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Chassis | Safety | Models | Colours & Upholstery | Optional Equipment | Engines | Technology | Service Print | Exit | Aus Liebe zum Automobil The Golf Volkswagen Information Service. Telephone 0800 333 666 Internet: © Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited 2007. Issue: 1 February 2007. Printed in UK. PVW156GMK 1 Chassis | Safety | Models | Colours & Upholstery | Optional Equipment | Engines | Technology | Service Print | Exit | 2 Greater safety. Different driving situation
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  Chassis|Safety|Models|Colours & Upholstery|Optional Equipment|Engines|Technology|ServicePrint|Exit| Aus Liebe zum Automobil The Golf Volkswagen Information Service. Telephone 0800 333 666Internet:© Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited 2007.Issue:1 February 2007. Printed in UK.PVW156GMK 1  Chassis|Safety|Models|Colours & Upholstery|Optional Equipment|Engines|Technology|ServicePrint|Exit| 2 Greater safety. Different drivingsituations require alternativesolutions, so we’ve developedelectro-mechanical servo steeringto make driving saferand morecomfortable. When you’re reversinginto a parking space, the steering is light and responsive. More comfort.  Whetheryou’re faced with town driving orwindingcountryroads, the Golf provides great roadholding through itstotallyrevised suspension system. It features an optimisedMcPherson front axle and a broadertrack forimproved stability.Stabilisers are situated directlyat the suspension strut which helps minimise roll at the front axle. Furthermore, the dampers and suspension work independentlyof one anotherto protect the driverand passengerfrom bumpyroads and potholes. Improved dynamics.  When it comes to performance roadholding, the Golf delivers througha four-link rearaxle. Ahighlyeffective arrangement allows the length and cross dynamics tobe tuned separatelywith great results. Even through tight corners the Golf is extremelystable with minimal sideways roll. In fact, you’ll soon appreciate the rearaxle benefits on everyroadsurface you encounter. From uneven tracks to motorwaycruising, you’ll feel just one thing – pure driving pleasure. For challenging road surfaces,there’s an easy solution. However, if you’re cruisingalong a motorway, sensors willdetect a whole new scenario. Thesolution is to create the optimumservo support that results instabilityat speed, but a preciseresponse should you need to makea sudden change of direction. 4MOTION.  Asophisticatedfourwheel drive system which allows the enginepowerto be transferred to the wheels with the best traction. The systemconstantlyregulates thedistribution of the drivebetween front and rearaxlesand because the system iselectronicallycontrolled, itgives the optimum traction forall driving situations.  3 Chassis|Safety|Models|Colours & Upholstery|Optional Equipment|Engines|Technology|ServicePrint|Exit| 030402 Performance begins with safety. 01 01 Whiplash-optimised front headrestraints: Help to reduce whiplashinjuries to the neck and spine.02ESP: The sensor-controlledElectronic Stabilisation Programmerecognises critical driving situationsand reacts in milliseconds bycontrolling the speed of individualwheels.03ABS: The Anti-lock BrakingSystem works in conjunction with an Electronic Differential Lock (EDL).Even under emergency braking, this formidable combination helpsprevent the wheels from locking,thereby allowing the driver to steeraround hazardous objects. 04Airbags: Every Golf benefits from six airbags for all-roundprotection. The front passengerairbag can also be deactivated if required. course. Though such innovative systems are highlyeffective,it’s worth remembering that theycannot dispense with thelaws of physics. ESP is supported bydisc brakes all round with the frontbeing ventilated, an integrated brake assistant whichrecognises an emergencybraking situation and increasesbraking effort and an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Thesesystems combine to deliverimpressive stopping distances, yet theystill allow the driverto steeraround hazardousobjects. In addition, underemergencybraking the hazardlights are automaticallyactivated which provide additional warning to otherdrivers. It’s not onlyGolf drivers who candepend on the Golf, but everybodywho encounters it. The concept of safety is fundamental to the Golf philosophy, so it’snot surprising the Golf achieves a five starNCAP safetyrating. To start with, the Golf is constructed around an extremelyrigid bodyshell thathas been crafted using state-of-the-art laserwelding techniques. Thisresults in a structure that is so strong, it can absorb impact energyandtherebyprotect the driverand passengers within a protective innercell.There’s also an abundance of airbags; two front airbags, two front sideimpact airbags and two curtain airbags. Airbags have been one of themost important breakthroughs in driverand passengersafety, so it’s nosurprise to find that Volkswagen have invested so heavilyin theirdevelopment and usage in orderto maximise protection. Anew safetydevelopment has been the adaptation of the front head restraints. Following an impact from the rear, the new whiplash-optimised front head restraints help minimise whiplash injuries to the neck and spine. An innovative Isofix child seat mounting system allows children’s seats,equipped with the Isofix system, to be fitted securelyto the Golf’s bodyvia eyesbetween the rearseat backrest and seat base. Child seats with the Isofix system can be purchased from yourVolkswagen retailer. Passive safetyfeatures are those that reduce injuries once an accident hasoccurred, with seat belts being a good example. In the Golf you’ll find three-point seat belts forall seats, seat belt pre-tensioners forthe front seats andthree head restraints forthe rearseat passengers. There’s even a warning lightto remind the driverand front seat passengerto fasten theirseat belt. Active safetyfeatures, are those that can help you avoid an accident in thefirst place. Once again, the Golf boasts several keyexamples – such as TractionControl (ASR) that can help avoid wheelspin in slipperyconditions and asensor-controlled Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP). ESP detectscritical situations at an earlystage and takes action, forexample, byspecifically braking individual wheels helping to bring the vehicle undercontrol. So whetherit’s a tight bend orloose road surface, ESP will help you staysafelyon  Chassis|Safety|Models|Colours & Upholstery|Optional Equipment|Engines|Technology|ServicePrint|Exit| S|Match|Sport|GT|GTI|GTI Edition 30|R32 4 It’s not just first impressions though where the Golf excels. Look a bit closerand it becomesapparent how cleverlythe individual designelements combine and complement one anotherforboth aesthetic and functional purposes. Forexample, the waythe aerodynamicallystyled doormirrors house additional indicatorlights forgreatersafety. Orthe waythe front fog lights sit neatlywithin the front bumperon the Golf GT, GTI and GTI Edition 30.Thanks to the high qualitymaterials andconstruction, it’s reassuring to know that theGolf’s galvanised bodywork is covered againstrusting through from the inside byan impressive A great design is one that stirs enthusiasm atfirst sight. So as you cast youreye overthe Golf, you’ll witness a whole host of features to raise youradrenaline. Compared with its predecessor, you’ll notice its widertrack, longerwheelbase andlargerwheels which provide a more powerful anddynamic appearance. With numerous models and engines, the choice is yours. 12-yearwarranty. The exceptional build quality is also evident in the optimum fit of the panels which meet with consistentlynarrow gaps. Thereare manyreasons to admire the Golf, so discovermore overthe next few pages. Model shown is Golf Sport with optional 17 ‘Estoril’ alloy wheels and metallic paint.Models shown are Golf Match with optional 16 ‘Hockenheim’ alloy wheels and Golf Match. Both models feature optional metallic paint.
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