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Central Area A message from the Captain... And if you are a social media aficionado please find us on Facebook (LAPDCentralArea) and Twitter to receive up-to-the-minute updates on what
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Central Area A message from the Captain... And if you are a social media aficionado please find us on Facebook (LAPDCentralArea) and Twitter to receive up-to-the-minute updates on what is going on Downtown! Captain III Horace E Frank Inside this issue: Chinatown 3 Civic Center 3 YTD 2013 YTD 2012 DIFFERENCE (+) Increase (-) Decrease % CHANGE 2013 WEEKLY AVE Arts District 3 TOTAL PART I % 61 Service Providers 4 VIOLENT % 14.8 Industrial District 5 Historic Core 5 HOMICIDE 1 1 RAPE 4 5 ROBBERY % -20.0% -5.9% N/C N/C 7.3 Financial District 5 Entertainment District 7 Fashion District 7 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT PROPERTY BURGLARY GRAND THEFT AU- TO % -20.0% -43.8% -48.8% BURGLARY FROM MOTOR VEHICLE % 11.6 THEFT % 28.6 Page 2 Chinatown/Olvera Street/Civic Center Senior Lead Officer Steve Nichols Cell Phone: INTRODUCTION My area covers the area from Cesar Chavez to 3rd Street, the LA River to the 110 Freeway. Within these parameters is a unique juxtaposition that ranges from the post-modern architecture of the Disney Music Center to the original adobe dwellings of the birthplace of Los Angeles - Olvera Street. These neighborhoods - defined by their individual and significant contributions to Downtown make this one of the most interesting and challenging assignments in Central Division. Chinatown enjoys the distinction of having the lowest crime statistics in Central Division due to assertive, proactive policing, foot beat and vehicular patrol, regular interaction with area residents and merchants. A desire to maintain the old (and new) world charm that the area provides makes this a must see attraction for tourists and locals alike. CRIME TRENDS AND PREVENTION Although crime is down in the area, there has been a slight increase in burglary from motor vehicles. Suspects are always looking for opportunities and in the case with a break-in of a car, Victims often leave items visible on seats, center consoles and floorboards. Some of the most common items taken are IPODS, GPS systems affixed to windows, computers, cell phones and other electronics. Please remember, HIDE IT, LOCK IT, KEEP IT. Prevention of thefts are another crime Central Division as a whole has worked diligently to combat. Many of the thefts that occur in the division are from items left unattended and therefore, we believe a majority of thefts can be prevented. Common items taken are cell phones, purses, backpacks and bikes. Please ensure that your belongings are with you at all times, not leaving them unattended for just a moment. Texting and walking is no crime but definitely makes one a perfect target for criminal acts be aware of your surrounds. For more helpful tips, please visit and click on Crime Prevention. Arts District/Little Tokyo/Industrial District Senior Lead Officer Chris Jarvis Cell Phone: (213) ARTS DISTRICT As we approach our warm summer months, it is imperative that you remember to lock your windows and doors - especially if you live on a street level apartment or house. And NEVER leave your child or dog in a parked vehicle - even for one minute! The temperature can quickly exceed 100 degrees, and serious in-jury can occur within minutes. Please be aware that alcohol and driving never mix, and designated drivers are the best friends you can have when you want to imbibe and travel. Know that your police department will diligently patrol the streets and steadfastly enforce the laws regarding driver s under the influence. We want you to arrive safe. INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT We are experiencing a high number of Thefts, where people are leaving there property unattended and return only to find their belongings are no longer there. Please keep your property with you at all times to eliminate being a victim of Theft. All residence of Downtown, please assist the Police Department in our continual efforts to reduce Thefts from your vehicles by insuring no items are left in the open and your vehicles are locked and secured. LITTLE TOKYO Cell phone Thefts have become a concern for the police department in the Downtown area. Be aware of your surroundings during your travels and when you complete the call put your phone away. This will take away the opportunity and ensure you return home safely with your belongings. FEATURED RESOURCES Here are just a few resources that may help you in finding employment, clearing up your records, or maintaining good health. 311 is an excellent resource for City services Antigraffiti.org Weingart Women s Renaissance (213) L.I.T.E Program (213) Expungement Workshop (213) Central City East Service Providers Senior Lead Officer Deon Joseph Cell Phone: Foot Beat Senior Lead Officer Karen Owens Cell Phone: (213) Hello Central City East. I just wanted to wish you a safe and happy Easter season. This time of year can be a very dangerous one for a variety of reasons, yet your LAPD Central police officers are ready to serve and protect. In order to do that, we will need your continued support in providing crime information to help curb crime in Skid Row. Crime reduction is not simply the responsibil- Page 3 Central City East Service Providers, continued ity of the officers on the beat. This is your community, and without your input, it makes our task of bringing safety and improved quality of life to the area that much more difficult. CRIME TRENDS Though crime is down significantly in Skid Row, we are still having issues with thefts and robberies involving cellular phones, back packs and bikes. Please be aware of your surroundings when texting, or talking on the phone. Do not allow anyone to use your phone or set it down. It only takes a second to take your phone. We are also noticing that some of these crimes began with something a simple as an argument. I have noticed that many people are slow to turning the other cheek where in most cases, it is the best thing to do; simply walking away from an argument will save you from becoming a victim of a crime in Skid Row. We are also getting reports of stolen vehicles in the area of 6 th Street and San Pedro. Please do not leave valuable items in your cars such as lap tops, cell phones, itouch or mp3 products and accessories, as these items attract criminals to your cars for them to break in and steal them. Please make yourself less of a target for crime. UPCOMING EVENTS LADIES NIGHT James M. Woods Center April 26 th. Come and learn about laws designed to protect women, as well as a little self-defense. For info please call me (213) GOOD NEWS A local drug den at 637 S. San Julian has been shut down thanks to the collaborative work of the Safer Cities Imitative, Central Narcotics, the Los Angeles County Sherrif Department, and the City Attorney s office. This location hid under the guise of trying to help the homeless, but became a safe haven for drug dealers and south end gangsters. FEATURED RESOURCES Here are just a few resources that may help you in finding employment, clearing up your records, or maintaining good health. Weingart Women s Renaissance (213) L.I.T.E. Program (213) RECORD EXPUNGEMENT WORKSHOP 213) Re-Entry Legal Clinic (323) Los Angeles Christian Health Centers FREE Comprehensive medical care (213) E. 4 th Street The Needle Exchange Program EIMAGO Job the Union Rescue Mission (213) Any questions or concerns, please call me at (213) or (213) You can also me at Financial District/Jewelry District/Pershing Sq. Senior Lead Officer Sean Lewis Cell Phone: (213) Senior Lead Officer Sean Leonard Davis Cell Phone: (626) SLO Davis Is the foot beat Senior Lead for this area Boundaries for SLO 41 My boundaries include the Historic Core, The Jewelry Mart, and The Financial District This Area covers from 3rd St to the North, and the North side of 7th St to the South. Spring St to the East and Figueroa St to the West. QUALITY OF LIFE CONCERNS The quality of life concerns are; The drinking and being drunk in public near the Metro platforms at 4th & Hill, The narcotic activity along the 5th St Corridor (Between Spring & Hill), The encampments and transient activity at Angels Flight (4th & Hill), Also, the encampments and transient activity at 4th & Flower. CRIME TRENDS BFMV Vehicles in and around the Financial District are being broken into. This is due to the high Volume of shoppers in the Area, citizens are leaving their valuables in their vehicles, in plain sight. BICYCLE THEFT We have had a series of bicycle thefts, from 7th to 9th, from Hill St to the 110 Freeway. If your mode of transportation around the downtown area is by the bicycle, please lock your bike, and if possible do not leave it locked out- Page 4 Financial District, continued side in the evening hours. Every bike stolen in DTLA in last few months has been either unsecured or locked with chain/cable. A u-lock is cheaper than a new bike Central has partnered with 3 DTLA bike shops to provide $5 off u-locks for cyclists in the Downtown Area. CRIME PREVENTION The LAPD and Central Area has generated the Hide it, Lock it, Keep it campaign. Remember to lock your vehicles and remove anything from sight that might tempt a criminal to break into you vehicle. Help us Help you, please do not become a victim. When locking your vehicle, take your personal property out of plain sight. You may find a ticket-like paper on your windshield, if parked in the downtown area. This is just to remind you to be cognizant of leaving valuables in plain sight while your vehicle is parked Personal Property theft has been a problem in the Downtown Area. We have started the Hide It, Lock It, Keep It Campaign. This is now in full swing. Also, when shopping in the Downtown Area, keep your personal property with you at ALL TIMES. Do not leave it on a table, or counter, or a bench. When in your travels, always be aware of your surroundings, walking with your head down reading your phone messages, someone is likely to grab your phone out of your hands. #BE AWARE COMMUNITY GROUP INFORMATION: Pershing Square s summer events will be starting as soon as next month with outdoor movies. For additional information, call (213) or Lastly, Central Area now has a twitter account, it LAPDCentralArea. Please join us on twitter to be updated on the latest events in the Central Area. Entertainment District/South Park Senior Lead Officer Sam Yin Cell Phone: (213) Senior Lead Officer Victor Aguilar Cell Phone: (213) INTRODUCTION Greetings! Los Angeles has so much to offer, so do not miss out. This area offers fantastic entertainment, superb dining, five star accommodations, and everything else in between. Enjoy what the City of the Angels has to offer. For local residence of basic area 61, all the amenities are within walking distance. When you need to take a breath from all the local offerings, the park at 9 th St/Hope or Venice/Grand are wonderful places to take off your shoes and relax. If you want to keep up with the entertainment scene, LA Live offers an expansive viewing square where you and sit and enjoy the music. CURRENT TRENDS This part of Los Angeles is evolving rapidly. New businesses are opening their doors as quickly as residences are establishing themselves. Within basic area 61 we have the Convention Center, the Staple Center, LA Live, and California Hospital. These major establishments draw in large numbers of people. Taking this into account, the amount of crime that occurs in comparison to the number of people that frequent the area is very small in comparison to other parts of the city. With this in mind, please do your best to prevent crime by keeping a close eye on your belongings when you are out, keep your property secured and out of sight, so as to not tempt potential criminals. Fashion District/Flower District Senior Lead Officer Jamilah Jones-Linton Cell Phone: (213) Senior Lead Officer Tracy Allen Cell Phone (213) The boundaries of Basic Car Area 1A85 are San Pedro Street to Hill Street between 7 th Street and 9 th Street as well as Maple Ave to Hill Street between 9 th Street and Washington Blvd. This area encompasses the Fabric, Flower and Fashion District area of Downtown Los Angeles. Page 5 Fashion District/Flower District, continued CRIME PREVENTION With the toiling economy, high unemployment rate and prison realignment crime prevention and safety is our priority. Central Division Captains and Supervisors meet daily to discuss crime trends from the previous day. Based on the information shared, resources are deployed accordingly. I find that this method has worked quite well. Year to date, the area has experienced an overall decrease in crime. Currently, the Fashion District Area, the area will continually see a host of Officers periodically assigned to the area including our Basic Patrol Cars, Bicycle Officers, Special Problems Unit, Gang Enforcement Officers, Foot Beat Officers, the Vending Unit and Senior Lead Officer. The mission of each individual unit is specific and the goal of each span anywhere from traffic enforcement to community education and crime reduction. Central Division Senior Lead Officers, Patrol Officers and the LA Fashion District Business Improvement District Safety Team have continued a flyer campaign in order to educate the public of ongoing crimes in the area as well as decrease the incidents of those crimes occurring. Currently in circulation are the general Theft Prevention flyer, Bicycle Theft Prevention flyer and the Hide It-Lock It- Keep It flyer. Street Sale of Goods Prohibited. No person, except as otherwise permitted by this section, shall on any sidewalk or street offer for sale, solicit the sale of, announce by any means the availability of, or have in his or her possession, control or custody, whether upon his or her person or upon some other animate or inanimate object, any goods, wares or merchandise which the public may purchase at any time LAMC reads as follows: SIDEWALKS MERCHANDISE BAGGAGE No person shall leave or permit to remain any merchandise, baggage or any article of personal property upon any parkway or sidewalk. Provided, that boxes, barrels and other receptacles for merchandise may be unpacked and their contents removed upon parkways or sidewalks outside of the Central Traffic District if such boxes, barrels and other receptacles for merchandise are removed immediately thereafter. RESOURCES LA Fashion District BID (213) Historic Downtown BID (213) Graffiti Removal Visit Website at Antigraffiti.org Illegal Dumping (800) LA County Department of Health (213) Streetlight Repairs (213) General City Services Many of the thefts and burglary from motor vehicles that the area experience can be prevented, as many thefts are a result of unattended property and many vehicle burglaries are a result of items that are left visible on the seats and floorboards. Keep in mind that many of our victims either work or live in the area. Please visit and click on Crime Prevention for helpful crime prevention tips. STREET VENDING The Fashion District has a Vending Unit who focus on 42.00(b) and LAMC, specifically targeting anyone who continually sale items including food, clothing, knick knacks, animals and the likes while on the public sidewalk (b) LAMC reads as follows: Page 6 iwatch, ireport, i KEEP US SAFE (iwatch) is a community awareness program created to educate the public about behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism. This program is a community program to help your neighborhood stay safe from terrorist activities. It is a partnership between your community and the Los Angeles Police Department. We can and must work together to prevent terrorist attacks. To learn about the iwatch program and about the behaviors and activities that you should report, view the videos and review the list of examples at iwatchla.org. You can also read and download a brochure that explains the program. Remember that the iwatch program is about behaviors and activities, not individuals. To find what kind of behaviors and activities you should report please go to iwatchla.org or content_basic_view/42535 Page 7 Important Telephone Numbers Police/Fire/Medical Emergency 911 Police Non-emergency 877-ASK-LAPD Central Area, Front Desk LAPD Noise Enforcement Senior Lead Officers Officer In Charge ISL10 Sgt Melody Hainline Senior Lead Office SL1 Chinatown/Olvera Street/Civic Center SLO Steve Nichols SL29 Arts District, Little Tokyo SLO Christopher Jarvis SL35 Skid Row SLO Deon Joseph SL54 SLO Karen Owens as the foot beat SL41 Financial District, Jewelry District SLO Sean Lewis ISL42-SLO Leonard Davis as the Foot beat SL61 South Park, Entertainment District SLO Sam Yin ISL82 Victor Aguilar SL85 Fashion District, Flower District SLO Jamilah Jones Linton ISL95 SLOTracy Allen as the foot beat Business Improvement Districts Chinatown BID Little Tokyo BID Downtown Center BID (Purple) Downtown Industrial BID (Red)/Arts District (Blue) Fashion District BID (Yellow) South Park BID (White) City Information 311 (Graffiti Removal, Bulky item removal, City services/information, etc.)
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