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  1 AARW NEWSLETTER   A quarterly publication of Anjamma Agi Reddy Engineering College for Women, Hyderabad   Issue No.3, July 2011 From the Principal’s Desk One academic year got over in a jiffy. We had guest lectures, regional intercollegiate debate and essay competitions, rangoli etc. The students (and staff) enjoyed a picnic at a resort on April 8. Traditional Day was celebrated. You had just three weeks ofsummer vacation. Some of you went to native place. Some visited tourist spots or holy places. Some stayed at home and relaxed while some started reading the next semester’s books. A few even gave tuitions or took up other  part time jobs. Some are happy with your performance in the examinations. Some are not so happy. Aim to excel in whatever you do, at the same time do not get depressed if the result is not satisfactory. Instead, see what else can be done to fare better in future examinations. There is a correlation between class attendance and the examination result -those who passed are also those with good attendance. So attend classes on all days of the week. Avoid distractions such as cricket/ cinema/ TV. Engineering subjects are complex. The key to master them lies in Time Management. If you do not understand the topic from one book, quickly see another book or the internet. Successful people are those who refuse to give up and continue to put in their efforts whatever be the circumstances. Good health helps in keeping up your spirit and efforts. For  physical fitness, do three types of exercises: cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises. Use the stairs; do not queue up for the elevator. At least, walk as much as possible and take up household chores such as washing, cleaning and gardening, all of which serve as exercise and uphold the dignity of labour. The population of India is 1.21 billion now. For every 1000 males, there are only 914 females, which indicates that women are not getting their due. The literacy rate is 82% in males and 66% in females. You are among the privileged few with an opportunity for engineering education with scholarship, tuition fee waivers and subsidized public transport. Hence make their best use. Otherwise it is being like a rich man throwing away the food in his plate while there are several  persons starving.In this issue, an interview with students on the Status of Women is presented, followed by impressions of Secretary, Mahaveer Education Society on his recent visit to USA. There are  photographs from Picnic and Traditional Day celebrations. Our faculty members answer the question, “What makes a good teacher?” We end with developments “From far and near”.-Dr. Palanki Balakrishna  2 The other day, the editor had a chat with some I B. Tech students. He posed a few questions to them to elicit their views on the status of women which are presented here.Participants: Sruti Mowdgalya, Neha Tarunnam, Ashwini Devi, Fehmida Bano, R Anusha, A Santoshi Kumari What was an interesting event in your life? At school, we went on a tour to Hampi, Vijaya Nagar and Thungabhadra dam. Though we had travelled quite a bit with our parents earlier, going with our class mates was a totally new fun-filled experience. We also visited an Art Gallery where our teachers explained the themes nicely. We played Kabaddi and Kho-Kho. Not just an event, the whole of our life is interesting. What problems are being faced by women at home, at college, at work and in society? In RTC buses, it is written “It is our tradition to respect women. Let them sit in the seats allocated to them”. However, in reality, the seats are occupied by men who never think of vacating them to help women. Marriages are forcedon young women by elders thereby disrupting their studies and careers. There are SMS messages and eve teasing. There is harassment at workplace too. It is frightening to watch TV news channels showing attacks on women with knives and acid. What are the advantages available to women over men? There is 33% reservation for women in education. The income tax exemption limit for women is slightly higher than that for men. In certain spheres of activity and positions, women are more effective than men. We have women’s colleges, ladies special buses and local trains. As they do not go out, women spend more time in putting their house and family in order, which is a satisfying experience. Finally, the prospect of motherhood is a gift to women from God. What arethe advantages available to men over women? Men are physically stronger than women and Mother Nature did not entrust them with the responsibility of carrying a baby. Men only can work in underground mines, safeguard the country’s hilly and cold borders and move in vast oceans. Men have more educational and social opportunities. In low income families, only the boys are sent to school, while the girls are trained in cooking and laundry. Men have a lot freedom and many more choices in life. What changes in law may help? Existing laws are not implemented! Domestic violence is viewed normal! When a woman was at  police station to complain against her husband, the policeman asked, “If not your husband, who else will beat you?” and refused to register a complaint. The punishments should be made stiffer for crimes against women, especially in dowry deaths and honour killings. Priority should be given to women in queues at the railway reservation counter which existed earlier and later removed. By saving her time at the queue, she is available to her children for a longer time at home. Reservation for women in parliament has been pending for decades.  In what way men should change? Men should stop cracking jokes which offend women. Men should view women with respect and treat them as equal. If wife has to call her husband “Meeru” instead of “Nuvvu”, the same rule  3 should apply to her husband too. In olden days, men only went out for work, while women cooked, washed and brought up children. But now, women too go out for work, but still the  burden of domestic chores continues to be the same for women. Men should make a beginning  by helping the women in their own families. Instead of looking at the Government for action, every man should make some effort towards justice for women.  In what way women should change? Women should begin by sympathizing with other women and helping them out in difficult times. A mother in law should support her daughter in law. The lady of the house should treat her maid servant with kindnessand allow her to use mixi and washing machine. There should be no discrimination between boys and girls in the same family in respect of education, facilities and opportunities. They should teach boys also to help in cooking and washing. Women should be  bolder, step forward and nurture independent thinking. Women pamper sons at the cost of daughters. Ironically, it is the daughters who take care of parents in old age, while the sons try to send them to old age homes. Who is your favourite woman other thanyour mother or sister? After her husband died, Jhansi Lakshmi Bai fought valiantly against the British aggressors. Mother Teresa took care of orphans and the sick and old, who would otherwise be left to die on the road. Kiran Bedi is not only a brave person, but the prison reforms she made are unique in the world. She went much beyond the call of her duty, setting an example for others in service. Who is your favourite role model among men other than your father or brother? Mahatma Gandhi, who brought freedom to our country using a nonviolent approach, which is again a first in the world. APJ Abdul Kalam is another great man. While at school, he studied under street lamps and rose to the level of a great scientist and the President of India. What sets him apart from others is that, in spite of his hectic work schedules, he always found time to meet young people and inspire them. He is unassuming and approachable by all. What are the similarities and differences between women of India and women from other  countries? The similarities are that women are discriminated against everywhere in the world. Even today very few women in the US rise to top positions and their pay is always less than that of a man. Most men have viewed women as toys and not as human beings with feelings and rights. The differences are that Indian women are more disciplined and dedicated to their work and to their families than their counterparts abroad. They are also more tradition bound. Though the literacy rate for women is low, thepass percentage is always higher for women in India whether it is in SSC or Intermediate or degree examinations. Indian women are more sacrificing in nature than foreigners. A mother gives up her needs and even career for the sake of her children. The women in developed countries seem to be very determined to reach their goal. Even under difficult circumstances, they do not give up their fight till the end. Elsewhere, women are worse off than in India. For example, in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed tovote or to drive. Oh, we want a new breed of men before India can be cleansed of her disease -Sarojini Naidu (1879-1949)  4 A memorable visit I, better-half Shailaja and sons Sai Prasanna Reddy and Nitish Reddy (Class VI and V at Oakridge International School) arrived at New Jersey on May 19, 2011. Chairman’s daughter Sri Vidya stays there. We visited Princeton University. Alumni of the past fifty years had gathered there on the same day. Later we went to several places including New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, 1000 Islands. The most exquisite place was of course, the magnificent and Niagara Falls. Then we reached Fort Lauderdale, Florida on May 31. Niece Praveena Reddy stays there. We visited several places in Orlando including Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studio, Island of Adventure and breath taking theme parks. At Miami, we went to the aquarium, Lion country safari and beaches. Our vacation coincided with the local school vacation. So there wasappreciable rush everywhere. The striking feature of the country is the large number of universities and diversity of its  population consisting of Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, Japanese and several others. We returned to India on June 16, 2011.-S Surender Reddy,Secretary, Mahaveer Education Society Toppersin I B.Tech Third Mid Semester ExaminationsECE : I Hasmath Sultana, II Sruti Mowdgalya, III  Nelanti Priyanka CSE : I Galwa Swetha Reddy, II Challa Mounika, III B Mahalakshmi EEE : I B Soundarya, II C Priyanka, III S Anuradha Prize winners at PicnicNightingale of AARW : Akula Akhila Lucky student : Shahreen Miss Fresher : Hashmat Sultana Blind game : I Navya, II Nahid Sadia Balloon Game : Hymavathi, Minu Mohan Fruit in the flour : K Vineela Lame Legs : D Mamatha I B.Tech ECE and B Priyanka I B.Tech ECE Dance : D Mamatha I B.Tech ECE Lucky Faculty Member : Mrs. Ratna Deepika, Asst. Professor, English Musical Chairs for Faculty: I Mr. Shyam Prasad Reddy, Asst. Professor, II Sravanti, Librarian  An ode to theteacherTwameva maataacha, pita twameva (You are my mother, you are my father)Twameva bandhuscha, sakha twameva (You are my kin and you are my friend)Tameva vidya, dravinam twameva (You are my knowledge, you are my treasure)Twameva sarvam, mama deva deva (You are my every thing Oh God of gods)


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