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  abc Birth Date: 15 Jun 2001 Birth Place: Port Louis,  Made by abc Date of Birth15 Jun 2001 FridayTime of Birth06:13:00 AMPlace of BirthPort Louis, Mauritius AyanmashNC LahiriLocal Mean Time06:03:00Sidreal Time23:36:43LT Correction10:0:0Obliq23.44 Avkahada Chakra LagnaTaurusLagna LordVenusRashiPiscesRashi LordJupiter NakshatraU.BhadraNakshatra LordSaturnCharan2TithiNavami KrishnaPayaGoldS.S. YogaSaubhagyaKaranTaitikaVarnaBrahminTatwaAkashVashyaJalachar YoniCow(F)GanaManushyaNadiMadhyaNadi PadaAadiVihagaShikkavalFirst LettersDu, Tha, JhaSun SignGeminiDecanate1 Ghatak(Malefics) RashiMeshMonthsPhalgunTithi5, 10, 15DayFridayNakshatraAshleshaPrahar4LagnaSinghaYogaVajraKaranChatuspad Favourable Points Lucky Numbers6Good Numbers1, 3, 7, 9Evil Numbers5, 8Good Years15,24,33,42,51,Lucky DaysSat, Wed, SunGood PlanetsSat, Merc, SunEvil PlanetsJupiter, MarsFriendly SignsVir Cap AquaGood LagnaLeo, Sco, Cap, PisLucky MetalSilver Lucky StoneDiamondLucky TimeSunriseLucky DirectionSouth-East  abc Made by Planetary Positions at Birth Time PlanetsDirRashiLordDegreesNakshatra-QtrLordKarak---  AscendantTaurusVenus 22:36:32 Rohini-4MoonSunDirectGeminiMercury 0:10:38 Mrigsiras-3MarsFatherFriendly HouseMercuryRetroGeminiMercury 2:24:34 Mrigsiras-3MarsIntellectVenusDirectAriesMars 14:33:34 Bharani-1VenusSpouseNeutralMarsRetroScorpioMars 28:26:52 Jyestha-4MercuryCourageJupiterDirectTaurusVenus 29:46:3 Mrigsiras-2MarsWealthEnemy HouseSaturnDirectTaurusVenus 13:7:23 Rohini-1MoonLongevityFriendly HouseMoonDirectPiscesJupiter  10:46:43 U.Bhadra-3SaturnMotherFriendly HouseRahuRetroGeminiMercury 13:3:58  Aridra-2RahuDesireExaltedKetuRetroSagittariusJupiter  13:3:58 Moola-4KetuEmancipationExaltedUranusRetroAquariusSaturn 0:51:11 Dhanishta-3MarsNeptuneRetroCapricornSaturn 14:34:59 Sravana-2MoonPlutoRetroScorpioMars 19:45:40 Jyestha-1Mercury 234567891011121 AscendantJupiterSaturnSunMercuryRahuMarsPlutoKetuNeptuneUranusMoonVenus Lagna Kundali  abc Made by PredictionsSpecific Characterstics You will have religious spirit and an inclination to extremism and fanaticism. Love-affairs may lead you to have disputes and quarrels with powerful enemies. You should exercise your 'will-force' to overcome your corrupt sympathies and morbid enthusiasm, otherwise you may lose your position through the acts of your false friends and accusations of your secret enemies.You will have a kind, warm disposition and a genial nature - although inconstant, yet very sympathetic. Your inherent merits will raise you to a high position and will confer much success and wealth. You may have inconstancy in your marriage state, even may have two marriages or extra-marital affairs. You will have a passionate nature, infected with an utter disregard of the consequences of action. A certain degree of religious or fanatical enthusiasm will lead you to fanciful projects which may bring in disappointments for you. You may incur losses by strifes and enmities, and by secret means. You may have some trouble in marriage state, which may even lead to separation. Female influences on you are likely to be detrimental; but by God's grace, you will be always be back in track by receiving assistance from friends in high places. Your nature fluctuates between two extremes at times, whereas you may be very audacious at other times. By exercising your 'will-force', you should check this tendency; otherwise people may consider you unreliable, and you may lose the opportunities of advancement.  Mental Qualities You are sort of a versatile genius having quick understanding and good judgment. You are loquacious, changeful, passionate and at times, secretive. You may be disposed to a double life. People might have varying opinions about you as they will find you difficult to understand.  Physical Attributes You will have a rather short stature and full-fleshed body; your complexion will be pale and you will have full, relatively big, translucent eyes. Your limbs, particularly the feet, will be short and you have stooping shoulders. You will have thick dark and black hair.  General State of Health Your zodiacal sign rules over the shoulders, arms, hands, bronchial tubes, fingers, nervous system, etc. Your potential problems could be asthma, chest disorders, colds, flu, spondylitis, etc. Your shoulders/arms/hands/fingers, trachea, bronchial tubes, upper ribs and thymus are the trouble-spots which may need medical attention during some time of your life.Stress (if in Administrative job) can lead to blood-pressure related problems. Profession demanding lot of travelling can induce problems due to exposure and irregular food-habits. All you need is adequate rest and peaceful sleep, regular homely meals with a relaxed mind. Yoga could work wonders for you. You should take a lot of carrots, cauliflower, garlic and
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