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APSCC Monthly e Newsletter JULY 2018 The Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) e Newsletter is produced on a monthly basis as part of APSCC s information services for members and professionals
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APSCC Monthly e Newsletter JULY 2018 The Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) e Newsletter is produced on a monthly basis as part of APSCC s information services for members and professionals in the satellite industry. Subscribe to the APSCC monthly newsletter and be updated with the latest satellite industry news as well as APSCC activities! To renew your subscription, please visit To unsubscribe, send an to with a title Unsubscribe. News in this issue has been collected from June 1 to June 30. INSIDE APSCC APSCC 2018 Satellite Conference & Exhibition 2 4 October, Shangri La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, The APSCC Satellite Conference and Exhibition is Asia s must attend executive conference for the satellite and space industry, where business leaders come together to gain market insight, strike partnerships and conclude business deals. The APSCC 2018 Satellite Conference & Exhibition, with the theme #SATECHconnect, will incorporate industry veterans and new players into the program to reach out to a broader audience. Mark your calendar for the APSCC 2018 and expand your business network while hearing from a broad range of thought provoking panels and speakers representing visionary ideas and years of business experience in the industry. Contact for general inquiries to the APSCC APSCC 2018 Youth Development Workshop 4 October 2018, Shangri La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, The APSCC Youth Development Workshop is a platform for the brightest up and coming engineering students in the Asia Pacific region to connect with leading satellite and space industry experts and to learn more about the opportunities in the satellite and space sector. The 3rd Youth Development Workshop will be held on October 4 at Shangri La Jakarta Hotel for university students who are interested in the satellite and space industry. This one day workshop consists of educational sessions including Satellite Communications Fundamentals, Satellite Communications Regulation, and Satellite Telecommunications Market Overview and a hands on activity. Dr. Soyeon Yi, the first and only astronaut in Korea will lead the workshop as the Chair! APSCC Welcomes HISe, Inc. as a New Regular Member HISe, Inc. (pronounced as his ee ) is a Washington DC, USA based consulting company. HISe serves clients mainly from Asia Pacific Region and USA for strategic advisories and market development supports for the space and telecommunications fields. HISe s strength and expertise are to connect players between Asia and US markets, leveraging rigorous experiences of Eddie Kato, Founder & President of HISe and his partners. SATELLITE BUSINESS Myanmar Expands Relationship with Intelsat for Network Infrastructure Deployment June 1, 2018 Intelsat announced that the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) of Myanmar has broadened its relationship with Intelsat to accelerate the deployment of the country s wireless communications infrastructure in Myanmar. The MOTC will utilize services on Intelsat 39, a Kuand C band satellite which is scheduled to replace Intelsat 902 at 62 East in Under the new multiyear, multi transponder agreement, Intelsat 39 will host both C and Ku band satellite services for Myanmarsat 2 which will enable the Government of Myanmar to significantly enhance its existing network as well as the networks of other mobile operators and media companies. This will advance the expansion of affordable, high speed broadband and internet connectivity to government agencies, businesses and communities throughout the country. It will also support and advance the MOTC s goal of ensuring that 95 percent of its population will have access to broadband connectivity by APSCC Monthly e Newsletter 1 July 2018 US DoD Contracts MEO Services via Blanket Purchase Agreement with SES Government Solutions June 4, 2018 SES Government Solutions (SES GS), a wholly owned subsidiary of SES, has signed a singleaward Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) low latency High Throughput Satellite (HTS) services. The total amount of all orders placed against the BPA cannot exceed USD million over a five year period of performance from 1 May 2018 through 30 April With this agreement, U.S. DoD customers will have the opportunity to access SES s industry leading O3b MEO services worldwide. The BPA scope of work includes managed services (HTS capacity and broadband services, gateway services, and monitoring and control services), satellite terminals, field service representative (FSR) support, training and terrestrial backhaul. Navarino Announces Strategic Partnership with Intelsat June 4, 2018 Navarino, the maritime industry s leading technology company, announced that it will add maritime connectivity services from Intelsat S.A. to its portfolio of connectivity solutions. Under the agreement, Navarino will introduce innovative Intelsat satellite services delivered from the award winning IntelsatOne Flex platform, a global managed service designed to optimize bandwidth allocations and provide flexible coverage where it is needed most. With this service set to be introduced to customers in Q3 2018, Navarino CEO Dimitris Tsikopoulos is expecting a high level of interest in the new possibilities that the Intelsat/Navarino collaboration will bring. Intellian Unveils Next gen 85cm Ku to Ka band Satellite Antenna System June 5, 2018 Intellian unveils its new 85cm Ku to Ka band convertible maritime VSAT antenna, the v85nx. This next generation v85nx is the lightest and best performing 80cm class terminal available with a number of key features that make it easier to install, operate and maintain. The brand new 85cm antenna is both smaller, lighter and has better RF performance. Its form factor gives smaller vessels access to 1 meter designated networks. With a highly efficient RF design, the performance in the Ku band is increased about 1.5dB compared to existing 80cm systems. The entire NX range of antennas from Intellian will share modular components, which will reduce the number of spare parts by more than 30% and lower the total cost of ownership for the systems. Also, the modular component design improves reliability and enables easy maintenance. Intelsat Joins Smart Africa to Help Accelerate Africa s Digital Transformation June 5, 2018 Intelsat S.A. has joined Smart Africa during the Transform Africa Summit held in Kigali in May Established in 2013, Smart Africa is a bold and innovative commitment to accelerate sustainable socioeconomic development on the continent and usher Africa into the knowledge economy through affordable access to broadband and usage of ICT. The Smart Africa Initiative is geared towards connecting, innovating and transforming the continent into a knowledge economy thereby driving global competitiveness and job creation. The initiative also aims at enabling Member States to become more competitive, agile, open and innovative smart economies with the most favorable business climates that attracts large scale investments, rewards entrepreneurship and enables fast growth and exports, leveraging ICT innovations to transform African nations into smart societies. Comtech EF Data and Kepler Communications Collaborate to Advance Rapidly Deployable Satellite Communications June 5, 2018 Comtech EF Data and Kepler Communications announced collaboration to advance rapidly deployable, low cost, low latency communications via Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and ground station infrastructure equipment. Kepler Communication's first Ku Band LEO satellite, KIPP, was launched on January 19, 2018, enabling data offload services to remote communities and maritime markets. KIPP is the first in a planned constellation of up to 140 LEO satellites that will provide real time global connectivity by Today, KIPP is tasked with delivering Kepler's Store and Forward service for the transmission of latent tolerable data. Kepler Communications contracted with Comtech EF Data's AHA Products Group to provide the on board satellite waveform processing technology to operate on its flexible software defined satellite radio payload. Kepler Communications also contracted with Comtech EF Data to provide its industry leading CDM 760 Advanced High Speed Trunking and Broadcast Modem to perform satellite to ground testing and ground to satellite data services. IsoTropic Achieves Excellent Performance with New idirect iq 200 Remote June 5, 2018 A live, over the air test of DVB S2/S2X conducted by IsoTropic Networks, a global solutions provider of satellite Internet services, found that early tests of the new idirect iq 200 Series were able to APSCC Monthly e Newsletter 2 July 2018 outperform competitive products reaching close to 200 Mbps aggregate throughput. With so much market hype, IsoTropic decided to test the performance of DVB S2/S2X products to determine their realworld capabilities to ensure their customers were guaranteed superior services using best in class technology. IsoTropic tested the new idirect iq 200 Series in a lab setting with a MODCOD of 256APSK, achieving close to 200 Mbps aggregate throughput. The IsoTropic team then conducted live over the air (OTA) tests saturating a 36 MHz transponder, using 32APSK and a 1.2m antenna, having the iq 200 operated at speeds of over 130 Mbps with zero errors or packets loss. In both lab and over the air test scenarios, the iq 200 outperformed competitors. Inmarsat Signs Collaboration Agreement with Hellenic Space Agency June 6, 2018 Inmarsat has signed a MoU with the Hellenic Space Agency (HSA) to allow greater collaboration on research and potential technology development. The HSA is mandated by the Hellenic Republic to promote space and technology and foster research activities related to advance scientific engineering within the framework of Greek government policy. The MOU will specifically look at collaboration on research and development opportunities in space and ground segment technologies, as well as exchange of data. Additionally, the two organizations will look at the role of satellite within the Internet of Things (IoT) and the potential for strategic research studies on future maritime software technologies and broader space policy. Finally, there is also an opportunity for secondments between the two organizations. NigComSat Upgrades idirect Network to Expand into Growing West Africa Market June 6, 2018 VT idirect announced that Nigerian Communications Satellite (NigComSat), a leading satellite operator and service provider based in Nigeria, has upgraded its idirect network to the latest Evolution 4.1 software to achieve significant gains in bandwidth efficiency and enhance customer experience. With the upgrade of its extensive C band and Ku band networks, NigComSat, which manages idirect hubs in Lagos and Abuja, will be able to expand further into key markets such as government, defense, maritime, education, enterprise and cellular backhaul. Evolution 4.1 enables service providers to launch DVB S2X networks and increase the performance and efficiency of DVB S2 networks, unlocking High Throughput Satellite (HTS) capacity to maximize throughput and offer cost effective services. As part of the second phase of the upgrade to DVB S2X, NigComSat will install idirect s high performance Universal Line Cards and Intelligent Gateway (igw) virtualization appliance to improve hub density and network processing. Globecomm Adds Iridium Certus to Maritime Connectivity Portfolio June 6, 2018 Globecomm, one of the leading providers of maritime connectivity services, has signed an agreement to become a maritime distribution partner of the new Iridium Certus mobile broadband satellite service from Iridium Communications. The agreement enables Globecomm to further extend its portfolio of satellite, LTE and hybrid connectivity solutions and integrate all of its value added services, increasing choice for shipowners and operators. Shaped entirely around user needs, Globecomm Maritime provides robust and secure end to end solutions for enterprise and crew communications, IoT and M2M services. Underpinned by Iridium s $3 billion investment in the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation, Iridium Certus is currently undergoing live testing, with plans to offer speeds of 352 Kbps on launch, upgradable to 704 Kbps, via small terminals and solid state, active array antennas. Future throughput speeds will reach approximately 1.4 Mbps and Iridium Certus will also enable multiple streaming and safety services designed to provide reliable connectivity in the harshest environments. SES Announces 10 Project Partners in QUARTZ Satellite Cybersecurity Consortium June 7, 2018 Ten project partners comprising research organisations, universities and leading industry representatives have joined the SES led consortium to develop the Quantum Cryptography Telecommunication System (QUARTZ), SES announced. The new members of the consortium will develop a system that will generate encryption keys in space, and securely transmit those keys to users on Earth via laser. In order to achieve delivery of a reliable, globally available cybersecurity system and deliver nextgeneration encryption keys to networks in geographically dispersed areas, the new platform will leverage the unique advantages of satellite, including global reach and unlimited coverage. The development of QUARTZ is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) under a recently announced agreement with SES. In the project framework, SES and partners will define, design and develop a satellite based Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system and service architecture, which will include the future service and the core technologies, as well as ground end to end testing. QUARTZ applications will address the needs of users APSCC Monthly e Newsletter 3 July 2018 such as telecommunication operators, financial organisations, infrastructure providers, institutions and governmental organisations. U.S. FCC Expands Market Access for SES O3b MEO Constellation June 8, 2018 SES has been granted, by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), authorization to serve the U.S. market using a significantly expanded O3b fleet in the Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). The FCC grant opens significant additional frequencies to SES for use in its non geostationary (NGSO) constellation and enables it to deploy O3b mpower satellites into inclined and equatorial orbits, delivering full global pole to pole coverage. A total of 26 new O3b satellites are authorized, in addition to the 16 satellites already operational and in orbit. The grant allows SES to add 4 satellites to its existing O3b constellation, which are scheduled for launch next year, and provides the framework for SES to triple its next generation O3b mpower fleet by giving U.S. market access for another 22 super powered satellites, of which 7 are currently under construction and scheduled for launch starting in Fraunhofer IIS Demonstrates Direct IoT Connectivity via GEO Satellite June 8, 2018 The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS has successfully demonstrated the direct transmission of sensor data from multiple transmitters via a geostationary satellite. For the test transmission, the institute employed portable, ground based transmitters equipped with small, omnidirectional C band antennas. Fraunhofer IIS developed this particular transmission method specifically for Internet of Things applications that use satellites (Satellite IoT). The particular challenges associated with using GEO satellites for IoT applications are, first, the vast distance between the transmitters and the satellites (about 36,000 km) and, second, that satellites in orbit tend to use the same frequencies. This is why antennas on the ground must be relatively large, with high amplification and suitable directional capabilities, to minimize interference to neighboring satellites and systems. KT to Bring Next Tech Revolution to Space and North Korea June 11, 2018 KT Corp., South Korea's largest telecommunications company, said that its satellite business operator will gear up efforts to bring the next technology revolution to outer space as well as the Korean peninsula. KT SAT employees inspect satellite antennas at the Kumsan Satellite Service Center on June 7. KT SAT Co., Ltd., Korea's only satellite service provider, aims to become the seventh largest satellite operator in the world by 2025, up from its current 18th rank. To achieve this, it will focus on using latest 5G mobile technologies in outer space, applying quantum cryptography to satellite communication, and providing a blockchain service for secure data sharing. As two Koreas move toward peace recently, KT SAT expects to launch its satellite service in North Korea, a potential market for communications and broadcasting networks. KT Corp. has created a special task force to support inter Korean cooperation and expand exchanges in ICT following April's landmark summit between North and South Korea. Sky and Space Global Signed a Binding Agreement with IATAS June 12, 2018 Sky and Space Global (SAS) has signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the International Air Traffic Automation Systems (IATAS) to explore expansion and development opportunities surrounding the integration of the SAS network across the IATAS platform. This is the Company s first agreement within the commercial aviation services sector and serves as a framework agreement to commence discussions regarding new collaborative commercial and technical opportunities between SAS and IATAS. These opportunities may be directly with airline customers or in a joint venture capacity. In addition to this, discussions have commenced to secure a binding, definitive agreement for IATAS to incorporate the SAS network into its service offering and commercialise its services in line with SAS s nano satellite network infrastructure. The IATAS platforms include real time solutions for air traffic control surveillance, interactive airport mapping for pilots, remote tower operations, automated air traffic control systems, digital black boxes and anti collision software. TÜV Rheinland Announces Launch of its Global Industrial Cybersecurity Center in Kuala Lumpur June 12, 2018 TÜV Rheinland announces the launch of its global Industrial Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CoE) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Centre of Excellence will address the cybersecurity needs of its industrial clients such as manufacturing companies, plant operators, energy and utility companies, transportation and transit system operators to secure their operational technology landscape. In a rapidly evolving digitalization of markets across all businesses there is a significant need and demand for deep Industrial Security skills and expertise that this Centre of Excellence will continue to develop worldwide. Under the Global Centre of Excellence, the first Operational Technology (OT) Security Lab APSCC Monthly e Newsletter 4 July 2018 based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will serve as the Regional Hub for showcasing industrial cybersecurity technology, knowledge and client consultations. The Operational Technology Security Lab will provide a safe controlled environment for clients to experience scenario based simulations to test and demonstrate industrial systems vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats. Viasat Acquires Horsebridge Defence and Security June 13, 2018 Viasat Inc. acquired Horsebridge Defence and Security, a UK based company focused on design, system integration and support of deployable secure networks. Through this acquisition the Viasat UK group gains deeper military communications integration expertise; enabling the Company to continue to grow its business in the UK defence market by delivering mission critical ground based communication networks and services. From their UK base in Cheltenham, Horsebridge Defence and Securi
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