2005 - EnG106 - Technical Writing and Scientific Writing

Course syllabus for technical writing
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  COLEGIO DE SAN JUAN DE LETRAN Intramuros, Manila College of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education LANGUAGES AREASchool Year 2005-20062 n  semester I! ourse Num#er $ Englis ! # II! ourse %itle $ Tecnical $riting and Scientific $riting III! ourse &escri'tion $%he course is esi(ne to introuce the stuents to the )ritten con*entions o+ technical )ritin( an their a''lications in the +iel o+ eucation!Structure +or stuents maorin( in En(lish, this course em'hasies the elements, methos, an +ormat necessar. +or 'roucin( )ell-or(anie, clear an concise )ritin(s! S'ecial em'hasis is 'lace on techni/ues )hich technical )riters em'lo. an )hich Eucation stuents )ill +in use+ul, #othacaemicall. an 'ro+essionall.!I!Rationale $1ritin( is an essential acti*it. that is re/uire o+ #oth stuents an 'ro+essionals! As a stuent, one +ins )ritin( as an inis'ensa#le tool +or a maorit. o+ his learnin( tass, such as note-tain(, com'osition )ritin(, research )ritin( an man. other )ritin( acti*ities! As a 'ro+essional, one realies that the a#ilit. to )rite e++ecti*e corres'onence an ocuments is not onl. a o# re/uirement, #ut a 'lus +actor as )ell! In either case, no)le(e an sill in technical )ritin( are #oth essential an #ene+icial!! ourse 3#ecti*es $ General Objective: At the en o+ the semester, stuents are e4'ecte to ha*e +ull com'rehension o+ the +unamentals o+ technical )ritin( an to #e a#le to a''l. them inactual )ritin( acti*ities!  Specific Objectives: o(niti*e$%hin throu(h )ritin( situations an create )ritten re'orts an technical literature that )ill e++ecti*el. 'resent in+ormation to meet the reaers nees!A++ecti*e$A''reciate the *alues an si(ni+icance o+ e++ecti*e technical )ritin(!s.chomotor$ A''l. the stanars o+ (oo technical )ritin( st.le in creatin( re'orts, ocuments an a *ariet. o+ technical literature!  S%ecific Ob&ecti'esSub&ect (atter)aluesIntegratedStrategiesTeacing(etodologiesInstructional(aterialsE'aluationTi*e+ra*eE%ected Outco*e Unerstan the natureo+ technical )ritin(! om'rehen the  #asic 'rinci'les on )hich (oo technical )ritin( is +oune&etermine the  'ro'erties o+ technical )ritin( an the )a.s o+ achie*in(themUnerstan ho) the sco'e o+ technical )ritin( is i*ie into t)o #asic as'ects&e+inition an characteristics o+ technical )ritin(!7asic 'rinci'les o+ technical )ritin(!ro'erties o+ technical )ritin(!7asic as'ects o+ technical )ritin(!A)areness o+ thesi(ni+icance o+ technical )ritin(in the +iel o+ eucation!A''reciation o+ the 'rinci'les on )hich technical )ritin( is anchore!8no)le(e o+ the 'ro'erties that characterie technical )ritin(A)areness o+ theistinction  #et)een the t)o  #asic as'ects o+ technical )ritin(Lectures lass iscussionLecturesGrou' iscussions lassroom acti*it.Lectures lass iscussionRe+erence  #oo Re+erence  #oo isual Ais1orsheetsRe+erence  #oo 1ritten e4amination3ral  'resentation3ral e4amination1ritten e4amination1ee 91ee 21ee :1ee ;Unerstoo +ull. the nature o+ technical )ritin( om'rehene the  #asic 'rinci'les on )hich (oo technical )ritin( is +oune!&etermine the  'ro'erties o+ technical )ritin( an the )a.s throu(h )hich the. can #e achie*eUnerstoo the  #asic as'ects o+ technical )ritin(  Ienti+. the i++erent t.'es o+ technical re'orts< literature thatare commonl. re/uire o+ teachers an eucation stuents&e*elo' sills that re/uire 'articular attention in the  're'aration o+ technical 'a'ers lari+. the 'ro#lem o+ )hat shoul #e e+ine in technical )ritin(, methos o+ e+inin( )hat nees to #e e+ine an )here e+initions can #e most e++ecti*el.  'laceA! %echnical literature =en  'roucts o+ technical )ritin(>7! Sills neee in the 're'aration o+ en 'roucts9! 3utline2! 3r(aniation9!St.le2!?ormat:!Gra'hic ais;!S'ecial techni/uesa! &e+inition - )hat to e+ine - metho o+ e+inition - rules to +ollo) - )here to  'lace e+initionA)areness o+ thei++erent technical 'a'ers that are most commonl. use in the acaemeSills in  're'arin( technical re'orts<literature om'etence in e+inin( terms an e4'ressionsLecture lass iscussion3ral re'ort lass iscussion3ral re'ort lass iscussionSam'les o+ technical re'orts< literature@an-outs@an-outs3ral  'resentation1ritten e4amination1ritten e4amination1ee 51ee  B C1ee 90Ienti+ie the i++erent t.'es o+ technical re'orts<literature common in the acaeme&e*elo'e the sills on the accurac. an conciseness in  're'arin( technical  'a'ers out o+ (i*en ata lari+ie the  'ro#lem o+ )hat shoul #e e+ine intechnical )ritin(, methos o+ e+inin()hat nees to #e e+ine an )here e+initions can #e most e++ecti*el.  'lace  Unerstan the +unamentals an classi+ications an  'artition an ienti+. the rules to +ollo) in  'resentin( a classi+icationLearn ho) to or(anie etails o+ escri'tion, manner o+ 'resentin( an the use o+ illustrations to rein+orce te4tual escri'tionLearn )hen to use rocess I an rocessII, ho) to 'resent the escri'tion o+ the  'rocess an )hat st.le to useA''l. +unamentals an techni/ues o+ technical )ritin( to actual 'rocess o+ )ritin( an  'resentin( technical  #! lassi+ication an artition - )hen to use - rules to +ollo) - )ritin(  'roceuresc! &escri'tion -  'arts o+ the  'resentation -  'rinci'les o+ or(aniation - illustrationsc! rocess I an rocess II -  'arts o+ the  'resentation - St.le =moo an *oice>1ritin( technical re'orts< literatureA! Research 'a'er 7! Lesson 'lans ! Moules&! ?ormal re'ortsA#ilit. to anal.e thin(s inthe en*ironment usin( accurate  #ases +or main( u(ments reati*it. in or(aniin( an  'resentin( etails o+ escri'tionAccurac. in (i*in( instructionsA''reciation o+ the )ritin( acti*ities in the acaeme3ral re'ort lass iscussion3ral re'ort lass iscussion3ral re'ort lass iscussionLecturesGuie )ritin(Acti*ities@anouts@anouts@anoutsRe+erence  #oo Sam'les o+ technical re'orts< literature1ritten e4aminationGrou' )ritin( acti*it.Grae  #oar )or 3ut'ut o+ )ritin( acti*ities1ee 991ee 921ee 9:-9;1ee 95-9DUnerstoo the +unamentals an classi+ications an  'artition in  'resentin( a classi+icationLearne ho) to or(anie etails o+ escri'tion, manner o+ 'resentin( an the use o+ illustrations to rein+orce te4tual escri'tionLearne )hen to use rocess I an rocess IIA''lie +unamentals an techni/ues o+ technical )ritin( )ith em'hasis on or(aniatuion an

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