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ALPHABETICAL INDEX Abatement, parties and 45 Abortion 797 Absentee, ballots, voting machines; voting procedure 101 Absentees, incompetents, etc., and conservation of their property 747 Abstracts of title
ALPHABETICAL INDEX Abatement, parties and 45 Abortion 797 Absentee, ballots, voting machines; voting procedure 101 Absentees, incompetents, etc., and conservation of their property 747 Abstracts of title 703 Accessories to crime 776 Accountants, public 473 Accounting, trust, law 737 Accounts of certain administrative officials 111 Accounts receivable 524 Actions Alienation of affections, etc. 771 Commencement, law; process...: Libel, civil 770 Limitations of, generally 95 Pleading of defendant law 52 Pleading of plaintiff law 51 Venue, joinde~ etc. ~ Addicts, drug, commitment and treatment 398 Adjusters, insurance; part V 626 Administration of trusts, uniform law 691 Administration unnecessary in certain estates 735 Administrative boards, generally 455 Administrative officials, compensation and accounts of certain 111 Administrative procedure act 120 Administrative adjudication procedure, part II Judicial review, part III Rule making, part I Admission into union; state boundaries. 6 Adoption 72 Adulterated drugs; poisons,859 Adultery and fornication 798 Adverse possession _ 95 Advertisements, legal and official 49 Advertisers, outdoor 479 Affrays; riots; routs; unlawful assemblies 870 Aging, Florida commission on 412 Agriculture Commercial feed law, Florida 580 Commissioner 19 Cooperative marketing associations 618 Cotton law, sea island 579 Department of, state 570 Division of administration Division of animal industry Division of chemistry Division of dairy industry Division of fruit and vegetable industry Division of inspection Division of marketing Division of plant industry Division of standards Fertilizers 576 Florida seed law 578 General laws, etc. 604 Honey certification 586 Marketing division -,- 603 Marketing laws, Florida 573 Celery and sweet corn, Part I Foliage plant, Part II Watermelon, Part III Seed certification Tobacco, leaf; regulation of sale ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont.) Aircraft Generally Licensing; pilots Offenses concerning Airport law of 1945 Airport zoning Airports and air commerce Alcoholic beverage law Administration Enforcement Alcoholic beverages Dispensing and consuming Local option elections Sale in counties where prohibited Alcoholics, rehabilitation of Alienation of.affections --:---:----::--:c-: Alimony, divorce and custody of children Ambulance service contracts Anarchy, communism, wearing masks, hoods; offenses concerning Anatomical board Animals Cruelty to Deformed, exhibitions --:- Division of animal industry, department of,agriculture Annuity contracts, variable, part XIII Anti-heart balm law Anti-trust law -:- Appeals, criminal Appellate courts District courts of appeal Supreme court of Florida Appellate proceedings Chancery suits -,---,, County court, county judge's court and justice of peace court Criminal Generally Justice of the peace courts Apprentices Appropriations, general and miscellaneous Arbitration law, public utilities Arbitrations; Florida arbitration code Archeology Architects. Arraignment Arrest of judgment Arrests Arson Ascertaining results and conducting elections Assault and battery; mayhem; criminal culpable negligence Assemblies Disturbing, religious and other Subversive activities,-- Unlawful; affrays, routs, riots Assignment and cancellation of mortgages Assignments, generally Association, foreign unincorporated. Attachments, generally Attempts to commit crimes Attorney general Attorney, power of, and similar instruments Attorney, state Attorneys at law Auctioneers, offenses by Auditing department, state Authority, inter-american center Automobile clubs Automobile inspection and warranty associations Automobile race meets ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont.) Aviation study and adviso.ry commission, part V. 13 Bail, bonds; bondsmen; runners 903 Ballots, voting machines, absentee ; voting procedure 101 Banks and trust companies Banking code First part Second part Third p art Fourth part Credit unions _. Industrial savings banks Morris plan banks Savings banks Bar pilots, regulation of boats used by Barbers Barbiturate act, Florida _._ Basic science law, Florida-hypnosis Florida basic science law, part I Hypnosis, part II Bastardy 742 Bath houses; swimming or bathing places 514 Beach and shore preservation 161 Beautification of waterways 342 Bedding inspection Beef, stamping Beverage law Administration 561 Dispensing and consuming of liquor and beverages 569 Enforcement 562 Intoxicating liquors in counties where prohibited 568 Local option elections 567 Bigamy 799 Bills and notes Blind, council for the 413 Board of commissioners of state institutions Generally 272 Divisions of corrections, child training, etc. 965 Board of conservation, state 370 Board 0 f co n tro I 240 Board of control, miscellaneous provisions 243 Board of examiners of psychology 490 Board of public health 381 Board of regents 240 Boats and vessels adrift; wrecked cotton; lumber adrift Boats, regulation of, used by pilots Bond, general, primary, special and referendum elections 100 Bonds Bail 903 Co un ty 13 () Co unty officers 137 Employees of common carriers General refunding law Municipal revenue refinancing law 181 Refunding of counties, cities, etc. 131 Revenue, act of Surety, part XI 627 Validation 75 Bottles and boxes, stamped or marked 506 Boundaries Co u n ti es 7 State of Florida 6 B oxing 548 Brake fluid, sale of, part II 526 Bribery 838 Bridges and roads Bridges and toll facilities Bucket s hop s ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont.) Budget commission Budget planning, part II Building and loan associations Incorporation and business of; domestic Insolvency Voluntary dissolution -----::7-::---::-:---, Buildings and other structures, malicious injury to Bureau of vital statistics Burglary Campaign expenses, candidates and contesting elections Canal authority-navigation districts-waterways development Canal authority, part I Navigation districts, part II Waterways development, part III Canal companies; special powers, tolls _--:,-:- Candidates, campaign expenses and contesting elections Carriers Auto transportation companies Bonds of employees -::-:--::-:- Claims for lost or damaged freight Eminent domain, right of _--,,---:--,- Express companies, payment of claims, l\ates Fencing railroads Lien and enforcement Motor carriers -c--c-----::-~ Passengers and freight, duties to Railroad and public utilities commission Railroad crossings Special officers for -:-::-_-=---::~ Special powers of railroads; tolls Taxes of railroads, pullman and express companies Tickets, sale and redemption _. Trains, duties of railroads in operating Casualty insurance contl\acts, part X Celery and sweet corn marketing law, part I Cemetery act, Florida, part IV Certification seed law Certified public accountants Chancery Appellate proceeding-s Jurisdiction and procedure Jurisdiction over property ---:- Change of venue and transfer of causes Chattel mortgages Checks and drafts, issuing worthless Child labor Child molester act -::-_-,-- Child training schools, division of Child welfare Children Adoption of Commission Cruelty to Custody of; divorce, alimony Dependent and delinquent, juvenile courts Detention homes and schools for delinquent Labor Molester act Mothers with dependent -=:: Psychiatric centers, part II Sunland training centers Welfare,-:--:- Children's commission Chiropody Chiropractic Cigarette tax Circuit Clerk court ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont.) Circuit court-(cont.) Commissioners 31 Generally 26 Judges 26 Citrus code, Florida 601 Citrus marketing act, Florida 600 City and county quadricentennial commission, part IV 13 Civil actions for libel 770 Civil court of record 33 Civil defense 252 Claims for lost and damaged freight 353 Clerk of circuit court _-= 28 Close corporations, part II. 608 Collateral securities ---,-_---,, 685 Combinations in rest:raint of trade Commerce, restricting --,- 542 Florida meats, combinations against 544 Motor vehicles, restricting financing of 545 Musical composition, restricting use of 543, Commencement of suits at law and process 47 Commercial discrimination, Commercial feed law, Florida -,--,--_-, Commercial restrictions, violations of certain 865 Commission merchants ~ 522 Commissioner of agriculture 19 Commissioner of deeds 118 Commissions -:----::,. ----,. :c-.=:: Commissions, miscellaneous, parts I-V 13 Commitments to Florida schools for boys and girls 958 Common law declarations of trust. 609 Common law in force -:- ~,,. :_--,, :: Communism,,anarchy, wearing masks, hoods; offenses concerning 876 Compensation of certain officials 111 Compensation of county officials 145 Comptroller,:-: Condemnation proceedings Generally :_ Supplemental 74 Condominium act 711 Conducting elections and ascertaining results 102 Confederate flag 256 Confederate pensions 291 Congressional districts 8 Conservation Archeology 376 Floodcontrol 378 Geological department 373 Motorboat regulation, parts I.and II 371 Oil and gas resources 377 Outdoor recreation 375 Salt water fisheries; conservation, board of --:--: Shore and beach preservation 161, 370 Water resources 373 Weather modification 373 Conspiracy 833 Constitution of United States, conventions for ratifying or rejecting proposed amendments. Constitutional governmental commission, part II Constructive service of process Consumer financing, discount _ Contesting elections, candidates and campaign expenses Continuance of criminal trial Continuity of government, emergency Contracts Certain unenforceable Life care Recording ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont.) Conveyances Corporations, by _-:-: Fraudulent, sales and loans 726, Land, and declarations of trust ::---:--: Married women's interest in real estate 693 Recording 695 Validated by statute, certain -::-: 694 Cooperative associations, nonprofit 619 Cooperative marketing ass'ociations, agricultural 618 Corporations Close, part II c Conveyances by 692 Generally, Foreign p art -:-~ I Not for profit _ 617 Corporations not for profit, part I Scholarship plan, part II Private school -:--:-. Professional service Stock transfer law -c Corrections code, Florida Corrections, division of Corrections, division of; state board of institutions Cosmetics, food and drugs Cosmetology law Costs, criminal cases Costsofcourt Cotton VVrecked Sea island Counties Annual budget. Bonds Bonds, general refunding law. Boundaries Buildings; erection, maintenance, lease, etc. Commissioner districts Commissioner; power, duties and compensation Depositories Drainage by counties Drainage of swamp.and overflowed lands Eminent domain, right of Erosion prevention districts Finance and financial regulations Fine and forfeiture fund Hospitals Intoxicating liquors prohibited Libraries, free public Mosquito control New Prisoners Public health unit Refunding bonds, etc. Retirement system, officers and employees Retirement system, supplemental Revenue bond act of 1953 Road and bridge indebtedness; board of administration, etc. Road system (Florida highway code) School system, generally Seats, official Tangible personal property VVater system and sanitary sewer Financing law, part I District law, part II County commissioners Districts Powers, duties and compensation County co urts ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont.) County judge, court of, criminal proceedings in County judge's courts _-:---: County judges; salaries; budgets County officers Compensation, generally Official bonds Surveyor County public money, handling by state and county. County road system (Florida highway code) Court costs -;-_--::-----:-:- Court provisions, miscellaneous Court reporters, official Courts Chancery, jurisdiction, generally Chancery, jurisdiction over property Circuit _ Civil court of record County _ County judge's Criminal court of record District courts of appeal Generally.. Justice of peace Juvenile Small claims -::--:-- Supreme, Florida. Cream and milk products -;- --:=:::. Credit life and disability insullance, part VIn. Credit unions. Crime against nature; indecent exposure. Crimes Definitions; general penalties; registration of criminals Miscellaneous crimes Principal and accessories; attempts Criminal court of record Criminal procedure Appeals, generally Arraignment Arrests and warrants Bail bonds, bondsmen and runners Continuance -:--~ Coroner and coroner's jury Costs in criminal cases Courts of county judge and justice of peace; proceedings in Defendant, when shall be present Dismissal of prosecution Execution of sentence Executive clemency, suspension and reprieve Extradition of fugitives from justice Extradition of witnesses, interstate Forms, indictment and other forms Generally Grandjury_~~--~ Indictment and information. Inquests of the dead Judges, change of Judgment and sentence Jurisdiction and venue Jury, conduct of Jury trial, waiver of Mental condition of defendant, proceedings to determine -- Motion for new trial and arrest of judgment Motions to quash and pleas Parole and probation, general provisions Paroles and parole commission Pleas and motions to quash Preliminary examination land hearing Probation by courts and parole commission , ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont. Criminal procedure-(cont.) Process upon indictment and information 907 Prosecutions, method of 904 Search warrants ---c Sentence and judgment 921 Supplemental provisions 932 Trial jury and challenges c: ,Trial proceedings, generally 918, Venue and jurisdiction 910 Venue,changeof 911 Warrants and arrest ~--, Crippled children's commission 391 Crop mortgages 700 Cruelty to children and animals _--::-:--_::-::---,---,- 828 Culpable neglience; mayhem; assault and battery 784 Custody of children; divorce; alimony 65 Dams, ferries, toll bridges and log ditches 347 Dead bodies and graves, offenses concerning 872 Dead, inquest for 936 Declarations of trust Common law 609 Conveyances of land, generally 689 Declaratory decrees, judgments and orders 87 Deeds, commissioner of 118 Defamation; libel; threatening letters and similar offenses 836 Default 50 Defendant Pleadings _~~~~~~ Presence at criminral trial Defender, public, part II 27 Defense, civil 252 Definitions 1 Definitions; general penalties; registration of criminals 775 Deformed persons and animals, exhibitions 867 Dentistry, dental hygiene and dental laboratories 466 Department of public welfare 409 Depositories, county 136 Derelict property, generally 705 Desertion; drunkenness; vagrancy 856 Detectives, private and agencies ' 493 Detention homes and schools for delinquent children 416 Development commission, Florida 288 Development corporation; Florida industrial 289 Development, waterways, part III 374 Devices issued in payment for labor 532 Disability of nonage of minors removed 743 Discount consumer financing 519 Diseases, venereal 384 Dismissal of prosecution 915 Dispensing and consuming of liquor and beverages 569 Dispensing opticians 484 District courts of appeal 35 Disturbing religious and other assemblies 871 Division of animal industry, department of agriculture 585 Division of corrections _ 945 Division of marketing, department of agriculture 603 Division of plant industry, department of agriculture 581 Divisions of corrections, child training schools and mental health 965 Divorce, alimony and custody of children 65 Documentary stamp excise tax law 201 Dog racing and horse racing 550 Dogs, damage by 767 Domestic building and loan associations, incorporation and business of 665 Drainage Counties 157 Generally 298 Swamps and overflowed lands 156 Drive-in theatres ' 555 ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont. Drivers' licenses Drug addicts, commitment and treatment of narcotic Drugs Adulterated: poisons 859 Barbiturate law 404 Generally ~- 500 Narcotic, uniform law 398 Opium dens 846 Drunkenness 856 Dueling 783 Duties and powers of officersi 116 Easements 704 Educational extension act of 1963, part II 239 Educational institutions law; revenue certificates 243 Egg commission, Florida. 504 Eggs, classification and sale of 583 Ejectment 70 Election code Candidates, campaiin expenses and contesting elections 99 Conducting elections and ascertainng results 102 General, primary, special, bond and referendum elections 100 Local option 567 Presidential electors: political parties; executive committees and members. Qualification and registration of electors Registration office, officers and procedure Violations: penalties Voting: ballots, voting machines, absentee: procedure Electric plants, municipal Elevators Embezzlement Emergency continuity of government Eminent domain Counties, right of _-=-:- Generally, and proceedings Proceedings, supplemental to Public utilities, power of. Employees trust benefit law Employment agencies, private Enforcement of statutory liens Engineers, professional Enticing away unmarried women.. Equipment safety compact, vehicle Erosion prevention districts. Escheats, forfeiture, etc. Estate taxes ---_._ Estrays Everglades fire control Evidence Admissibility Witnesses Execution of criminals Executions, judgments and Executive clemency Executive committees; political parties: presidential electors Exemptions and homestead, method of setting apart Exhibition of motion pictures. Exhibitions, deformed persons and animals Expenses, state officers. Explosives, distribution, manufacture and use. Express companies Carrier's lien and enforcement Claims for lost or damaged express Payment of claims; l'iates Special officers Taxation ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont.) Expressway authorities Jacksonville 349 Orliando-Orange county, part III St. Petersburg, part I Tampa-Hillsborough county, part II 348 Extension institute, part II 239 Extradition Uniform interstate law. 941 Witnesses 942 Factors liens, part II 85 Fair trade law 541 Fairs and expositions Public 616 State 615 False imprisonment and kidnaping 805 False pretenses, frauds, and other cheats _,-:- 817 Fencing, and evidence in livestock cases, railroads 356 Fencing law -.~---:-----::-::---::-:-:-c: Ferries, toll bridges, dams and log ditches 347 Fertilizer, agricultural 576 Fictitious name statute : Fiduciary funds, investment of 518 Fiduciary security transfers, uniform act 610 Fighting; marathons 785 Financial matters, generally 215 Financial matters pertaining to political subdivisions 218 Financial responsibility law, motor vehicles 324 Fine and forfeiture fund, county 142 Fire and going-out-of-business sales, part Fire control, Everglades 379 Fire insurance trust fund, state 284 Fire marshal, state 633 Firearms and weapons 790 Fireworks, sale of 791 Fish Fresh water 372 Salt water 370 Fisheries, salt water 370 Flags, State, United States and Confederate 256 Flood control _ 378 Florida air pollution control commission 403 Florida arbitration code ::--::--:-,--~ 57 Florida aviation study and advisory commission, part V 13 Florida barbiturate act ---,- --,- 404 Florida basic science law-hypnosis 456 Florida basic science law, part I Hypnosis, part II Florida board of forestry :: Florida cemetery act, part IV 559 Florida citrus code. -: Florida citrus marketing act 600 Florida commercial feed law. 580 Florida commission on aging 412 Florida corrections code 944 Florida cosmetology law 477 Florida crippled children's commission _ 391 Florida development commission 288 Florida educational television commission 246 Florida egg commission 504 Florida gas piping systems safety code 368 Florida highway code Florida industrial development corporation 289 Florida installment land sales law Florida library and historical commission 257 Florida marketing laws 573 Celery and sweet corn marketing law, part I Foliage plant marketing law, part II Watermelon marketing law, part III ALPHABETICAL INDEX-(Cont.) Florida nuclear code and southern nuclear compact law 290 Florida public utilities commission 350 Florida school for boys at Marianna, the 955 Florida school for boys at Okeechobee, the 955 Florida school for girls at Ocala, the 956 Florida school for girls at Forest Hill, the 956 Florida state guard _ 251 Florida state hospitals, part I 394 Florida Statutes, revision department 16 Florida turnpike authority
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