380654391 DNHS SHS Exam in PE and Health 11 Midterm Exam SY 2017 2018 Answer Sheet

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  Republic of the Philippines Central Philippines State University DON JUSTO V.VALMAYOR CAMPUS   San Carlos City, Negros Occidental MIDTERM EXAMINATION   SOC. SCI.4  Name:   Course/section : Date:   Test I:   Identify the following, choose your answer below and write your answer on the space provided.  1. investigation of social groups, social institutions, social stratification and mobility. 2. concerned with the study of human nature as the outcome of group life, personality formation and collective behavior; it studies how group behavior affects the individual and vice-versa. 3. (social organization and social disorganization) involves the study of change in culture and social relations and ongoing social problems. 4. studies the behavior of a given population and its relationship to the group’s social institutions. 5. concerned with population count, composition, change and quality as they influence the economic, political and social systems and vice versa. 6. concerned with the discovery, development and replication of research tools that will test the applicability and usefulness of the principles of group life. 7. the findings may be applied to fields such as marriage and family and counseling, child development, criminology, social work, education, communication, mental health, ethnic relations and others. 8. concerned with human activities related to the production, consumption and distribution of goods, services and wealth within societies. 9. Concerned with political processes, power struggle and governments, voting patterns changes from previous elections and the nature of voters. 10. Study a wide range of cultures from primitive to modern. Attempts to study tribes, subcultures or society as a whole. (Anthropology) (Political Science) (Economics) (Applied Sociology) (Sociological theory and research) ( Population Studies) (Human Ecology) (Social Change) (Social psychology) (Social organization) 1. from parents and family additional sources are playmates, work companions, school, churches, books, television, radio, movies and computers. 2. individual habits that can be shared.  3. knowledge is stored and passed on from one generation to the next and new. knowledge is constantly being added to the existing stock while information which is no longer useful is slowly discarded. 4. stems from cumulative quality no culture is ever in a permanent state. 5. behavior expectation an idea of how people are supposed to act and behave. 6. A factor responsible for the existence and development of culture. 7. When one loses the familiar signs and symbols of social intercourse and may experience some unpleasant sensations or frustrations. 8. all persons are alike in range of emotions, in the need for love and security, in the capacity to symbolize and in being subject to conditioning. 9. one’s psychic unity is not exactly identical with his inherited psychological traits . 10. is a system of behavior shared by members of a society. {Culture} {Learned} {Shared } {Cumulative} {Dynamic} {Norm} {Language} {Culture Shock} {Human biological drives} {Psychic unity} Test II: Enumeration Enumerate the following: Core Values 1-7 Determinants of Personality Formation 8-10 Test III: Explanation Explain what is Personality (10 pts)

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Nov 19, 2018
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