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   i ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Reading to the outcome of my work, Author would like to express her deepest sense of gratitude and respect to her supervisor Dr. Shaikh Md. Nizamud-doulah, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, For his careful guidance, valuable advice, adequate encouragement and every possible help throughout the work. Author is also grateful to other teachers of the Department of Civil Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology for their valuable suggestions and inspiration from time to time.   Author would like to thank the project manager and Team Leader of Design Section of Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover Project for their cooperation in her thesis work. Author would specially like to thank Ammy Khayer Chowdhury, Mr. Palash Baran Dhar and Mr. Prodip Mandol for their cooperation and contribution in her thesis work. Finally, Author conveys thanks to her parents, friends and well wishers for their constant inspiration and endeavor throughout the work. September, 2012 Author RUET, Rajshahi Jali Barman   ii ABSTRACT Precast, prestressed Segmental concrete box girders are widely used in short and medium span Flyovers are one of the major new developments in bridge engineering in the last years. Segmental box girder flyovers are particularly popular due to their speed and ease of construction, favorable span-to depth ratio, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. The majority of these flyovers are still constructed of concretes with strengths of not more than 50 MPa. Total length of Jatrabari-Gulistan flyover including ramps 9.6 Km. Overall width of segment is17.23 m, Depth of box Girder at centre is 2.3 m, Grade of Concrete is C 40, Grade of Reinforcement Steel is AASHTO Grade 60, Type of Prestressing Steel is 19K15, Grade of Prestressing Steel is ASTM A 416 Grade 270 (Low Relaxation Steel), Yield Strength is 1860 MPa, Area of Strand is 140 mm 2 , Diameter of duct is 105 mm (Inner Diameter), Maximum Jack pressure (0.77 f  s ) is 200.5 KN per strand, There is a lack of cost effectiveness studies, and preliminary design guidelines that would provide designers and precasters with the incentive to use high-performance concrete (HPC). To make matters even more complicated, designers will soon have to convert to AASHTO LRFD Specifications, which substantially change the way future flyovers will be designed. Any economic studies and design guidelines will have to reflect the forthcoming changes in flyover design philosophy. This paper presents a rigorous and systematic procedure using SAP2000 for the analysis of Precast, prestressed Segmental concrete box girders type superstructure, using STAADPro for using the analysis of pile and manual design of pier, pier cap, pile cap. Construction of precast segmental hollow twin cell box girder Flyovers will be mentioned in this paper. Figure of dimension and Reinforcement details of segment, pier, pier cap, pile, pile cap and Cable profiles details are shown in this paper. Design tables are also shown in this paper which will be useful for practicing engineers for quick design.   iii CONTENTS AACCK K  N NOOWWLLEEDDGGEEMMEE N NTT i AABBSSTTR R AACCTT ii CONTENTS iii LLIISSTT OOFF FFIIGGUUR R EESS vi CHAPTER    -1   INTRODUCTION 1.1 General 01 1.2 Project Location   01 1.3 Area, Terrain and Geology 01 1.4 Scope of Work 01 1.5 Location map of Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover 02 1.6 Model of Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover 03 1.7 Salient features of Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover 04 1.8 List of Equipment 05 1 .9 Objectives Of The Work    06 CHAPTER -2 DESCRIPTION OF DIFFERENT COMPONENTS 2.1 Introduction 07 2.2 Prestressed Concrete Deck 07 2.3 Bearing 08 2.4 Choice of Pier 09 2.5 Design Consideration 09 2.6 Type of Foundations 09 2.7 Classification of Piles 10 2.8 There are some examples of Precast PSC box girder type superstructure of flyovers in below: 10 CHAPTER -3 GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF JATRABARI-GULISTAN FLYOVER 3.1 Working Procedure of Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover substructure 12 3.2 Load Test   14 3.3 Super Structure 14 3.4 Sequence of Cables To Be Stressed 15   iv CHAPTER -4 THEORY OF PRESTRESSED CONCRETE 4.1 Prestressing 17 4.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Prestressed Concrete 17 4.3 Prestressing Systems 18 4.4 Loss of Prestress 19 4.5 Total Amount of Losses 21 CHAPTER    -5 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF PSC BOX GIRDER SUPERSTRUCTURE 5.1 General Arrangement 22 5.2 Design Philosophy for PSC Box Girder Superstructure 22 5.2.1 Description of the Structure 22 5.2.2 Geometry 22 5.2.3 Structure Cross Section 22 5.2.4 Material Properties 23 5.2.5 Material Properties 23 5.2.6 Design Standards 23 Codes & Standards 23 5.2.7 Loading 23 Dead load (DL) 23 Super Imposed Dead Load (SIDL) 23 Carriageway and Footpath Live Load (LL) 23 Differential Shrinkage and Creep 23 Differential Support Settlement 23 5.2.8 Structural analysis 23 5.2.9 Prestressing Details 24 5.2.10 Method of Analysis for Cross Diaphragm 24 5.2.11 Proposed Scheme Of Construction 24 5.2.12 Detailing future & emergency prestressing / cover / drainage spouts 24 5.3 SAP2000 25 5.4 Analysis data by SAP2000 26 5.4.1 For Dead load: 26 5.4.2 For Moving Load: 29 5.4.3 For Prestress: 35
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