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  󰀱  A quarterly publication of Anjamma Agi Reddy Engineering College for Women, Hyderabad     Issue No.5, January 2012 From the Principal’s Desk This newsletter proudly celebrates one year of successful publication with generous support from the Management of Mahaveer Educational Society. It serves as a platform for the students and staff to voice their views and to present in a nutshell the news and developments at the college and elsewhere. The reading habit among students has been coming down over the years, due to the increasing distraction by television and mobile devices in addition to conventional cinema. Reading not only widens ones breadth and depth of knowledge, but also prevents dementia later in life. The most successful people in the world are also those who have made use of every minute of their life in fruitful activity including reading, writing, listening and speaking. I will be happy if all my students glance through the newsletter, newspapers and magazines in our library and also the quotation written every morning in addition to seriously reading text books and reference books. For the New Year, let us resolve to make use of every moment at our disposal in useful work, be it studies or household work. All of you are familiar with Einstein’s famous equation E = mc 2  which gives the relationship between mass and energy. In a modification of the formula, ‘ E’  is the energy of the individual, one ‘ c’  is the competence and another ‘ c’  is the commitment. ‘ m’  is fraction of the moments utilized every day. We measure time in moments and not in hours, since every moment is precious and lost moments cannot be recovered again. I also wish to impress on you the dignity of labour. We should never hesitate to do a job, even if it is manual work. Every  job is important and we should not feel that it is below our dignity to undertake the job. In this issue, as usual, the toppers and winners are listed. We have an inspiring article from Shaneena Tanveer. Esther tells us how to overcome fear. Preeti Lal is all admiration for teachers. We have photographs of events. Gist from the speech of a distinguished visitor follows. Then we  present a golden pot from a HR Consultant. Ankit Arora highlights friendship. Finally we have some developments from science, technology and medicine. Wish you a happy and healthy new year! -   Dr. Palanki Balakrishna AARW NEWSLETTER     󰀲 Top 10 in pencil sketch competition A pencil sketch competition was held for I B.Tech students on 7.12.2011. Every student had to  participate instead of just volunteers. The time allotted was only 30 minutes. The artist could choose any theme for the sketch. The criteria for selection of the top ten were artistic value, concept value and the extent of labour. All sketches were very good and it was very difficult to select. The top ten artists are presented here: From the left: Preethi Lal CSE (A serene village and a concrete jungle), A. Sneha CSE (School Girl), G. Shaila Rani CSE (Don’t cut trees), Wajiha Neha CSE (Nature), V Bhavana CSE (The Taj Mahal), Mani Sree ECE (Serve Nature and Nature will serve you), K Rohini EEE (Mother Nature), K Manasa CSE (Keep drugs and pollution away), P Jeevana Shravani CSE (Peaceful village), V Bhargavi CSE (For life to change, change your life) (not in  picture) Toppers in II B.Tech I Semester I Mid Examinations (Sept 2011) ECE : I  Hasmath Sultana, I  Femida Bano, II  G Mamatha, III  Chanda Parimala CSE : I  G. Swetha Reddy, II  P Mounika, III  Ankitha Arora EEE : I  Sravya Kulkarni, II  B Soundarya, II  N Jamuna, III  Afroz Aziz Toppers in II B.Tech I Semester II Mid Examinations (Dec 2011) ECE : I  Hashmath Sultana, II  Fehmida Bano, III  G Mamatha CSE : I  G Swetha Reddy, II  P Mounika, III  K Shireesha, Minu Mohan, S Parvathi EEE : I  Sravya Kulkarni, II  B Soundarya, III  Afroz Aziz  󰀳 Toppers in I B.Tech I Mid Examinations (Nov 2011) ECE : I  Syeda Fatima Zohra, II  P Sai Prasanna Kumari, III  D Manisree CSE : I  Preethi Lal, II  D Vaishnavi Goud, III  P Revathi, Wajiha Neha EEE : I  S Sushmitha, II  M Nagamani, III  D Anusha Let us all move ahead with inspiration! In spite of great economic advances, India is still labeled as a “developing country” and not a “developed country”. It is my view that you and I can change the status of our country for the  better. You may ask, “How do we do it?” First of all, we must all be thankful to God that we live in a free democratic and peaceful and  progressive country. So we all have several rights. But what we tend to forget is that we also have several responsibilities. We have been blessed with an opportunity that most others in the country do not have. This is the opportunity to study in an engineering college, with scholarship from the Government, low cost bus passes and stay in social welfare hostels for the needy. We must question ourselves whether we are doing anything in return for the great help we have been receiving. The mantra  is to exert to the best of our ability in whatever we are doing. Abdul Kalam came from a humble background. He studied under street lights as his parents could not afford a lamp in the house. He rose to become a great scientist and President of India. This  proves that our circumstances do not limit our progress if we move ahead with inspiration and determination. Swami Vivekananda said, “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. A  person known to me is not well to do. She discontinued her studies and took up a small job to supplement the meager income of her father. The father was moved by her sacrifice. Initially he was happy that his daughter understood his poverty and trying to help him out. But he felt that she should not lose her opportunity to study and become an engineer. So he convinced her to join  back in her college and obtained a loan for her education. She utilized the chance well. She made use of every minute in studying and maintained good health by correct food and exercise. After  passing out, she got a job and repaid the educational loan taken by her father. -   Shaheena Tanveer, II B.Tech CSE Don’t be afraid Everyone is afraid of something or the other in life. Life begins with fear. The day starts with fear. No one can say that one is fearless at all times. Some are afraid of living. Some are afraid of some one. Some fear getting into problems. Some fear failure in examinations. Some fear their studies. Some are afraid of future. Strangely, some are even afraid of success! Oh! There are ‘n’ number of fears in each one’s life. But to be successful in life and career, we have to get rid of our fears.  󰀴 Surely, there is a way out. To overcome fear, a baby clings to its mother. A student seeks guidance from her teacher. The young benefit from the expertise of the old. The follower looks to his leader for protection and support. But remember, the ultimate parent, the ultimate teacher and the ultimate expert is God. Eashwara, the Almighty, is also  Bhaya Hara , the destroyer of Fear. So trust in God completely. We can be free from fear when our living God is with us. We are children of living God. Our trust, our hope and our faith is in our living God. I am no longer afraid of anything because God lives in my heart. -   B Esther, I B.Tech CSE An ode to teachers Have we ever thought about how much our teachers do for us students? When a student gets good marks, she may feel that it is her own effort that brought the good marks. We feel that if we graduated it is because of our own work and our own struggle. But it is not true. A part of the struggle is played by the teachers also. When a student gets low marks or fails, she may feel that the teacher is not good. This is not fair. There will always be differences among teachers as among students. Some teachers are superb. Some may not be that great. But every teacher puts in a lot of effort towards students. The teacher prepares for the lecture before hand, collects interesting information from different books and internet and give their best to the students. If we ask for 1000 times also, they will try to clarify more and more. In addition to subject knowledge, the teachers tell us manners, discipline, useful things in life, language improvement, personality development, speaking skills and other things. Suppose a student is educated but he/she doesn’t have the discipline, politeness in order to talk to their elders or superiors at work place, it is waste of his /her education. The students should have both discipline and education. When students scores good marks, teachers feel as if their own children had achieved it. They encourage the students who study well to develop more and more. They support and help the students who find difficulty in studying and understanding. If a student doesn’t answer properly and doesn’t score good marks, they feel that it is their responsibility to improve his/her education skills. They improve student’s communication skills. They do not show partiality. They always think about how best to educate the students. The teachers don’t expect anything from the students. They do a lot of things for the students. So it is our responsibility to respect them, and not to behave with a rude manner. If a teacher scolds us, we should not get angry because the teacher does so for the welfare of the students. The teachers are given a place equal to that of the god in our society (Acharya Devo Bhava). God does not expect anything from us, He always gives us. In the same manner the teachers also do not expect anything from us. All students come and let us take an oath that we will respect our teachers, talk to them in a polite manner. As a student this is the only thing that we can give them in return for their support for us. -   Preethi Lal, I B.Tech CSE
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