HOW INTELLIGENT IS YOUR BUILDING? Join the fight for intelligence in commercial buildings GRUNDFOS COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Breathing life into buildings Whether you need a complete pumping system for a new build project or you are looking to replace existing pumps, we have a solution that will boost the comfort and energy efficiency of your building. How may we help you? Domestic cold water Domestic hot water Domestic water, circulation District Energy/heating, flow District Energy/heat
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   HOW INTELLIGENT IS YOUR BUILDING? Join the fight for intelligence in commercial buildings GRUNDFOS COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS  Breathing life into buildings Whether you needa complete pumpingsystem for a new buildprojector you are lookingto replace existingpumps, we have a solution thatwill boostthe comfortandenergy efficiency ofyour building. How may we help you?Domestic coldwaterDomestic hotwaterDomestic water, circulationDistrictEnergy/heating, flowDistrictEnergy/heating, returnDrainage water, discharge pipeSub-buildingdrainwater pipeChilledwater/condenser water, flowChilledwater/condenser water, returnFire sprinkler system Reclaimedrain waterRain water collection pipeCar park dewateringWastewater stack WATER  DISINFECTIONHEATING SYSTEM WATER BOOSTING DISTRICT ENERGY CHILLED WATER SYSTEM WASTEWATERFIRE  FIGHTING RAINWATER  HARVESTING  WASTEWATER Breathing life into buildings Whether you needa complete pumpingsystem for a new buildprojector you are lookingto replace existingpumps, we have a solution thatwill boostthe comfortandenergy efficiency ofyour building. How may we help you? WATER  DISINFECTION GRUNDFOS COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS   Your challenge Accurately controlledhydronic systemsare paramountin maintainingthe rightindoor climate, butto achieve thislevel ofaccuracy you needsophisticatedtechnology to monitor performance atall times. Our solution We have a longhistory ofsupplyingintelligenthigh quality circulator pumpsthatguarantee performance andreliability. With our integratedor external frequency convertersyour pump system will adaptcontinuously to system demands, resultingin low life-cycle costs, improvedoverall system efficiency, excellentindoor climate andsignificantCO 2 reductions.  Your benefits · High comfort levelsin allseasonsand climates· Increased system performance· Lowlife-cyclecoststhrough intelligent operations· Unparalleled reliability· Reduced CO 2 emissions· Controlmodesfor any typeofHVAC system Modern buildingsare living, breathingorganisms, poweredby interconnectedsystems. Mostofthese are directly dependenton pumpsto transportwater efficiently andprecisely. Pick the wrongpump solution andthe comfortofthe residents, alongwith the overall performance andenergy efficiency, suffersgreatly.AtGrundfos, we have a holistic approach to commercial buildings. Through intelligenttechnologies, we create system synergiesthateffectively boostperformance andreduce energy consumption.We understandall application areasin the building–from water supply to wastewater discharge. With your exactdemandasour startingpoint, we can tailor-make solutionsthatwill raise the overall IQ ofyour buildingsignificantly.Welcome to GrundfosCommercial Buildings. The cornerstone in our work for pump intelligence isGrundfosiSOLUTIONS–a range ofintegratedpump solutions, variable frequency drives, control units, communication modulesandremote monitoringsystems. Builton highly intelligenttechnology, the solutionsallow your system to adaptto changesimmediately, offeringyou the highestpossible energy efficiency andreliability. With GrundfosiSOLUTIONSwe ensure full compatibility between drives, monitoringandcontrol units. To provide you with full control, the pump system connectseasily to external control systemslike the BuildingManagementSystem.Easy to install andcommission, GrundfosiSOLUTIONStruly isthe intelligentchoice. Grundfos GO –mobilepump control Grundfos iSOLUTIONS HVAC  SYSTEMS Inefficientfire protection can be fatal. Withouttotal reliability ofevery link ofthe chain, a stationary fire protection system isworthless. AtGrundfos, we offer solutionsthatmatch even the mostcomplicatedtasks.We design anddeliver fire systemsrangingfrom simple pump-driven systemsto highly innovative engineeredandpackagedsystemsin compliance with almostall relevantfire standards. Our dedicatedcompetence centresaroundthe worldallow usto stay on top ofyour safety challengesatall times. · Fully pre-defined and comprehensivesalesprogrammefor firepumpsets· Globalsetupfor production, salesand servicecompanies· Minimalinstallation-to-operation time FIRE  FIGHTING In commercial buildings, efficientwater disinfection ofdomestic hotwater systems, coolingtowers, spasandswimmingpoolscan be a matter oflife or death. With Grundfos’chlorine dioxide disinfection systems, legionella andother potentially fatal bacteria no longer pose a threat.On top ofthat, we are expertsin anti-scaling, anti-foulingandanti-corrosion in air conditioning, heatingandboiler systems. With Grundfosasyour partner, you can restassuredthatyour water issafe, clean andthatall pipesare corrosion free. · Disinfection with chlorinedioxidesuperior to any other disinfection system· Highly safewith solutionsfor continuouswater quality monitoring · Extensiveknow-howin thefield WATER  DISINFECTION The idea behinddistrictenergy issimple: to produce heatedor cooledwater in a central location andthen distribute thisenergy to the final consumersthrough a double pipe network. The sum ofthe energy consumedofall connectedconsumersin a districtenergy system, will typically be substantially lower than the sum ofall individual consumers. Thereby, increasedefficiency andCO 2 reductionsare achieved. In caseswhere power (electricity) anddistrictenergy are combinedin so-calledcombinedheatandpower systems(CHP), the overall efficiency can be increasedfrom approximately 45% to more than 90%.Akey componentin districtenergy isan efficienttransmission system to distribute water to andfrom the districtheatingor coolingplants. AtGrundfos, we deliver both the productsandthe expertise to getthe job done. · Largeenergy savingsthrough intelligent operationsand energy efficiency· High performancepumping systemsto meet alldemands· Lowlife-cyclecosts DISTRICT ENERGY GRUNDFOS COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS GRUNDFOS COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS   Your challenge To ensure a constant pressure at all tap points, commercial buildings face two major challenges: 1) Pre-pressure in water mains is rarely high enough to cover the whole building. 2) Water demand changes constantly. This means that not only must your booster system be reliable and efficient, it must also have the intelligence to maintain the right system pressure regardless of water consumption. Our solution At Grundfos, we offer you efficient and noise-free booster systems designed to provide optimal water supply throughout the building. Our systems bearing the Grundfos Blueflux® label – ensures you market-leading energy efficiency. By connecting with the Grundfos Remote Management system, you can easily monitor performance and optimise your system settings from a distance.  Your benefits · Low life-cycle costs and complete customisation with intelligent controls· Increased hygiene through stainless steel solutions· Proportional pressure control modes for water systems with relatively low static height· Plug and pump booster systems When gravity alone is not enough to move wastewater, your building needs a pressurised wastewater system. But wastewater handling is a complex affair; varying solids content from different sources like domestic wastewater, storm water, drainage water and wastewater from garages puts pump systems to the test on a daily basis.Our wastewater solutions build on decades of experience, allowing us to balance performance, reliability, cost-efficiency and serviceability. We can design the entire system or provide you with high-quality components, such as sewage pumps, drainage pumps, grinder pumps, lifting-stations, pre-fabricated pumping stations, controllers and a wide range of accessories. · Full range of solutions to meet your specific demands· Unparalleled reliability and efficiency for low life-cycle costs· Reduced down time · Plug and pump solutions RAINWATER  HARVESTING WASTEWATER WATER BOOSTING Every day, vast amounts of drinking water are flushed down the toilet, putting a strain on the world’s diminishing fresh water supply and your economy. With a rainwater harvesting system you can collect the water for non-potable purposes like toilet flushing, washing machines, make-up water for cooling towers and irrigation. This way you save money on your water bill and enhance the sustainability image of your building. In addition, the collection of the rainwater will reduce the strain on sewers during rainstorms, effectively reducing the risk of water backflows. At Grundfos, we offer complete rainwater harvesting systems with integrated controls. The systems will deliver a steady flow of water, switching automatically between mains water and the rainwater tank. · Reduce risk of water backflows into buildings · Save up to 85% of drinking water · Reduce lime scale · Enhance the sustainability image of your building GRUNDFOS COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS


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