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Annual Report. A year of Consolidation. Centre for Zakat Management, Hasim Tower, Tejgaon link Road, Dhaka

2016 Annual Report A year of Consolidation Centre for Zakat Management, Hasim Tower, Tejgaon link Road, Dhaka Published By Center for Zakat Management (CZM) Hashim Tower (6 th floor) 205/1A, Gulshan-Tejgaon
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2016 Annual Report A year of Consolidation Centre for Zakat Management, Hasim Tower, Tejgaon link Road, Dhaka Published By Center for Zakat Management (CZM) Hashim Tower (6 th floor) 205/1A, Gulshan-Tejgaon Link Road, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208 Bangladesh Dated, Dhaka April 2017 Boishakh 1424 Sha ban 1438 Edited and Compiled by Dr. Mohammad Ayub Miah and Team Page 1 of 61 Content Chapter-1: Note of Honor... 4 Discourse of Chairman... 5 From the fountain of CEO... 7 Chapter-2: Executive Summary... 9 Chapter-3: Landmarks of Centre for Zakat Management A glimpse of CZM Footholds in Bangladesh Milestone of CZM CZM making Difference Governance Excellence Chapter-4: Horizon of Development Overview of Livelihood and human development program Jeebika Program: Mudarib Program Health program Ferdousi-Women and Child Welfare Centre (WCWC) Education program Genius- Scholarship Gulbagicha-Child education and Nutrition Program Error! Bookmark not defined. Technical Education program Naipunna Bikash: Vocational Training and Employment program Humanitarian Assistance Program Insaniat- Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Program SDGs and CZMs Program Chapter-5: Capacity Development on Zakat Capacity building Centre Dawah Program Zakat Fair- 2016: An event to create awareness on Zakat Page 2 of 61 Dinner program Chapter-6: Transparency and Accountability Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Chapter-8: Finance and Accounts Chapter-9: Learning Reflections Page 3 of 61 Chapter-1: Note of Honor Page 4 of 61 Note From the Chairman Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim! Alhamdulillah! Center for Zakat Management (CZM) has passed another eventful year. Each year adds to its process of institutionalisation. The Annual Report is meant to reflect key features of year-long activities. I am happy to see that CZM is publishing its report. Bangladesh has been struggling for poverty alleviation since its birth and made much progress in different areas. Although the country has made significant progress, it needs to achieve sustainability in its development. Many organisations are working towards helping Bangladesh achieve sustainable development. For the last seven years, CZM is a part of this effort in alleviating the poverty, in which it uses Zakat funds. There is no specific data as to the amount of money that is paid as Zakat in Bangladesh; however, some quarters believe that it could be as high as BDT 30 thousand crore, which is equivalent to over 366 crore USD or 286 crore GBP. However, it is not all about the amount; rather the critical question is how that fund is managed, and more so how it is used in the life-changing functions for those who accept Zakat money. Experiences of CZM suggest that most people who pay Zakat are not happy in the way their funds are used. CZM works in this social gap. Looking ahead, I can see tremendous potential and scope for more work. It will not be out of context to mention that the momentum for work that CZM has so painstakingly generated over the years must continue. We want to carry forward the advances that we have made. For this, we all need to work together. CZM is the pioneer of establishing Zakat in institutional platform for utilizing the fund of Zakat in development purpose. Jeebika Karnaphuli Project, Chittagong is an example of creating sustainable community. Day by day, it is progressing in its own manner as community has taken ownership of their development. Besides, through its different new programmes, CZM is able to reach to the distressed people and support them according to their demands. The stories that appear in the pages of this report are stories about marginalised people who are relatively unknown and as such excluded from poverty alleviation programmes. These are stories of survival and courage. Many of these stories touch our hearts. From these stories, I have observed that CZM has a strong will-power to serve. CZM Page 5 of 61 draws its resolve partially from its success stories involving its right holders. Working with the marginalised people has always been a formidable challenge. CZM is mindful about this challenge. All the programmes and activities designed and implemented by CZM are tailored to meet this challenge. Our efforts are also directed towards reducing alienation of the poor and ultra-poor and increase awareness among those who pay and receive Zakat. During my association with CZM, I have always looked both back and ahead. Looking back, I take great delight in confirming that CZM achieved considerable success in a number of sectors that relate to the progress of its right holders. Looking ahead, I can see tremendous potential and scope for more work. It will not be out of context to mention that the momentum for work that CZM has so painstakingly generated over the years must continue. We want to carry forward the advances that we have made. I would like to close this note by thanking the key patrons of CZM. I extend my thanks to the CZM team, both in the fields and the Head office for their hard work and dedication. I also owe a deep sense of gratitude to my colleagues on the Board for their wise counselling and support. A word of deep appreciation is also in order for all zakat payers and sponsors for ceaseless support to the cause of CZM. Wassalam Niaz Rahim Chairman Page 6 of 61 From the fountain of the CEO Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Alhamdillah, all praises be to Almighty Allah for rewarding us with yet another year of success. The year 2016 was an excellent year for Center for Zakat Management (CZM). This is our year of consolidation. With a view to creating an excellent organisation in institutionalising the management of Zakat, CZM has taken a number of initiatives in 2016 and Alhamdillah, we have achieved significant milestones. CZM has arranged number of seminars, round table sessions, brain storming sessions and Zakat fairs with a view to increasing awareness. Our awareness raising programmes include instructions as given in the holy Quran and hadith, disbursement procedure of Zakat by individuals and business Zakat payers and mobilisation procedure of the funds. It is evident from the CZM programmes that its regular interventions under different initiatives are very consistent with the MDGs and SDGs. CZM activities are consistent with poverty alleviation strategies. By now our programmes have acceptance even outside Bangladesh. Some of the notable areas of CZM operations are: livelihood, health, education, vocational training and humanitarian assistance. CZM has implemented a number of projects under this thematic area of developments across the country. Community based approach helped CZM to reach out to the marginalised people and address the rights of people. Through its innovative interventions, CZM already created a wave of development among 150 thousand people through its 70 different projects across the country. It is evident from the CZM programmes that its regular interventions under different initiatives are very consistent with the MDGs and SDGs. CZM activities are consistent with poverty alleviation strategies. By now our programmes have acceptance even outside Bangladesh. CZM has served more than 9000 distressed families around the country and created income generating business for this segment of ultra poor people. Among them more than 1000 families have entered into the sustainable phase. For spreading primary healthcare in hard-to-reach area, CZM has served more than 70,000 people with its 33 primary healthcare centres across the country. Besides, it ensured proper Anti-natal Care (ANC) and Post-natal Care (PNC) of more than 1500 mothers. For ensuring 100 percentage sanitation in the selected areas, CZM has Page 7 of 61 implemented number of interventions. For poor and meritorious students, CZM has been implementing Genius Scholarship Programme. Through this programme, we have served more than 5000 students in all public universities across the country. CZM follows Inclusive Child Development Model in its Gulbagicha Programme that covers the slum areas in Mirpur, Uttara and Lalbagh. In the Gulbagicha Education Centres, not only they learn and develop the interactive skills but also get some nutritious meals. Our meals are designed to meet the nutritional deficiency of the children in the slum area. Unemployed youth is the burden for the society and obstacle for sustainable development. CZM has been implementing the Naipunno Bikash, A vocational training and employment programme, with a view to turning them into assets for the society. For providing support at the time of humanitarian crisis, CZM has been implementing Insaniat Programme, which addresses emergency humanitarian assistance requirements caused by natural calamities, loss of homesteads by river erosion and other disasters. This programme provided support for medical needs, loan repayment, and stipend for poor students and so on. Zakat is a bridge between the rich and the poor. All our programmes are aimed at alleviating poverty so much so that a person who is receiving Zakat today can pay Zakat tomorrow. I like to expand our heartfelt thanks & gratitude to our patrons and well-wishers, without whose active support, we could not have been successful. Dr. Mohammad Ayub Miah CEO Page 8 of 61 Chapter-2: Executive Summary Page 9 of 61 Executive Summary Center for Zakat Management (CZM), a faith based welfare organization is worked for the pro poor people in Bangladesh. CZM is the pioneer of institutionalization of Zakat for the development of disadvantage people of the society. Since its inception in 2008, CZM has been implementing number of program in order to make sustainable development of disadvantage people. CZM is worked for mobilizing Zakat and aware the Zakat payers for abiding the rules of Allah SWT. The organization provides the management service to perfectly distribute the Zakat in development and find out result by payment approach. For livelihood and human development, CZM has implemented a program named Jeebika, Corporate Initiatives of Poverty Alleviation (CIPA). Jeebika Program is the livelihood development program implementing in 20 districts across Bangladesh and supported more than 38,000 people for changing the livelihood and come out from the cocoons of poverty. Jeebika program is sponsored the prominent corporate of the country and come forward to removing poverty from the end. Jeebika is an integrated program that includes not only livelihood development but also, healthcare, education and humanitarian support during disaster. So, it helps a Zakat right holder family to come out from the arena of poverty and leading prosperous life. For women and child welfare, CZM has been implementing Ferdousi program. Ferdousi Program helps the right holders to get primary health care support along with preprimary education of their children and vocational training of disadvantage women. More than 70,000 people are got touch with program. For child education and nutritional support, Gulbagicha has been implementing in the slum area of Dhaka city. There are 63 centers in Dhaka city where more than 1500 children are supported. Through this program, children are provided nutritious food in six days a week. For developing the future generation, CZM has supported the first year university student by providing monthly stipend and capacity building session. In Bangladesh, more than 2000 students are supported and covered the all public university, medical college and engineering institute. CZM has also provided support to the unemployed youth by providing vocational training for make them self-employer. In Bangladesh, more than 7 trades training are provided through five centers. For providing humanitarian assistance, the Insaniat Program are worked directly. On different issues such as Medical emergency, Loan payment, educational support, food support, Relief and rehabilitation support, Insaniat program has supported more than 22,000 people in Overall, CZM is such an organization that define the Zakat for the tool for poverty alleviation. CZM since its inception in 2008, has worked complete for the sake of mobilizing Zakat and creates new arena of development by utilizing Zakat in proper way. CZM has been accelerating its activities day by day with proving its excellence Zakat mobilization and development. Page 10 of 61 Chapter-3: Landmarks of Center for Zakat Management Page 11 of 61 A glimpse of CZM Genesis Centre for Zakat Management began taking shape on 21 March On this date, an initiative, in the name of Zakat Forum (ZF), was privately launched, with the active support of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh ltd., one of the leading conglomerates in Bangladesh. Zakat Forum used to collect Zakat fund privately and disbursed it in an organized manner guided by the principles of the Holy Quran. After 12 years of gathering experience, in 2005 Zakat Forum took up an initiative in managing Zakat fund through targeting hundreds of impoverished families, residing in Manikganj near the capital city Dhaka. The underlying idea of this project was to completely change the lives of those households with Zakat in all aspects such as education, health, livelihood etc. In 2008, ZF started to discuss the prospects of this initiative with scholars, consultants and practitioners from home and abroad who were experts in Zakat Management. On 14 September, 2008, Centre for Zakat Management (CZM) was established and started its To achieve satisfaction of Allah SWT through promoting the obligation of Zakat ordained by the Divine Command To establish a society free from socio-economic and moral poverty through equitable distribution of wealth as per guidance of Islam. Be a credible social institution promoting awareness about Zakat and mobilizing and distributing Zakat Funds as per Shariah principles by addressing the immediate needs of the deprived and poor and implementing sustainable programmes for improvement of their standards of living. institutional journey with following objectives. Page 12 of 61 Objectives To create awareness and enable Muslims to fulfill their religious duty of payment of Zakat in a proper way as per the directives of Islam To ensure proper utilization of Zakat fund for the well- being of the poor segment of our society as per tenets of Islam. To establish effectiveness of the system of Zakat, as an implementable strategy for reducing poverty and bringing prosperity to our society; and To facilitate an institutional platform to enhance collection, disbursement and effective utilization of Zakat fund. Legal Status The Centre for Zakat Management (CZM) has been registered with the Joint Stock Companies & Firms under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Regd. No. S-8256 (27)/108 dated as an institutionalized platform aiming to enhance mobilization, disbursement and effective utilization of Zakat fund. Core Values Divine Beliefs (Iman): We strictly ensure adherence to Islamic values and beliefs. In order to achieve satisfaction of Allah SWT through promoting the obligation of Zakat ordained by the Divine Command, CZM ensures Shariah compliance, in all aspects of its activities. Accountability (Hisbah): CZM is fully accountable to Shariah Supervisory Council and to the Zakat payers. Our accounts are audited by well reputed chartered accountant firm and shariah experts on regular basis. Annual audited report publication and its submission to Annual General Meeting is mandatory to us. Excellence (Ihsan) Justice (adl) Divine beliefs (Iman) Core Values Custodianship (amanah) Accountablity (Hisbah) Custodianship (Amanah): CZM acts as trustee of Zakat fund and is fully responsible for proper distribution of Zakat as per shariah rules. We also maintain austerity in operational management. Justice (Adl): CZM ensures justice to all Zakat right-holders in terms of selecting genuine deserving person and allocation of Zakat fund and other materials and services. Page 13 of 61 Excellence (Ihsan): CZM is committed to ensuring excellence in all of our programs and activities. Strength Governing Strength: CZM Governing Board is comprised of respected members of the society. It is CZM s standing policy to work in cooperation with different GOs and NGOs as well as community leaders involving them in CZM s activities in different ways. CZM has so far involved quite a good number of Islamic Shariah specialists, development professionals, university teachers, civil society members and community leaders under its different forums. Management Expertise: The initial journey of CZM started in 1993, as Zakat forum. This has given us 17 years of first-hand experience in the field of Zakat Management. CZM is also in continuous relationship with reputed business organizations working in this field. Our employees are well trained and experienced in the Zakat management issues with modern management knowledge and skills. Modern Methodologies: We follow most realistic and modern development project formulation methods like baseline survey, feasibility study, monitoring mechanism and evaluation assessment. Transparency: CZM is absolutely transparent in its operational activities including fund mobilization, and its disbursement. All the projects and Zakat recipients are selected in a fully transparent manner ensuring that our work is effective, fully accountable and true to the humanitarian spirit of Islam. All information and data of CZM is open to public scrutiny. Major Programs Jeebika Livelihood and Human development program Ferdousi Women and Child Welfare Program Gulbagicha Child Education and Nutrition Program Genius Scholarship Program Naipunna Bikash Vocational Training and Employment program Insaniat Emergency Humanitarian Assistancce Program Page 14 of 61 Footholds in Bangladesh Page 15 of 61 Milestone of CZM A new strategic plan created A year of consolidation implement 7 different programs acroos 24 districts and cover 1.5 lac people Playing role as apex body 2008 Establish in institutional shape after taking legal entity Milestone of CZM A strategic Plan created for shaping CIPA Implement 7 different programs 17 district of the country 1993 Establish zakat forum and strated initiation of CZM 2010 Implement Jeebika Program in Manikganj with 250 families and Genius Program in Chittagong Implement different zakat base program in institutional shape Page 16 of 61 CZM making Difference Group based sustainable investment approach following islamic mode of investment Mobilizing Zakat in institutional manner and management of development activities Supporting all class people considering shahriah rules of Zakat CZM making difference Governance Excellence The CZM is keen to establish transparency and accountability at all stages of its functioning right from policy planning to addressing the needs of its beneficiaries at grassroots level. Governing Board, Shariah Supervisory Council, Advisory Board, Management Committee, Zakat Mobilization Committee, Zakat Disbursement Committee, Internal Audit Committee are one board as part of CZM s governance structure. Every activity is perfectly evaluated by each committee. Shariah Supervisory Council plays the supreme role, particularly in aligning the decisions with shariah compliance. Page 17 of 61 Chapter-4: Horizon of Development Page 18 of 61 Overview of 2016 Supported about 15,000 families for livelihood and health Cover 1.5 lac population More than BDT 9 crore zakat money transfer as capital for livelihood development More than BDT 19 crore invested in 93 different IGAs using BDT 9 crore in revolving way More than 80,000 times healthcare service provided About 5000 session taken on different life skill and health education About 2200 students are enrolled in mainstreaming education people got emergency humanitarian Assistance About 2500 students got scholarship 1500 unemployed youth got vocational training Page 19 of 61 Livelihood and Human Development Program Livelihood
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