3661TA Transistor Q350 B1GBCFNN0004 Transistor Q353 YEANC3661TA Transistor Q354 YEANC3661TA Transistor Q401 B1GBCFNN0004 Transistor Q403 B1GDCFJJ0002 Transistor Q501 B1GDCFNN0002 Transistor Q502 B1GBCFNN0004 Transistor Q600 YEANC2412KTX Transistor Q601 YEANC114YKX Transistor Q602 2SB1073TX Transistor Q603 B1ADJC Transistor Q604 B1BBAC Transistor Q605 2SD1328STTX Transistor Q606 2SD1280TX Transistor Q607 B1GBCFNN0004 Transistor Q608 B1BBAC Transistor Q671 2SD1328STTX Transistor Q681 YEANC2412KTX Transistor Q682 B1ADJC Transistor Q683 B1GBCFNN0004 Transistor Q688 B1GDCFJN0004 Transistor Q689 B1ABCF Transistor Q691 B1GDCFNN0002 Transistor Q692 YEANC2412KTX Transistor Q701 YEAN2SK536TB Transistor Q702 2SB1073TX Transistor Q703 YEANC114YKX Transistor Q721 B1BBAC Transistor Q722 2SD1328STTX Transistor Q723 B1ADJC Transistor Q724 YEANC114YKX Transistor Q730 B1GDCFJN0004 Transistor Q773 B1GBHBEA0004 Transistor Q774 B1GBHBEA0004 Transistor Q775 B1ABCF Transistor Q776 B1ABCF Transistor Q777 B1GBCFNN0004 Transistor Q778 YEANFP1F3PT1 Transistor Q801 B1ABCF Transistor Q901 YEANC2412KTX Transistor Q902 YEANC2412KTX Transistor Q903 B1ABCF Transistor Q904 B1GDCFNN0002 Transistor Q905 B1GDCFNN0002 Transistor Q906 YEANC3661TA Transistor DIODEs D51 YEADRD10M2T2 Diode D52 YEADRD43M2T2 Diode D151 MA153TX Diode D152 MA153TX Diode D156 MA152WKTX Diode D401 MA3X152K0L Diode D601 MA3X152K0L Diode D602 YEADRD56M3T1 Diode D603 MA3X152K0L Diode D604 YEADRD56M2T1 Diode D605 YEADRD56M3T1 Diode D607 MA159TX Diode D608 MA159TX Diode D613 MA152WATX Diode D615 MA152WATX Diode D616 MA152WKTX Diode D681 MA152WKTX Diode D683 YEAD1SS355T1 Diode D697 MA152WATX Diode D701 B0BC5R Diode D702 MA3X152K0L Diode D711 MA159TX Diode D721 YEADRD82M2T2 Diode 12 Ref. Part Part Name & Description Remarks D722 B0BC5R Diode D730 MA741TX Diode D731 B0BC5R Diode D732 MA3X152K0L Diode D733 MA152WATX Diode D734 MA152WKTX Diode D741 MA3X152K0L Diode D742 MA159TX Diode D761 MA152WATX Diode D771 YEAD11ES2T Diode D772 YEAD11ES2T Diode D773 MA159TX Diode D782 YEADDSM3MA2T Diode D783 YEADRB051L40 Diode D784 MA721TX Diode D785 YEADRB051L40 Diode D786 MA8068MTX Diode D801 MA152WKTX Diode D802 B0BC5R Diode D901 MA152WATX Diode D902 MA152WATX Diode D903 MA3X152K0L Diode D904 MA152WATX Diode D905 MA152WATX Diode D906 MA3X152K0L Diode D908 MA3X152K0L Diode CAPACITORs C1 YECUS1H331JM Ceramic, 330PF 50WV C2 YECUS1H331JM Ceramic, 330PF 50WV C3 YECUS1H331JM Ceramic, 330PF 50WV C4 YECUS1H331JM Ceramic, 330PF 50WV C5 ECEA1AKA330I Electrolytic, 33µF 10WV C6 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C7 ECEA1HKAR22I Electrolytic, 0.22µF 50WV C8 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C9 YECUS1C104KX Ceramic, 0.1µF 16WV C10 ECEA1AKA330I Electrolytic, 33µF 10WV C11 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C12 ECEA1HKAR22I Electrolytic, 0.22µF 50WV C13 ECEA1AKA330I Electrolytic, 33µF 10WV C14 YECUS1H103ZF Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C15 YECUS1C104KX Ceramic, 0.1µF 16WV C16 YECUS1E333KX Ceramic, 0.033µF 25WV C17 ECEA1HKA010I Electrolytic, 1µF 50WV C18 YECUS1H153KX Ceramic, 0.015µF 50WV C19 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C50 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C51 YECUS1E104ZF Ceramic, 0.1µF 25WV C52 YECUS1E104ZF Ceramic, 0.1µF 25WV C53 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C54 ECEA1HKA010I Electrolytic, 1µF 50WV C55 YECUS1E104ZF Ceramic, 0.1µF 25WV C56 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C57 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C58 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C60 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C102 YECUS1H102KX Ceramic, 1000PF 50WV C103 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C104 ECEA1AKA101I Electrolytic, 100µF 10WV C105 YECUS1E223KX Ceramic, 0.022µF 25WV C106 YECUS1H153KX Ceramic, 0.015µF 50WV C107 YECUS1C154KX Ceramic, 0.15µF 16WV C108 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C109 YECUS1H183KX Ceramic, 0.018µF 50WV C110 YECUS1C154KX Ceramic, 0.15µF 16WV C111 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C112 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C113 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C114 YECUS1H102KX Ceramic, 1000PF 50WV C115 YECUS1H102KX Ceramic, 1000PF 50WV C117 YECUS1H103ZF Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV Ref. Part Part Name & Description Remarks C118 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C119 YECUS1E223KX Ceramic, 0.022µF 25WV C120 YECUS1H103ZF Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C121 ECEA1AKA221I Electrolytic, 220µF 10WV C150 F1J1C274A006 Ceramic, 0.27µF 16WV C152 YECUS1H122KX Ceramic, 1200PF 50WV C153 YECUS1H152KX Ceramic, µF 50WV C154 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C155 YECUS1H151JM Ceramic, 150PF 50WV C156 YECUS1H151JM Ceramic, 150PF 50WV C157 YECUS1H151JM Ceramic, 150PF 50WV C158 YECUS1H102KX Ceramic, 1000PF 50WV C159 YECUS1H100DM Ceramic, 10PF 50WV C160 YECUS1H102KX Ceramic, 1000PF 50WV C161 YECUS1E223KX Ceramic, 0.022µF 25WV C163 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C164 YECUS1H151JM Ceramic, 150PF 50WV C169 YECUS1H103ZF Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C200 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C201 ECEA1HKA010I Electrolytic, 1µF 50WV C202 ECEA1AKA220I Electrolytic, 22µF 10WV C203 ECEA1HKA2R2I Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C211 YECUS1H153KX Ceramic, 0.015µF 50WV C213 YECUS1C563KX Ceramic, 0.056µF 16WV C214 YECUS1H562KX Ceramic, 5600PF 50WV C215 YECUS1H562KX Ceramic, 5600PF 50WV C216 YECUS1H153KX Ceramic, 0.015µF 50WV C218 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C219 YECUS1C104KX Ceramic, 0.1µF 16WV C222 YECUS1H221JM Ceramic, 220PF 50WV C223 YECUS1H680JM Ceramic, 68PF 50WV C224 ECEA1EKA4R7I Electrolytic, 4.7µF 25WV C225 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C226 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C227 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C229 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C230 ECEA1HKA2R2I Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C231 ECEA1HKA2R2I Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C241 YECUS1C154KX Ceramic, 0.15µF 16WV C245 YECUS1C474KX Ceramic, 0.47µF 16WV C246 ECEA1AKA220I Electrolytic, 22µF 10WV C253 ECEA1HKA2R2B Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C254 ECEA1HKA2R2B Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C255 ECEA1AKA470I Electrolytic, 47µF 10WV C256 ECEA1AKA470I Electrolytic, 47µF 10WV C258 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C259 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C276 YECUS1H181JM Ceramic, 180PF 50WV C281 YECUS1H471JM Ceramic, 470PF 50WV C282 ECQV1H224JL2 Plastic Film, 0.22µF 50WV C283 ECQV1H224JL2 Plastic Film, 0.22µF 50WV C284 ECEA1CKA330B Electrolytic, 33µF 16WV C292 ECEA1HKA010I Electrolytic, 1µF 50WV C293 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C294 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C296 ECEA1HKA010I Electrolytic, 1µF 50WV C297 YECUS1H222KX Ceramic, 2200PF 50WV C298 YECUS1H222KX Ceramic, 2200PF 50WV C300 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C301 ECEA1HKA010I Electrolytic, 1µF 50WV C303 ECEA1HKA2R2I Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C311 YECUS1H153KX Ceramic, 0.015µF 50WV C313 YECUS1C563KX Ceramic, 0.056µF 16WV C314 YECUS1H562KX Ceramic, 5600PF 50WV C315 YECUS1H562KX Ceramic, 5600PF 50WV C316 YECUS1H153KX Ceramic, 0.015µF 50WV C319 YECUS1C104KX Ceramic, 0.1µF 16WV C321 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C322 YECUS1H221JM Ceramic, 220PF 50WV C323 YECUS1H680JM Ceramic, 68PF 50WV C324 ECEA1EKA4R7I Electrolytic, 4.7µF 25WV C325 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C326 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV 13 Ref. Part Part Name & Description Remarks C327 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C328 YECUS1E104ZF Ceramic, 0.1µF 25WV C329 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C330 ECEA1HKA2R2I Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C331 ECEA1HKA2R2I Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C338 YECUS1C224ZF Ceramic, 0.22µF 16WV C345 YECUS1C474KX Ceramic, 0.47µF 16WV C346 ECEA1AKA220I Electrolytic, 22µF 10WV C350 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C352 YECUS1H103ZF Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C353 ECEA1HKA2R2B Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C354 ECEA1HKA2R2I Electrolytic, 2.2µF 50WV C355 ECEA1AKA470B Electrolytic, 47µF 10WV C356 ECEA1AKA470I Electrolytic, 47µF 10WV C358 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C359 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C360 YECUS1C124KX Ceramic, 0.12µF 16WV C361 YECUS1C224ZF Ceramic, 0.22µF 16WV C376 YECUS1H181JM Ceramic, 180PF 50WV C381 YECUS1H471JM Ceramic, 470PF 50WV C382 ECQV1H224JL2 Plastic Film, 0.22µF 50WV C383 ECQV1H224JL2 Plastic Film, 0.22µF 50WV C392 ECEA1HKA010I Electrolytic, 1µF 50WV C393 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C394 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C397 YECUS1H222KX Ceramic, 2200PF 50WV C398 YECUS1H222KX Ceramic, 2200PF 50WV C401 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C403 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C404 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C405 YECUS1H102KX Ceramic, 1000PF 50WV C502 ECEA0JKA101I Electrolytic, 100µF 6.3WV C503 YECUS1E104ZF Ceramic, 0.1µF 25WV C504 YECUS1C104KX Ceramic, 0.1µF 16WV C505 YECUS1H471JM Ceramic, 470PF 50WV C506 YECUS1C224ZF Ceramic, 0.22µF 16WV C507 ECEA1CKA100B Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C508 ECEA1CKA100B Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C509 YECUS1E104ZF Ceramic, 0.1µF 25WV C510 YECUS1H471JM Ceramic, 470PF 50WV C511 YECUS1E223KX Ceramic, 0.022µF 25WV C512 YECUS1H103ZF Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C514 YECUS1H103ZF Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C600 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C601 YECUS1H150JM Ceramic, 15PF 50WV C602 YECUS1H150JM Ceramic, 15PF 50WV C603 ECEA1CKA100I Electrolytic, 10µF 16WV C604 YECUS1C104KX Ceramic, 0.1µF 16WV C605 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C606 ECEA0JKA221I Electrolytic, 220µF 6.3WV C608 YECUS1C224ZF Ceramic, 0.22µF 16WV C609 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C610 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C611 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C613 YECUS1C104KX Ceramic, 0.1µF 16WV C616 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C617 YECUS1H103KX Ceramic, 0.01µF 50WV C618 YECUS1C224ZF Ceramic, 0.22µF 16WV C619 YECUS1C224ZF Ceramic, 0.22µF 16WV C620 YECUS1H101JM Ceramic, 100PF 50WV C6
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