38th Annual New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) Organization Educational Conference

The NYS Office of Mental Health Chief Nursing Officers Organization will be holding its 38th Annual Educational Conference November 5 to 7, 2014, in Callicoon, NY. Titled Meeting the Challenge of the Triple Aim: Engaging and Effective Approaches to Hospital and Community Care, the conference is open to nurses, psychiatric nurses, advanced practice nurses, and mental health professionals in the private and public sectors. Continuing education credit will be awarded to participants. The conference promises to address topics very relevant to today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. Featured speakers include Dr. Dan Fisher, one of the few psychiatrists nationally who publicly discusses his recovery from schizophrenia, as well as the Office of Mental Health’s Commissioner Ann Marie Sullivan, who will be co-presenting with Dr. David Shern, one of our nation’s leading mental health experts and recent CEO of Mental Health America. Other plenaries and workshops will focus on best practices in psychiatric care for adults, children/youth and people served by the forensics mental health systems.
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  38th Annual New York State Ofce o Mental Health (OMH) Chie Nursing Ofcers (CNO) Organization !ucational Conerence No e#$er %&' *+, -illa .o#a Conerence Center CallicoonNY Meeting the Challenge of the Triple Aim: Engaging and Eective Approaches to Hospital and Community    Schedule at a Glance WW EDNESDAY EDNESDAY   NN OVEMBEROVEMBER  5, 20145, 2014 8/3*&+*/** AM .egistration+*/**&+*/+% AM WELCOME Darriln Scheich, RN 0resi!ent OMH Chie Nursing Ofcers Organization an! Chie Nursing Ofcer Manhattan 0s1chiatric Center 2ar!s 4slan! NY+*/+%&++/,% AM OE! !# LE!A$%  Implementing Recovery: Helping People Find their Voice and Engage in Dialogue Daniel B! i#her, MD, $hD 5ecuti e 6irector National #7ower#ent Center awrence MA++/,% AM  &+/+% 0M 9reak:5hi$its+/+%&+/+% 0M  unch+/3*&3/** 0M LE!A$%  Actively Engaging Our Patients for Better Health in Difficult Settings: The Nurse Leader Imperative $atric% &''nan, EdD, RN, NEA(B&, A&)E 6ean an! 0roessor College o Nursing an! 0u$lic Health A!el7hi ;ni ersit1 <ar!en Cit1 NY3/**&3/3* 0M 9reak:5hi$its Continued on page 2 1 | Nov 5–7, 2014  Meeting the Challenge of the Triple  Aim Schedule at a Glance  3/3*&,/,% 0M E&'CAT O!AL WO$()HO) 1.Emotional CPR (eCPR): A Public Health Measure for Assisting People through Crisis and Building Communities Daniel B! i#her, MD, $hD 5ecuti e 6irector National #7ower#ent Center awrenceMA 2.Physical Assessment in the Behavioral Health Setting: A Review of Skills Shar'n err', MS, RN 4nstructor 9elanger School o Nursing llis Me!icine Schenecta!1 NY 3.Gang Culture  *'hn Bennett, RN 0s1chiatric Nurse A!#inistrator Central New York 0s1chiatric Center Marc1 NY%/**&'/** 0M $'#ter $re#entati'n# + Viein- =/**&'/** 0M 0roessional Networking'/**&>/** 0M 6inner .. )/RSDAY )/RSDAY   NN OVEMBEROVEMBER  , 2014, 2014 '/3*&>/** AM 9reakast8/**&>/** AM .egistration>/**&+*/3* AM   LE!A$%  Reinventing Public Mental Health: Opportunities to Improve Population Health and Well-Being Daid ! Shern, $hD Senior Scienti?c A! isor Mental Health A#erica Ale5an!ria -A Meeting the Challenges of the Changing Healthcare Environment: Transforming the New York State Public Mental Health System Ann Marie .! Sullian, MD Co##issioner New York State Ofce o Mental Health Al$an1 NY+*/3*&++/** AM  9reak:5hi$its Continued on page 3 2 | Nov 5–7, 2014  Meeting the Challenge of the Triple  Aim Schedule at a Glance  ++/** AM  &+/+% 0M   E&'CAT O!AL WO$()HO) 1.Did Schizophrenia Change the Course of English (and American) History? Ni-el Bar%, MD 6irector o Schizo7hrenia .esearch 9ron5 0s1chiatric Center9ron5 NY 2.Forensics Psychiatric Care: An Overview with a Focus on Violence and Suicide Risk Assessment Brian Bel3, $#D Chie o Ser ices @ir$1 orensic 0s1chiatric Center 2ar!s 4slan! NY 3.Fixing the Broken Mental Health System l'd ! Sederer, MD Chie Me!ical Ofcer New York State Ofce o Mental Health Al$an1 NY+/3*&/** 0M unch/**&3/3* 0M LE!A$%  Innovative Care for Youth Experiencing First-Episode Psychosis Symptoms ia Wat%in#, MSW Associate 6irector Center or 0ractice 4nno ations 6i ision o Mental Health Ser ices an! 0olic1 .esearch New York State 0s1chiatric 4nstitute New York NYB Co7resenting with MsB 2atkins will $e &a##i# )enr, MD  an! Rachel Gene#te, MS, RN, RD B3/3*&,/** 0M  9reak,/**&%/** 0M   A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nursing Education Options Brid-et Nettlet'n, $hD, RN, &NE 6ean o Nursing #7ire State College State ;ni ersit1 o New  York Saratoga S7rings NY=/**&'/** 0M 0roessional Networking'/**&>/** 0M  6inner Continued on page 4 3 | Nov 5–7, 2014  Meeting the Challenge of the Triple  Aim Schedule at a Glance  RDAY RDAY  , N, N OVEMBEROVEMBER  6, 20146, 2014 '/3*&>/** AM 9reakast>/+%&+*/,% AM   CLO) !# LE!A$%  Model Recovery, Personal Perspective and Journey: Improving Quality Care of Mental Health .ina G''dr', MSN7ED, RN, $M)N$(B& Nurse 0ractitioner 0s1chiatr1 Og!ens$urg 2ellness Center Og!ens$urg NY 4 | Nov 5–7, 2014  Meeting the Challenge of the Triple  Aim Schedule at a Glance  Dhis acti it1 has $een su$#itte! to the 0enns1l ania State Nurses Association or a77ro al toawar! contact hoursB Dhe 0enns1l ania State Nurses Association is accre!ite! as an a77ro ero continuing nursing e!ucation $1 the A#erican Nurses Cre!entialing Centers Co##issionon Accre!itationB 0artici7ants #ust atten! the ull 7rogra# to recei e ++ contact hours an! certi?cate o atten!anceB or those atten!ing 7ortions o the 7rogra# contact hours will $e awar!e!$ase! on the nu#$er o 7lenaries an! worksho7s atten!e!Bor #ore inor#ation regar!ing contact hours 7lease call Mar1 9agetis at (3+%) '38,,*%B
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