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& Over League Section Championships Captain s Packet 2013 El Paso, Texas

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& Over League Section Championships Captain s Packet May 3-5, El Paso, Texas USTA SOUTHWEST SECTION, INC E. Acoma Dr. Suite 201 Scottsdale, AZ Telephone
& Over League Section Championships Captain s Packet May 3-5, El Paso, Texas USTA SOUTHWEST SECTION, INC E. Acoma Dr. Suite 201 Scottsdale, AZ Telephone Fax USTA League Captain: Congratulations to you and your teammates for having a successful season and earning a berth in the 2013 USTA Southwest 40 & Over League Section Championships. The next step on the road to becoming a National Champion is the USTA Southwest Section Championship which will held May 3-5th, 2013 in El Paso, Texas. This packet has all the information you and your team will need to answer all questions regarding the Southwest Section 40 & Over League Championships. Please review the entire packet carefully and pass this information onto your team. All league players advancing MUST complete the on-line registration. NO teams may advance with out enough players to fill all courts for every match. ( I look forward to meeting everyone attending the this years Section Championships. If you have any questions please feel free to come introduce yourself to me at the tournament or contact me at ext. 102, if you have any questions. Good luck to your team, and the USTA Southwest looks forward to seeing you in El Paso, Texas. Sincerely, Daniel Even Adult /Senior Competitive Tennis Manager USTA Southwest Section phone ext fax 2 40 & Over Section Championships (Men & Women Levels: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+) When: May 3 5, 2013 Where: Host Hotel Registration: Captain s Meeting Format of Play: Play Begins: Awards: Official Ball: Surface/Sites: Player Amenities: El Paso, Texas El Paso Marriott ($80 per night) Online Booking: Promo Code : USTA Thursday, May 2 nd from 6:00 7:00 p.m. El Paso Marriott Salon A-D Thursday, May 2 nd 7:00 p.m. El Paso Marriott Salon A-D This meeting is mandatory for all captains or a representative of. the captain Round robin Friday, May 3 rd at 7:00 a.m. All players on the Champion and Finalist teams who are covered by the entry fee will receive an award. Penn (provided and handed out prior to each match) Hardcourts Ellis Tennis Center & El Paso Tennis Club Sectional Championship T-shirt, Player Party. Player Dinner/Party: Friday May 3rd Doors open at 6:00pm El Paso Marriott Salon A-F 3 Tournament Rules of Play Team line-up cards must be turned in to the Tournament Desk 30 minutes prior to the time of the scheduled match and all players must be present. All players must present current photo identification to the tournament desk prior to going on court for their match. Please review your 2013 Regulations book for Area, Section and National championship eligibility. Line-ups cannot be changed without approval of the Tournament Director. All Tie Breaks will utilize the Coman Rotation. A 5-minute warm-up period and a 15 minute default period shall be observed throughout the event, USTA Referee will discuss further at the Captain s Meeting. At one set each, a Coman 10-point match tiebreak will be used in lieu of the third set. At the conclusion of each individual match, the players of both teams must return to the Tournament Desk immediately to return balls and report scores. When the entire team match is completed, BOTH TEAM CAPTAINS must report to the tournament desk to verify match scores and sign the scorecard. Auto-Confirmation of Scores at Section Championships-If a team Captain fails to sign a scorecard and cannot be located on the premises, the scores for his/her team will automatically be confirmed after one hour. A USTA Referee may be on hand to only enforce proper conduct and observance of rules, not line calls. Sanctions for teams leaving Section Championships early: Teams leaving before completion of the Section Championship must get permission from the Tournament Director. Teams leaving without permission are subject to sanctions such as suspension up to, but not including, 12 months. SCORING: At local or championship competition, the scorecard should be recorded in the following manner 6-4, 3-6, 1-0. The winning team should be circled. The winner of the third set shall be credited with a set won and a game won. (2.03C) The loser of the third set shall be credited with a set lost and a game lost. (2.03C) Should the Procedures in the Event of a Tie go to GAMES, 2.03H(3), only the actual number of games played will be counted. ALL INFORMATION WILLL BE COVERED AT THE REQUIRED CAPTAIN S MEETING 4 Tournament Information Tournament Desk The Main Championship Tournament Desk located at the tennis facility Ellis Tennis Center. This site will also have the certified Trainer (UTEP Athletic Department). Team Pictures Team pictures will be taken at the Main tennis facility. At the captains meeting, the process of how the teams pictures will be covered. As a courtesy of the USTA Southwest Section, we will furnish all captains with a free team portrait from this event. Match Format Matches will be the best of three sets using regular scoring with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of the third set. We will be using the Coman tiebreak rotation for all set and match tie-breaks. Teams may be required to play two matches any given day. Possible rain delays should be considered. In the event of rain or conditions that prevent or delay play as scheduled, alternative scoring may be used. All captains must stay in contact with the Tournament Director to receive further information. Please REMEMBER this is a 3 day tournament. Matches will be the best of three sets using regular scoring with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of the third set. We will be using the Coman tiebreak rotation for all set and match tie-breaks. Cancellation of Tournament If the championship, or part of the championship, is cancelled due to rain or unforeseen circumstances, the championship will not be rescheduled. The USTA Southwest Section will not be responsible for reimbursement of any travel expenses due to cancellation of the event. Identification We will periodically check teams and players identification throughout the Championships. Please make sure all players have a picture id. USTA Membership All team members must have current USTA memberships through the tournament or players will be required to renew prior to their first match. Please instruct your players to renew ahead of the tournament to avoid any delays. Awards Awards will be presented to the Champions and Finalists upon completion of each division's match play on Sunday, May 5, Up to eight awards will be provided for each Champion and Finalist team. Additional awards may be ordered at the teams expense. Please see the tournament director for the appropriate order form. ALL INFORMATION WILLL BE COVERED AT THE REQUIRED CAPTAIN S MEETING 5 El Paso Marriott Features and Amenities: With the recent completion of construction of the El Paso Marriott Great Room the hotel s lobby has undergone a revolutionary transformation designed specifically for today s travelers. For work or play we invite you to relax and enjoy your visit to El Paso in the comfort of Marriott! Marriott Rewards. Join today! Only full service Marriott in El Paso Complimentary hotel parking Newly renovated guest rooms (all 296) with upgraded amenities & features. 100% non-smoking rooms Concierge lounge Fitness Center Rejuvenation Bedding and Luxury Linen Package Flat screen television in all guest rooms 15 guest rooms located poolside on the 1 st floor featuring private and furnished patios 2 concierge floors (5 th and 6 th floor). Handicapped accessible rooms AM/FM Clock/Radio with ipod adaptor Coffee & Tea Service in all guest rooms High Speed Internet Hair Dryer Massage Shower Head Unique 30 luminous lighting in guest bath 24 Hour Front Desk Room Service from 6:00AM to 11:00PM daily On-site 24-hour business center with complimentary fax and copy capability Indoor-Outdoor Heated Pool, Jacuzzi and dry sauna De Leon Spa on site! 4 Hospitality Suites each available with connecting guest room(s) with either king and/or double beds. Over 13,000 sq. ft. of meeting and banquet facilities Same day laundry/valet service Safe Deposit Box available at front desk Secretarial style work desk in each guest room with expansive jack pack providing convenient and ample electrical outlets. Red Rim Bistro Restaurant Complimentary 24 hr airport shuttle service to and from the El Paso International Airport! Complimentary 24 hr shuttle service within a 3 mile radius based on availability 6 Tournament Sites Information Host Sites: Ellis Tennis Center 4770 Woodrow Bean El Paso, Texas (915) Hotel to Ellis Tennis Center Head northeast on Airport Drive toward Airway Boulevard Continue onto Airway Boulevard Turn Right onto Montana Avenue Slight left onto US-180 W/E Paisano Drive (signs for I-10) Turn right onto Gateway W Take the ramp on the left onto I-10 W Take exit 22B for US-54 E/Patriot Freeway toward Alamogordo/Ft Bliss Merge onto US-54 E Take exit 29 toward Texas Loop 375/Woodrow Bean/Trans Mountain Drive Merge onto Gateway N Blvd Turn right onto Woodrow Bean Transmountain Road The Tennis Center will be on the right 4770 Woodrow Bean, El Paso, Texas Tournament Sites Information Host Sites: El Paso Tennis & Swim Club 2510 N. Saint Vrain Street El Paso, Texas Hotel to El Paso Tennis & Swim Club Head northeast on Airport Drive toward Airway Boulevard Continue onto Airway Boulevard Turn Right onto Montana Avenue Slight left onto US-180 W/E Paisano Drive (signs for I-10) Turn right onto Gateway W Take the ramp on the left onto I-10 W Take exit 19A toward TX-20/Mesa Street Merge onto E Yandell Drive Turn right onto North Stanton Street Turn right onto Kerbey Avenue Turn left onto N Virginia Street The Tennis Club will be on the right 2510 N. Saint Vrain Street, El Paso, Texas Safety Precautions for Playing in Warm Weather You may be playing your matches in conditions to which you are not accustomed. The temperature and/or humidity can get quite high. If you follow the suggestions below, there is no reason why you cannot have good matches and a good time. YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER AN EARLY ARRIVAL IN ORDER TO ALLOW YOUR BODY TO BECOME SOMEWHAT ACCLIMATED TO NEW CONDITIONS. You will lose fluid from your body through perspiration.. Along with water you lose sodium, potassium and other electrolytes. It is necessary to replenish your body with BOTH water and these electrolytes. All athletes should drink plenty of fluids (water, sport drinks, juice, milk, etc.) throughout the day. If you wait until you are thirsty, you have waited too long. Note: your body can lose a lot of fluid, via evaporation, while you are flying since the air in the passenger compartment is very dry. You should drink 1 cup of non-caffeine or non-alcoholic drink per hour. Drink another cup of fluid just prior to play. In fact, also drinking 16 to 20 ounces of water, juices, or sports drink minutes before your match can further help in avoiding heat disorders. Bring a large thermos with you on court and drink frequently (i.e., at every changeover). There will also be water available on the courts. Water and/or sport drinks are effective. After your match, drink plenty of fluids. It could be water, Gatorade, lemonade, juice, etc. If you prefer, dilute any of these to your own taste. Water by itself does not replace necessary electrolytes. Don't forget to eat! Fresh fruit and fruit juices are excellent source of some electrolytes and carbohydrates, but you may have to make a special effort to replace some salt as well. Wearing white really can help in hot weather. Use cotton/polyester blends rather than 100% cotton or tightly woven nylon. Have an extra dry shirt available for change. Perspiration can block ventilation when the shirt is soaked and on humid days, the cooling of evaporation is of little significance. Use sunscreen. Use waterproof/sweat proof sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Have an SPF of at least 15, but an SPF 30 or above is preferred. Wear a wide-brimmed hat that is well ventilated and shades the neck as well. Remember, you are allowed 25 seconds between points and 90 seconds at the changeover. Use this time to recover. Take advantage of shade during changeover as much as possible. Change the shirt frequently (and shorts if necessary), and use a cool towel on the face and upper back. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF HEAT DISORDER Heat cramps: muscle spasms, usually due to extensive and repeated sweat losses, fatigue, normal body temperature. Heat exhaustion: extreme weakness, exhaustion, headache, dizziness, nausea, profuse sweating, chills and cool skin, normal body temperature, rapid pulse, sometimes unconscious. Heat stroke: hot, dry skin, headache, nausea, confusion, staggering gait, extremely high body temperature, collapse, unconsciousness, sometimes death. IF ANY OF THESE CONDITIONS (#2 OR #3) SHOULD OCCUR: Call a doctor or emergency vehicle. (Keep applying ice water continuously and generously until medical assistance arrives). Loosen the player's clothing at once. Place player in a prone position in the shade. Apply ice to head and body (or whatever means are available to providing cooling. 9 FLUID PLAY HYDRATION TIPS FOR TENNIS PLAYERS Drink cool water or sport drinks during play. Sports drinks are especially helpful during long matches, in hot weather and for recovery after play. Use a similar hydration routine before, during and after practice. BEFORE PLAY Drink ounces about 1 hour before play begins. Drink fluids often throughout the day. Prepare at least 2 quarts (64 ounces) to drink during play. Sports drinks are preferable for long matches or during play in hot weather. DURING PLAY Drink 4 to 8 ounces (4 to 8 normal swallows) after the warm-up and during every changeover. Many players like to drink a sport drink and water, with an emphasis (e.g., 2:1) on the sport drink. For some players, fluid requirements may even be higher in very hot or humid environments. AFTER PLAY Weigh yourself before and after play and drink about ounces of fluid for every pound of post-play body weight deficit. Immediately begin to replace fluid, electrolytes and carbohydrates with water, other fluids (e.g., juice, sport drinks, etc.) and food. Sport drinks are very effective if you are going to play again soon. Consider adding salt to your food and/or drinks if sweat losses were extensive. Created by the USTA Sport Science Committee 10 SPONSORS USTA Southwest would like to express our sincere appreciation to our Section and USTA League sponsors who are helping us to promote and grow the game of tennis in the Southwest! Please support the following businesses as they are supporting tennis in the Southwest. Official Tennis Retailer of USTA League Tennis All About Tennis - Owned and operated by tennis players, All About Tennis is Arizona's largest tennis retail store. Located in Scottsdale, Ariz. Official Medical & Sports Therapy Equipment Provider of USTA Southwest Active Forever - (use code USTASW when purchasing and we receive 5% kickback to support tennis programs here in the Southwest!) The Scottsdale-based company provides medical equipment and supplies for independent living through mobility, low vision aids, power scooters, wheelchairs, rollators, fitness and physical therapy products, orthopedics, exercise equipment, diabetes supplies, as well as many other medical devices. Official Ball of USTA Southwest League Tennis Penn (BALL) Head/Penn is the national sponsor of USTA Leagues and has been for almost a quarter of a century. They provide balls for all of our USTA Section League Championship events, and are the No. 1 selling tennis ball in America.. Official Tennis Travel Package Partner of USTA Southwest Championship Tennis Tours - Since 1987, this Scottsdale-based business has been serving tennis fans and enthusiasts with personalized and customized travel packages to the world's premier tennis events. Championship Tennis Tours handles travel, ticketing and really works to make your travel experience to Grand Slam events or other topflight ATP or WTA Tour events across the globe an experience to remember. USTA Southwest members receive a special discount when they purchase and for mentioning the USTA. 11 12
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