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5G NR Measurements & Events

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This Docs is About 5G NR Measurements and Events based on 3GPP Docs.
   5G NR Measurements &  Events Introduction The network may configure an RRC_CONNECTED UE to perform measurements and report them in accordance with the measurement configuration. The measurement configuration is provided by means of dedicated signalling i.e. using the RRCReconfiguration. The network may configure the UE to perform the following types  of measurements: - NR measurements - Inter-RAT measurements of E-UTRA frequencies The network may configure the UE to report the following measurement information  based on SS/PBCH block(s): - Measurement results per SS/PBCH block - Measurement results per cell based on SS/PBCH block(s) - SS/PBCH block(s) indexes The network may configure the UE to report the following measurement information based on CSI-RS resources: - Measurement results per CSI-RS resource - Measurement results per cell based on CSI-RS resource(s) - CSI-RS resource measurement identifiers  The measurement configuration includes the following parameters: Measurement objects : A list of objects on which the UE shall perform the measurements. Reporting configurations : A list of reporting configurations where there can be one or multiple reporting configurations per measurement object. Each reporting configuration consists of the following: Reporting criterion : The criterion that triggers the UE to send a measurement report. This can either be periodical or a single event description. RS type : The RS that the UE uses for beam and cell measurement results (SS/PBCH block or CSI-RS). Reporting format : The quantities per cell and per beam that the UE includes in the measurement report (e.g. RSRP) and other associated information such as the maximum number of cells and the maximum number beams per cell to report. Measurement identities : A list of measurement identities where each measurement identity links one measurement object with one reporting configuration. By configuring multiple measurement identities, it is possible to link more than one measurement object to the same reporting configuration, as well as to link more than one reporting configuration to the same measurement object. The measurement identity is also included in the measurement report that triggered the reporting, serving as a reference to the network. Quantity configurations : The quantity configuration defines the measurement filtering configuration used for all event evaluation and related reporting, and for periodical reporting of that measurement. For NR measurements, the network may configure up to 2 quantity configurations with a reference in the NR measurement object to the configuration that is to be used. In each configuration, different filter coefficients can be configured for different measurement quantities, for different RS types, and for measurements per cell and per beam. Measurement gaps : Periods that the UE may use to perform measurements.  Measuremet Reporting The purpose of this procedure is to transfer measurement results from the UE to the network. The UE shall initiate this procedure only after successful security activation.  MeasConfig The IE MeasConfig  specifies measurements to be performed by the UE, and covers intra-frequency, inter-frequency and inter-RAT mobility as well as configuration of measurement gaps. MeasConfig information element   MeasConfig ::= SEQUENCE { measObjectToRemoveList MeasObjectToRemoveList OPTIONAL, measObjectToAddModList MeasObjectToAddModList OPTIONAL, reportConfigToRemoveList ReportConfigToRemoveList OPTIONAL, reportConfigToAddModList ReportConfigToAddModList OPTIONAL, measIdToRemoveList MeasIdToRemoveList OPTIONAL, measIdToAddModList MeasIdToAddModList OPTIONAL, s-MeasureConfig CHOICE { ssb-RSRP RSRP-Range, csi-RSRP RSRP-Range } OPTIONAL, quantityConfig QuantityConfig OPTIONAL,   measGapConfig MeasGapConfig OPTIONAL, measGapSharingConfig MeasGapSharingConfig OPTIONAL, } MeasObjectToRemoveList ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxNrofObjectId)) OF MeasObjectId MeasIdToRemoveList ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxNrofMeasId)) OF MeasId ReportConfigToRemoveList ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxReportConfigId)) OF ReportConfigId MeasConfig   field descriptions measGapConfig : Used to setup and release measurement gaps in NR. measIdToAddModList : List of measurement identities to add and/or modify. measIdToRemoveList : List of measurement identities to remove. measObjectToAddModList   : List of measurement objects to add and/or modify. measObjectToRemoveList : List of measurement objects to remove. reportConfigToAddModList : List of measurement reporting configurations to add and/or modify. reportConfigToRemoveList : List of measurement reporting configurations to remove. s-MeasureConfig  : Threshold for NR SpCell RSRP measurement controlling when the UE is required to perform measurements on non-serving cells. Choice of ssb-RSRP  corresponds to cell RSRP based on SS/PBCH block and choice of csi-RSRP  corresponds to cell RSRP of CSI-RS. measGapSharingConfig  : Specifies the measurement gap sharing scheme and controls setup/ release of measurement gap sharing.    MeasGapConfig The IE MeasGapConfig  specifies the measurement gap configuration and controls setup/release of measurement gaps. MeasGapConfig  information element MeasGapConfig ::= SEQUENCE { gapFR2 SetupRelease { GapConfig } OPTIONAL, ..., [[ gapFR1 SetupRelease { GapConfig } OPTIONAL, gapUE SetupRelease { GapConfig } OPTIONAL ]] } GapConfig ::= SEQUENCE { gapOffset INTEGER (0..159), mgl ENUMERATED {ms1dot5, ms3, ms3dot5, ms4, ms5dot5, ms6}, mgrp ENUMERATED {ms20, ms40, ms80, ms160}, mgta ENUMERATED {ms0, ms0dot25, ms0dot5}, …  } MeasGapConfig   field descriptions gapFR1  : Indicates measurement gap configuration that applies to FR1 only. In EN-DC, gapFR1  cannot be set up by NR RRC (i.e. only LTE RRC can configure FR1 gap). gapFR1  can not be configured together with gapUE  . The applicability of the measurement gap is according to TS 38.133. gapFR2  : Indicates measurement gap configuration applies to FR2 only. gapFR2  cannot be configured together with gapUE  . The applicability of the measurement gap is according to TS 38.133. gapUE   : Indicates measurement gap configuration that applies to all frequencies (FR1 and FR2). In EN-DC, gapUE   cannot be set up by NR RRC (i.e. only LTE RRC can configure per UE gap). If gapUE is
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