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AP US Unit 1 Exam

Unit 1 AP US exam
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   AP US History UNIT 1 EXAM Multiple Choice (2 pts each) 1.   The transfer of flora and fauna between old world and new world after the arrival of Columbus’ voyage is called  a.   The Columbian Exchange b.   The Global Exchange c.   The New World Exchange d.   The One-Way Flow e.   The Axiom of Choice 2.   This Spanish Conquistador helped to destroy the Aztec Empire in central Mexico. a.   Pizarro b.   Columbus c.   Magellan d.   Cortes e.   Verrazano 3.   This explorer and adventurer helped to create England’s first attempt at colonization of Roanoke Island a.   Sir Francis Drake b.   Sir Walter Raleigh c.   Sir Stuyvesant d.   Capt. John Smith e.   Lady Anne Hutchinson 4.   The first successful English colony in America was a.   Plymouth Colony b.   Mass. Bay Colony c.   Jamestown d.   Charlestown e.   Boston, MA 5.   This was the major crop coming out of the Virginia colony during the 17th & 18 th  centuries. a.   Tobacco b.   Indigo c.   Rice d.   Cotton e.   Sugar  6.   The Plymouth and Mass. Bay colonies were generally populated by a.   Puritans b.   Anglicans c.   Catholics d.   Mixture of all religions e.   None of the above 7.   This individual was elected to the governorship of the Plymouth Colony for 30 years, and wrote “On Plymouth Colony”  a.   Anne Hutchinson b.   Capt. John Smith c.   Michael Wigglesworth d.   William Bradford e.   Myles Standish 8.   This colony, founded by Roger Williams in 1636 (official 1644) served as a place for those who did not fit in anywhere else a.   Mass. Bay b.   Connecticut c.   Rhode Island d.   Plymouth e.   Roanoke 9.   This was inflicted a lasting defeat on the New England Indians a.   Powhatan Wars b.   Metacom’s (King Philip) War  c.   The Pequot War d.   King William’s War  e.   The Virginia War 10.   A majority of the early English migrants to the Chesapeake Bay area were a.   Families with young children b.   Indentured servants c.   Wealthy gentlemen d.   Merchants and craftsmen e.   Disfranchised Catholics 11.   All but this  ethnicity immigrated to the American colonies a.   English b.   Germans c.   Scots-Irish d.   French Huguenots e.   All of these ethnicities immigrated to the American colonies 12.   The trade between America, Europe, and Africa was generally known as a.   Circular Trade b.   Triangular Trade c.   Fair Deal Trading d.   The Molasses Trade e.   There was no trade between America and Africa   13.   Of the following professions, which would be the most respected in colonial America? a.   Painter b.   Poet c.   Doctor d.   Pastor e.   Lawyer 14.   The growth of religion in 18 th  century America that saw the rise of fiery preaching and new protestant sects was called a.   The Religious Revolution b.   The Great Leap Forward c.   The Great Awakening d.   The Baptist Revival e.   The Great Revival 15.   This individual, sued for libel by the governor of New York, helped to set press freedoms in America a.   John Peter Zenger b.   Benjamin Franklin c.   John Trumbull d.   Benjamin West e.   Charles Wilson Peale 16.   Colonial law generally defined slaves as chattels. This meant that slaves were considered as a.   Human beings with limited rights b.   Pieces of property with no rights c.   Servants who served for a limited period of time d.   Slaves who received freedom upon the death of their masters e.   Employees who received pay for their work 17.   Which of the following is NOT TRUE of English colonial families in the mid-18 th  century America? a.   Physical punishment was the normal method of enforcing unquestioned obedience from children b.   Women lost virtually all of their legal rights as individuals once they married c.   Most families bore children who lived long enough to bear children of their own d.   More than 90% of families lived in rural areas at about this time e.   Women, while subservient to their husbands, set the moral standards by which children were raised, and decided how the children would be educated and trained  18.   Which of the following was a major market for New England goods in the late 17 th  Century? a.   Continental Europe b.   South America c.   India d.   Other American colonies e.   The West Indies 19.   Most of the thirteen srcinal colonies a.   Started as proprietary colonies and became royal colonies by the 1750s b.   Were within their first twenty years successful in terms of their srcinal plans c.   Started as charter colonies and became royal colonies by the 1750s d.   Were formed as royal colonies e.   Purchased their charters from their proprietors 20.   The Mayflower Compact could best be described as a.   A detailed frame of government b.   A complete constitution c.   A business contract d.   A foundation for self-government e.   An enumeration of the causes for leaving England and coming to the New World
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